I Told You So 101

Remember that I told you that what the Euro-American upper class trash was trying to do to Russia with the overthrow of the pro Russian Ukraine government was to cut Russia off from the Black Sea and isolate Russia because Putin refuses to go along with the Euro-American upper class trash plans to set up a global dictatorship (run by the Euro-American upper class trash) and murder more than 7 billion people?

Now that Putin has fought back, Obama and Kerry are openly calling for the isolation of Russia. Gee, who would have figured that? You know, as if they were not trying to do that all along.

Now do you understand why Putin is building military bases in about 8 other countries with more to come? It is called breaking the blockade. It is going to be much more difficult to isolate Russia now plus for a few other reasons.

There is a lot to talk about here but let's start with the question, "Why isn't Obama or NATO sending in troops to help protect the rest of Ukraine from the Russians?" Could it be because the liberal upper class trash has gutted the US military so the military couldn't prevent the liberals from setting up a dictatorship in the US to help set up their global dictatorship?" Gee, who would have figured that would happen, you know, like I told you it would?

Remember that, after Snowden paid them a visit, both Russia and China said they could defeat the US in WWIII? Is this the beginning of their military efforts, you know, testing the waters? I am waiting for China to also start making such moves. Remember that I told you that Putin had the fore thought to make a military alliance with China a few years ago? If anyone goes to war against Russia, they are also going to war against China. Is Putin a chess master or what? And Obama probably couldn't even play a good game of checkers. Get the picture?

Then there is the fact that most of the people in Ukraine are Russian and loyal to Russia which is why their democratically elected government was pro Russian, you know, the government the Euro-American upper class trash staged a political coup against to get it thrown out. That pro Russian majority of the people are now protesting in the streets and begging Putin to save them. Those people will turn against and fight a Western invasion of their country with the Russian Army. Don't be surprised to see most of the Ukraine military lay down their weapons and join forces with Russia, some already have.

The rest of the European countries involved in NATO gutted their militaries a long time ago and are toothless, except against small countries like Libya, plus their economies are dead and the US is currently financially cutting them loose to finish imploding because of their failed socialism by cutting off our financial aid to Europe via the Fed. Suddenly, those failing European socialist countries are going to be forced to turn to Russia and China to stay afloat.

BTW, ignore the tough talking political crap by the GOP liberal commies about Obama not taking US troops into Ukraine because they wouldn't either, unless they are fools. Most of them know our military has been gutted because they helped gut our military.

Plus, what allies does the US have now to help isolate Russia, with Obama turning all of our allies into enemies? Who hasn't Obama screwed?

Remember that Israel, formerly our best ally, is making buds with Russia, China, India, and others today because they can't trust or depend on the US? This coming Monday, Obama is going to pressure Israel to make more concessions to the Muslim terrorists and then ask Israel to support the blockade of Russia? You better bet that Netanyahu knows he has the upper hand for their Monday meeting so don't be surprised if Obama cancels the meeting. Also, it has been made very clear that Netanyahu cannot trust Obama concerning Iran, especially with the US now in bed with Iran.

Remember that Obama back stabbed King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia? Remember that France's failed socialist economy has France building four new nuke carriers for Russia for tens of billions of dollars? And you know France is not going to turn against Putin and lose that multi billion dollar deal, especially with the US cutting off financial support for France's failed socialist economy. Remember that India is working with Russia to build the next generation fighter planes for both countries and isn't going to risk losing those billions of dollars from Russia or India's next generation aircraft? Remember that most of financially strapped (because of the socialism the upper class trash used to break those countries) Europe is dependent on Russian oil? Remember that Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, and others are working on a mutual military alliance because they can't trust or depend on the US any more? Remember that Vietnam and Singapore are going to let Russia build military bases in their countries to protect them from China because they can't trust or depend on the US any more?

Maybe it is me, but I get the feeling that the ones who are most likely to end up being isolated by this mess in Ukraine will be the US and Britain and, with Britain's economy failing, the US economy failing, and the US having stabbed Britain in the back (Remember the times Obama insulted Britain?), I wouldn't be surprised to see Britain bail out on the US.

Are you starting to feel a little lonely?

Why do I get the feeling that Obama's strategy to isolate Russia isn't going to work very well? Maybe because I do my homework?

I wouldn't be surprised to see Russia build a military base in Mexico to rub it in Obama's face. I think Obama is about to be taken down another notch or two or three by Putin....again, you know, like with Syria.

BTW, Democrat, Chris Coons, is blaming Obama for Ukraine, getting applause from the crowds and you know he isn't speaking to conservative Republicans. Republican, Mike Rogers, says that Putin is playing chess and Obama is playing marbles but concedes that the US doesn't have any good choices because our military has been gutted. Gee, why would we need a strong military today? I told you Obama would take the blame for this mess. It also seems that the other Obama scandals are being raised from the dead and it may be time for the upper class trash to "dump the black man", you know, like I told you they would. I just found out that Lois Lerner is going to testify about the IRS scandal, it looks like a deal has been made, which doesn't look good for Obama. It has already started.

And John Kerry is about as senseless as always. He recently said that invasion is not the act of some one who is strong. Really? So Kerry thinks that weak nations invade other nations? I question the idea that Kerry thinks. Dig Ted Cruz's solution to the Ukraine invasion, he would suspend Russia's G-8 membership? You know, like Putin cares. Our leaders are so stupid they are embarrassing us.

Please note that our military now has the upper hand against the liberals in stopping the up coming military budget cuts. It has just been proven that we really do need to maintain a superior military but, unfortunately, we now have to first rebuild that superior military. First, we are going to have to take back those trillions of dollars stolen from our government by the upper class trash. Hagel is looking pretty stupid right, isn't he? Darn, are we trying to close the corral gate after the horses got out? I think we now have a few horses to round up before we close that gate.

Right now, I am waiting to see what China will do when the US does nothing about Ukraine except not show up for a meeting. I am also waiting to see WHEN Iran will send troops into Iraq to put down the fighting there "at the request" of the pro Iranian government in Iraq, you know, the way Russia just did in Crimea.

Did you know that Obama has told Israel to stop killing the nuclear scientists in Iran? Gee, I wonder why Obama would want Israel to stop killing those nuclear scientists Obama needs to build his nukes?

Did you see where Commiefornia's commiecrat governor, Brown, is saying he doesn't think they should legalize pot in California? Gee, I wonder what he knows about the effects of legalizing put in Colorado we are not hearing about? Keep an eye on this.

Yep, definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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