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About 3 to 4 months ago, when Russia delivered over 60,000 tons of fuel grade nuclear material to Iran, I told you that it takes from 3 to 4 months to turn fuel grade material into weapons grade material and that Iran would have weapons grade material in 3 to 4 months, you know, today. Last week, it was revealed that Iran now has weapons grade material. 1 + 1 always equals 2, I don't care how many times you work the equation. That is an awful lot of being able to predict what will happen tomorrow, just know what the natural elite fools are doing today, and you will be able to effectively and consistently guess tomorrow's news. You know, those natural elite fools who keep telling you they are smarter than you and should be ruling the planet for your benefit.

You know what surprised me? (I guess it shouldn't have but I keep trying to give the upper class geniuses more credit than they deserve.) The brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid experts were stunned and surprised to find out Iran now has weapons grade material. Have you ever noticed that the brilliant upper class keeps doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results and is always stunned when they keep getting the same results? Einstein said that to do the same thing again and again and expecting different results is insanity. I rest my case. The natural elites running this planet are bonkers nuts.

Also note that they are telling you that Iran only has 1/3 to 1/2 the weapons grade material they need for a nuclear war head. Guess what, they're still lying to you. They are trying to make it sound like nukes only come in one size.

Like I told you before, I was trained in nuclear, chemical, biological, and conventional warfare in the service and there is stuff I still can't tell you about because it is still classified but I can tell you what has been made known to the public. Nukes come in many different sizes and types and are used differently for different targets. You don't just make a one-size-fits-all nuclear weapon and drop it on every target. Nukes are rated in bang power based on what is called throw weight. Throw weight is the amount of bang or explosion you get with that size of nuke, is based on how much dynamite it would take to make the same size hole in the ground, and is rated in tons. If a nuke will give you the bang of 250 tons of dynamite, it is rated as a 250 ton bomb or has a throw weight of 250 tons. If the bomb has a throw weight between 1,000 and one million tons, it is rated in kilotons. For example, the bombs dropped on Japan at the end of WWII had a throw weight of 10,000 tons of dynamite so they were rated as 10 kiloton or 10 k bombs. Anything with a throw weight of one million or more is rated in Megatons and the largest nuke to ever be tested was 60 megatons by the Russians a long time ago. They found that anything over 40 meg's is too inefficient so they tend to make all they largest nukes at 40 meg's or less.

So the big question here is "exactly what size warheads are the Iranians trying to build?" It should only be common sense that it takes a whole lot less nuclear grade material to make a 10 k bomb than it does a 10 meg bomb. What may not be enough to make one bomb can make dozens or even hundreds of smaller bombs. Yeah, I think you just figured out they are still lying to you.

Also, they are acting as if it will take Iran an eternity to make more weapons grade material, so no big deal. Don't be surprised if Iran has the rest of the nuke material they need for that one-size-fits-all bomb within the next month. You can bet the genius upper class natural elite experts will be surprised, they always are when the predictable happens. Believe me, the stupid people have taken over the world.

Remember that I told you the basics to how ICBM's work? They just have this really powerful missile to lift the warhead up to low orbit at about 100 to 150 miles in space, orbit the warhead to where they want to blow it up, drop the warhead down out of orbit onto their target, and vaporize stuff. Iran's Shahab 3 missile can launch satellites into high orbit at 450 miles; do the math. They can deliver nuclear warheads anywhere on earth.

These upper class natural elite experts were also surprised a few weeks ago to find out that Iran started retrofitting Shahab 3's for nuclear warheads. If they are trying to build a nuclear missile, why wouldn't they? Who made these clowns experts? Now Iran is announcing it is going to launch another "research science" satellite up to 450 miles this coming October. Don't be surprised if that satellite or another one in the near future is one or more nuke warheads disguised as a science satellite. You can bet the experts will be surprised....again, while buying the lame excuse from the Iranians that, "Oops, we accidentally put a nuke in the housing for a science satellite and launched it into orbit over your country and are accidentally now threatening to drop in on you and fry your stupid butts."

You see, the Iranians can very easily use a science satellite as what is called a launching platform from which they launch a nuke down from orbit onto any city they want and turn your butt into asphalt. They would use one of two basic methods. The first would be the more primitive type where they would just put a nuke in a satellite body, cause the satellite to open on command to release the nuke, and drop the nuke down on you.

The second method would be more sophisticated where they would use a modified science satellite to, first, aim the warhead and then release it to drop down on you. These types of devices can have two or more warheads and are the basis for what we call MIRV or multiple warhead nukes. They are launched as one satellite device but, at a pre programmed point in orbit, they break up or release all their warheads to drop on different pre programmed targets.

Iran already has advanced multiple warhead technology; do the math. But one thing you can predict with absolute certainty is that the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid upper class natural elites who think they are smarter than you and should be ruling the planet for your benefit, will be stunned when they find out there is an Iranian MIRV orbiting over their stupid butts.

This is probably the only web site on the planet, that, if you read it, you won't be surprised. Even the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid journalists who act like they know everything don't know what I teach you. Have you noticed that they are always surprised about the things I teach you? The stupid people really are running this planet.

Then there is the matter of the idiot liberals buying the Iranian lie that they are not building nuclear weapons and are only refining nuclear material for energy purposes. Now no intelligent, rational person (that leaves out liberals) has any reason to believe the Iranians are doing anything but developing a fleet of nuclear missiles. You don't just accidentally turn tons of fuel grade nuclear material into weapons grade material. It requires purpose and intension to do so. Can't you just see these really stupid liberals buying the Iranian lie, "Oops, when we got back from lunch, we realized we had left the centrifuge on and accidentally developed weapons grade material that is now accidentally orbiting over your stupid liberal butts."

If you are stupid enough to continue to buy the Iranian lie that they are not developing nuclear weapons, please send me your name, address, and phone number because you are stupid enough for me to sell you another bridge without having to lie to you.

Have you ever noticed that, with these natural elites in power, especially the liberal ones, things just keep getting worse? Maybe we should fire them all and start running the planet ourselves before they get us all killed.

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