I Told You So 117

Remember that I told you that Pharaoh Obama was intervening against ISIS to prevent Baghdaddy from invading Israel and proving himself to be the Mahdi, which would leave Pharaoh Obama completely out in the cold? Remember that I told you that Pharaoh Obama was only using going to the aid of Christians as a front to get Americans to approve of Pharaoh Obama's using the US military to stop Baghdaddy?

That was only a few days ago and Pharaoh Obama has already proved me right! Pharaoh Obama stated in a speech that, "We're not going to let them create some caliphate through Syria and Iraq." Pharaoh Obama is going to use the US military to stop ISIS (Baghdaddy) from forming the Caliphate. Gee, I wonder why, could it be to prevent Baghdaddy from establishing himself as the Mahdi, which would require all Muslims, including Pharaoh Obama, to submit to Baghdaddy as the supreme Muslim global ruler and shoot down Pharaoh Obama's dreams of being Pharaoh of the world?

Pharaoh Obama won't use the US military to help Iraq or the Kurds but he will use the US military to stop ISIS from forming a caliphate. Get the picture yet?

It just doesn't get any better than this. Pharaoh Obama has become so obvious it is getting easier to predict what he is going to do and the media can't see it. But, if you read this web site and believe what I tell you, you do, don't you?

Oh yeah, what about helping the Christians?

I have read of Pharaoh Obama helping the Kurds (US Muslim allies) and the Yezidi, a pagan religious cult dating back to ancient Babylon, but nothing about Pharaoh Obama helping the Christians, who are being slaughtered by ISIS. Gee, could it be that Pharaoh Obama really does hate Christianity and really is a Muslim?

The only help I have found being offered for the Christians being slaughtered by ISIS is the Pope said he is going to send a cardinal. I am sitting here wondering, "What is a cardinal going to do, get his head whacked off by ISIS?" Probably, unless the cardinal is going to be flying a B-52 loaded with a lot of bombs.

You really need to pray for Christians everywhere because soon, you will need their prayers.

I have been warning you about Pharaoh Obama for years and now he is telling you that what I have been warning you about is true. Pharaoh Obama is a demagogue, he believes he is God and that we are all so privileged and blessed to be ruled over by him. When Pharaoh Obama sets up his Muslim dictatorship, don't be surprised if he anoints himself as Pharaoh (A.K.A. God).

BTW, remember when the CDC was telling you that it was almost impossible for Ebola to make it to the US and I was telling you not to believe it and Ebola may already be here. Then, within just a few days, they changed their tune to it being very likely that Ebola will make it to the US. Well, now they are saying it is inevitable, you know, like I told you in the first place. Any more, I barely get my predictions posted and they are proving me right. Are things moving fast or what?

BTW, incubation for Ebola is 21 to 22 days, during which time you become contagious and it gives an infected person a lot of time to travel before they begin showing any symptoms. Death occurs at 8 to 10 days following incubation, during which time, most people remain mobile up until just before death. Infected people have more than one week and as much as two weeks to spread the disease before death. Gee, that isn't what the liberal activists are telling each other.

Another interesting fact about Ebola is that, since it is spread by body fluids, it is also spread by dopers sharing needles, straws to inhale cocaine, sharing joints, bongs, and pot pipes, and drinking from the same containers. Guess which group will be at a high level of risk for getting Ebola? That is right, the wild party crowd, dope users, and such. That might turn one of two people against liberalism. God is not playing around here, He is just a wee bit ticked off. If we won't turn from liberal paganism, He will turn us from it or kill us because of it.

Believe me, Ebola is here and it is spreading quickly. They lied.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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