I Told You So 124

This is one of the most important essays I have written because so much of what I have warning you about for years and even decades is coming true right now, all at the same time.


Remember that I told you this strain of Ebola is spreading pneumonically? Remember that I told you that the Canadian national health organization said it looks like it is spreading pneumonically? Remember that I told you that they won't be able to hide the truth much longer?

When the first health care worker in Dallas showed up positive, they said it was because she compromised her safety system and I patiently gave the liars the benefit of the doubt because, if they are lying, time is on my side and time just ran out. Then health care workers in Spain and Australia turned up positive, time was running out for the liars. Now a second health care worker in Dallas has shown up positive proving they are lying.

You see, the safety measures they are taking are for a disease which can only spread via contact with body fluids and are not adequate for a disease which is spreading pneumonically or by air borne particles. So many healthcare workers in so many countries, especially two in the US, along with how fast the disease is spreading proves that this disease is spreading pneumonically and those little paper face masks won't do you any good.

You have to also understand that to maximize the mortality rate for these diseases, and not just Ebola, the upper class trash wants our healthcare system to be overwhelmed and the best way to achieve that is for our healthcare workers to get sick and die, decreasing the number of people who can help you survive. You have to understand that by lying about how the disease is being transmitted, it causes the healthcare workers and doctors to not take the right precautions, causing them to become infected and taking them out of healthcare so there will be fewer healthcare workers for you when you need them, which will cause more of you to die. The mortality rate quickly jumps back up to better than 90%. Devious butt holes, huh? We are talking evil beyond belief.

There are somethings I am still waiting to find out. First, I am waiting to see if the two healthcare workers in Dallas were discovered to be positive by pre-symptomatic blood tests as a precaution or were they already showing symptoms? That is very important information. If they were already showing symptoms so soon after exposure, then the incubation period is much shorter for this strain than we are being told which means infected people are becoming contagious sooner causing the disease to spread faster.

Gee, the upper class trash and their bureaucrat puppets wouldn't be lying to us about that too, would they?

Second, I am waiting to see if some of these new cases showing up in Australia and, now, Germany were infected by Duncan or by whom.

If anyone sees any info on this, let me know.

I just found out from Breitbart that the second healthcare provider was diagnosed because of symptoms, after exposing hundreds of people.

What should that tell you?

The incubation period for this strain of Ebola is not 21 to 23 days, it is something shorter than that and the problem is worse than the "experts" think or are telling us.

Remember that the "experts" have been telling you that the mortality rate for this strain of Ebola is just over 50% or more than half of the infected people die. WHO, the World Health Organization, just said that the "real" mortality rate has been 70%.

What have they not lied to us about?

That is seven out of every ten people infected die, only three survive. If 300 million people in the US were infected, only 90 million would survive. If seven billion people globally were infected, 4.9 billion would die and only 2.1 billion would survive. Still think they are not working to depopulate the planet? Still think this is not the worst crime committed in the history of the world? And that is only Ebola and doesn't include the rest of these diseases, all being forced on us at the same time by the upper class trash.

Then I found this very interesting article by Chriss W. Street on Breitbart, "The highly respected Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota just advised the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) that 'there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles,' including exhaled breath.

CIDRAP is warning that surgical facemasks do not prevent transmission of Ebola, and healthcare professionals (HCP) must immediately be outfitted with full-hooded protective gear and powered air-purifying respirators."

In other words, this strain of Ebola is being transmitted pneumonically, you know, just like I have been warning you. I told you that time is on the side of the truth and time just ran out for that lie.

The idiot on Fox News kept saying, "Ebola is not spreading, Ebola is not spreading, Ebola is not spreading." It just did. Shut up and drink your own Kool-Aid.

Ebola is everywhere, these are only the people they have found. The truth will be made known very soon. I have learned that time is on the side of the truth and against the side of the lie. The lie can never have enough time before time runs out.

You still think all of those lying, liberal pagans are great people? They are trying to murder you off RIGHT NOW! I strongly suggest you turn to God right now because He said, "if you call on my name, I will hear you, I will come, and I will save you" and God is the only one who can save you, you know, just like I have been telling you for years.

Then we have all of these liberal clowns trying to distract you with climate change when the climate has been changing for thousands of years. The things Michelle Obama is doing are nothing but distractions from the important things. The nuts just keep falling out of the liberal tree, don't they?


Remember that I have been telling you about the pandemic bird and rodent populations in the US while the conservationists and birdie people have been scaring you into trapping and killing free roaming cats by telling you about how horribly free roaming house cats are "devastating" those populations? Remember that I told you that those populations can't be both devastated and pandemic and can only be one with the scientists telling you the bird population is severely pandemic? Remember that I told you that the science community has been so concerned about the severity of the pandemic bird population being able to cause the rapid spread of some disease and a massive die off of humans in a disease pandemic for more than 15 years now? Remember when the West Nile Virus hit the US, the scientists were very concerned this might be the pandemic they were worried about, and estimated that the disease could spread across the US in three months only to be mortified when West Nile Virus spread across the US in less than 30 days because the US bird pandemic was at least three times worse than even they thought it was? Remember that I have been telling you there is also a rodent population pandemic which is at least as bad as the bird population pandemic and no one else has been telling you about it?

I can't play CNN videos on my computer for some reason but I saw one today that was about which major cities have the worst rodent infestations or pandemic populations. Oops, I guess Carl knows what he is talking about because Carl does his homework. Pay attention to little things like this because they are dots which help provide you with the big picture. You just might want to stop trapping and killing free roaming house cats as soon as you can, especially the wild or feral cats and semi-wild or semi-feral cats because they are the best hunters. You are going to need them to save your butts very soon, especially with the upper class trash forcing these deadly diseases on us and our pandemic bird and rodent populations.

I did just see a Fox News video in which they were discussing the huge pandemic of rats in this country, especially in New York City, you know, just like I have been telling you for more than a decade. They kept playing it down like it is no big deal even though there were more than 24,000 complaints about rats last year in just NYC. You know, keep them ignorant, keep them stupid or they will rise us and take our heads off. They definitely don't want Bastille II.

Fox News talked about a study by Columbia University as if it was a really big revelation but no big deal and kept stressing that we should not worry about any diseases harmful to humans getting into the rodent populations. My first thought was, "What are they covering up?" and then they told us some of it. It seems that Columbia U. found that the rats are carrying E.coli, salmonella, Seoul Hantavirus (similar to Ebola and very deadly), two viruses which are very close to Hepatitis C (very deadly), and 18 brand new viruses which science had never discovered and knew nothing about (engineered bio-weapons?) but the Fox News attitude was, "nothing here to worry about, move on, folks." The news story was trying to get people to just accept living with these rodents and their deadly diseases like it is just part of life. Please note that they never told you what caused this pandemic of rodents, you know, doing away with predation by killing free roaming house cats.

Then I found a very interesting article about rats on Breitbart. It was based on Orkin's rate of activity in removing rats from homes across the US. Orkin has named Chicago Rat City (also very appropriate for other reasons) because Orkin removes more rats from homes in Chicago than in any other city. The other cities Orkin listed in their top 20 rat infested cities in the US are Seattle-Tacoma, Detroit, Cleveland-Akron-Canton, Baltimore, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Boston-Manchester, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, Syracuse, Indianapolis, and Charlotte.

Hey, look, it is just like I have been telling you for 15 years, this rodent pandemic is from coast to coast. Carl does his homework.

At least the Breitbart article quoted Orkin as stating, "Orkin reminds readers that rodents aren't just a nuisance, 'they also pose severe health threats.'

Through their bites, droppings and urine they spread all sorts of diseases. It should be remembered that the Bubonic Plague that killed millions of Europeans in the Dark Ages was carried on the backs of rats." You know, just like I have been warning you for 15 years.

Why are all of the major news sources suddenly coming out with this information they have been covering up for decades? What are they up to? Why are they only talking about rats and not including the other rodent pandemic populations? I think I smell a rat (pun intended.)

I have been warning people about this rodent pandemic for more than 20 years, even before I started this site, especially ever since my earliest postings on this site, 15 years ago, and they are just now telling you about in such a way as to placate you into believing it is no big deal, it is just part of life, and there is no threat to you, you know, like when rats carrying the Bubonic Plague caused the Black Plague killing off more than half of Europe and causing the global human population to decline by 25% in just a few years. Are you still drinking their Kool-Aid or are you ready to listen to me? Remember that this is the site where you get tomorrow's news today or, in this case, 15 years ago, because God shows me things the "experts" are covering up with their smoke and mirrors.

Still think PBS, the conservationists, and the birdie people are not lying to you about free roaming house cats devastating the rodent and bird populations? I guess it depends on your definition of devastation. If the free roaming house cats are preventing the pandemic bird and rodent populations needed for the lying liberal traitors to kill you off with deadly diseases, then I guess the free roaming house cats are "devastating" the bird and rodent populations. Have you noticed how the liberals just love to play on words to fool people?

My research has shown that every community in the US has at least an epidemic rodent population with many having pandemic populations, you know, ripe and waiting for all those diseases being forced on us by the liberals.

We are so screwed!!! Only God can save our butts.

Believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ and you will be saved. If you have not already done it, you just might want to do that right now.


Toxoplasmosis is a terrible parasite caused ailment the liberals use to terrify people into being afraid of and wanting to trap and kill free roaming house cats so the liberals can cause the rodent and bird populations to grow to pandemic proportions so the liberals can infect those pandemic populations with a variety of deadly diseases to murder off more than seven billion people globally. The liberals make it look like all house cats have toxoplasmosis, people only get Toxoplasmosis from house cats, toxoplasmosis is a cat thing and not a human thing, and, therefore, you should be afraid of these evil, Satanic, demon possessed house cats and want to trap and kill them all.

Of course it is a lie and not even close. Better than 80% of the people infected with toxoplasmosis are infected by humans, usually filthy people who don't wash their hands after taking a crap, have feces and the parasite on their hands, and share the fun with everyone and everything they touch because the parasite is transmitted via feces.

What should this tell you, other than the fact that the liberals are lying to you....again?

You are better than four times more likely to get Toxoplasmosis from another human than from a house cat. Now, it should only be common sense that, if humans are better than four times more likely to get toxoplasmosis from another human than from a cat, then it is also more likely that a cat would get toxoplasmosis from a human than another cat, because the parasite can be transmitted both ways. I don't know what the exact numbers are but a reasonable guess would be from two to four times more likely for a cat to get it from a filthy human who doesn't wash its hands after taking a crap than from another house cat. You can bet that better than 90% of the humans infected with toxoplasmosis are either directly or indirectly infected by humans and toxoplasmosis is a human thing and not a cat thing.

Therefore, the toxoplasmosis lie was to get you to hate, trap, and kill free roaming house cats because free roaming house cats would have put a big dent in the upper class trash plans to murder you all off because the free roaming house cats would have kept the rodent and bird populations down to a healthy level which would have prevented the disease pandemics the upper class trash are now forcing on us. Get the picture yet?

I have been trying to warn you about this for 15 years on this site and now it is happening. This is no longer a prediction but a current event which is happening to you right now because of the insanity of the upper class trash not wanting to share "their planet" with the rest of us. It is the most horrible crime in the history of this planet taking place right now and being forced on us by the intellectually superior upper class trash natural elite Euro-American white crackers.

Liberal Pagan Traitors

What I am waiting for and looking forward to right now is for the better than 90% of the criminals who helped the Euro-American upper class trash white crackers stage their biological warfare hostile take over of the planet, especially all of the non whites but even most of the whites, to find out they got the placebos and are right now being purged with these pandemics because no one can trust a traitor. In other words, for them to find out they are getting justice right now by being killed off with the rest of the people in this biological warfare hostile overthrow of the planet.

You know what will happen, they will whine and cry, "It's not fair, it's not fair" while spending everything they have to try and purchase the real vaccines on the black market and all they will get will be more, but very expensive, placebos with these traitors dying broke. Yep, I will definitely enjoy that bit of justice.

If you liberal traitors want to find out in advance whether you got the placebos or real vaccines, just take the list of diseases you were supposed to be vaccinated for to a doctor who was not involved in the vaccinations, tell them you want a blood test to see whether you have the antibodies for those diseases, and, if you don't have the antibodies, you got the placebos.

You have to understand the way a vaccine works. The doctor injects a vaccine composed of parts of a dead viruse or bacterium into your blood stream stimulating your immune system to produce antibodies for that pathogen or disease so that, when you are infected, there will be a large enough number of antibodies for that pathogen to quickly overwhelm the pathogen before it can begin reproducing in your body, preventing the disease. Therefore, if you don't have the antibodies for those diseases, you got the placebos and not the real vaccines and you are being purged right now. You also have to understand that they only had to give you the placebos for a few of the more deadly diseases to purge you. Hey, Ebola alone will probably kill you and, if you get two or more such diseases very close together, you are dead. That is why they are releasing all of these deadly diseases on us at the same time, to overwhelm our immune systems for even the strongest and kill us.

You know what will happen when you liberal pagan traitors confront your glorious leaders with the fact that you don't have the antibodies for those diseases? The first lie they will tell will be that your vaccines didn't take for some reason. When the rest of your liberal commie friends start turning up sick and dying, you know they will tell you that your group got a bad batch of vaccines. Then they will give you more placebos so you will die quietly.

You lying liberal pagan traitors who are helping murder off the rest of the planet and also being purged by your glorious leaders because you got the placebos should enjoy your trip to Hell because, when you get there, you won't be doing any more traveling for a very long time.


Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash white supremacist Luciferians are working to blame the incompetent and inferior black man, Obama and his black pals, for all of the horrible crimes the upper class trash and Obama and his black pals are committing against you so the upper class trash can make you angry enough to accept killing off all blacks? Remember that I have been telling you that the liberal Democrats and liberal (RINO) Republicans are all in the same red light bed?

The upper class trash no longer care which party is in control because their corrupt liberal political whores are running both parties now. What I see happening right now is that the upper class trash is using their control of the lying liberal commie traitor media to attack and destroy the Democrats and get Republicans elected because it just wouldn't do for the Democratic Party to Impeach Obama and Democrat company criminals and then prosecute them for their many horrible crimes. The Democrats would figure out really fast they are being betrayed and purged by the upper class trash, especially since they committed their crimes to gain "inner core" membership with the lefties. Therefore, it will have the best psychological effect on liberals (the upper class trash don't want the liberals to know they will be purged until it is too late), if the upper class trash use the Republicans for this little task.

Have you noticed that evidence for all of the major crimes which have been committed by Obama and company, which has been effectively covered up for years by the upper class trash, is suddenly being made public at the same time just before the election? Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, I wonder if it is possible that the upper class trash are working to destroy the Democratic control of the House and Senate for act two, you know, so the Republicans can impeach Obama and Holder next spring? Gee, I wonder how that would work out?

According to the US Constitution, if the House impeaches Obama and the Senate removes him from office, bumbling Joe Biden becomes president and the Speaker of the House becomes vice president with the House majority electing a new Speaker of the House. That would make current Republican liberal RINO, Boehner, vice president and the Republican majority would elect a new Republican Speaker of the House. You know it wouldn't take long for the upper class trash and Republicans to get rid of bumbling Joe Biden which would make Republicans president and vice president along with controlling the House and Senate. Get the picture yet? Only part of it, because I have just barely begun.

It wouldn't take long for the Republicans to replace the liberal commie traitors in the Department of Justice and many Federal judges with Republicans who will prosecute Obama, Holder, Valerie, Farrakhan, Lerner, and other Democrats, especially the blacks (the whites will be given really sweet deals to turn over on the blacks), for their many crimes such as voter fraud (read New Black Panthers), Fast and Furious, many acts of treason, spreading the diseased illegal aliens around the US (crimes against humanity), IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Obama arming and aiding terrorists while calling them rebels, and many other terrible crimes while the liberal media, which are controlled by the upper class trash white supremacist Luciferians and are already turning on these people, will make it look like it was all the evil and incompetent inferior blacks who caused it. People will be so angry they will demand the death penalty for these criminals and then want to purge all blacks.

Holder not prosecuting himself and his cronies for these crimes has not caused these crimes to go away and no statutes of limitation will have expired by this coming spring because it will be less than seven years from the time Obama was first elected and they began committing these terrible crimes. During this time, the FBI, ATF, US military, and other agencies have been quietly investigating all of these crimes, getting all of their ducks in a row for one spring day coming very soon. Oops, you mean this was all orchestrated by the upper class trash before Obama was ever elected and the blacks took the sucker punch right on the chin? It is beginning to look like it, isn't it? Now do you get the picture? You can bet that Obama and Valerie will soon get the picture.

There are just too many coincidences and I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in God.

God's Line

I have told you about how the Catholic Church announced this last April they will dump Jesus and convert to Islam by December 31, 2014, how they started that conversion two weeks later with their first Muslim religious service, and the Catholics are being, shall we say, "encouraged" to convert to Islam between now and January 1, 2015. That conversion is taking place right now, increasing numbers of Catholics will make their decision as to which side of God's line they will stand on, with the rest being forced to make that decision on January 1, 2015.

BTW, I am seeing some shadows moving in the back ground telling me there may be a little rebellion building in the Catholic Church. Not everyone seems to be willing to blindly follow the Pope to Islam. People are choosing sides. Keep an eye on this.

But not everyone will have made that decision or commitment at that time, partly because not everyone is Catholic (though all "liberal Christian" churches (an oxymoron) will soon make this same conversion, following the Pope to Islam). The final decision or commitment will be forced on us after Obama sets up his Muslim dictatorship and forces Shiria Law on us. We will all be faced with either converting to Islam or being punished under Shiria Law and many will chose Shiria Law to avoid the persecution by the Muslims. By the time Obama leaves with most of his CNSF to invade Israel and our revolutionary war begins to free ourselves from the persecution of Islam, everyone will have made that commitment.

Mean while, the liberal Commiecrat Mayor of Houston, Texas is openly waging war against Christian churches trying to censor and punish them for speaking out against their new liberal laws.

Remember me telling you that Texas Governor, Rick Perry, bringing all of those businesses from liberal states to Texas to make his economy grow would bring in a lot of liberals who would vote their liberal commie traitors into power in Texas?

It has already happened and the liberal commies are openly waging war against the conservative Christians in Texas. The liberal commie mayor of Houston is "ordering" Christian pastors to give her their sermon notes so she can censor and punish them for speaking out against her communist dictatorship. I tried to warn my Texas family and friends about this.

The way things are going, it looks like these things will probably happen by this time (October) in 2015 but must happen by this time in 2016. Gee, what a coincidence, could it be that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will end and our war will begin by the end of this blood moon tetrad, next September? Stick around and we will both find out.

As we get closer, the picture gets clearer. Things are accelerating very quickly. It is like our once great country is being flushed down the liberal pagan commie traitor toilet. So very sad.

BTW, a Fox News poll asked whether people think the world is going to Hell in a hand basket or things will work out alright. 58% said that the world is going to Hell in a hand basket and that broke down to 48% of Democrats, 61% of independents, and 71% of Republicans. Eyes are opening.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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