I Told You So 131

Remember that in February 2010 with the essay, "Cell Phones", I taught you the basic science behind how and why cell phones cause brain cancer when everyone else was saying they don't?

You just might want to read that essay again.

I just read a Newsmax.com article, "New Evidence Cellphones Cause Cancer - How to Protect Yourself", by Sylvia Booth Hubbard, which provides some interesting information and further explains why I don't use a cell phone.

According to the article, evidence is piling up that using cell phones increases the risk for a deadly form of brain cancer called glioma. "A Swedish study found that people who talked on cell phones for more than 25 years had triple the risk compared to those who used the phones for less than a year." Certainly an even greater risk than people who don't use them at all.

And she continued, "A previous Swedish study found that people who used cell phones regularly before the age of 20 quadrupled their risk of the rare tumor. An article, also published in Pathophysiology stated that brain cancer is only the 'tip of the iceberg' because the rest of the body shows effects other than cancers." Dr. Russell Blaylock said that the actual numbers of gliomas caused by cell phones may be even higher because many gliomas are not even reported because of the problems with reporting.

She also stated, "Many studies that show cellphones are safe have been financed by the cellphone industry, he says. 'Most studies were designed by the companies and conducted for too short a time to see statistical changes.'"

Gee, you don't think the cell phone companies have been buying whores with Ph.D.s to lie to us, do you?

Then she stated, "'The microwaves emitted by cellphones have been shown to cause DNA damage and induce inflammation - chronic inflammation in tissues eventually leads to cancer in a higher number or users,' Dr. Blaylock said. 'I would bet that the microwaves in the brain activate microglia and this triggers immunoexcitotoxicity -one of the main mechanism of glioma development.'" You know, just like I showed you how the microwave radiation causes DNA damage years ago.

Then she went on to show that research from Tel Aviv University, Israeli Weitzmann Institute of Science, Russia, Britain, Yale University, and University of Toronto cause a variety of health problems including infertility, adversely effect driving for up to 15 minutes after making a call, poorer memory among children who use cell phones, and other medical problems.

"'Cellphones aren't harmless,' says Dr. Blaylock. 'There is considerable evidence that cell phones damage the brain as well as other tissues and organs.'"

Yep, my science is good science.

You have to understand that the damage done in children is far worse than the same damage done in an adult because a 50 pound child who grows into a 150 pound adult, will replicate those damaged cells to generate the extra cells required to grow into an adult, you know, add on that extra 100 pounds of body. Therefore, the damaged cells in a child will increase the damage in the adult by anywhere from double to more than quadruple of the original damage by the child growing up, pending which cells are damaged.

Then she went on to offer advice on how to limit damage and the one I like the most is to limit the use of cell phones to emergencies. I personally have never had a cell phone and still use a land line phone because of what I know about science.

Remember that I told you we have known this stuff in science for more than 60 years?

BTW, all of this senseless violence, destruction, and stealing caused by these riots being staged by the liberals and black Muslims because a white cop who defended himself against a black man was not indicted of a crime simply because the cop is white and shot a black man is definitely going to open eyes and turn people against the left and black Muslims, including a lot of blacks who don't like what is going on. I am seeing a lot of anger building because of the liberal criminal acts, unfortunately some of it is against all blacks by people of all different races, which is what the upper class trash want. Contrary to what the media are making it look like, not all blacks agree with what the lefties and black Muslims are doing and do not think a cop should be indicted for killing a black criminal in self defense just because the cop is white. Increasingly, people are seeing the truth about the left and not liking it. Keep an eye on this and watch increasing numbers of people turn against the lefties as their eyes are opened.

BTW, I hope you know that the churches which are helping these criminal rioters are poser Christian churches and not true Christian churches because true Christians won't help criminals commit their crimes.

Have you noticed that, when journalists show up at these riots, especially with cameras, they get attacked by the rioters?

This goes back to the 1992 Los Angeles riots when footage shot by a camera crew helped convict black Muslim gang members of beating a truck driver. You know the black Muslims have not forgotten or forgiven what they consider an act of treason by the white cracker traitor media.

I am pretty sure I told you, but will refresh your memory, that the TV media have a special "emergency" advertising program where, in the case of something like riots, the media advertising rates go up to anywhere from double to quadruple normal rates because viewership increases that much and those media also have clients on a list who will pay that higher rate to reach the larger audience. This system automatically goes into effect when the media start covering a riot. This means that the media suddenly double to quadruple their advertising revenues during such things as riots. This and their liberal commie treason are the two reasons why you see the media promoting and encouraging such things as riots.

It is also important to know that the journalists who work the riots get increases in pay and bonuses when they do a "really great" story. It is like the Bible says, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Following the 1992 LA riots, the LA TV media began promoting riots for 1993 (they just love that money) by the way they were reporting on the "up coming riots". Things were really building to a head with it being almost certain the riots would happen. Then I heard from blacks on the street that the black Muslim gangs were planning to storm the TV stations during the next riots and kill everyone in them. A few weeks later the media found out about this from the police and suddenly changed their tunes from promoting to demoting the riots with significant "concern" on their faces (read fear). Within two weeks, the potential for riots completely went away showing just how important the TV media are in promoting such riots.

Knowing that the media help promote riots so they can make millions of dollars at everyone else's expense, I feel it is great that the media also have to pay a price and God meant it when He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." I think it would be really great if the black Muslims started raiding the TV stations, killing all the white cracker commie traitors making millions of dollars helping cause riots that get other people hurt, robbed, burned out, and killed.

Wouldn't it be great to see more of these traitors be found out by their sins?

It has been reported that automatic weapons fire has come from the rioters. The first shots have been fired trying to get the cops to shoot back, you know, by the anti-gun lefties who want to take your guns away. It should be blatantly obvious that the left is trying to start a shooting war.

Hey, maybe they will cap a few white cracker commie traitor journalists. If the rioters cap a few traitors, the rest of the traitors might not be so enthusiastic about promoting riots to make millions of dollars they may not get to live long enough to spend.

I hope you do realize that, when Obama sets up his Muslim dictatorship, he is going to purge all the white cracker journalists and replace them with Muslims. But, hey, that is a few more traitors we won't have to shoot for treason and trying to murder us all off. My attitude concerning Obama purging white cracker traitors is "good hunting", after all, that is exactly what God is going to be using the black Muslims for.

You should know that part of what God is doing by opening eyes and forcing us to choose which side of the line to stand on is calling His people out of the population of pagans.

The FBI has stated that the number of their officers being shot has decrease 40% during the soaring gun sales. Hmmm, maybe more law enforcement will like the idea of not disarming Americans?

Have you noticed that the Commiecrats are now supporting and pushing Elizabeth Warren for president in 2016?

I told you Hilarious Clintstone was damaged goods. Watch for the Clintstones to announce Princess Chelsea for a 2016 presidential candidate next spring. You know that Billy Boy Clintstone doesn't want to become an obsolete, used up, throw away, and useless commie tool because he knows he will be purged with the rest of us.

Mean while, while everyone is focused on Ferguson, Obama is helping Iran build nukes.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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