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Stupid People

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the stupid people are now running our nation and the planet?

One of the things being brought out by the lefties trying to demean and disqualify Walker because he doesn't have a college degree is that increasing numbers of people are learning that there are a lot of really stupid people with college degrees and some very intelligent ones without college degrees, you know, like I have been telling you for years. The conservatives fighting back are destroying one of the most important "proofs" or myths the upper class trash regularly use to prove they are superior to everyone else, you know, they got the "right degree from the right university", therefore, they is be smarter than you.

For example, Mark Levin said, "There are some people who do have college degrees and who are pretty stupid." He then stated that current Vice President Joe Biden admitted back in 1987 to plagiarism during his first year at law school and that former Senator Ted Kennedy was asked to leave Harvard after paying someone else to take an exam for him. (Actually, Teddy boy was kicked out of Harvard twice but daddy's money always got him back in.) Levin also stated that Al Gore "apparently spent quite a bit of time loafing during his sophomore year." at Harvard and earned a D in Natural Sciences while John Kerry received 4 Ds his Freshmen year at Yale, one of which was in Political Science. Note that Obama's grades are still being covered up. Gee, I wonder why.

Most lefties are losers who are either under educated or screwed off in college (read lazy and/or stupid) and want the people who worked hard to share with the lefties because the lefties can't or won't work to make half as much money honestly. Some of them just go into politics and steal the money.

Me? I have a 3.3 GPA for my MBA after a disagreement with an egotistical professor, who gave me a C and dropped me from at least a 3.4 GPA or A. I got almost all As and Bs. I earned my degrees the hard way. Mommy and Daddy didn't make any huge donations to my university.

You have to understand that there is an upper class privilege the upper class trash (the corrupt members of the upper class) use to keep their stupid kids having the "right degrees from the right universities" so they can make people believe the stupid kids are more intelligent than they really are. Many of the upper class trash get into the "right universities" because mommy and daddy make huge financial donations to those universities and not because the kids are more intelligent than others. Then some of the rich kids graduate with a college degree only because mommy and daddy give more huge donations to those universities. Add to this that most of those spoiled rich brats get personal tutors hired by rich mommy and daddy who often do the rich kids' homework and occasionally even take tests for the rich kids to make sure the spoiled rich kids graduate. We are talking very expensive paper degrees that are all too often meaningless and have nothing to do with the intelligence of the people who get them.

Over the years, I have also seen indications that even the SAT and other entrance tests are rigged in that rich kids (who clearly are not that intelligent) are red flagged by the system to make sure the rich kids get higher scores so they can get into the more prestigious universities. Even IQ tests are biased towards the liberal rich upper class trash. I took and passed the NEA test with flying colors on the first try without studying for it and it was nothing but liberal rich upper class bias and culture. If you know their culture, you pass their tests with flying colors.

This is something that neither lower class or middle class kids can do and provides the spoiled rich kids with an unfair advantage or privilege plus it destroys the credibility of the upper class universities.

To promote themselves, their universities, and their graduates and help maintain the lie that they are smarter than you, the professors and graduates from these more prestigious universities brag that their courses teach more than the same courses at other universities.

Did you know that all of the mid to upper level universities use the same books for economic and other reasons?

The book publishers can't afford to publish relatively few superior books for the upper class universities while publishing large numbers of inferior books for the rest of the universities AND the books used by all colleges are chosen by the professors who teach those courses and those professors will always pick the best books they can get their hands on, therefore, the students at almost all universities are exposed to the same knowledge via their texts.

Plus, did you know that many of the professors at the less prestigious universities graduated from those more prestigious universities? What, did those professors forget everything they learned from the more prestigious universities? Plus, did you know that the vast majority of college graduates, even many soft science college professors, better than 90% of all graduates (that has been a known fact on all college campuses for more than half a century), are so stupid they can't pass even freshman level hard science courses in math, science, and engineering, which is why their counselors send them to the soft sciences to get degrees?

That includes the majority of college graduates in the soft sciences from the more prestigious universities, you know, such as political science, law, and others. In other words, the majority of the college graduates from the more prestigious universities can't pass the hard science prerequisites for the hard science courses I took in state universities because those hard science courses would be some of the toughest courses on any college campus.

For example, try Endocrinology, which is one of the toughest courses on any college campus, we are talking top five to ten courses in difficulty on ANY college campus, and, when I took the course, there was only one book used by ALL universities in the US and Europe by Hadley. It is a simple fact that better than 90% of our intellectually superior upper class trash couldn't pass the prerequisite molecular biology courses for Endocrinology on ANY college campus and that includes almost all of our politicians including Obama.

When I took the course, it had been more than 30 years since I had studied molecular biology in college so I had to get a waiver signed by the instructing professor. She told me, "I will sign this (the waiver) but you will fail the class because NO ONE (her emphasis) can pass this course who has not studied molecular biology in 30 years because this (Endocrinology) is one of the five toughest courses on campus." She was right, the course was tough. I started out making Bs and, after the first two weeks, I was making straight As (we were tested weekly). ALL of the other students in her class were current biology students who had taken their molecular biology courses recently and I was one of the top students in her class. Every time we made eye contact in class, she gave me this stare of, "What are you still doing in my class, why have you not flunked out, and why are you one of my best students?" A.K.A. disbelief.

There are very few in politics and government who could have done the same. Believe me, most of the upper class trash, especially politicians, are idiots with the "right degrees from the right universities" (paper degrees from paper universities) and couldn't pass the prerequisites for the courses I took in college.

For those of you who have not been to college, that should show you just how stupid those people really are, you know, the ones who look down their upper class noses at YOU and believe that YOU should be murdered off so they, the superior glorious wonderful people, should not have to share "their planet" with YOU. THEY ARE NOT AS BRILLIANT AS THEY MAKE THEMSELVES OUT TO BE WITH MANY BEING QUITE STUPID!!!!

Listen, if I were going kill off anyone to improve the quality of life on this planet, I would start with them. They cause better than 95% of the problems we have to deal with on this planet, while blaming you, and they think they are the natural elites and superior to the rest of you?

If you take those turkeys out, you immediately solve better than 95% of the problems on this planet. If they take out you people, they will solve less than 5% of the problems on this planet. Do the math. I would rather spend the rest of my life living with "the people" than with those arrogant stupid lying, stealing, murdering turds.

Yeah, you have some problems but we all do because we are all humans and humans are imperfect. Believe me, at almost 66 years of age, I know how human and imperfect I am but I am not as stupid as those lying "intellectually superior", power mad and greedy liberal turkeys. They and their insane games infuriate me. They have no more right to live than you do and most have committed such horrible crimes that they should not be permitted to live. My farts are smarter than they are!!!

Note: I am not talking about the good members of the upper class who actually do something good for this planet. I am only talking about the corrupt members of the upper class who ARE the problem.

The most important thing here is that having a college degree doesn't mean you are intelligent, much less more so than anyone else. This nation and planet are being run by stupid people with college degrees from the "right universities" and I have been proving that for 15 years while they have been proving it for decades.

The most important thing is to seek the will of God and let Him show you what is right and what is wrong. All of these experts are wrong at least 80% to 90% of the time because they depend on the knowledge and wisdom of man, which is extremely limited and has been wrong much more than it has been right. The reason why most of my predictions (better than 90%) have been right is because I seek the knowledge and wisdom of God, which are infinite and never wrong. The experts listen to themselves, each other, and their gods (intellectuals) and I listen to Jesus proving that you don't have to have a college degree to be right most of the time, all you have to do is listen to Jesus. Besides, I have learned that most educations actually destroy wisdom and common sense, especially liberal educations. I have stated before that the first and most important requirement for being a liberal is to not have a lick of common sense and a liberal education destroys common sense.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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