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Homosexual Marriages

Remember that I told you that homosexuals getting married was the worst thing that could happen to homosexuals because it would expose the lies about homosexual relationships, you know, how unstable and violent they are?

Well, we are already seeing from top level people like Rosie O'Donnell how unstable their relationships are. Newlywed WNBA players, Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson have been suspended from playing for seven games because of domestic violence between the two of them with Glory getting a concussion. That must have been a pretty bad fight.

HOLD IT!!! They are guilty of domestic violence and are not going to jail?

Heterosexual professional athletes who commit domestic violence go to jail.

Does this mean homosexuals are above the law and get special treatment?

It kind of looks that way, doesn't it?

I told you that, once homosexuals got married, the law wouldn't be able to look the other way and even the lying liberal media won't be able to cover up how unstable and violent homosexual relationships really are. This is only the beginning and will get worse as more homosexuals get married and with time. Keep an eye on this.

MIT Nuclear Physicist

Remember when I queried which side the MIT nuclear physicist was on who was "negotiating" for Obama with Iran? You probably thought I was being mean, didn't you?

I found out that the Muslim Chaplain for MIT, Suheil Laher, is a devout Muslim and preaches at the Islamic Society of Boston, which is the extremist mosque founded by MIT students near campus, which is associated with Al Quaeda and is where the Tsarnaevs (Boston Marathon Bombers) worshipped during their radicalization and there are a number of devout Muslims in the MIT science and engineering departments.

Oh, suddenly it was a good question.

Gee, I wonder why Obama, a devout Muslim, would choose a nuclear physicist from MIT to "negotiate" nukes with Iran, a devout Muslim country? So, whose side do you think the MIT nuclear physicist is on, Islam or the US? It would be important to know, wouldn't it?

Then, of course, we had that Cornell official welcoming ISIS to his campus, it couldn't be more obvious that the liberals are in bed with the Muslim terrorists. Get the picture yet?

Other News

I am watching people's responses to Muslims demanding Christian crosses be removed from a Catholic school the Muslims are attending instead of going to a Muslim school. Eyes are opening and people are getting really fed up at both liberals and Muslims. Increasing numbers of people are fighting back against the insanity. There is a huge amount of anger building in this country towards both liberals and Muslims.

ISIS is smuggling fighters into EU with the immigrants. This won't end well.

More and more I am seeing people ask, "Is Obama going to remain in office in 2017?" because they are realizing that Obama is so power mad that there is no way he will give up the throne without a fight.

The commie pope has called the terrorist, Abbas, an angel of peace. Yeah, I guess killing a lot of people has caused them to become peaceful. Now the commie pope is making good with Castro.

Murdering people just doesn't matter to this pope, does it?

Remember that Satan and his demons are also angels, fallen angels. Not all angels are good, 1/3 are evil. I hope you realize that what the commie pope is doing with Abbas is trying to show the Muslims he is on their side so they will accept him and not kill him. They will accept him as long as they figure they can use him and then they will kill him. So the commie pope is trying to make himself useful to Islam.

Do you realize that there are currently 28 GOP presidential candidates with more thinking about throwing their hats in the ring? Do you realize this is just to confuse you and spread the votes so thin they can easily appoint whomever they want?

Fewer dead people will have to vote to rig the election.

I am seeing more and more around the world that elections are being rigged.

So, how is that democracy thingy working out?

So you get to vote, it doesn't matter because the elections are rigged. Your vote doesn't count, they make sure of that. Voting has become a social pacifier to keep you believing in their glorious pagan democracy while the upper class trash keep oppressing and stealing from you.

Now the teachers are teaching your kids that there is no such thing as boys and girls. I guess they never looked in their pants and we are all just its. The liberal insanity gets worse every day. When you think the liberals can't get any more nuts, they do.

I also keep seeing increasing acts of cruelty and not just against humans but also against animals. "Yep, we don't need no Christian morals and ethics. Paganism will do just fine, especially atheism with zero morals and ethics." It must be Satan's do as you will thingy.

Oh yeah, Moody's has downgraded Chicago's bonds to junk. Way to go Commiecrats, Detroit and now Chicago.

So, how is that pagan democracy thingy working out?

Chile is still having violent riots because of the mess the commies have made down there, you know, along with Venezuela and everywhere else the commies have screwed up.

Obama's man in Egypt, Morsi, has been sentenced to death. Obama's plans are falling apart at the seams and you know he is getting desperate, especially with the upper class trash trying to throw him under the bus.

Contrary to what our glorious leader, Pharaoh Obama, is telling us, ISIS has been making some big advances in Iraq and Syria. Syria regained some ground while losing other ground. Hezbollah is sending troops to help Iraq get Ramadi back. Yep, Obama is really kicking ISIS's butt, right into Ramadi.

The Boston Marathon Bomber, Tsarnev, got the death penalty on federal charges because the death penalty was abolished locally. I am seeing increasing numbers of people wanting to bring back the death penalty for many of the crimes Muslims, liberals, and Libertarians are committing, you know, like the Bible says. It looks like we are getting closer to Biblical Law one way or another.

Does that mean Satan's plans of getting us away from God's Law are backfiring?

You do know that the main reason quite a few Libertarians want the government to stay out of their lives is kiddie porn and pedophilia?

People have been terrified that Obama and company are going to use the military and cops to seize control of the US but I have already shown that isn't logical because Obama and his traitor pals are tearing down the US military. Today, I read that Obama has banned the US military from providing cops with certain vehicles, weapons, and gear. Now this should be absolute proof that Obama is NOT going to use the US military and cops to seize control of the US. Obama is going to use his CNSF, a combination of liberal activists, the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, the Muslims he is infiltrating into the US, and criminals released from prison, you know, just like I have been telling you and just like he told you he would before he was ever elected. Obama is proving with his actions what I have been telling you for years. Quit worrying about the US military, law enforcement, and intelligence communities, most of them are on your side or Obama wouldn't be trying to destroy them. Obama would be building them up, if they were on Obama's side. You need to worry about the liberal commie traitor activists, imported Muslims, black Muslims, and their friends.

The FBI says a security researcher hacked into an airplane's computer and made it change course while he was on the flight.

And you want to drive one of those Google cars, which you will have absolutely no control over and can be hacked to take you anywhere someone else wants so they can rob you, kidnap you, or murder you?

The lefty concept of being out of control and trusting people who have proven they cannot be trusted is pretty stupid and naive. It really is better if you are in control of your own lives. Deal with it.

That nut Libertarian, Ron Paul, says that "reckless runaway military spending" is threatening the US economy. 1) Yes there is waste in the military but we need to keep spending while getting rid of the waste because we are falling behind hostile entities and becoming vulnerable to invasion and 2) there is far more government waste in other areas which needs to be cut back. Remember that Libertarians are isolationists or hermits who think we can just run away from our problems and hide and those problems will just magically go away, you know, like they did in Pearl Harbor and 9/11. I call them butt ostriches because they think they are safe hiding their heads up their butts so they can't see what is about to kill them, you know, like that is going to keep them from getting killed. Libertarians are fools who refuse to learn from history and want to force us to repeat the bad parts. No thank you.

China's Xi told Kerry that the Pacific Ocean is big enough for both the US and China, which is commie talk for "we are going to take everything we can but will leave you some...maybe."

Then we have arrogant upper class trash opportunists like John Goodman and Ferrara saying that we should privatize the government.

First, the arrogance is them saying they can do a better job of running the country, you know, the bean counters who keep bankrupting major corporations, like Donald Duck Trump?

Second, you know they are seeing dollar signs in opportunities to steal from the people by sacking the country while putting themselves above the law.

Why do I not trust this?

Liberals and Libertarians both want anarchy, no laws or government interventions and controls. I saw a video of a Libertarian on PJTV talking about how wonderful it would be and we would all just peacefully negotiate our differences, you know, like the two biker gangs in Texas just negotiated their differences with a shoot out. The ugly truth is that anarchy will quickly result in the rule by the ruthless willing to kill to get what they want. Those idiots preaching anarchy are out of touch with reality or plotting evil and just preaching unicorns farting rainbows. It will be another case to where, if they get what they want, none of us will like it and many will pay with their lives. We have to have a government to protect good people from bad people and that requires laws enforced equally for everyone. Unfortunately, our government has been taken over by the bad people and many of you are getting your anarchy handed to you because the bad guys are above the law, A.K.A. anarchists.

Hey, there is about to be real anarchy in Waco, Texas. The cops said that more biker gangs are traveling to Waco to settle this matter.

ISIS 2 anyone?

Lindsey Graham says he thinks the world is falling apart.

Falling apart? Where has he been?

It has fallen apart and every greedy, power mad whacko is grabbing for all of the pieces they can. You can thank the liberal upper class trash for that.

The Church of Scotland now permits homosexual civil partners as ministers. You know they won't be preaching Christianity, Satanism, yes, but not Christianity.

I wonder how many people will stay in that church and how many will leave?

Yep, God is definitely cleaning house and I told you things like this would happen with entire churches converting to paganism. The line has been drawn and people are choosing sides.

And the planet is falling apart?

McConnell is helping push Hilarious Clintston's Obama-trade.

Gee, he isn't in bed with the liberals is he? Who would have figured?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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