I Told You So 175

Remember that I told you almost two decades ago that US forests are severely overgrown and that is causing all of these severe forest fires?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"SALEM, Ore. - Wildfires that are blackening the American West in one of the nation's worst fire seasons have ignited calls, including from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, to thin forests that have become so choked with trees that they are at 'powder keg levels.'

The destruction has exposed old frictions between environmentalists and those who want to see logging accelerated, and it's triggered a push to reassess how lands should be managed to prevent severe wildfires."

If you go back into my essays, I warned you about this almost two decades ago and they are finally figuring it out. You really need to know just how much damage the conservationists have caused with their ignorance based, warm-fuzzy, feel-good bull crap. It is by no means an exaggeration to say that the conservationists have been the worst thing to EVER happen to US forest lands. Conservationists have caused FAR WORSE damage than ALL logging companies ever did and this damage has now been caused in two basic ways.

The first way in which they have devastated our forests is that, by over-foresting or permitting too many trees to grow, they have caused several very serious and damaging problems. First, the increased growth of trees has cause almost no sunlight to reach the forest floor so other vegetation cannot grow and provide food for the grazing animals like rabbits, deer, elk, and moose. This has caused a terrible famine in our forests which has caused all grazing animal populations to almost completely die off via starvation to a tiny fraction of what used to exist in our healthy forests when the Pilgrims first arrived from Europe.

You have to understand that about a quarter of a century ago, the National Forest Service did research on what state our forests were in before we Euro-Americans began to in any way disrupt those forests. They were surprised to find out that almost all of our forests were mostly land that was covered about 10% to 20% by trees, almost all of the rest was covered by grass for animal grazing, and the rest was covered with brush like berry bushes, also for grazing. Yes, there were some "old growth forests" but a healthy forest should NOT be more than a 5% to 10% old growth of the total forest land because old growth is very unhealthy land that is used by a very few animals for food and habitation.

The problem is that the National Forest Service was not permitted by their owners, the US Federal Government lefties, to tell the truth because it disproved what the lefties wanted you to believe. Therefore, to keep their jobs, they were "strongly discouraged" (read threatened) to not tell you about it but a few did occasionally talk but the media almost never reported about this. Now the truth is finally coming out.

So, destroying almost all of the grasslands also destroyed a massive amount of the grazing animal populations via starvation. This caused a massive decrease in food for the predators who started venturing into our towns looking for food they could not find in the forests any more. The idiots just returned those predators to the forests, where there wasn't enough food, with the plan that any predator which ventured into our towns looking for food a third time would be killed, which has caused us to kill off large numbers of predators either via starvation or just by killing them because they were hungry. Add to this that the idiot lefties have been introducing additional predators into those same areas, you know, like wolves.

Now that the forests are burning down by the millions of acres, the conservationists are killing off almost all of the rest of our wildlife in fires and via the starvation which will be caused following those fires because all of the food just burned up.

You cannot begin to imagine just how massive this damage is that the well meaning but very ignorant, feel-good, conservationists are causing. This damage to our wildlife is unimaginably massive probably resulting in a better than 90% reduction in our wildlife from what it used to be. THAT is a very conservative estimate.

You have to understand that the logging companies, at their worst, didn't kill off all or even most of the wildlife. They killed off very little wildlife compared to what the conservationists have killed off. At their worst, the logging companies denuded the forests returning the land to grass land or new growth forests, which increased the food for grazing animals, which increased the grazing animal populations, which increased food for predators.

It didn't take very many times of a few logging companies logging a forest bare for them to realize that they had to return something to the forests or they would eventually put themselves out of business so many logging companies began planting new trees and started only logging out the more mature trees to keep from going out of business. Some of the more mature and wealthy logging companies even purchased land and began growing tree farms with specific types of trees for logging and lumber.

But then the conservationists came along ignorantly complaining about the logging companies destroying our forests and the conservationists and their ignorance based, great sounding, stupid ideas have really destroyed our forests with people finally figuring out that the conservationists have done the worst damage ever to our forests. Once again, God is now opening eyes.

Then you need to know that the conservationists refusing any logging in our forests has caused our forests to become so overgrown with trees that the trees, which consume huge amounts of water from the soil, have dried up aquifers, springs, creeks, streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes causing 1) the trees to die from dehydration turning them into kindling and firewood, which is what is causing all of these fires, and 2) killing off entire riparian areas or wildlife areas along the sides of running water, ponds, and lakes causing the extinction of entire species, many of which we never had a chance to discover.

Now that those forests are all burning down, vaporizing even more of the limited water in our forests, what riparian areas?

It would be a safe and conservative estimate to say that the lefties, with another one of their great sounding stupid ideas, have annihilated millions of miles of riparian areas and the wildlife that depended on those areas to live, especially when you realize how many hundreds of millions of miles of riparian areas there were in the US before the left got their way.

Let me give you an example of one of the largest riparian areas in the US the lefties are destroying, the Rio Grande River. The experts are required by the lefty run government to tell you that the Rio Grande has become a "trickle", where you can walk across it in many places, because of human consumption but that is not true because much of that water used by humans is being treated and returned to the Rio Grande River.

Then why is the Rio Grande River drying up so fast?

The primary cause of the continuing demise of the Rio Grande River is because the forests in the water sheds at the headwaters of the Rio Grande River have become over forested and the trees are drying up the water in massive amounts because of our idiot and ignorant lefty conservationists.

If you want to see the Rio Grande River return to being a healthy and thriving river throughout its entire length, log out better than 80% of the trees in the forests in the watersheds at the river's headwaters. Within just one year, the Rio Grande River will flow like it did 100 years ago, you know, when those same forests only had less than 20% of the trees that are there now.

Mean while, we are still finding out the damage done and the species that were driven into extinction by the conservationists overforesting our forests in the Rio Grande Rivers headwaters. The eco damage has been horrific, all so that some ignorant idiots could feel good about themselves.

On top of all of that, it is mostly grass roots and not tree roots that hold soil in place preventing erosion so areas overgrown by trees with no grass being able to grow because sunlight can't reach the ground for the grass to grow have lost much to almost all of their top soil with very significant erosion damage so it would be difficult to grow much grass in those areas now. It will take God time to fix what idiots have destroyed.

Having studied wildlife management, I have personally seen all of these types of damage caused by conservationists first hand and it was horrific 20 years ago, beyond imagination. You simply cannot begin to imagine the damage conservationists have caused so they could feel good about themselves. I believe they should not be allowed to feel good about themselves. What they did was incredibly stupid and extremely damaging.

This is just ANOTHER lefty great sounding stupid idea that has gone, in this case, extremely wrong. The single greatest threat to our wildlife isn't logging companies or humans building in our forests but the extreme damage conservationists are doing to our forests so they can feel good about themselves and I warned you about this decades ago.

What should a healthy forest look like?

Absolutely nothing like what the simple minded and ignorant lefties could even begin to imagine. The left will never fully understand something this complex.

A healthy forest should be like a very dynamic, fluid living quilt of life where the land is in a perpetual state of flux with the different parts of the quilt constantly changing by growing from new growth TOWARDS old growth but most of the forest should never be permitted to reach old growth. A healthy forest should be a very complex living organism constantly changing with the help of man.

The forest should have everything from very new growth land with almost no trees and almost all grass and some bushes to limited old growth areas of almost all trees. Most of the land should grow from new growth to moderate growth and be returned to new growth by controlled logging to keep the land and wildlife healthy. Some of the land should be permitted to grow more towards old growth to accommodate that type of wildlife with very little land being permitted to achieve old growth and only for a while because old growth can destroy the land. Basically, old growth is a part of a forest dying from old age.

From the top down, a forest should have a few areas of old growth that are about to be logged out that are not near the external borders of the forest or villages because of the types of wildlife and the fire dangers to human dwellings. This land should be near newer old growth land, into which old growth animals have only begun to migrate to, to which old growth species can flee when the older area is logged out and returned to new growth. This will provide most of the old growth animals room for migration without causing significant food shortages or starvation.

Therefore, the entire forested area will contain patches or areas of everything from very old growth to very new growth covering just about every year or few years between the two in complex growth stages. Most of the land should be new to moderate growth forest with plenty of grass for grazing animals, which will sustain larger populations for those grazing animals and provide adequate food for the predator populations to keep most of the predators in the forests and not migrating to cities in search of food.

This would require that different areas within the forest be schedule for logging and recycling to new growth at different times with a very complex schedule and with plans and goals for each individual area. All of these logging events MUST be coordinated so that there will always be plenty of the right ages of forest to maintain a healthy forest and wildlife AND each area of the forest must be checked and re-evaluated based on its individual growth plan and goals in relation to the rest of the forest, probably at least once or twice per year.

This is what the National Forest Service is supposed to do but is not being permitted to do because the lefties are in control of the government and they require the National Forest Service to do things based on the way the left says they should be done, which are based on simple minded ignorance.

This is easily one of the worst disasters the left has caused with their great sounding stupid ideas.

I have been watching the left and their great sounding stupid ideas fail for half a century now, have read about their stupidity and insanity failing for more than 100 years, and, believe me, they have invented infinite stupidity, infinite insanity, and infinite evil.

BTW, those raging forest fires in Europe are also caused by the raging left, it is just that their media cover it up for them so their left can continue to rage about their great sounding stupid ideas.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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