I Told You So 178

Have you noticed that almost everything I have been telling you about is happening?

God tells me, I tell you, and it happens but this is all about God and not about me. I am just a messenger, a voice crying in the wilderness.

Bubonic Plague

Remember that I have been warning you that the rodent and bird pandemics caused by killing free roaming feral cats will cause disease pandemics?

They have a rodent pandemic in Madagascar and the Bubonic Plague has just broken out there.

Surprise, surprise; gee, who would have thought?

So far 20 people are dead and 84 others are sick. The World Health Organization, WHO, is concerned that this could go epidemic and then pandemic.

Gee, I thought I read somewhere that the experts were saying we shouldn't worry about Yersinia Pestis (the Black Plague) because we have antibiotics to fight it with.

Remember that I have been telling you that only some strains of Yersinia Pestis can be treated or cured with antibiotics and the rest cannot be treated or cured and are just as deadly as they were 700 years ago, during the Black Plague Pandemic, you know, with a better than a 90% mortality rate.

Now, if infected humans, rodents, or fleas get off Madagascar and make it to other countries, the disease outbreak will spread to other nations and could more easily become pandemic. You can bet the people in the know are running scared.

This is no longer something that is eventually going to happen, it is happening RIGHT NOW. It is like I told you, it may be too late to prevent a disease pandemic by stopping killing free roaming feral cats but you can still stop the pandemic from getting worse or lasting longer and decrease the potential damage by stopping killing free roaming feral cats.

This is a HUGE "I told you so" and you should be very concerned. This is going to get really bad before it gets better because we stupid humans failed to learn from history AGAIN. Just like our ancestors, by killing free roaming feral cats, we have created our own extinction moment or event and only God can save our butts.

Now, if another disease gets into either of the other pandemic populations we have caused by killing free roaming feral cats, it could easily kill off mankind but God will save enough of us to fulfill prophesy. We could still lose billions of people before this is over.

Remember what I have been teaching you; you WILL stop killing free roaming feral cats, either before you die or because you die but you WILL stop killing them.

When I look at all things we humans have screwed up, it is absolutely MIND BOGGLING at the trouble we have gotten ourselves into by listening to the lefty pagan trash. Just this one mess we have made because we are too stupid to learn from history could wipe out mankind and there are many more messes we have created that are almost as bad, especially the left and the upper class trash.

Believe me, history teaches that, by the time the dust has settled, you will be so furious that you WILL hunt down and kill all of the upper class trash and their puppets and I see that anger rising quickly RIGHT NOW. The people are becoming more furious by the day and rebelling against the left and the upper class trash.

I believe that is being caused by God causing the upper class trash plans to fail in ways that are harming people so that people's eyes are opening just like God told me He is doing.

Let me share some biology with you.

Remember the biology law I taught you that says that, if you increase the food supply for a species, that species population will grow?

What do flees eat?

They eat blood, mostly from rodents. Therefore, if you cause the rodent population to grow by killing free roaming feral cats, the flea population will also grow because you are increasing the food supply for fleas. Therefore, any time you have a rodent pandemic, you will also have a flea pandemic and then all you need is a disease like Yersinia Pestis to have a disease pandemic.

Remember that it is the fleas that spread Yersinia Pestis when they suck blood from an animal.

In Madagascar, they have a rodent pandemic, which has caused a flea pandemic AND a very large number of those fleas are infected with Yersinia Pestis, therefore, a very large number of the rodents are also infected with Yersinia Pestis. This could easily go epidemic and then pandemic.

How do you stop this disease outbreak before it goes pandemic?

You stop killing or introduce free roaming feral cats to decrease the rodent population, which will decrease the food supply for the fleas, causing the flea population to decline and the pandemic will go away or be prevented.

I have been warning you about this for years and it is happening RIGHT NOW. This event may not be the event that starts a global pandemic but it or one of the next ones will. I warned you that God has given us bow shots to warn us about this and NO ONE listened, NO ONE. Just remember that ALL of the US cities have rodent pandemics and, therefore, flea pandemics and are ripe for a disease pandemic.

Has it got your attention yet? Are you ready to stop killing free roaming feral cats before you die or are you going to stop killing free roaming cats because you die? Is it real enough for you yet?

Think about it...but not too long. It is very clear that we don't have much, if any time left. The bow shots are over and the real thing has started.

Power Mad

Remember that I have been teaching you that history proves that power mad and greedy people can never be satiated and they will always want more power and more wealth? Remember that I told you that the only thing that can stop power mad and greedy people is death because they will always regroup, reorganize, and start over again?

After watching Hillary for the last year trying to get the presidency she lost because of her corruption, do you believe me now that the power mad and greedy people can never be satiated?

This is a woman AND her family, who lost a rigged election because God opened the eyes for enough of her voters, forcing them to deal with just how corrupt, evil, power mad, greedy, and generally bad she really is, so that many voted for Trump and against her and many more just didn't vote at all, who just won't stop. After the election, almost all of the rest of the corrupt lefties got mad at her for losing the election, told her to go away, they didn't want to see or hear her again, and she just keeps on trying to overturn the election or win the next election because she is so insanely power mad and greedy she just can't quit and keep her mouth shut.

It should be blatantly obvious by now that the only way she will stop her insanity is if she continues until someone on the left has had enough of her and kills her and it probably won't take much longer, especially after her latest book in which she blamed everyone but herself for losing the presidential election. When that book doesn't work, she will probably start telling the ugly truth about other lefties to get even with them (she is already blaming them for causing her to lose the election), which will definitely get her killed.

Just like I have been telling you for years, death is the only thing that will stop her from regrouping, reorganizing, and trying again and again and again and...

Corrupt, power mad, and greedy people will ALWAYS try to get more wealth and power no matter what happens UNTIL they die. If you still don't believe me, watch them for the next few decades and study history just like I did or just keep watching Hillary run for president in 2020. It gets very obvious.

An easy prediction is that Hillary will probably get herself killed in the not too distant future, you know, a nice little accident with a couple of bullet holes in the back of her head to silence her. Personally, I hope she sticks around for the 2020 election and tries to run because she isn't doing the left any good and is one of the best things to happen to the right. Hey, she got Trump elected.


Remember that I told you that China is having problems controlling her Muslims in the Xinjiang province?

China just hired 100,000 "security" agents to police the Xinjiang province. That is more agents than the US Border Patrol, TSA, and FBI field agents combined and Xinjiang has a smaller population than the US. China is militarizing the area. Their police have built police stations every few blocks and they regularly "check on everyone".

Why? You don't think there is just a wee bit of dissension by the Muslims in the area, do you?

Remember that I told you years ago that Al Quaeda infiltrated 17 trained terrorist leaders into Xinjiang to organize Muslim terrorist groups and try to break Xinjiang away from China?

It looks like Al Quaeda did a pretty good job of it and we are not hearing very much about the terrorist attacks in China because China is keeping them quiet. The first few attacks got out but China has clamped down on the rest.

Remember that I have been telling you that I am not particularly worried about China because of the problems they are having with their Muslims and the many other problems she is having? Do you really think the Muslim terrorists won't go hole hog if China goes to war with the US in an effort to break Xinjiang away from China?

China has more problems than she is letting us know about and is doing a lot of bluffing with her "force projection" because she has too many problems at home, you know, like her Muslims, her Buddhists in Tibet, her Christians she is persecuting, her failing economy, down sizing her military to cut costs because of her bad economy, not very effective weapons systems, which require her to keep buying weapons from Russia, her energy shortage, and her problems with India, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, and the US, just to name a few. Some of China's biggest problems are internal.

Get the picture yet? Should we be concerned?

Yep, just enough to pay attention for when she eventually gets really desperate or her military decides it has had enough of the commie crap and stages a coup.


Remember that I have been telling you that Sweden is about to be taken over by the Muslims?

Riots are breaking out in Sweden between the right and Antifa. Of course the commies are calling the right the neo-Nazis and fascists to discourage people from joining them. The right is trying to take their nation back from the Marxist traitors and Muslims and, of course, the left is using Antifa to fight back and stop the right from getting their nation back.

It looks like it is getting pretty nasty and it is a question of who will win.

Is the right rising up too late to save their nation? Will enough people ignore the slander by the left and join the right to save their nation?

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After I uploaded the story and picture about the commie traitor with a Che Guevara T-shirt under his US military uniform, I realized that picture may cause some people to think that he was just a loner and there are not any more commie traitors in the military. There is a little problem though that some people may not think about like who was taking those pictures.

Think about this, if I were our military leaders, I would be asking several serious questions right now like, 1) who was the commie traitor taking those pictures and 2) how many more commie traitors have infiltrated the US military?

One thing that picture shows is this problem is much worse than most people want to believe. The Deep State is big enough and infiltrated enough of our government that, when Obama stages his violent coup of the US government, you know, just like his commie pals are now openly encouraging him to do, the Deep State will be able to make it work and you better bet they are willing.

Think not?

Look at how they are trying to overthrow Trump right now. That is by definition a political coup of the US Government.

What, don't you think they plan to put another lefty in Trump's place?

The left is already staging a coup against the US government, they just keep failing and soon they will realize that the only thing which has potential for succeeding is a violent coup. BTW, that is what Antifa is about; a violent coup of the government.

I got this from Breitbart by Kristina Wong:

"The West Point mentor of a soldier now under investigation by the Army for engaging in political activity while in uniform is on administrative leave, Breitbart News has learned.

The adviser is Rasheed Hosein, a professor of Middle East history, who was in charge of Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone's development at West Point."

So the professor who mentored this commie traitor is a Muslim traitor.

How many more commie and Muslim traitors did he help get jobs as US Army officers?

Think about that.


Forget all of the talk about Kurdistan by the media. There is a very serious problem with Kurdistan, which is that it is landlocked by nations that don't want it to be an independent nation, you know, nations like Iran, Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. These nations, which are hostile to Kurdistan, can very easily destroy Kurdistan's economy by simply closing their borders and air space to Kurdistan to prevent any trading by Kurdistan with other nations.

The only way Kurdistan has a prayer is if the US stands with them and forces those borders and air spaces open but the US also does not want Kurdistan to be an independent nation because of Turkey and Iraq.

There is a long term hope for Kurdistan, which is, when Israel takes everything to the Euphrates River following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39, then Israel will be on Kurdistan's border and would probably permit Kurdistan to trade through their nation and use their air space. Until then, there isn't much hope for Kurdistan.


Remember that I have told you that the primary function of a government is to protect good people from bad people?

What the left and Muslims are trying to do with this immigration thing is to stop the government from protecting you so they can say that, since your government is not protecting you, that we should destroy the existing governments so they can form a global government that will protect you. It is a con.

They are now suing the government for this travel ban to other countries where you are more likely to be killed to prevent the government from protecting you. That is the real reason they are trying to stop Trump's travel ban.

It is all meant to destroy your faith in your existing government so you will accept a new government and dictatorship to protect you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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