I Told You So 183

This is one of my 4 am essays that God woke me up at 4 am to show me things and I finally got up a little after 5 am to write.

This is one of the biggest and most important "I Told You So" essays I have and will ever write. I have been telling you about and warning you about this stuff for years and it is happening RIGHT NOW but most people don't realize what is going on.

I told you years ago that God would eventually hold all of the upper class trash, their puppets, and their minions responsible for their crimes against God, us, and our nations. I told you years ago that, the upper class trash would eventually purge their puppets and minions. I told you years ago that, because you would not stand up to and stop these Satanic criminals, God would use others and other means to hold these criminals responsible for their behavior and He is going to clean house on all of them.

This is all happening and escalating RIGHT NOW. It didn't just suddenly happen in five minutes but is taking place over months and years.

You didn't do what you were supposed to do so God is RIGHT NOW using the Muslims to do what you were supposed to have done while also using the Muslims to punish you for not doing what you were supposed to do and what really amazes me is that no one realizes it is going on.

I told you years ago that the upper class trash would purge their lefty puppets and minions when they no longer needed them and the upper class trash is doing that RIGHT NOW with this feminist coup. The upper class trash is already very clearly purging many of their politician puppets and throwing them under the bus just like I told you they would years ago and, if the most powerful of the lefty puppets and minions can't trust their upper class trash lords, who can? NO ONE, absolutely no one.

Mean while, the rest of the idiot lefty politicians continue to do what they are told to do by the upper class trash, hoping they won't be next, when it should be obvious that NO ONE on the left is safe.

Please note that these traitors are being thrown under the bus by the lefty media, you know, New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, and others, and not just the conservative media WHILE the lefty media are ALSO being purged with the same feminist coup because those lefties in the media have used up all of their credibility with the public by so blatantly lying to the public that no one believes them any more so they are now completely useless to the upper class trash WHILE the rest of the lefties in the media continue to use up their credibility by continuing to blatantly lie to the public, thinking they won't also be purged when no one believes them anymore.

Just how stupid are these people?

Oh yeah, they invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending.

But it gets better.

Then we have the idiot lefty politicians, who brought in illegal aliens to vote for the lefty politicians so they wouldn't lose their jobs and are now losing their jobs because those illegal aliens (read mostly Muslims) are voting for other Muslims WHILE the rest of the corrupt politicians CONTINUE to bring in more illegal aliens to vote for them so they won't lose their jobs.

And you think these people are intelligent? Do you believe me yet that most of them went into politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much legally?

Ouch, my brain hurts! My farts are smarter than these people.

Then we have the idiot lefty judges who make rulings that Muslims can have their own Sharia Law courts instead of using those corrupt lefty judges' courts while being so stupid the judges can't see the obvious that, after the Muslims finish taking over our governments, the Muslims will shut down the courts being run by those stupid lefty judges and replace those courts with the Sharia Law courts the stupid lefty judges permitted putting those stupid lefty judges out of business and making them just one more of us.

Who is going to need or use those stupid lefty judges and their corrupt courts when we are under Muslim rule? Have these idiots never heard of job security?

Then we have the idiot lefties in Hollywood being purged by the upper class trash by this feminist coup, you know, just like I told you would happen years ago and they are already being replaced by animated movies just like I told you years ago.

Interestingly, have you noticed that they have not told us yet who the replacements will be for all of these purged lefties? Do you think that at least some of those replacements will be Muslims?

Interestingly, a while back I got an e-mail from Mark telling me that Abdul El-Sayed, who is an extremely well educated Muslim doctor whose education was paid for by George Soros, seems to have been well groomed by George Soros, and who is "sympathetic" to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization is currently running for governor of that almost Muslim run state, Michigan.

Is he George Soros's next presidential candidate? Have you noticed that George Soros keeps funding and promoting radical Muslims for political office? Gee, I wonder why? Is George Soros currently working to replace most or all of his lefty puppets with Muslims?

Keep an eye on this.

Remember this, George Soros is a Hebrew and he openly bragged in a TV interview that, after Hitler took over Hungary, George's home country, Soros changed his name to the Greek name, George Soros, and joined the German SS, betraying all Hebrews and Hungarians. Then George used his knowledge of the Hebrew community to help the Nazis round up thousands of Hebrews and kill them (a war crime) so Soros could steal what those Hebrews had owned, making himself wealthy and further betraying his own Hebrew people.

The only reason why he was not tried for war crimes after the war is because he owned and still owns too many powerful people.

After the war, Soros took an oath to become a US citizen while conspiring with others to destroy the US because the US destroyed Nazi Germany, which was a violation of his oath of citizenship and should cause him to lose his American citizenship. Then Soros betray all Western nations by using his increasing wealth and power to support and help the commie traitors take over those nations. Now that he almost has power or control over those nations, he is betraying his lefty traitor puppets by purging them (he is financing those who are staging this feminist coup) and replacing increasing numbers of them with Muslims.

Why would anyone trust this man when he has betrayed everyone he has dealt with? Why would the Muslims eventually share power with him or serve under him, even if he has converted to Islam, knowing no one can trust him, ESPECIALLY with him being a Hebrew, whom the Muslims hate? Why would the Muslims not eventually kill him and his family, especially after Soros has dumped most of his wealth, $18 billion, to save his failing plans?

Surely the Muslim leaders must be planning to kill Soros as soon as they no longer need him and steal everything he has, which would be justice for the thousands of Hebrews Soros helped murder so he could still their wealth.

You watch, just like I told you years ago, when the Muslims seize control, the corrupt, wealthy, poser Christian leaders like Benny Hinn, Copeland, the Pope, the Vatican, and others will conveniently convert to Islam taking all of the other poser Christians with them. God will use this to purge the Church of poser Christians.

Then we have the idiot upper class trash who crawled in bed with the Muslim upper class trash, thinking themselves impervious to slaughter because they converted to Islam years ago and are the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world.

Really? Do you remember what the Muslims did in Syria and Iraq EVERY TIME they took control of another city, town, or village?

The Muslims rounded up and publically executed all of the leaders, mostly Muslims, for those communities seizing the wealth and power of those leaders for themselves because the Muslim leaders refuse to be under the rule of others, even other Muslims.

And the Euro-American upper class trash think the Muslims will change their behavior just because the Muslims crossed imaginary lines drawn in the dirt called our national borders? These mega wealthy idiots don't think that, after they have helped the Muslims destroy the nations that have been protecting those upper class trash idiots, that the Muslims won't also seize the upper class trash wealth and power just before the Muslims publically execute them? Really? Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash have been inbreeding too long?

Listen, for 1,400 years, the Muslims have been fighting and killing each other over power and these idiots think that just because they converted to Islam a few years ago, they won't also be killed and their wealth and power seized by the same greedy, power mad people? Really? REALLY?

KNOW that ALL of the upper class trash are dead men and women walking because they will ALL be slaughtered by the Muslims just as soon as the Muslims have finished seizing control of our nations and their weapons. Just like they have always done in the past, the Muslims will round up these jerks and their ENTIRE families, seize ALL of their wealth and power, and publically execute or slaughter EVERY MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD! They will all die with entire families being wiped out in a massive slaughter.

Why the children?

For several reasons. First, for example, the Rothschild family literally has thousands of adults (children of the head of the family) who are currently working to help the family commit their crimes to help the family take over the world.

Second, when those children who are not killed grow up, they could easily work to overthrow those who killed their parents and other family members so the other bad guys know to also kill off all of someone's children, when they kill that someone.

The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Soros family, the entire European Royal family, all of them, every man, woman, and child for every one of the upper class trash families, for which there are just about 300. Zuckerberg, Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the rest, including the entire Deep State, are ALL dead people walking and will soon be slaughtered by the Muslims just as soon as the Muslims finish seizing control of our nations. You can bet that the Muslim upper class trash know who they all are and where they all live and will have no trouble slaughtering all of them.

Listen, RIGHT NOW, in Saudi Arabia, the Muslim upper class trash is purging the Muslim upper class trash who are family and you think the Muslim upper class trash won't purge the Euro-American upper class trash who are not family? Just how stupid are these idiots?

Oh yeah, they invented infinite stupidity.

Know that God WILL GET HIS JUSTICE against these criminals. ALL of these vile criminals WILL be held accountable for their crimes, EVERYONE of them.

If you have been paying attention at all, you should KNOW that, after the Muslims take over, the lefties will fall into two categories, the dead and the soon to die.

ALL of the upper class power brokers like the upper class trash and the politicians will be slaughtered very quickly and publically for their crimes, even if the Muslims have to make up crimes, for which they are very good.

The rest of the lefties will "volunteer" at gun point for the Muslim army to invade Israel, be doped up for courage, be given old assault rifles with 100 rounds or less, be set on the very front lines to lead the invasion of Israel facing Israeli machine guns and artillery and to clear the Israeli mine fields, where they will all almost certainly die.

YOU wouldn't stand up to these criminals and hold them accountable for their actions because you believe their tolerance and PC crap to dismiss their crimes so God WILL and IS using the Muslims to hold these criminals accountable for their crimes. This is happening and accelerating RIGHT NOW! Just watch Europe continue to fall.

AFTER and only after God has used the Muslims to do your job for you by wiping out the upper class trash and the rest of the lefties and then wiped out most of the Muslim leaders and their armies in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, then YOU will have to fight the rest of the Muslim leaders and their armies to regain your freedoms and rights. This will be God giving us a second chance we don't deserve.

You just might want to do what you are supposed to do this time because, if you don't, it will get much, much worse. You will probably either die or end up a Muslim slave.

We ALL need to repent of our sins or crimes against God's Laws, accept the payment for our sins Jesus made for us on the cross and get our acts together to prevent it from getting much, much worse. It is well past get on your knees and talk to God time.

KNOW that you are RIGHT NOW watching the fall of the left at the hand of God.

You think Rome fell hard and loud?

Wait until you see just how hard and loud the West is going to finish falling because of our sins. It is house cleaning time, baby! And can God clean house or what?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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