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Remember that I have been telling you that Russia, China, and other US enemies are ramping up for war before the US can rebuild its military after Obama virtually destroyed the US military?

Mark sent me this e-mail:


Have you see this?

VLADIMIR Putin says Russia is developing an "unstoppable" nuclear cruise missile which cannot be intercepted by any anti-missile system on earth. Read the entire article at:


Methinks he doth brag too much.


Christ has died! Christ is risen! Christ will come again!

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I followed the link to an article at the "Sun" By Jay Akbar where Putin was doing what the military calls psychological warfare or saber rattling. He was boasting about his new superior weapon systems to intimidate US and other Western citizens so they will put pressure on their leaders to back down and let Putin have what he wants. Putin makes some pretty audacious claims to scare Westerners who don't know better.

Years ago Putin released info about his "Satan" missile which was supposed to be able to take out an area the "size of Texas".

Bull crap. The largest nuke ever detonated was a 50 meg nuke by Russia. A 20 meg nuke will take out everything for about 20 miles in every direction from ground zero or gz unless there is something like a mountain to shield an area from the blast, a 40 meg nuke will take out everything in every direction from gz for about 35 miles, and a 50 meg nuke will take out everything in every direction from gz for about 40 to 45 miles. Just in case you have not noticed, Texas is just a wee bit more than 100 miles across in every direction.

Now his Satan missile does carry 12 warheads, which could carry enough power in throw weight to wipe out large parts or strategic parts of Texas but I doubt it could wipe out all of Texas. Most likely, those 12 warheads will only carry a few megatons throw weight each, maximum.

You also have to understand that most of his nuke warheads are going to be hardened with delayed detonation devices to take out hardened underground targets so they will have little effect on surface dwellings.

Then, in this article he brags that he has an "unstoppable nuke cruise missile" because it can do Mach 20 or 20 times the speed of sound.

Really? Unstoppable? By whom, him?

Let's see, radar waves travel at the speed of light, which is 186.6 thousand miles per second and sound only travels at about 650 mph pending atmospheric conditions. This means Putin's "unstoppable nuke cruise missile" travels at only about 13,000 mph, which is just a wee bit slower than 186.6 thousand miles per second.

Our radar will detect and track their missile to determine its speed and trajectory in conjunction with the speed and trajectory of our intercept missile and quickly determine how much to lead their missile by to make the intercept, all within seconds.

Remember what I told you about shooting down something that is traveling faster?

You just lead it more. That's it, it is just that simple. Any good hunter can tell you that.

Plus our lasers travel at 186.6 thousands miles per second because they are concentrated light and we have had lasers shooting down aircraft since at least 1978, and do you really believe his missile can out run a laser?

Unstoppable? Really? Did he flunk physics?

When they build a missile that can travel at half the speed of light, tell me about it. Then we just might have a few problems.

Plus Putin knows that the idiot US media will take what he says, blow it up even more to scare you more, and help him intimidate you.

BTW, did you know that the escape velocity for spaceships leaving earth is more than 17,000 mph and we have craft that do that all of the time? And 13,000 mph is unstoppable? Really?

Think about that.

I would be much more concerned about their electronics warfare or ECM, which would delay or prevent us from tracking their missile than about the speed of the missile and, so far, it doesn't look like his ECM is working well enough to prevent us from tracking his missiles, you know, the way Israeli ECM stopped the Russian built SAMs from tracking their aircraft so the Syrian SAMs had to resort to the shotgun effect to accidentally take down an F-16, not a high stealth F-22 or F-35, but an F-16. Think about that.

Me thinks Putin should be a wee bit more concerned about our missiles than we should be about his missiles.

This is what they call "saber rattling" to help "prepare the battlefield" by causing fear in the enemy just before they go to war.

Look, the strategy the Russians, Chinese, and our other enemies are working to use is that, if Trump has managed to rebuild the US military to a one front military, then open two or more fronts against the US and our allies. If Trump has managed to rebuild the US military to a two front military, then open three or more fronts. Basically overwhelm the US military with numbers spread out across different fronts because Ocommie traitor-in-chief made that strategy possible.

Why do you think they are simultaneously accelerating hostilities in North Korea, Senkaku Islands, Taiwan, South China Sea, India, Indian Ocean, Syria, and Ukraine plus opening bases in places like Africa, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela?

That is too many fronts for the US to respond to without at least a half dozen front military...and/or nukes.

So, how are Trump and the Pentagon responding to this strategy?

They are enlisting as many allies as possible so that the US military will only have to operate in support of those allies to hold the enemy at bay until the US can finish ramping up for war while the US continues to rebuild.

For example, India, working with the US, just signed a contract to build a navy/air base in Oman to give them regional reach and help protect the straits of Hormuz, which is a critical sea passageway for oil and natural gas.

BTW, if the enemies start the conflagration before Trump and the Pentagon have rebuilt the US military enough to at least hold the enemy off from over running us and our allies, you will learn very quickly that what I told you about Uncle Sam's black closet forces is true because Trump and the Pentagon will be forced to let those bad boys out to play and they won't play nice. You ain't seen nuttin' yet, baby.

Other than our enemies overwhelming us because of Obama destroying the US military, my biggest concern would be if our enemies, especially Russia and China, were to stage a successful surprise preemptive strike that would further weaken the US military enough that it would force the US military to withdraw her forces to save the US from invasion. Even then, I would expect the US forces to continue to work with our allies to prevent them from being over run by the enemies until the US military could rebuild and go on the offensive and that is definitely when you will see the US black closet forces come storming out to fight. Know that we have a secret military with the most advanced weapons in the world in hiding to only be used when the US is directly threatened with invasion and conquest and no one will beat those troops.

BTW, Putin says he can take out our satellites with things like lasers. Now, ask me if I am worried. I know the countermeasures to that strategy that we developed before I was in SAC. We already had in place the counters to that strategy by 1970 and it is a complex, multi layered system that is still classified.

Can't stop a mach 20 missile? Really?

OK, we'll see.

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I told you that, with China and North Korea having so many subs, the US will need to setup anti-sub bases on certain Polynesian Islands?

The Navy is developing mobile sea bases, which can be moved to areas of greatest threat but I still wouldn't be surprised to see them set up anti-sub bases on at least some of those Polynesian Islands I mentioned to provide additional protection for the US from subs and missiles.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties have infiltrated everywhere, even our public schools, and ALL lefties have to be removed? You think I am wrong?

Here we are right after a mass murder at a public school with the President trying to arm school teachers to protect the children and, by the strangest of coincidences, a teacher goes mad, locks down his classroom, and discharges a firearm, you know, to prove that even teachers can't be trusted with guns. Gee, what a strange coincidence.

I'm sorry, but the timing is just too much of a coincidence for me to believe this was a coincidence. This was clearly planned out and ordered by the upper class trash to stop Trump from arming teachers so there can't be any more mass murders in public schools so the lefties can get people to let the lefties grab everyone's guns.

Note that that coincidence follows the coincidence of having the school shooting to change the subject from investigating the upper class trash and their puppets, you know, Obama and Hillary, for their obvious crimes to gun control, you know, to control the discussion.

Keep an eye on these things and it quickly becomes obvious that they are ordered, planned, and carried out intentionally. If this is true, everyone at the top giving those orders should be hung.

Just watch what happens to this teacher. First, he only committed relatively minor crimes like barricading and illegally discharging a firearm. He did not take any hostages, no one was injured, and apparently he discharged his weapon one time through a window at nothing so there won't be any real charges against him like kidnapping, murder, or any of those crimes.

Second, he will probably get probation or, at worst, a few months with jail time to include time served. Then he will get an early retirement, probably already got a big chunk of change sent to an offshore account, and will be soon lying around on some sunny beach instead of stuck teaching other people's brats to be psychopaths.

Keep an eye on these things and they always tend to happen at just the right moment to give the left the opportunity to change the subject from their crimes to gun control.

People, this isn't about gun control, it is about people control. Think about it, they are calling Trump Hitler and they want him to take their guns away from them? Does that make sense to you?


I have been seeing reports and videos from secular sources telling us about fossils of things like human foot prints dating back millions of years and how these fossils have the evolutionists in a state of confusion because these fossils completely disprove the evolutionary theories.

Only the creationists are pointing out that all fossils come from Noah's Flood and all of those plants and animals cohabited just 4,400 years ago and not millions and billions of years ago. I have been watching these fossils for the entire time I was a Christian evolutionist more than 50 years ago and I know how much of a problem these fossils are to evolutionists. When they can, these "objective" scientists just ignore these fossils, change the subject, and keep talking about their wonderful evolutionary theories that keep being disproved and they have to keep changing as if those theories are fact. The truth is that they don't have one scientific fact supporting their religion and the proof of this is them always rewriting their "facts".

It has been proved time and again that the fossils prove evolution is a lie and most people don't know this and they also don't know that evolutionists have hidden thousands of such fossils to keep their fanatical false religion alive.

Evolutionists are anything but objective and scientific. Some of them are some of the most fanatical religious zealots in history.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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