I Told You So 198


Remember that I told you that Erdogan is working to restore the Muslim Ottoman Empire with him as the sultan or caliph?

I do hope you realize that Erdogan going after "Kurdish terrorists" in Syria and now in Iraq, is just an excuse by Erdogan to seize back a little of the land that used to belong to the Ottoman Empire, one mile at a time. He is reassembling his Ottoman Empire one piece at a time and he won't stop when he has it all back because he really wants to rule the world.

You want real imperialism?

Erdogan is giving it to you, Muslim imperialism.

Lefty Mass Murderers

Remember that I told you that all of these lefties committing mass murders has nothing to do with not having a father, being poor, being abused, or anything else but lefty psychopathic hero worship?

I got this from Newsmax By Jeffrey Rodack:

"Nikolas Cruz, accused of murdering 17 people at a South Florida high school, is getting flooded with fan mail and love letters as he sits in jail, the SunSentinel is reporting.

In addition, hundreds of dollars in contributions are being put in his commissary account by fans of Cruz, who is believed to be responsible for the mass murders at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

'The letters shake me up because they are written by regular, everyday teenage girls from across the nation,' said Broward County Public Defender Howard Finkelstein, whose office is representing Cruz.

'That scares me. It's perverted.'"

It is just like I told you, it is all about psychopathic lefties worshipping psychopathic mass murderers like Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Che. As long as the left keeps turning people into psychopaths like themselves, there will be more mass murders and not just with guns.


Remember that I have been telling you that God will hold Zuckerberg accountable for his actions?

I got this from Breitbart by John Nolte:

"A Rasmussen poll shows that 51 percent of Facebook users are 'very' or 'somewhat' likely to quit Facebook over privacy concerns.

Rasmussen, one of the most accurate pollsters in the 2016 presidential election, polled 639 Facebook users and found that the recent scandal currently embroiling the social media giant appears to be taking a toll on users' trust.

Only 17 percent believe their 'personal data' is 'very' secure on Facebook, while 31 percent believe it is only 'somewhat secure.' A full 48 percent believe it is either not 'very secure' (31 percent) or 'not at all secure' (17 percent).

When asked, 'How likely are you to quit Facebook all together because of privacy concerns?,' a majority of 51 percent said 'very' (16 percent) or 'somewhat' likely (35 percent).

Only 47 percent said 'not very' or 'not at all likely.'"

Listen, people, if he just causes 20% to 25% of the users to stop using FB, the FB profits will go down so much that he will lose his job. The man is RIGHT NOW on the hot seat and should be having scary dreams. Don't be surprised if FB users start demanding Zuckerboy be fired.

Hey, Zuck, baby, looking for a large size cardboard box near Jimmy Kimmel's box, are you?

It seems like every day the hole he dug for himself just keeps getting deeper. Maybe he is in a lefty sink hole?

But, hey, I ain't going to feel sorry for the jerk.

Space Aliens

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash plan to "make contact with space aliens" who will tell us to unconditionally submit to the absolute rule of the upper class trash?

They are using the US military sighting UFOs to increase the credibility of the sightings and those sightings are quickly increasing in frequency so you know the upper class trash is getting ready to "make contact" with those "space aliens" soon. The problem is that they won't be real space aliens, probably lefty actors.


Remember that I have told you that the left has shoved and shoved Hillary's butt under the bus again and again but she just keeps slithering out and is now trying to make herself relevant again but on an international basis because she isn't relevant in the US anymore?

I got this from Breitbart by Charlie Spiering:

"Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton believes her experience in politics serves as a model for women around the world.

'I have often thought that I am a kind of a Rorschach test for people who are trying to make sense, not just of me personally, but of women's roles and women's expanded opportunities, in not only America but around the world,' she said during a paid college speech at Rutgers University."

And I got this from another article at Breitbart by Charlie Spiering:

"Former failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a paid speech at Rutgers University on Thursday, but her appearance comes at a steep discount from her previous college speeches.

Rutgers University reportedly paid Hillary $25,000 for her appearance, a roughly 90 percent discount from her $251,250 - $300,000 fees that she was charging colleges before the election.

The University of Connecticut paid $251,250 for Clinton to speak on campus in 2014, she was paid $300,000 to speak at the University of California at Los Angeles, and she made $225,000 for a speech at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

Clinton's speech comes after returning from her tour of India that left her with a broken wrist after she slipped in a bathtub and a bruised ego after she was filmed slipping multiple times on a flight of stairs while touring the Jahaj Maha palace."

Yep, kinda washed up and refusing to admit the truth. She is an embarrassment to the Commiecrat Party that can help the GOP maintain and even increase seats in the soon coming 2018 election so don't be surprised to see her "commit suicide" or have a "deadly accident" soon. Trump may be putting off prosecuting her to keep her around until after the next election in hopes that she will greatly help the GOP.


Remember that I told you that Pelosi would be among the next lefties to get shoved under the lefty commie traitor bus or purged because there is no loyalty from the top down?

I got this from Breitbart by Tony Lee:

"A plurality of Californians disapprove of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) job performance, according to a new Survey USA poll of the liberal Golden State.

The poll, conducted March 22-25 and released this week, found 45% of Californians disapprove of the left-wing San Francisco Democrat while just 36% approve of her job performance.

Even in Pelosi's Bay Area, 42% disapproved while just 39% approved."

Yep, kinda washed up too and, look, Pelosi, here cum duh commie traitor bus. Your turn. Say hi to Hillary and the rest of the lefty commie traitors being purged by the upper class trash.


Remember that I told you that China's technology is kind of lacking so we shouldn't be too worried, just concerned, about her military technology?

Here is further proof of her technological abilities. I got this from Breitbart by Nate Church:

"China's Tiangong-1 space station is expected to reenter Earth's atmosphere as a fiery ball of shrapnel in the first minutes of April, according to Aerospace.org.

The space station, roughly the size of a large school bus and former home to two crews of 'taikonauts' will finally end its journey scattered across… somewhere. The estimated "target area" for where debris could fall encompasses everywhere 43 degrees north and south of the equator, which narrows it down to somewhere in the United States, or southern Europe, Asia, Australia, or South America.

If that sounds incredibly vague, that's because it is. Still, it is far from the first time humanity has been rained on by its own space garbage. At least one satellite annually makes the same burning descent through our atmosphere, and Tiangong-1 has nothing on our very own Skylab. While Tiangong-1 may be the size of a bus, NASA's first space station was more than seven times its mass when it sprinkled its remains across the ocean and bits of Australia in 1979."

She is just a wee bit behind the US technological learning curve, you know, like about 40 years.

Hmmm, maybe I should either get me a Kevlar umbrella or Kevlar hat for April Fool's Day, what do you think?

Listen, I will be 69 next month (April 13th) and have seen a lot so I won't be surprised if some of that junk lands in my yard, just as long as it doesn't land on my home or my head.

David Hogg

Here is an easy prediction: David Hogg is being too radical, is turning more and more people away from the left, will help get the vote out for the GOP, will soon become irrelevant and get yee ole lefty commie traitor bus ride, you know, he can say hi to slithering Hillary.

Enjoy the ride, kid, because you are destroying your own life really early. It probably won't be too much longer before he is useless to the upper class trash.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Don't believe me?

Just ask ole Zucky, kid. Let me give you a little advice, kid, if you milk the ole cash cow until she goes dry, then all you can get out of her is fecal matter.

Hey, maybe you can get a cardboard box in an high class alley next to Zucky and Kimmel?

Hey, then you can all 3 sit around listening to daily whiney speeches by looser Hillary.

Also, he ain't going to be so arrogant when the upper class trash stuff his little lefty commie traitor butt under yee ole lefty commie traitor bus, you know, with Hillary, Zucky, Pelosi, and the rest of those has been lefties.


I hate to rain on this parade but someone needs to use some common sense with this new technology.

I got this from Newsmax By David A. Patten:

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hailing an extraordinary water-generation technology invented in Israel that he declares ,can change the world.,"


Yeah, this will change the world but, hey, let's do the math.

What this technology does is extract water from the air so people can have more water for drinking, growing crops, and such.

Which should tell you what?

When you dry out the air, you get less precipitation, you know, like rain, for drinking water and to water the crops AND the drier air will suck the already existing water out of the ground drying up your crops causing drought and famine.

Think about that for a moment.

So, the new technology to generate more water will actually end up decreasing the water you have and just make things worse and not better.

Did these idiot politicians flunk science or what?

And, as news of this technology gets around, we will quickly find out who many other stupid people are because you know that stupid people will endorse this technology as being good, when it will actually cause more harm than good so stick around and take names of all of the stupid people.

Hint: You really don't want to dry out the air or you can end up with everyone living in a desert...unless you want to use it as a weapon against your downwind enemies to dry up their land and cause a famine in their nation.


I am noticing several bankruptcies by gun companies.

This is because, with Obama as president, gun sales went through the roof, the gun companies thought that song would play forever, took out loans to expand, Trump got elected, gun sales fell off, and now the gun companies are having to pay back those loans with decreased gun sales, which ain't working out too well.

Right now, Remington is filing for bankruptcy because Hillary didn't get elected and keep gun sales up. Go figure.


Here is a black man who is smart enough to get it; not a white man, but a black man who can see this train coming.

I got this from Breitbart by AWR Hawkins:

"While students and activists geared up to march in Washington, D.C., and across the country in support of new restrictions on the Second Amendment, rapper Killer Mike warned that gun control is way the progressive left can return black Americans to slavery."

Let me see, the Democrat Party, who waged a war in part to keep their slaves, founded the KKK after losing that war, are trying to disarm Americans in part so they can force blacks back into slavery because they STILL want their slaves back?

Sounds reasonable to me and like the man has good insight.

Drug War

I hope you realize that the reason why we are losing the war on drugs is because the corrupt upper class trash have tied our law enforcement hands because the upper class trash are making billions selling those drugs to their own minions to get more wealthy and have better control of their minions. This is one more reason why the upper class trash do not want a border wall.

Gotta keep those profits coming in, baby.


If China starts a conflagration with India in this rapidly approaching war, it will be a complex assault by land, air, and sea but will definitely include a ground attack into India at the Doklam area. China is currently preparing for that attack. Keep an eye on this.


Don't you just love our lefty commie traitor media always telling us that for us to be happier we just need to be like their lefty commie slaves in Europe? You know, just submit yourselves to the absolute, unconditional rule of our lefty commie traitor upper class trash and you too can be just as happy as those superior Europeans, you know, with all of the problems they have like illegal aliens attacking and murdering them because of the European intellectually superior natural elites are making all of their decisions for them.

Why, wouldn't you too love to live in a commie run dictatorship with rioting in the streets all of the time, Muslims attacking you all of the time, and you being afraid to even leave your home because you just know that the upper class trash can run your lives better than you inferior peasants can run your lives?

Why they are just so much happier than you, which is why more of them are using drugs to escape their happiness caused by their intellectually superior natural elite upper class trash.

Hint: People don't use drugs to escape happiness, only to escape their miserable lives. If you are using dope, your life sucks, you need to get a better life, and you better bet the upper class trash are not going to give you that better life.


McCain is publishing his "hard hitting" memoir that "doesn't pull any punches" and "holds nothing back".

Really? Do you really think he is going to tell about how he betrayed all of his fellow POWs during Nam, got some of them tortured, and got some of them killed to save his own traitorous butt?

Nah, I don't think so either. It is just going to be one big, great sounding fairy tale about how wonderful McCain is...or he wants you to believe he is.

He has been lying all of his life, why should he change now, you know, just before he dies? Really?

You can bet there will be a lot of veterans who will line up to pee on that grave. You know that nothing is going to grow on that ground for at least a few thousand years.

Law Enforcement

With Trump in office and the GOP in control of Congress, law enforcement is beginning to fight back against the insanity and treason of the left. I got this from Breitbart by John Binder:

"Nearly 400 sheriffs across the country are calling on the Republican-controlled Congress to follow through on President Trump's popular immigration agenda by securing the nation's porous borders and criminalizing sanctuary cities."

All of you law enforcement and military out there better take a stand against the left because the left's Citizen National Security Force or CNSF is about using lefty radical traitors to replace all of you so they can purge you first so they can have absolute control of the people. You doing what you know is wrong and illegal to protect your jobs won't save your butts.

You think I am wrong?

I got this from American Thinker By Rick Moran:

"Protesters in Chicago staged a 'die-in' at city hall demanding an end to funding a $95 million police and fire training academy with the money going instead to 'marginalized communities.'"

Gee, if they are going to stop training up new cops, who are they going to replace the cops with?

Oh yeah, the lefty Citizen National Security Force or CNSF, you know, Antifa, BLM, and such thugs.

Yeah, you get the picture?

The very fact they formed the CNSF should tell you that you cops and military are planned obsolescence and will be purged just like Hillary and the rest, after you have obeyed their orders and helped subdue the people for the upper class trash dictatorship. If you cops and military help disarm the American people, you will be next, you know, just before the lefties replace you with the CNSF, you know, just before the lefties march your butts off to the local lefty showers with a little Zyklon B for soap.

Know that the CNSF is not just Obama's thug army but is the lefty thug army.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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