I Told You So 200

Remember that I told you that it takes about one year to ramp a military up for war? Remember that I have been telling you that Trump and the Pentagon have been rebuilding the US military for war using every trick they can think of to do so as quickly as possible? Remember that it has been almost exactly a year since the US attacked Syria with more than 50 cruise missiles and more than half of them got past the Ruskie SAMs? Remember that I have been telling you about the US building up forces in the West Pacific and Trump building a military alliance with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Australia, and even Vietnam against North Korea and China?

BTW, that missile attack on Syria a year ago was a dry run to invade Syria and a big part of it was to test the Ruskie SAM systems to look for their strengths and weaknesses and I am pretty sure I also told you about that. You can bet the US military gathered a lot of intel about the Ruskie SAM systems from that attack plus Israel has staged a number of very successful attacks against the Ruskie SAMs and you can bet the US got a lot of intel from those attacks.

The military calls this "probing the enemy defenses".

Well, the US government has been ramping up for a war for a year now and the water is boiling.

Everyone is talking about the guided missile destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, moving towards Syria for a possible missile attack "because of the recent gas attack by the Syrian Army" but did they also tell you that the missile destroyers USS Carney, USS Porter, and USS Laboon are also stationed or are moving into the Mediterranean Sea with the four of them having more than 200 cruise missiles?

Did they also tell you that the nuclear attack subs, the USS Georgia and USS John Warner are also stationed in the area with almost 200 more cruise missiles?

Did they also tell you that the USS Harry S Truman Carrier Strike Group (CSG) was set to deploy to the area on April 11, 2018, you know, yesterday, with a really beefed up fleet (normally a CSG only has one carrier, 2 or 3 missile ships and one sub) of the USS Normandy cruiser missile ship, the FOUR guided-missile destroyers, the USS Arleigh Burke, USS Bulkeley, USS Forest-Sherman, and USS Faragut, AND the guided-missile destroys, the USS Jason Dunam and USS Sulivans, scheduled to join the group in route, and that CSG probably has at least one nuke attack sub assigned to it to bring the total number of missiles that can be brought to bear on Syria to be almost 1,000 missiles?

Yeah, that CSG is just a wee bit beefed up.

Did they also tell you that the US already has at least one CSG with missile ships in that area?

There is always a CSG stationed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Did they also tell you that the US is currently deploying another CSG into the Persian Gulf, which can strike anywhere from Syria to Afghanistan, including Iran, especially from the sea?

Did they also tell you about the thousands of troops the US has in Iraq and Syria, which can attack Syria from the east and attack Iran from the West and the Iranian pals, Iraq want the US forces to now leave Iraq for some reason?

Did they also tell you about the tens of thousands of US troops in Afghanistan, which can attack Iran from the east? Iran is kinda surrounded, huh, you know, the way I told you that war should have been fought by Bush?

Did they also tell you about the thousands more troops the US has stationed at bases in the Persian Gulf, which can quickly attack Syria or Iran?

Did they also tell you about the one or more US bomber fleets the US has in the Indian Ocean, which can attack the entire area?

Did they also tell you about the massive troop buildup Trump has been staging in the West Pacific against North Korea and China and that Trump also just moved another CSG into the South China Sea?

Did they also tell you about the military buildups along the Ruskie borders in Europe and the Ukraine?

Did they also tell you that Trump has now been ramping up for war for A FULL YEAR and it is looking like he has finished the ramping part?

Did they also tell you that Trump has been rebuilding the US industrial machine with his trade tariffs, you know, like the US steel industry, because you can't fight a war without the ability to quickly build more weapons at home?

Gee, there sure are a lot of coincidences, huh?

Nah, they ain't coincidences, baby, this is called "quietly ramping up for war" and I have been telling you about this for a year.

Don't be surprised to see a lot of vets get recall orders and planes, ships, tanks, and other weapons quickly disappearing from weapons storage areas around the world, you know, like the Bone Yard, and showing up in battle zones to quickly beef up the US military even more or at least beefing up home defenses. You could very quickly see entire new divisions, wings, and fleets forming and showing up for war within months.

BTW, the CSGs that the US has stationed off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the US are for defensive purposes just in case the enemy tries to attack the US to force the US to pull forces back to defend the US and are called "blocking forces".

BTW, the British and French are also moving ships and troops into the Mediterranean Sea with OPENLY STATED intentions to attack Syria.

Now, who are the players and why are they in this game?

First, you have the Ruskies who just want to beat the Western upper class trash and keep them from setting up their global commie dictatorship so they have joined up with some other bad guys to stop those bad guys.

Second, you have the Chicom and North Korea who want to set up their own global dictatorship.

Third, you have Iran and the Shiite Muslims who want to invade Israel from Syria with the Syrian, Hezbollah, Iraqi, and Iranian armies and are in bed with Turkey to conquer the world and decide later which of them get to set up their global Muslim dictatorship.

Fourth, you have Israel who doesn't want to be invaded and destroyed and has been resisting the Western upper class trash global dictatorship.

Fifth, you have the Sunni Muslims who don't want the Shiite Muslims to conquer the Sunni Muslims so the Sunni Muslims can set up their global Muslim dictatorship.

Sixth, you have the Western upper class trash and their lefty commie traitor puppets who want to run an oil pipeline through Syrian from the Arabian Peninsula to weaken Russia so the upper class trash can resume setting up their global commie dictatorship.

Did you noticed that ALL of the lefties are suddenly demanding that Trump invade Syria to "punish Assad"?

Seventh, you have the US who wants to stop the invasion of Israel and the Western upper class trash from setting up their global commie dictatorship, which is why Trump quietly keeps also working with Russia and they both keep quietly working with Israel.

Have the power mad, greedy upper class trash for all of those different countries created one heck of a global mess or what?

And that global mess is about to go into full nuclear meltdown. You can thank the lefties for this mess because none of this would have been possible without them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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