I Told You So 202


Remember that I told you that we should be concerned but not afraid of enemy missiles?

I just saw the commander of a US Navy destroyer who stated, "The mission of a destroyer is to detect, track, and destroy in bound missiles."

Get the picture yet?

We have fleets of billion dollar missile destroyers and other missile ships along with at least half a dozen different ground based SAM systems and numerous airborne systems who have one mission, which is to detect, track and destroy enemy missiles and you believe the crap about the US "failing" missile tests at intercepting missiles with missiles in spite of the fact that we have publically done so since the Gulf War? Does that make sense to you?

It doesn't make sense to me.

Let me share a little something with you. I was working the Wild Weasels at Korat Thailand in 1973 when they were using a receiver called the APR-46, which is now obsolete because we have much, much better. I know this because it was replaced by the APR-47 right after I left the Weasels at the end of 1973.

This was a very interesting little weapon system or, as we called them, "toy", especially for 1973, you know, almost half a century ago.

There were a number of interesting things the APR-46 could do, two of which I will share with you to give you just an idea of what we could do almost half a century ago.

First, if you were flying an enemy plane, you know, like a MIG-21, anywhere within more than 100 miles of me and you talked briefly on your radio or even just keyed your mike a couple of times a few seconds to minutes apart, the APR-46 would give me your EXACT location, including altitude, speed, and direction so I could hunt you down and kill you without me using radar so you couldn't even tell I was in the area hunting you. If you were using radar, it would do the same with your radar.

Do you understand why, in ECM, we called ANYTHING sending out ANY kind of signal a beacon, you know, like a lighthouse in the dark? Gee, you don't think it is because their signals are telling us where they are so we can kill them, do you, you know, like UAVs? Now, do you understand why only the idiots in the Pentagon are even thinking about converting our combat planes to being UAVs or very easy targets? And "stealth UAVs"?

Give me a break!

How can it be stealth when it is constantly sending out signals telling me where it is so I can kill it?

UAV = Unusually Accessible Vehicle or easy to find, track, and kill. Hey, just lock a radiation seeking missile onto the signal it is transmitting, fire the missile, and kill it. We have had those missiles since Nam.

Second, the APR-46 could prioritize 29 different targets based on threat to me or importance as targets, track those targets on my scope in relation to me, show what type of target they were, you know, like radar, planes or missiles, and show their exact location so I could hunt them down in order of priority and kill as many as I could, you know, using the munitions carried by my two to four plane formation, which, even then, could carry quite a few bullets, bombs, and missiles.

Now, do you really believe this bull crap that half a century later we can't shoot down a few nuke missiles? REALLY!?!

Most of you have very little if any idea of what we could do half a century ago because much of it is still classified, and we can do much, much more today.

And then I read this at Newsmax By Brian Freeman:

"Russia has managed to seriously affect U.S. military operations in Syria by jamming its drones, according to four American officials, NBC News reported on Tuesday.

Concerned that the U.S. might retaliate for a number of recent suspected chemical weapons attacks on civilians in Syria, Russia began jamming U.S. drones several weeks ago, according to the officials"

Remember that I told you that the US becoming too dependent on UAVs for aircraft would be a threat to national security because unmanned aircraft are too easy to counter, especially by major powers like Russia?

Well, it is happening already, baby, right now in Syria and this is just the tip of the iceberg on what you can do to counter UAVs. Believe me, with just Nam technology, they would be so easy to take down you wouldn't believe it. Just wait until the Ruskies or Chicom start using radiation homing missiles to take down our UAVs and watch all of the Pentagon geniuses who want to replace all of our piloted aircraft with UAVs look really stupid...after we get our butts kicked in a major crisis, of course...and suddenly have to replace all of our UAVs with piloted aircraft, which will require several years or more.

We CANNOT permit more than about 10% to 20% of our aircraft to be UAVs, especially for combat aircraft. In a real war with someone like Russia or China, UAVs will have very limited use and won't last long in combat.

Believe me UAV = Unusually Accessible Vehicle or easy to find, track, and kill and "stealth" UAVs are a joke because they are BEACONS sending out signals telling everyone where they are. ONLY piloted aircraft can operate as truly stealth aircraft.

All you need to take down UAVs is a frequency scanner, signal direction finder, and shoulder or vehicle fired radiation homing missiles, which is a 100% passive fighting system and almost impossible to locate and neutralize. They won't even know they are under attack until after their UAV has been blown out of the sky.

Well, so much for another wonder toy that has cost us billions of dollars.


Remember that I told you that Syria stopped attacking in the Idlib area because Turkey was getting involved so Syria decided to clean out all of the pockets of terrorists throughout Syria to consolidate her troops in the Idlib area before she resumed retaking the Idlib area and risking a war with Turkey?

She is holding position in Idlib and closing terrorist pocket after terrorist pocket while transferring most of those terrorists from those pockets to the Idlib area so she can kill them all in one military action. Syria is preparing the battlefield for going to war against Turkey with the aid of Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah.

Also, it appears that Syria is letting Turkey take Syrian land back from the Kurds so Syria will only have to fight Turkey to get that land back and not both the Kurds and Turkey at the same time. This will further weaken Turkey with troop and material losses and have the potential of creating support from the Kurds to get rid of the Turkish occupiers.

Hey, why fight them when you can get them to join you to defeat a common foe?

Putin isn't stupid, people, and you know he is calling the shots for Syria.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that it will only be a matter of time before Zuckerberg gets shoved under the lefty commie traitor bus?

Groups of people are already insisting that Zuck resign. Next they will start demanding that he be fired because Zuck is defending by saying HE is the best person to run FB, you know, the old, "You can't replace me with anyone else thingy".

Some in Congress are threatening to break up FB, if it doesn't straighten up but only some because most are on the take.

I just read that Zuck has admitted to deleting messages he has sent to his staff, you know, destroying evidence. Me thinks Zuck is in trouble and knows it so he is covering his butt but I am not too confident Zuck will face any criminal charges because he has probably already bribed enough people in Congress to avoid such problems plus it has already been stated that Zuck won't be under oath so he can lie his butt off and not face charges.

Then I watched bits of his "testimony" or beating around bushes to not answer questions. He spent his entire time dodging questions telling me the man is hiding a lot and probably belongs in jail. Zuck fought very hard to stay out from under the lefty bus.

I am also watching incredible numbers of rich and famous people who are dying or being killed in "accidents" who are much younger than me. Most of them seem to be lefties.

Something seems to be going on. Maybe a power struggle?

Keep an eye on this.

Cell Phones

Remember that I told you that cell phones will definitely cause cancer and other problems and that I explained the physics and molecular biology behind it in detail years ago?

Newsmax has an article that says that a recent study shows that cell phones "raise the risk" of getting cancer, you know, just like I told you years ago.


Remember that I told you that increasing numbers of young athletes are dying because of drugs, especially from heart attacks?

I keep seeing increasing numbers of young athletes in many sports dropping dead from heart attacks as young as in their 20s that can only be caused by drug abuse with performance enhancing drugs. It has easily reached a state of pandemic proportions.

But, do you think the other athletes will learn and clean up sports?

No, they will just make excuses like the other guy didn't use his dope right to make themselves feel comfortable in continuing to dope.

Do you think the governing bodies will do anything to clean up the sports?

No, because they would have to bust all top athletes out of their sports, which would cause fans to get upset and the people running those governing bodies are just too corrupt themselves to clean up anything.

Besides, I have been informed by reliable sources that the people running the sports are making a lot of money from the drugs, either to look the other way or from the sales themselves. It is blood money, baby, and it ain't going away any time soon. They don't care how many young athletes die from the drugs.

Hey, as long as they and the upper class trash are getting rich off of the dope, why stop the doping?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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