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Red Wave

Remember that I have told you that the lie about the "blue wave" this coming fall is just psychological warfare?

I got this from Breitbart by Michael Patrick Leahy:

"A poll released by Morning Consult on Thursday shows embattled Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is the least popular Democrat in the U.S. Senate.

According to the poll, only 39 percent of Missouri voters approve of her performance in the job, while 44 percent disapprove, giving her a negative five point net approval rating, the lowest of any Democratic senator.

Four Democratic senators have lower approval ratings: Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) at 33 percent, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) at 34 percent, Gary Peters (D-MI) at 36 percent, and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) at 37 percent-but they all have higher net approval ratings than McCaskill."

The only reason these criminals have been able to win elections the last 20 years is because of their vote rigging. If you would do away with their vote rigging, these criminals would be going home in their next election. Unfortunately, they will just regroup, reorganize, and use those huge pensions they get to finance their next crime wave so you also have to do away with their huge pensions they get after serving just one or more terms.

These criminals prove every day that they won't stop their criminal activities no matter how many times you beat them. They are so greedy and power mad that the only thing that will stop them is the gallows...or firing squad.

BTW, a lefty biased poll says that 77% of Americans support Trump talking to Kimmy Boy to put together a peace deal, you know, after Billy Boy Clinton's deal with North Korea from the 90s failed and Obama's deal with Iran is failing. Trump is making the lefties look like the incompetent buffoons and traitors they are.

I am beginning to believe there won't even be a blue ripple much less a blue wave, well, except for the blue vote rigging. Even the dead people might start voting against the commies.

Maybe a red tsunami?

God is really moving through Trump to destroy the lefty Nazi commie traitor globalist thingy just like I told you he would years ago. They WILL NOT be the one world government of the Tribulation. Years ago, when their plans were still succeeding, I told you they would fail because their plans don't fit with Bible prophesy and God can't be wrong so the upper class trash MUST be wrong.

I am watching and, as the lefty plans continue to fail, the lefties get more desperate and, as the lefties get more desperate, the lefties get more fanatically radical, causing their wickedness to be more obvious.

When the left had the majority of the people lulled into a false sense of security, most people didn't pay attention to the blatant corruption and wickedness of the left but, now that the left has gotten everyone's attention with their increasing fanatical fascist Marxism, more and more people are noticing the lefties' obvious wickedness and it is increasingly turning more and more people away from the left to the right to fight against the left. Increasing numbers of liberals are now turning against the left and siding with the right. This is causing the lefty plans to fail more, which is causing the left to become more desperate, which is causing the left to become more radical, which is causing the lefty plans to fail quicker. The lefty failures are snowballing.

One thing the lefties are succeeding at doing is pushing everyone either further to the right or further to the left, driving a wedge deeper and deeper between the two sides and this will eventually reach a point to where there will be a war and the left is openly calling for and trying to start a war while the right works to maintain peace and sanity.

There have already been quite a few combative skirmishes with the left consistently and increasingly loosing and they still want a war?

Probably because they think they are the intellectually superior ones. "Why, their great sounding stupid plans are bound to succeed...eventually, especially in the lefty multiverse."

The left can only get their lefty minions radicalized so much before there will be an all-out war, which is obviously what the left wants in spite of the fact that all of their other plans have failed, as will their ill conceived and planned war. They realize that their only real hope is to disarm the right before the real shooting starts. That is what gun control is really all about. The cowardly left wants to have a shooting war with the other side not having any guns.

An easy prediction here is that there will be many liberals who will join and fight in this coming war with the conservatives against the lefty progressives. This is because the lefties are not liberals anymore because the lefties have moved too far to the left and become too radical to even be liberals. The lefties are now the radical, violent, hate filled ultra left whacko commies.


Remember that I have been telling you that beating the power mad, greedy lefties won't stop them because they will just regroup, reorganize, and keep right on with their wickedness?

The left has not been able to get around the second amendment to the US Constitution so they are now trying to flank the amendment by stopping ammunition and clip sales.

The problem is that the ability to bear arms requires the ability to purchase ammunition and everything else required for bearing arms so their latest evil plan is also unconstitutional.

But, hey, when they eventually lose that fight, they will just smoke some more dope and come up with another plan to stop you from using your guns to protect yourselves from them...unless you hang them for treason, then they will stop their wickedness.

Question: Why are lefties so afraid of getting shot by the people? What are they up to and afraid we will find out before they can take our guns away from us?


Remember that I have been warning you that us killing free roaming feral cats and increasing the populations of bugs, rodents and birds will eventually cause disease epidemics and pandemics?

I got this from New York Times By Donald G. McNeil Jr.:

"The number of people getting diseases transmitted by mosquito, tick and flea bites has more than tripled in the United States in recent years, federal health officials reported on Tuesday. Since 2004, at least nine such diseases have been discovered or newly introduced here."

This is happening RIGHT NOW!

So, how do these infections travel?

The tick, flea, or mosquito bites a rodent or bird, infecting them; the rodent or bird travels a little ways and gets bit by another tick, flea, or mosquito, infecting them; the tick, flea or mosquito bites another rodent or bird, infecting them, and so forth, spreading the disease. This is what is called a "complex vector system".

The greater the rodent or bird population, the faster the diseases spread before the infected organisms can die, stopping the spread of the disease. With us having caused pandemic rodent and bird populations in the US by killing free roaming feral cats, these diseases will spread very quickly across the US killing millions of people until the rodent and bird populations die down low enough to stop the spread of the disease.

These diseases are going to continue to spread as long as we continue to keep the rodent and bird populations at epidemic to pandemic levels by continuing to kill free roaming feral cats. When we stop killing the free roaming feral cats, the cat population will grow, the rodent and bird populations will decline, and the diseases will stop spreading.

In studying this, I have learned that history and science prove that you will stop killing the free roaming feral cats; either before you die or because you die. You see, either you will stop killing the free roaming feral cats before you cause a disease epidemic to kill you or because you caused a disease epidemic that killed you and caused you to stop killing the free roaming feral cats. So, you WILL stop killing the free roaming feral cats; either before you die or because you die, but you will stop killing them.

It seems that the upper class trash and their lefty minions have caused most people to decide that they will stop killing free roaming feral cats because they die...and then the disease pandemics will go away. When one takes this in consideration with the upper class trash plans to depopulate the planet with UN Agenda 29, it becomes obvious that the lefty upper class trash have intentionally caused this mess by convincing us we should kill free roaming feral cats.


Remember that I have been telling you that the current plans to colonize Mars are going to fail because they have not found answers to any of the questions I have been asking?

I got this from CenturyLink by Rob Quinn:

"Tesla's share price took a major hit Wednesday after CEO Elon Musk decided he didn't want to spend a conference call on the company's earning report dealing with a lot of dull questions from analysts.

Musk interrupted a back-and-forth between a Bernstein analyst and Tesla Chief Financial Officer Deepak Ahuja about capital expenditures to say: 'Excuse me. Next. Boring, bonehead questions are not cool,' CNNMoney reports."

So, Elon Musk is planning a trip to colonize Mars and he doesn't like to "deal with dry boring questions"? The guy plans stuff but only wants to deal with the cool, fun questions? Really? And you want to trust your life to this person?

People, better than 90% of planning anything complex like colonizing Mars is dealing with dry boring questions that MUST be dealt with for the operation to succeed, you know, like what tools, spare parts, backup systems, extra clothing, fuel, food, dishes, utensils, appliances, pens, pencils, paper, extra batteries, and other such things the colonists will need to survive along with considering all contingencies like things going wrong.

Hey, you are going to be months away from Earth at its closest, you better have every dry, boring detail for every possible problem planned out or it will get very exciting until you die.

Personally, I wouldn't go on such a mission unless I personally saw that ALL of the dry, boring details had been taken care of, I had time to consider whether they had forgotten something, and then was absolutely sure all bases were covered.

And people are willing to pay large sums of money to go on his trips to colonize Mars?

Hey, we are about to get rid of some very stupid rich people who have been watching too many movies. I want video.

And you think these people are more intelligent than you because they have more money?

BTW, NASA is sending a new robot to Mars to dig into the planet to "get insight" into "how the planet developed and evolved" meaning they are still trying to find evidence proving evolution to be true long after claiming evolution is a scientific fact because they don't want you to find out that they are lying to you and evolution is scientifically impossible. Hey, they have to keep their fanatic religion alive in spite of science and math.


Remember that I told you that the lefty censorship of conservative news and information on the Internet will get worse as we get closer to election day?

It is definitely getting worse with Zuck stating that he is going to crack down even more on "fake news" or basically anything conservative, you know, the truth. It will reach a point to where you won't be able to get the truth on FB, Twitter, or Google and all you will be allowed to see on them is lies, misinformation, and propaganda. The lefty commie traitors KNOW they MUST win this election to get rid of and stop Trump from destroying their evil plans.

Hey, they have almost taken over the Internet the way they took over the mainstream media and conservatives have to fight back really hard or lose the fight.

It is like I told you, if you beat them like you did with Hillary in 2016, the lefties will just regroup, reorganize, and start over and that is exactly what they did. Now, if you want to win, you have to regroup, reorganize, and keep fighting.


Remember that I have been telling you that Israel's ECM is beating the Russian SAMs and radar systems in Syria?

I got this from Arutz Sheva by staff:

"Israel's strikes on Syria last night saw 28 planes take part in raids with a total of around 60 missiles fired, Russia's defense ministry said on Thursday.

'28 Israeli F-15 and F-16 aircraft were used in the attack, which released around 60 air-to-ground missiles over various parts of Syria. Israel also fired more than 10 tactical ground-to-ground missiles,' the ministry said in a statement, quoted by Interfax news agency.

At least 23 fighters, including five Syrian regime troops and 18 other allied forces, were killed in the attacks, the anti-Assad Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday."

Note that Israel also fired 10 tactical surface-to-surface missiles for a total of about 70 missiles.


"Israel carried out the raids after it said around 20 rockets were fired from Syria at its forces in the Golan Heights at around midnight.

It blamed the rocket fire on Iran's Al-Quds force, adding that Israel's anti-missile system intercepted four of the projectiles while the rest did not land in its territory."

People, they are not even using F-35s, they are flying F-15s and F-16s all over Syria at will, and firing 70 missiles, taking out dozens of Iranian bases, weapons systems, and troops without losing one plane or even one plane being damaged by the Russia built SAM and radar systems. The only possible answer is that Israel has some really great ECM that is beating the Ruskie stuff hands down. The Syrians and Iranians can't even see what they are fighting against before they get their butts blown up.

It is being reported that Israel destroyed almost all Iranian military sites in Syria. Yeah, the "deadly Ruskie SAMs" protected their butts.

Remember that I have been telling you that the US and Israeli SAMs are very good and will stop almost all of the incoming missiles?

Also note that the Israeli SAM systems stopped the only four rockets that were going to land on Israeli land. Which should tell you what?

They don't have the ECM to beat our SAMs and we can stop their missiles.

There are some things about US and Israeli SAM systems that were made public knowledge a long time ago but most x-spurts seem to have forgotten. First, our SAMs can find, track, and destroy projectiles as small as artillery shells and mortar rockets.

Much larger nuke warheads? No problem, baby, just more target practice.

Second, our SAM systems, unlike enemy SAM systems, can quickly calculate the trajectory of all projectiles telling us where they were launched from and where they will strike. This is critical because it makes it possible for our SAM systems to 1) relay information to artillery, rockets, attack aircraft, and even field mortars to quickly take out the launching device to prevent the launching device from launching more projectiles and quickly taking the launching device out of the battle and 2) quickly tell whether the projectiles will strike anything that will cause harm or harmlessly land in some open location.

Locating the launching site has worked so well that Hamas has been forced to use a new strategy of setting up a few rockets with timers on their launching devices, set the timers, and vacate the area before the rockets launch to keep from quickly being blown up but this still permits the Israeli Air Force to get the intel required to quickly hunt down and kill the terrorists at least some of the time and is why you regularly read about Israeli enemies launching rockets at Israel and then getting their butts blown up.

The latter makes it extremely difficult for US and Israeli SAM systems to be overwhelmed the way the Ruskie systems are being overwhelmed in Syria because the US and Israeli SAM systems can quickly tell which projectiles to ignore and which to destroy. This makes each SAM system much more effective against many more projectiles and greatly decreases the ability of the enemy to cause damage to the US and Israeli forces and people.

For example, if 9 out of 10 approaching projectiles are going to land harmlessly somewhere and only one will strike a target, the SAM quickly knows to ignore the 9 and destroy the one. This also helps our SAMs to ignore false radar images that are on a trajectory to hit no where important.

And you think we can't stop Kimmy Boy's 1950s quality nuke missiles?

Remember that I told you that the Sunni Muslims are running scared of the Shiite Muslims running Iran because they know Iran has nukes so the Arabs are seeking the protection of Israel and the US?

Bahrain said that they support the right of Israel to defend itself from the attacks by Iran...the Sunnis want to be the ones to destroy Israel.


Remember that I told you that the lefties are using the Mueller investigation to spy on the right to win this coming election.

I am seeing signs that this and other lefty corruption is beginning to backfire and will actually work against the left in the coming election. A recent poll said that 53% of the people believe that the Mueller "investigation" is politically motivated.

It is just like I told you, everything the left is doing to seize control of the US and the world is backfiring against the left and they are so stupid they just keep doing more and more great sounding stupid corrupt stuff wondering why they are failing.

DNC stands for "Dummy National Committee." Their motto is, "If we can'ts stealze it, we can'ts gets it."


Remember that I have been telling you that the worst thing the lefties can do is get what they want because it never turns out as well as the lefties make it sound like it will turn out?

I got this from American Thinker By Ed Straker:

"In normal circumstances, Eureka, California, would be a paradise. It's situated in northern California on the Pacific Coast and is simply beautiful, sandwiched between rugged redwood forests and an implacable open sea. The weather is perfect, constantly between 50 and 75 degrees year round. It's isolated from other major cities, but some find value in the quiet of a more secluded lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Eureka, in Humboldt County, is in the center of a narco-state where marijuana is grown industrial-scale and drug use is rampant. The situation has gotten so bad that even tourists avoid it. Here's one telling review from TripAdvisor. It's a little long but well worth the read:

'Just back from 5 days in Eureka CA. Had not been there for a few years so decided to visit north coast area, see some redwoods, great coastal scenery and victorian homes along the way. We were quite impressed that someone is trying to make Eureka a tourist destination (murals, town gazebo, festival, arts and a wonderful visitors center),. At the same time, we witnessed what appeared to be several dozen (at least!!) drunken and/or drugged human beings lying on curbs, in doorways, against fences, behind stores, camping out in parking lots, stumbling onto HWY 101 etc etc. Old motels (The Serenity for one) were overflowing with people outside at all hours of the day and night. A poor pit bull was chained to a fence next to highway all day Saturday w/ cops driving back and forth. Drug deals appeared to be taking place right out in the open within sight of traffic on 101. We stopped to take a picture of a cute mural downtown and a wild-eyed woman came screaming out of the shrubs-screaming at us for "taking her picture". She had something in her raised hand and we got out of there fast. This was across the street from the jail and near an area of lovely victorian homes on 3rd. Doesn't really matter where in town it was because it was all over. Mixed in with great businesses, lovely scenery, restaurants and historic places, we dodged crazies screaming at the top of their lungs. Panhandlers followed people around from store to store. We were in one cafe when a man sat down in filthy urine soaked clothes and reeking of alcohol. He wasn't ordering anything but just came to talk-however, most of the other customers had to get up and leave as the smell was so overpowering. And although we felt bad that these people have such problems...well...Eureka has a big problem too. A split-image.

Later, at [a bookrestore] in the Bayshore Mall, we found several prominent displays on growing and/or manufacturing drugs. Umm...from the looks of Eureka's streets, that information has already been put to use. I hope that this once lovely town can come to grips with this problem.'"

Their town has been overrun by zombie stoners because they went legal on drugs. This is happening at increasing rates across the US as the idiot lefty politicians continue to legalize drugs, including pot.

This got really bad throughout Europe when they legalized or went soft on drugs until the lefties found innovative ways to hide their zombie stoners so most people would not realize the harm the drugs caused to many people.

When I lived in Commiefornia 30 years ago, I saw this everywhere. On one busy street, I saw a pretty young woman in the middle of the street turning around in circles acting like she was picking fruit and occasionally touching the ground with her hands. It was very obvious she was stoned. You don't have to see much of this to realize the damage drugs do to the brain, that these people are dysfunctional and they can't hold any kind of regular job. therefore, they can only live on Welfare and/or by stealing. When dopers become dysfunctional, they are forced to steal from you to buy their dope.

When I was out there, a study showed that better than one third of homeless people had one or more college degrees with many of them having Ph.D.s and M.D.s. They are not homeless because they are stupid or lazy.

When I first got out there, God put me in some circumstances that put me in a few different homeless shelters and I found out first hand that almost all of the homeless people were there because of 1) drugs (at least two thirds to three fourths of them, probably more), 2) mental problems such as being retarded (often caused by drugs), and 3) a few like me were there because of "hard times" or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time putting us on the street until we got back on our feet, usually quickly, with a little help.

If you think the LA homeless ghettos are bad, you better get used to them because they will be showing up everywhere that legalizes drugs and, believe me, that will open more than just a few eyes as to how bad drugs really are. None of the drugs, not even pot, are harmless.

Remember that I have been telling you that the left has invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending?

Their child rearing "x-spurts" are now saying that you need to ask a baby's permission before changing its diaper.

And people are listening to these x-spurts on how to raise children?

But don't worry, with enough of the right drugs, they will think up something even more stupid than that. You can bet on it.

And what is really funny is that the lefties are so stupid they can't figure out why increasing numbers of lefties are moving right.

Gee, you don't think that it is because the lefty leaders and minions have gotten so incredibly stupid that even other lefties can't follow their insanity, do you?

But, hey, it is like I have been telling you; if you are stupid, you can't tell you are stupid because you are stupid, you know, just like being drunk. The left is too stupid to tell they are stupid and they just keep getting more and more stupid as they destroy more and more brain cells with their drugs.

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It is because more and more of what I have been predicting for years is happening right now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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