I Told You So 217


I warned you months ago that the lefties would start censoring all conservative sites before the coming election because the lefties don't want you to know the truth or what they call hate speech.

Well, they just started ramping up for the election. What will the right do?

I hope you realize how desperate the left is and that they know how bad things are for them in the coming election when they are letting illegal aliens, felons, and anyone who will vote for them vote in the election and they are trying to censor the truth so openly. It is them telling you that they know they can't win without cheating really big.

Food For Thought

The EU is assembling a military under its control from the different member nations who are part of the EU.

Now, think this through and it will knock your socks off. Germany pretty much runs the EU, this EU military will deplete and weaken the militaries of the member nations, and this will leave Germany controlling the most powerful military in Europe and that military will be in control of Europe.

Is Germany using the EU to sucker punch the rest of the EU nations and she is right now in the process of peacefully conquering Europe?

Think about it. It sure looks like it.

Just how stupid are the European natural elite leaders in that, after WWI and WWII, they let Germany gain control of the EU and then let the EU take their militaries to build an EU military that answers only to the EU and, therefore, only answers to Germany? The natural elites are kind of stupid, aren't they? Just a wee bit too much inbreeding?

Germany is winning WWIII without firing a shot because the European upper class trash have been inbreeding too long and are too stupid. What fools they are.

BTW, the German upper class trash are behind this new world order thingy and you can bet it is them trying to conquer the world without firing a shot and the rest of the natural elites are falling for it. They are all a bunch of over educated, inbred, suckers.

Think not? Then why do they keep calling Merkel the leader of the world? Oops!

Note that they keep talking about Germany's military being in trouble and in really bad shape but she doesn't need her own military if she has control of the EU military composed of EU member nations' militaries paid for by those nations to control those nations, meaning Germany now controls most of the military might in Europe.

Gee, what a coincidence. Hey, third time's a charm, baby. That is how stupid the upper class trash are.

US Space Force

Remember that I told you years ago that the US already has a space force program that goes back to at least the mid 1960s with a fleet of killer satellites and other craft and I felt they were getting ready to expose some of the weapons systems they already have but not all?

You will see that this is a really big "I Told You So".

Trump is starting the US Space Force, saying "it won't be built from scratch", meaning they already have almost all of it, and "it will be up and running by 2020". Gee, that sure is fast. They admit the Air Force already has an active command and control center for their space force, which will be used by the new Space Force and they have already started talking about killer satellites to protect our stuff in space. Gee, what a coincidence.

And I bet that at least some of you didn't believe me when I told you about our killer satellites in the 1960s and 1970s and that it was looking like they are getting ready to let you know about some of it already existing. And there is much more they may or may not tell you about.

The thing is that so many countries like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are now making moves to militarize space as a threat to the US that the US needs to develop a space deterrence to keep those nations' military space programs in check and weapons people don't know about don't do a very good job of deterring anything. Therefore, to deter bad guys, the US needs to make some of our already existing space weapons known to everyone but especially to the bad guys but in a way that most people won't realize those weapons already existed so they won't go looking for more such weapons and learn about the ones the Pentagon still doesn't want you to know about.

BTW, did you notice how incredibly fast the US Space Force will be operational?

They said it will be operational by 2020. Let me give you a little clue, it is already operational and has been since the 1960s, which is why they already have an operational command and control center. Think about that.

What are they bringing out of Uncle Sam's black closet, my friends?

We used to call this the "Black Closet Air Force" and now they are calling it the US Space Force. You can't even begin to imagine what we had by the mid 1970s. Buck Rogers only wished he had it that good. Hmmm, if it isn't overcast, maybe I will go out tonight and look for star ships, you know, the US Space Force that is already up and running.

I bet you will too and you will tell your friends about this blog because the old fart knows what he is talking about.

And did I tell you that God will soon make it possible for us Christians to colonize 9 star systems, 5 in this galaxy and 4 in the next galaxy, M31?

I am sure I did and we will not have to spend bajillions of years traveling between star systems and galaxies the Elon Musk way because God will make it possible for us to use teleportation for star travel.

Who needs Elon Musk?

Keep an eye on this.

More and more of what I have told you about is being proved true.

Elon Musk

Remember that I told you that Elon Musk is a crony capitalist and not a very good business man?

He just gets lots and lots of your tax dollars to keep his businesses afloat to make it look like he is successful and a good businessman.

I got this from American Thinker by Allan C. Brownfeld:

"Crony capitalism - the close alliance of big business with government - leads not to free enterprise, but to its opposite, in which government, not the market, chooses winners and losers, through subsidies and other forms of largesse."


"Consider the example of Elon Musk, the billionaire Silicon Valley entrepreneur, who may be a modern poster-boy for this phenomenon. His ambition is unbounded. As Norm Singleton of Dr. Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty wrote in The American Conservative, Musk has an agenda to do everything from 'sending Men to the moon and Mars, to creating a 700-miles-per-hour tunnel transportation system, to turbo-charging human brains by implanting computers.'

The problem is that he relies on the levers of government to fund his ideas.

In the view of Veronique de Rugy, senior research fellow at George Mason University's Mercatus Center, Musk is 'perhaps the most prominent case of cronyism in modern times,' especially due to his use of 'friendships in government, as well as some high-priced lobbyists, to keep the spigot of government money going his way.'

As is often the case with 'private-public' partnerships, his ideas often do not come to fruition despite his receipt of all this government money."

Hey, if you bribe the right corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to give you lots of tax payer dollars, you too can look successful and get rich.

And you want this guy to plan your trip to Mars?

Psalm 83

I have been seeing videos of people saying that Psalm 83 is a prophesy of a coming war that must happen in the end times. I read it through several times to see if I had missed something and there is simply no prophesy there. People are reading too much into that scripture.

Psalm 83 is simply a prayer by David concerning certain enemies of David whom David knew were conspiring to overthrow Israel. David prayed that God would destroy those enemies with NO mention of a battle, not even a hint. Note that none of those enemies exist today so God took care of them.

In Biblical prophesy, the scriptures very clearly state that something WILL happen or God WILL cause something to happen such as in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, other Old Testament prophesies, and the entire book of Revelation. There is absolutely not even a hint in Psalm 83 that God will cause anything, not a battle or anything else to happen. It is just a prayer by David concerning enemies David knew were conspiring against him. That is all.

There is absolutely no projection into the future, none.

I don't see where they get that this is even a prophesy at all. It doesn't say a battle will happen, it doesn't say God WILL destroy them, it doesn't tell about a future event; it is just a simple prayer by David concerning enemies who were conspiring against Him.

I had read those scriptures through at least a few dozen times before and, when I heard people were talking about a prophesy in those scriptures concerning a future battle, I wondered what prophesy they could be talking about because I never saw it, so I read it through a couple more times and there is no prophesy there; it is just simply a prayer taken out of context by those people who think it is a prophesy.

I dare ANYONE to show me in Psalm 83 where it says or even hints that God will cause those nations to come against Israel and destroy them, or those nations will come against Israel and God will destroy them, or that there will even be a battle. There is absolutely no projection into the future, none.

It is just simply David praying about enemies who were conspiring against Israel and David praying that God will destroy those enemies. That is it, nothing else. Don't read things into scripture that are not there.

Go ahead, show me the projection of a future event, I dare you.

It makes me wonder, what are these people smoking?

But, hey, don't believe me, read it yourself. It is a short Psalm, it will only take you a minute to read through it yourself and look for any projection of anything into the future, especially a battle. There isn't any; it doesn't even hint at a battle. It is just a prayer.

It is like I told you, there is only one battle that is left to be fought before the Tribulation and that is the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which is coming soon.

This has caused me to better understand why God has me teaching you these things. Satan has so much misinformation out there, even in our churches, that it is confusing even Christians and someone has to straighten this out so God raised me up to help straighten out such things. I pray that I help you better see the truth.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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