I Told You So 222

Ramping Up the Military

Remember that I told you that Trump is quickly ramping up the US military back to adequate national defense levels to deter war with Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and others?

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson announced Monday that the US Air Force is working to rebuild the Air Force to Cold War numbers by growing nearly 25% with hundreds more planes to form an additional 74 squadrons by 2025, just 7 years from now, for a total of 386 operational squadrons.

I just saw that the US Air Force is considering buying brand new B-52Js to beef up our bomber force with less expensive bombers to do most of the dirty work in a war and save the Air Force a huge amount of money. With the new standoff missiles, they don't need to do enemy defense penetration to hit their targets.

They didn't say how many but I figure at least a couple of squadrons or about 50 to 100 additional birds, maybe more because Heather said we need five more bomber squadrons but those won't all be Buffs, some will be the new B-21, most of which will replace B-1s and B-2s in existing squadrons. We could end up with 2 to 4 new Buff squadrons of B-52Js.

She also said we will need several "new" space squadrons for our Space Force, 14 more tanker squadrons, 7 more special operations squadrons, 9 more combat search and rescue squadrons, 22 command, control, intelligence, and surveillance or spy squadrons, 7 more fighter squadrons, 2 remotely piloted aircraft squadrons, and 1 more airlift squadron.

The way she stated it doesn't equal 74 squadrons so I am assuming that the "several" Space Force squadrons equals 7 squadrons, which will equal 74 new squadrons.

Any of you young guys want to learn to fly those star ships I have been watching and telling you about?

That will really screw up the globalist plans of disarming our nations so none of our nations can resist their commie globalist dictatorship and also screw up any plans of China, the Muslims, or anyone else for world domination. Trump is quickly making the US military the greatest super power in history, even better than the US has ever been. That will be just a wee bit more than the less than one front military Obama left us.

BTW, building those new aircraft will create more than a few jobs and remember that this is just what the Air Force is doing to ramp up and doesn't include what the Army, Navy (building up to 355 ships total), and Marine Corp are doing. This just got very interesting.

BTW, this also means that time is short for Russia and China plus their allies have to start a war with the US before we ramp up or rebuild enough to have a military that can fight on enough fronts to defeat them. The longer they wait to start a war with the US, the less likely they will be to win that war.

BTW, after Syria shot down a Russian spy plane that was used by Israel as a cover to stage an attack against Syria, Russia is now staging naval training exercises or war games in the area and has declared the air space as a closed air space. This is clearly meant to prevent Israel from staging more attacks in the area for a few days.

But why only a few days, why not longer?

Putin was using his war games to buy time so get S-300 SAMs to Syria and get them deployed without Israel attacking Syria again. He was using one hand to cover what he was doing with the other hand.

Putin isn't a stupid man. He is brilliant and outsmarts the West all of the time, especially the Satanic upper class trash. He is definitely the most intelligent leader Russia has had since at least 1917, in other words, for more than 100 years. Do not underestimate this man. If he is your enemy, he will be your best enemy.

This also means we will probably find out very soon just how well Israel's ECM works against Russia's S-300. Keep an eye on this.

I also found out that Russia is deploying additional "EW" or ECM stations in Western Syria. I have been telling you that it is more about the electronics warfare, especially ECM, than about the flight and fighting characteristics of aircraft and you are about to find that out. EW is where the real game is played, won, and lost. If you lose that fight, you die.


Remember that I told you during the last war between Israel and Hezbollah that, when Israel captured a Hezbollah bunker, Israel sent in military engineers to map out that bunker and then left the bunker intact knowing that Hezbollah would move back in to store more weapons there and that Hezbollah did exactly that later?

I got this from Breitbart by Simon Kent:

"The leader of the Hezbollah terrorist organization warned Thursday his Lebanon-based group has acquired a stockpile of illicit weaponary and rockets despite traditional supply lines through war-torn Syria being cut."

They are claiming they have the "rockets to destroy Israel".

The problem is that Israel knows exactly where to drop their bunker buster bombs to quickly take out many of the stores of those rockets, they know how the rest of Hezbollah's bunkers will be built, and their spy technology has identified where the rest of those bunkers are for quick destruction.

I think Hezbollah is in for a really big surprise in their next war with Israel.

Catholic Church

Remember that I told you the secular history of the Catholic Church, how it is still very pagan, and how they still practice the paganism of preying on their members and keeping it quiet?

I got this from Breitbart by Thomas D. William, Ph.D.:

"Bishops who are accused should remain silent like Jesus on Good Friday when the crowds called out for his crucifixion, Pope Francis said Tuesday."


"'In the same way, the pastor, in difficult times, in times when the devil is unleashed, where the pastor is accused-accused by the Great Accuser through so many people, so many powerful ones-suffers, offers his life and prays,' the pope said."

So sexual predators, child rapists, and adulterers are like Jesus? Really? What Bible has the Pope been reading, Lucifer's?


Remember that I have been telling you that better than 90% of the Muslims killed every year are killed by other Muslims and most of the people who are killed by Muslims are other Muslims? Remember that I have been telling you that the Muslims won't share power with the pagan lefty commie traitor upper class trash who secretly converted to Islam years ago, ignorantly thinking that will make them one of the Muslims?

Arab Muslims just staged an attack against Persian Muslims in Iran during an Iranian military parade killing at least 24 and wounding at least 60 more and the idiot lefty commie traitor upper class trash think that the Muslims will share power with them because they converted to Islam?

The Arab Muslims think that only Arabs can be true Muslims and the Persian Muslims think that only Persians can be true Muslims and that everyone else must be killed, subjugated, or enslaved, including all Caucasians.

Remember that I told you that the lefties are the stupidest people on the planet?

They keep proving it.

Opening Eyes

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes and making people make an informed decision about whose side to be on?

The GOP just went from being 9 points down on approval rating to being one point up for a gain of 10 points in less than 2 years. Also, the lefties have lost their advantage with the middle class.

Eyes are definitely opening, people are stopping drinking the lefty Kool-Ade, and people are choosing which side to be on with increasing numbers choosing to turn right. Fewer people are believing the lefty lies.


Remember that I told you that evolutionists are lying and keeping a lot of deep, dirty little scientific secrets from you which disprove evolution and prove creation?

This is the link to the first video of the series of three videos concerning astrophysics and evolution.

This is the link to the second video in the series of three videos.

I have yet to find the third video but will post it when I do find it.

Mark watched the first of these videos and stated,

"I watched the first video. I really enjoyed it. I will watch the others later.

I came away with two observations:

1. Evolutionists are extremely desperate

2. God has a great sense of humor


I have to agree with that and have been telling you for years that science has disproved evolution in every field. Note that the astrophysicist who converted from evolution to creation because of the scientific evidence stated that there are many more such proofs against evolution in just astrophysics and he just showed a few of them.

This is true in every field of study and I have only shown you a few which absolutely prove evolution is impossible, creation is required, and God MUST exist.

If you pay close attention to the second video, you should notice that he proves what I told you, which is that an explosion can't create anything and definitely not a cosmos. The only thing an explosion can do is destroy that which exists.

Note that he also proves that the evolutionists have reached a point to where, even with really great drug cocktails, they can't dream up any more fairy tales to keep their pagan fairy tale alive, which is why they recently dreamed up and started pushing the idiot idea of the "Multiverse", which is no more scientifically sound than the worst fireside stories the ancient pagans told their children about their gods. People, the Multiverse thingy should tell you that evolutionists are extremely desperate and grabbing at straws that don't even make sense.

Why do you think the God hating pagans have started saying, "Math is racist"? Uh, could it be because math disproves all of the fairy tales the pagan lefties want to believe?


Now do you believe me when I tell you that evolution, not God, is dead, it just hasn't finished kicking yet?

They don't have any evidence proving anything. All of their little evolutionary fairy tales that this organism evolved from that organism and that organism evolved from this organism are just them lining things up based on similarities in appearance and CLAIMING they evolved from each other. They don't have any scientific evidence that any one species evolved from any one other species, which is why they can so easily and frequently revise their "evolutionary tree". Evolution is just a great big good sounding God hating pagan fairy tale that has been scientifically disproved at EVERY turn for hundreds of years.

The pagans have NOTHING but a great sounding story and a bunch of pictures drawn by really good artists, who have no idea what those organisms actually looked like. They just make up the pictures too.

Evolution is just another pagan lefty great sounding stupid idea. Evolution is a lie that has to keep covering up the truth to keep their fairy tale believable. When enough people learn the truth, the fairy tale dies.

God created EVERYTHING in 6 Earth days because He is God and can do it. Everything else is a lie.


Remember that I have been telling you that we have a rat pandemic from coast to coast because we have been killing free roaming feral cats just like our ancestors did when they caused the Black Plague because we didn't learn from history?

I just saw a news item about a "scientific research" project about this paid for by our deep state government that reeks of bogus. I got this from Breitbart by UPI:

"In a first-of-its-kind study, scientists tracked interactions between feral cats and local rat populations. Using microchips to track the movements of rodent populations, scientists showed rats are adept at avoiding cats.

Over the course of 79-day study, scientists recorded only two cat-caused rat deaths.

'Like any prey, rats overestimate the risks of predation. In the presence of cats, they adjust their behavior to make themselves less apparent and spend more time in burrows,' lead researcher Dr. Michael H. Parsons, a visiting scholar at Fordham University, said in a news release. 'This raises questions about whether releasing cats in the city to control rats is worth the risks cats pose to wildlife.'

Biologists have previously argued cats prefer to prey on smaller, defenseless animals, like birds and native mammals, like voles and shrews."

This is a very intentionally deceptive report.

Don't believe me?

Read on, baby.

Notice that they didn't say that they micro chipped ALL of the rodents or what percentage they microchipped but sure made it sound like they did microchip all of them.

Question, if they could microchip all or even just half of the rats in their area, why do we have a rat pandemic from coast to coast? Why couldn't we just send these geniuses in to depopulate the rats down below epidemic levels everywhere to stop the rat pandemic? If they know enough about rats they can chip even just half of the rats in their area, why do they need to do research on rats? Shouldn't they already know a lot about rat behavior to be able to chip just even half of the rats in that area?

This "study" and report are already beginning to smell just a wee bit and I ain't even finished yet, baby.

If these geniuses did not chip ALL of the rats in their study area, how many of the unchipped rats did the cats kill during that time?

Oooo, I didn't see anything mentioned about that. You know, if they only chipped 10% of the rats in their study area, the cats could have easily killed more than 40 rats they don't know about. Oops!

Why didn't they tell us about that?

This was only a 79 day study?

Gee, that doesn't sound very valid.

Why didn't they run the study for at least a year, you know, at least 365 days?

That would have been much more valid.

"Like any prey, rats overestimate the risks of predation", you know, thinking they might get killed is overestimating the risks of predation.

Uh, what do these geniuses consider a low risk for predation?

"In the presence of cats, they adjust their behavior to make themselves less apparent and spend more time in burrows,' lead researcher Dr. Michael H. Parsons, a visiting scholar at Fordham University, said in a news release."

What, the cats can't learn and adapt too? Maybe a 79 day study didn't give the cats enough time to learn and adapt so a 79 day study couldn't possibly be conclusive like they are making it look? And when those rats must come out of their burrows to eat, you know, like every day, the cats can't then kill the rats? What, did the rats stop eating, stayed in their burrows, and starved to death, which would also get rid of the rats?

"'This raises questions about whether releasing cats in the city to control rats is worth the risks cats pose to wildlife.'

Biologists have previously argued cats prefer to prey on smaller, defenseless animals, like birds and native mammals, like voles and shrews."

Yeah, we wouldn't want to also bring those over populated, defenseless, cute widdle vole and shrew populations back down below epidemic levels too, you know, just the over populated rat populations.

What, only rats and not mice, voles, shrews, or other rodents and birds can think, adapt, and survive?

Remember that I have told you about some of the games small birds play to taunt house cats because they are not innocently stupid like the lefties want you to believe?

People, this is very clearly done to silence the people whose eyes have opened to the fact that our rat pandemic is being caused by us killing free roaming cats so these lefty scientists can continue to use the cat as an excuse to keep seizing land by the tens of billions of acres so their puppet masters can control the people because, if you control the land, you control the people.

Think about this: If this were true and all the cats did was keep the rats hiding in their burrows, that alone would decrease the spread of rat borne diseases to humans, would greatly decrease the potential of the rat pandemic causing a disease pandemic among humans, would save millions of human lives, and would be worth turning cats loose on rats.

At the very least, this is bad science. Why didn't they do this research for at least a year? Why didn't they tell us what percentage of the rats they had chipped? What, did they only chip a few dozen rats, which would be normal for studying rat behavior and they didn't want you to know about it? What percentage of the rat population was chipped?

BTW, history proves this to be bogus research because, to stop the Black Plague, the people stopped killing cats, the cat population grew, the rat population declined (gee, what a coincidence), and the pandemic went away (gee, not another coincidence).

You have to question anything the lefties put out because they put out intentionally deceptive crap like this all of the time. It isn't just what they say but also how they say it and what they don't say that counts. So many of today's "scientists" are just hired liars with Ph.D.s, what we used to call academic whores.

I call bull crap on this "study".

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you for more than a decade that the upper class trash, especially the European Royalty, have been inbreeding for thousands of years and they are all family? Remember that I told you years ago that Prince William of Britain publically stated that they could trace their family lineage back to Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar?

Here is a very good video where the guy tells you that they all started inbreeding more than 3,500 years ago.

Wow, that is long enough to do a lot of genetic damage.

You see, during the Late Bronze Age from about 1700 BC to 1200 BC, there were 9 great empires from modern Greece in the West to Babylon in the East and from Turkey in the North to Egypt in the south existing at the same time and they were all trading with each other.

Guess what else they were all doing. They were all marrying members of each other's families so that they were ALL family. That is right, when those people waged war against each other, it was family fighting family. That is what history is really all about, more than 3,500 years of family spats killing millions of you.

It is important to understand that ALL of today's upper class trash can trace their family lineages back to all of the Pharaohs, King Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander the Great, and every other ancient ruler because they are all family, still inbreeding more than 3,500 years later.

The Bible even tells us that King Solomon of Israel married an Egyptian princess so that all of the Hebrew upper class trash are also part of the same family, which should tell you what?

All of the upper class trash are at least part Hebrew but mostly Middle Eastern and European. The upper class trash has been about cousins marrying cousins, cousins waging war against cousins, and cousins murdering cousins for more than 3,500 years with you and your ancestors paying the price every time.

And you think this is going to stop any time in the near future? Gee, I wonder why the Euro-American upper class trash wants to set up a One World Government global dictatorship with Babylon as its capitol? You don't think it is because it will be their family ruling the world, do you? And do you think that them getting their global dictatorship will stop those inbred, greedy, power mad whackos from using you to wage war against each other for more power and wealth?

Of course not, that will never happen. History proves that the ONLY thing which will stop the upper class trash insanity is death.

These evil monsters don't even care about the people. Oh they say they do but history proves that the upper class trash just talks the talk and doesn't walk the walk. The only thing they care about is their power and their wealth at everyone else's expense.

Remember that inbreeding causes insanity? Remember that I told you they are psychopaths?

Think about it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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