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Remember that I told you years ago, at least more than a decade ago, that we have a global problem I originally called global warming until the lefties began their bogus global warming crusade and I since changed it to continental drying? Remember that I told you that the problem is being caused by more water running and evaporating off of our continents than our weather is depositing on our continents?

I came across this video, "How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change" by Allan Savory (posted in 2013), which confirms the science I told you about but then uses that science to tell blatant lies, probably to raise more government money so he can hire more people to manage so he can justify giving himself a big pay raise, which is actually quite common for such lefty crusades.

I want to break this video down and analyze it to show you the good science, the bad science, and teach you how to properly analyze such lefty fairy tales. Note that this video is 22:19 long but is well worth watching as long as you don't quit thinking while watching it.

First, he starts with the good science or the truth just like all great liars do and then, after he has you believing him without question, he tells you his lies and most people won't see through the lies unless someone like me points them out.

You need to read this essay through before you watch the video so you can more easily see the lies when they are told.

He starts by correctly telling you that we have a global problem with our deserts constantly, growing called desertification, just like I warned you about more than a decade ago. He then tells you that 2/3 of the land on this planet is undergoing desertification in a slightly misleading way, especially with the slides he uses, to make you think that 2/3 of the land on this planet is desert. The truth is that most of that land is what is technically called semi arid grass land, which is not true desert but can quickly become desert and, unless the problem of continental drying is solved, probably will become desert in the not too distant future.

At about 11 minutes into the video he does admit that most of the land on the planet is grass land and not desert, which proves he was originally being just a wee bit misleading.

Then he pointed out that the problem is that almost all of the water that falls on the land "in these areas" is either running off or evaporating very quickly, just like I told you, but he didn't tell you where that water is going, which is that it is going into the oceans or that it is going into the oceans faster than the global weather system is depositing it on the continents and those are two very critical points. Note that he also made it look like this is only a problem in areas which are currently undergoing desertification but that isn't true either. This is a global phenomenon that is not being noticed in wetter areas because they are just beginning to notice that those wetter areas are also decreasing in soil, aquifer, and surface water areas concerning levels of water, even places like the rain forests in Brazil are drying up. This is a global problem because gravity and the sun work everywhere.

Then he admits and shows what I told you, which is that what they had believed and have been telling you, especially when I told you about this, is ALL wrong. EVERYTHING you have been told by PBS, Disney, conservationists, and other x-spurts is WRONG and he proved it, you know, just like I told you more than a decade ago.

Remember that I told you that, in my opinion, PBS stands for Propaganda and Bull Sh**t?

Then he got the rest of the story wrong because he started blaming improper land management instead of the weather/gravity/solar heating. He said that what we had been told about grazing and farming causing desertification was wrong (which is true) and that we need his new and wonderful "holistic grazing" (Waaaaaa with hippie music and unicorns stampeding over rainbows).

Holistic grazing?

Hey, you give it a great sounding name, it gots to be true, baby. Gee, you don't think he is starting a new lefty crusade with him as the leader to increase his wealth, do you? In the last 60+ years, how many times have I seen this happen, you know, a great, wonderful, glorious lefty crusade that makes lots of lefties rich, especially academe, but never solves a problem?

That is all we need, another great sounding stupid lefty idea that won't solve a thing.

Then he showed a pretty good slide presentation to prove what he was saying but, if you know science and use common sense, the slide presentation proves he is a liar and it is all bogus science and I am going to analyze some of those slides to prove that they prove he is a liar and he don't solve nuttin', baby.

At 9:50 into the video, he shows a video of green grass land and then a second slide of dry grass land while telling the lie that, if that grass doesn't biologically decay, the grass and soil begin to die. Bull crap.

I live here in the desert and we have "bunch grass" that turns brown when it is dry but, with the above ground growth still intact, when it rains again, that grass will grow again because the roots just go dormant until they get rain.

Now, would grazing that grass cause it to grow better?

Yes, for a number of reasons he didn't tell you about. First, with the above ground growth grazed down, the new growth will get sunlight sooner, start having photosynthesis sooner, and grow faster and larger, which decreases solar heating. Second, cutting grass or grazing it causes more of the growth energy to go to the roots, which causes the roots to spread further, which causes more of the land to be covered by grass, which decreases solar heating. Third, the grazing animals will biodegrade the above ground growth via the process of digestion and then return that plant material to the soil as fecal matter or plant food, which will increase the food for the grass and cause the grass to grow more and better, which will decrease solar heating.

He didn't tell you any of that stuff and this is important because the grazing will cause the grass to more quickly cover more land, which will decrease the amount of soil being heated by the sun, which will decrease the water loss caused by evaporation. So animals grazing grass is a good thing, will help slow or stop desertification, and help reverse desertification, contrary to what the lefties have been telling you.

Gee, you mean that all of the conservationists and x-spurts telling us that "overgrazing land" is a bad thing are wrong?

Yes, and he did prove that to you but, hey, the lefties sure made a lot of money with that lie with their conservation thingy, didn't they? And that is all the lefty academe care about; how much money can they steal and how fast. If they actually cared about anything, they might have actually solved a problem by now instead of always making things worse.

He also taught that burning land, especially grass land, is bad, just like I told you years ago and the idiot lefties were insisting is the best way to manage our forests. I want to thank him for this because it proves we should not be burning our forests but should be logging them while returning wood by products like paper and shredded used lumber to the soil for plant food for proper land management, just like I told you years ago. This is great because a lefty proves what the lefties believe is wrong but then he teaches them some more bad science.

At about 11:30 in the video, he begins explaining his holistic grazing (waaaaa) and follows with some before and after slides, where things get very interesting and, if you pay close attention, his lies begin to fall apart because of his slides but you can bet that almost everyone misses that.

The easy give away about how ignorant and stupid his audience is is their very loud applauding. The dummies swallowed his song and dance hook, line, and sinker and went home to call their ignorant and stupid politicians to tell them to give this guy lots of money because "he is going to save the planet" but he ain't going to save anything.

At 15 minutes into the video he showed parched land with no grass or running water then showed you green grass land with running water and claims that the difference was they increased the grazing by 400%.

Uh, when the land didn't have any grass for grazing and they increased the grazing by 400%, what did the cattle eat, dirt? Oops!!!

Wow, what magic, he caused cattle to graze on dirt and it caused grass to magically grow (waaaaa with background hippie music and unicorns stampeding over rainbows.)

The truth is that, if they had increased the grazing on barren land by 400% or by any amount, all of the cattle would have starved to death because there would not have been enough food, that many cattle would have quickly eaten what little grass there was, then there would not have been any food for any of the cattle, and ALL of the cattle would have starved to death. All of that dirt and almost no grass tells that story, baby. That is a fact but it gets better.

At about 16:15 in the video, he began showing a series of before and after slides where the land in the before slides had almost no grass with almost all dirt, the after slides had an abundance of grass, and he claims that they caused all of that grass to magically grow by using livestock to graze those areas which didn't have enough grass to feed livestock.

People, what he is claiming is scientifically impossible but, hey, the dummies in the audience applauded so it gots to be true. 1) The problem is that there isn't enough water for the grass to grow and I don't care if the cattle eat all of what little grass there is, there still won't be enough water for grass to grow. Oops!!! 2) Just exactly what did those cattle eat until the new grass grew?

I call bull crap on this and the rest of the video is a series of such before and after slides with him claiming to have done what is scientifically impossible. His claims of reclaiming deserts by grazing them is as absurd as claiming you can terra farm an atmosphere on Mars when no plants can grow on Mars because there ain't no atmosphere.

Listen, you don't reclaim a desert by turning grazing animals loose in the desert because any rancher will tell you they will all die. You don't have to have a Ph.D. to understand that, just common sense but, hey, the first and most important requirement to be a lefty is to not have a lick of common sense and this video proves that.

Just like I told you before, the first thing you have to do to reclaim a desert is increase water in the land by returning that water from the oceans back to the land. It is a scientific fact that you cannot not grow more grass without the water to grow that grass I don't care how many grazing animals you have eating the dirt.

You also can't just dump a bunch of water into a desert to saturate the area or you will end up with a disease infested swamp like they did when they tried that in Egypt more than half a century ago.

You MUST systematically increase the water in the area similar to rain by using commercial sprinklers starting out by reasonably soaking the tops of water sheds about 3 days a week to gradually build the soil moister, gradually build aquifers, gradually build running water, and increase air humidity so plants can grow so animals can graze. You have to add the water first, then the plants, and then the grazing animals, you know, just like God created the land, then the water, than the plants, and then the animals, and not add the animals first.

Gee, you mean the Bible is more scientifically sound that this scientist's video?

Yep. Deal with it. The Biblical order of creation is scientifically sound and those ignorant Hebrew slaves fleeing Egypt didn't know enough about science to write that; it had to come from a much, much more knowledgeable and intelligent being we call God.

Listen, we have to return at least 40 to 50 feet of ocean water to the continents to just get the land back to where it was at the time of Alexander the Great because the port cities from his time are about 30 to 40 feet under water and you have to get them back above water level by at least 10 feet. That will significantly diminish all deserts on this planet, especially the Sahara Desert but will wipe out the deserts in the Southwest US and Mexico because, at the time of Alexander the Great, those North American deserts were all grass lands and there wasn't one desert in North America, not one. The American Indian ruins prove that, baby.

THEN and only then can we start using those reclaimed grass lands for farming and grazing. You can't graze animals on dirt, people! It don't work!

Note, it was NOT our ancestors farming and grazing that turned those grasslands into deserts; it was gravity, the sun, and our weather systems not replacing the water as fast as gravity and the sun were removing that water from our continents. This means that, after we reclaim those grasslands, we need to keep those watering systems working to water when and where needed to maintain proper water levels because gravity and the sun will still work AND, contrary to what the idiot lefties tell you, better than 80% of the Earth's land needs to be covered with grass and less than 20% should be covered with trees, which can also dry out the land, if the trees become too abundant.

I do want to thank him for producing a video which proved my continental drying hypothesis right so that it is no longer a scientific hypothesis but is now a scientific theory. Thank you.

Have you noticed that happens to me a lot on this blog?

Science keeps proving my hypotheses right. Gee, what a coincidence.

Nah, it is because God keeps tapping me on the shoulder and saying, "Hey, stupid, what about this?" and showing me such things, you know, things that are decades ahead of what the x-spurts, who got all of the right degrees from the right universities keep telling you,...then He requires that I share them with you. That is what this site is all about, baby; me teaching you what God taught me because I sure didn't learn it from us stupid humans.

Yep, God is real, He lives, He exists and He is a whole lot smarter than those all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, natural elite, grossly overpaid, pompous, arrogant, heavily inbred, upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities. Deal with it.

But, hey, my pathetic human ego really likes God regularly making me look like a smarty pants.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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