I Told You So 233


Remember that I told you that Trump and the Pentagon are using every trick they can think of to ramp the US up for a soon approaching war on multiple fronts?

Now that Trump is in office and they are increasing the military budget, suddenly the officers who were going to retire the A-10 don't want to retire it.

Gee, do you think that maybe they didn't really want to retire the A-10 and replace it with the F-35 and it was just Obama ordering the Pentagon to "want to retire the A-10?"

They are now extending the life of the A-10 for at least 3 more years while researching whether to upgrade and extend its life for a few more decades, replace it with an existing aircraft, or replace it with a newer and better version of the A-10.

The only reason they need to upgrade and extend the life of the A-10 or replace it with a newer and better version is to take on a very powerful military with lots of tanks, you know, like China, North Korea, or Iran, not to take on terrorists.

Think about it.


Remember that I have been telling you that we are right now experiencing a government coup in the US by the left?

On Tucker's Fox News show, Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Instituted said, "There is a sort of slow motion coup to overthrow the elections."

The actions of the left are clearly a coup and treason. Right now they are trying to seize control of the US government with a "soft coup" so they are less likely to get hung or shot but, if that fails, they will turn to a violent coup.

Troop Withdrawal

Remember that I told you that Trump probably has some reason or reasons you are not being told about for withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan right now?

After the USS John C. Stennis Aircraft Carrier (CVN 74) passed through the Straits of Hormuz into the Persian Gulf, which is the first time that the US has had a US carrier strike group in the Persian Gulf in a long time, the Stennis carrier group conducted training operations with the USS Essex Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD-2) and its amphibious assault group, you know, like Marines invading another nation.

Let me get this straight; Trump starts withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan, immediately sends a carrier strike group into the Persian Gulf for the first time in a long time, and that carrier starts a training exercise with an amphibious assault group, which just happened to be in the Persian Gulf at that time, for staging military landings and invasion, you know, like in Iran, which is just about the only place in the Persian Gulf where they would stage an amphibious assault? Gee, there sure are a lot of coincidences, aren't there? You think that just maybe Trump getting troops out of Syria and Afghanistan might be a cover for something else, you know, like finally invading Iran, the world's largest terrorist sponsor?

Remember that I keep telling you that Trump is one of the two most intelligent leaders in the world?

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, I saw where France is taking the US's place in protecting the Kurds and finishing off ISIS in Syria.

Why are the lying lefty commie traitor media not telling you about that?

So, what is all of this hype about Trump being irresponsible and crazy for taking the US troops out of Syria and Afghanistan? Maybe a distraction or justification for their current coup?

BTW, do you think that maybe Hilary and other Obama people, you know, the "deep state" now fighting Trump, used their own private e-mail accounts to cover up them committing crimes by knowingly supporting terrorist groups?

They were knowingly sending weapons from Benghazi to Syria that were used by terrorist groups like Al Quaeda and ISIS.

Think about it.


I got this from Breitbart by Frances Martel:

"The Venezuelan Navy illegally entered the waters of Guyana this weekend and forced a ship contracted by Exxon Mobil to conduct oil research in the area to vacate, claiming that Guyana's permission to explore its sovereign territory was not enough for the ship to be legally present in the water."

By international law, this is an act of war and an invasion of a sovereign state and is justification for Trump to invade Venezuela and remove Maduro from office, along with all of his corrupt pals. If the US has ANY written pact with Guyana, Trump doesn't even have to ask permission to invade Venezuela.

This is even worse than what Hitler did when he went into Czechoslovakia with his army. But, hey, what do you expect; Hitler and Maduro are both Marxists.

It will be interesting to see what Trump does. Keep an eye on this.

US Cars

Have you noticed that the big auto producers keep recalling hundreds of thousands to millions of cars? What, are their engineers so stupid they can't tell they are designing junk? Or maybe they are ordered to build junk in hopes they won't have to recall their junk and the upper class trash can steal more money from more people by selling them junk instead of cars?

I seriously doubt them making junk is an accident. Any time anyone gets hurt of killed by their intentional junk, the management should be facing criminal charges, especially for manslaughter.

Maybe that would discourage them from intentionally making junk instead of cars.


Remember that I told you that, if my books sell, I want to buy some plants, you know, vines and fruit trees, to plant for next year?

I have not sold one book yet and am so financially strapped that I can't buy much more than toilet paper.

We have been having the coldest fall and now winter I have seen here in years and I am wondering if maybe God is keeping me from buying and planting things that would soon be killed by the cold?

I just checked the weather and, later this week, it will down to from about 20 degrees F to 22 degrees F and, for plants I would buy for here, that is cold and it normally gets colder in February than any other time. We normally don't drop below about 25 degrees F until the end of January. I usually only have to buy plants for here that are cold tolerant down to about 15 degrees F and it is looking like it might get below that this year, which would kill quite a few of those plants and waste some of my very limited money.

I may still be able to buy some of what I want just after winter stops here in about mid March, if God sells some books for me. I don't know, I will have to wait and see what God has in store for me. God will take care of it.

I am going to keep an eye on this.

Arbor Foundation

I just had an interesting experience with the Arbor Foundation, you know, that bunch of tree huggers. I knew they were bound to know they have been lying to everyone because what they teach is not biologically correct.

Yesterday I went to their site out of curiosity to look at buying trees and saw they have a membership drive that said that, for only a $10 membership fee, they would ship 10 free trees to you and you get to pick the trees. It sounded too good to be true because no one sells trees for $1 a tree and then sends them to you. I was wondering why everyone on the planet who likes to grow trees isn't already a member of the Arbor Foundation. What a deal, man.

10 trees for $10?

I just knew there had to be something wrong with it because, if it sounds too good to be true, then it isn't true.

I thought and prayed about it and decided to CAUTIOUSLY try it to see if it is a con, you know, keep one foot safely outside the door so I could quickly turn and run. I figured they would charge enough for the shipping to pay for the trees plus probably a profit and knew they would try to lure you into buying other things so they could make more of a profit off of it but, hey, I can easily resist sales cons that draw you in. God taught me to see those cons coming from a mile away.

So, after more than an hour of thinking about it and having already browsed all of their trees, I went back to the site and clicked on their button for their membership drive. It took me to my "shopping cart", after several tries to get me to up my membership from $10 to $15 to $25, which I expected and just kept clicking on "continue". That was only the first part of their little con or trap, baby.

At my shopping cart page, it showed my cart balance with the membership and me owing $10 and told me to select my 10 free trees that they would send to me when it was time to plant those trees in my area, which is done by some nurseries. (I have been shopping for trees online for some time now.) I was expecting the cost of shipping the trees to cover the cost of the trees too so they could safely use the membership drive as bait to draw suckers into their trap to buy more stuff, you know, the way they had already done to me.

"Come to my web", said the greedy little spider.

So, cautiously, I clicked on the "browse the trees" button (I already had a list of 10 trees I wanted; 9 fruit trees and one flowering tree, the most I have room to plant on my land and then barely), it took me to the trees where I found one of the trees I wanted, clicked on the "add to cart" button, and it took me back to my shopping cart, where it got very interesting. You see, my cart showed the tree I had just added to my cart (along with the membership for $10), a price I owed for that tree of $14.95, and, under that tree, it showed some plant I had never heard of with it being listed as "free".


And I thought, "OK, so that is the racket; they charge me for the trees I select and give me something they select as free, but let's make sure."

I found a second tree I wanted, clicked on "add to cart", it took me back to my shopping cart, it showed the first three things I had when I went looking for the second tree, the tree I had just selected with its normal sales prices, and a red maple tree I had not selected as being "free".

Right about now you have to understand I am living on two fifth acre lots with two trailers, two sheds, a workshop, and about half a dozen medium to small trees and there ain't no room for me to plant 20 more trees and there isn't even enough room for me to plant the fruit trees I want and a really big tree like a red maple without something dying from lack of sun. Something is going to have to give and I didn't want and couldn't use the red maple. Thank you, kindly.

The con is this: You pay the $10 membership, you pay for the 10 trees you select, probably about $150+, which will easily cover the cost of 20 trees, you pay for shipping, which you know will also help cover the cost of any free trees, and they select 10 trees and bushes for you that you probably don't want and may not even be able to use. In other words, their con pays for all of the trees and shipping plus turns a profit and they have you as a member for six months to con you into buying more trees and stuff you don't need or can send to someone else, who probably doesn't need them, or you pay them to plant those trees somewhere else that probably doesn't need them.

This is clear and blatant fraud but you know they will get away with it because no DA will dare to prosecute the warm, fuzzy, feel good Arbor Foundation because the lefty media will hang them out to dry. All lefty nonprofits are lefty "holy grail" that can't do any wrong and it would be lefty blasphemy to prosecute them for anything.

I emptied my shopping cart and went to a legal business that wouldn't con me.

1. I DO NOT trust ANY of the major nonprofit corporations (they are all lefty run), especially when NONE of them get even just 3% of their revenues to where they claim those revenues are going. If you cannot get at least 70+% of your revenues where they are going, you are a lousy manager or very corrupt and should be fired. Therefore, they are all cons any more.

2. I HATE, DESPISE, ABHORE, and want to puke in the faces of all marketing people who dream up such cons because they belong in prison for fraud. There are some good marketing people but most are criminals committing fraud with every breath they take. They sold their souls to Satan a long time ago. They are taught in college to be criminals and how to commit their crimes without being caught, you know, by the right universities that sell those right degrees. The vast majority of marketing people are just professional liars and con artists working for whomever will pay them enough.

I told Mark about this and he sent me the following e-mail, clearly after paying the site a visit:

"You can always tell a Leftist organization when they call a jungle a rain forest and advertise things like slowing climate change, easing poverty and hunger, preventing species loss, etc. Arbor Day Foundation has those purposes stated on their home page in big print.

If Macro-evolution requires survival of the fittest, then why do Leftist 'environmental' organizations advocate stopping species loss. Isn't that kind of anti-macro-evolution? Preventing species loss is certainly the opposite of 'survival of the fittest.'"

Somehow, when I went to their site, I missed their home page and didn't see that so I went back and looked for what Mark said was there to read it myself...and share it with you. This is what it says on their home page:

"Trees Are Simply Amazing.

They clean air and water, slow climate change, ease poverty and hunger, prevent species loss, and feed the human soul. All we need to do is plant and care for them. Let's work together to make it happen around the world."

If I had seen this, I would not have even bothered to test their con. I would have just kept going because most of this is a big fat lie. Let me explain, using biology, of course.

Trees kind of sort of clean the air but what they really do is recycle the CO2 back into oxygen and carbon so we can keep breathing plus they use up a lot of water so that, if an area has too many trees, it will dry up the aquifer, streams, and rivers turning the place into a desert that won't grow crap and is very susceptible to major fires, you know, like Commiefornia, which the lying lefties are blaming on a drought caused by climate change.

They kind of sort of "ease poverty and hunger" a little, sometimes. The fruit trees do provide fruit but having too many trees means the people can't grow other more important crops that can feed more people, especially if there are enough trees to dry up the surface water, and, if there are too many trees, there can't be enough grass for grazing, which will cause herds of prey species to diminish, even causing species loss, and cause starvation for both animals and humans.

Then they had to add the warm fuzzy "feed the human soul" crap to snag the stupid warm fuzzy lefties, because, if your stomach is empty because there are too many trees for you to get the food you need, most people don't care about how warm fuzzy their soul feels.

Basically, you need to know that the Arbor Foundation is a typical lefty run racket with a bunch of corrupt marketing people helping develop their cons; at least that is what I found out and believe.

Don't believe me?

Cautiously try it. If you are not careful, they will snag you for much more than $10 and as many times as they can.

BTW, I can get most of the same trees for less at good old capitalist nurseries and they don't treat their customers the way the lefty commie traitors mistreat their customers. I will trust a good capitalist over any commie on any day.

What a rip off.

Don't believe me?

Go to Willis Orchard and you will find that they have a number of fruit and other trees that START at prices like cherry trees $4.95, crabapple trees $3.95, Mayhaw trees $5.95, mulberry trees $6.95, peach trees $7.95, plum trees $6.95, hazelnut trees $6.95, pecan trees $3.95, walnut trees $4.95, ash trees $6.95, maple trees $5.95, pine trees $8.95, and white oak trees $4.95, which is a lot less than the minimum prices for most of the Arbor Foundation trees, which normally sell for at least $10 to $15 and much more.

Or, hey, how about New Life Nursery where you can easily pay as little at $5.99 to $9.99 for a variety of trees.

Even at Lowes you can get some trees for as little as $10.

Hey, don't believe me, go check it out yourself.

Now, I have a question, "If the Arbor foundation is all about planting warm fuzzy trees to make our world a better place and not about making bunches of bucks, why are they not selling their trees for as little as those terrible, greedy, capitalist businesses?"

Their least expensive fruit trees start at $12.98 FOR MEMBERS ONLY and are almost $20 for nonmembers. To be honest, they do have some flowering trees that start below $10 for members and even nonmembers but I thought they wanted to feed the world.

Oops! Yeah, nothing is free, baby. Their prices cover the cost of the "free stuff" plus a profit and then you pay shipping too.

What? You mean greedy commies love money too? Why do you think they preach Marxism?

It is because they love money so much they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough with free market capitalism so they use Marxism to force you to hand over your hard earned bucks to them. Marxism is all about greed and power and you can't trust any Marxist. The greatest criminals in modern history were all Marxists; Hitler and his bunch were all Marxists, Linen, Stalin, Mao, Che, Castro, Maduro, and the rest of those thieving, murdering, lying people were all Marxists.

Oh, BTW, Merry Christmas. This is December 25, 2018.

Don't bite anyone you can't outrun. (You smiled, didn't you?)

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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