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Remember that I have been telling you that the food we are sold in the stores is crap, which is why I have started gardening and am trying to save money to buy fruit trees?

They are now having a recall of peaches, nectarines, and plums in 12 states in the US because of the fruit being contaminated with listeria. Before they were recalling things like lettuce because of other contaminations.

You can thank globalism for this because the upper class trash are buying these foods for much less from nations which don't have the health controls the US has and the idiots running those businesses, who got the right degrees from the right universities, won't insist those nations improve the health standards for growing those foods.

I keep wondering how long it is going to take those arrogant idiots to realize they are losing a lot of money recalling foods because they won't insist that these other nations improve their health standards for farming. But, hey, don't expect those idiots to do anything that intelligent.

I am doing my best to save the money to buy some fruit trees so I don't have to eat their crap. Pray for me.

BTW, this last week I started turning over the soil in my plant beds to prepare them for this coming growing season and you should see the difference growing just one plant in this soil has made in just one year.

I jokingly tell people that we don't down have soil, we have construction material for making adobe buildings. The soil I turned over in those plant beds is now beautiful, rich soil filled with biomatter, that will be great for growing plants in this year. The plants should grow better, faster, stronger, and produce better this year.

Mean while, less than a foot away from those plant beds is hard packed, whitish grey clay that is terrible for growing anything, even most weeds won't grow there.

The difference in my yard from just a year ago is pretty amazing. I had been digging in this soil off-and-on for two decades and never saw one earth worm, no matter how deep I dug, because this soil is so bad. Last week I saw my first earth worms close to the top of the soil ever in the shade of the trailer. I was really surprised. It is getting better one plant at a time, one year at a time, and a lot of sweat at a time. I thank and praise God for that.


Here is the link to the site with that very funny story about Pelosium.

Thanks, Mark.

Mars Colony

Remember that I warned you about Elon Musk's plans for a Mars colony?

How would you like to be living in a Mars colony managed by Elon Musk right now when it develops the problems Musk is currently having with Tesla and your life is on the line?

You could be dead by morning. Think about it.

"But, hey, it sounded just so good that we went running off on a crusade without thinking about it."

Question everything at least once because believing some things without question can get you killed.


Remember that I have been telling you that Israel's ECM is beating the Ruskie SAMs?

I got this from Mark:

"It looks like the S-300 does not work against Israeli aircraft because of their attacks on Iranian targets is Syria. I understand the S-300 was not even used. Things are heating up."

This was my replay to him:

"The Ruskies have had their S-300 and S-400 systems in country for at least a year now and they keep telling us that they ain't turned them on to engage the Israeli planes yet, which is just a cop out for they don't work against our ECM.

Let me get this straight, the Ruskies brought those SAM systems in country to just look at?

They sure ain't using them to shoot down Israeli war planes and those S-300 and S-400 systems can link to and provide information for the Syrian SAM systems to shoot down the Israeli planes and they ain't using them to help their ally, Syria?

Yeah, right.

The Israeli and US ECM, most of which is developed by Israel and the US working together, is beating the best Ruskie stuff."

Mark is also former Air Force but he was a crew chief and doesn't know the fun stuff about ECM. I got to play with what we called "the best toys" in the Air Force. The Ruskies couldn't beat our stuff during Nam and it looks like they still can't beat our stuff.

One day in Thailand, after spending all day playing games with the Ruskies and running circles around them, I was walking back to the barracks thinking about what had just happened and thought, "I am glad my parents taught me obey the law because, I know this stuff and there is no way I could beat it."

During Nam, we knew there were Ruskie advisers in most SAM sites and we killed a lot of Ruskies in those SAM sites. After we started the Wild Weasels, it got so bad that any time the SAM sites found out that there were Weasels hunting in their area, they would just turn off their radar and go for a walk. We called this "SAM suppression" and we would send our Weasels into an area before our other aircraft to get the enemy to turn off their radar and SAMs for SAM suppression so that the Weasels would be first in and last out for any air mission.

Lefty Stupidity

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are easily the stupidest people in the world?

The lefties are passing more and more bills to murder more and more unborn children, even up to birth.

Now, just who do you think will be most likely to murder their unborn children and future voters?

Lefties, by far.

The stupid lefties keep passing more and more bills to legalize drugs in spite of the increasing numbers of addictions, deaths, and increasing health problems that keep killing current lefty voters.

Now, just who do you think is most likely to die from drug over doses?

Lefties, by far.

The lefties have been working harder and harder to rig the elections for themselves because they keep killing off their current voters but they can't seem to keep up with the rate they are killing off their voters with their great sounding stupid ideas so they are bringing in illegal aliens to vote for them while those illegal aliens are increasingly voting for Muslims and Latinos to replace those stupid white lefty commie traitor politicians because the lefties keep killing off their own voters with their stupid laws.

Does that make sense to anyone on this planet other than a stupid brain dead lefty commie traitor?

And then the stupid lefty commie traitors start passing new laws making it even easier for their stupid lefty commie traitor voters to kill off their future lefty voters faster and the idiots applaud and cheer them making it easier for their voters to kill of their future voters? Really? Do you believe me yet that the stupid lefty commie traitors are having a global stupid contest?

Why don't they all just walk out into the street, put a gun to their heads, and blow their own brains out?

It would be much easier, faster, and less painful...for us.

BTW, remember that, when the Apostles wanted to chase the children away from Jesus, Jesus said that anyone who harms the "least of these", you know, the children, is cursed. The least of the children is the unborn, which means that all lefties supporting abortion are cursed by God.

Think about that. God is going to destroy them and hold them accountable for their wickedness. Know it.


Remember that I have been telling you that most of the politicians, especially the lefties and RINOs, are part of a big crime family?

Information was just released by the FBI that Nancy Pelosi's father worked closely with, helped, and was helped by...wait for it...organized crime. Surprise, surprise.

I have been warning people for years that organized crime was in bed with the Commiecrat Party. I have been watching that for more than half a century.


I have not sold any books yet and my resources were depleted late last year along with my health being diminished by several infections during the same time. At this point, I simply can't financially do most of the things I researched doing last year and was getting ready to do, even though my health has mostly recovered back to what it was at the end of last year.

I have decided that I will do what I can of those projects with the resources I already have and then put my faith in God to supply the resources, especially finances, to finish those projects. Therefore, completely in faith, I am going to start these projects relying on God to make it possible for me to finish them.

Note that, at this time, God has pretty much returned my health and situation, less some finances, back to where it was before my resources and health were diminished late last year. I have finished all of my winter garden preparations with things some better for a better year and it is starting to look good and encouraging.

I have a few more projects like pruning, making a trellis, and moving a plant plus I have decided to make a few other improvements with my existing resources. When these projects are finished, I will do what I can for starting such things as planting fruit trees and building a chicken coop, while trusting in God for the ability to finish these projects.

Basically, I am going to trust in God, step out on the water, and depend on God to keep me afloat. The Bible teaches that God rewards faith in Him.


Remember that I have been telling you that God is destroying the EU because the EU is trying to set up an end time global dictatorship and it does not fit with end time Bible prophesy?

The EU's top negotiator for Brexit, Michelle Bonyet (sp), has stated that "these are dark days for the EU" because the EU is about to crack and break under the weight of populism. He stated that there is now a Nigel Farage in every EU nation. He was warning his fellow EU bureaucrats that the EU is "under threat" of being destroyed by populism.

Gee, who would have figured?

Man plans, God laughs.

As the EU goes, so goes globalism.


Remember that I told you that it is looking like Trump is getting ready to militarily remove Maduro?

Everyone is making a big deal out of a note on a pad being carried by Bolton that said, "5,000 troops to Columbia" with nothing else on the pad, and the pad being carried so others can see it, you know, like Bolton doesn't know better than to show that in public.

They are thinking this is for an invasion into Venezuela but 5,000 troops are far from enough for an invasion of Venezuela. At best, 5,000 troops could be used as a defensive force but not an invasion force, which would require something like 30,000 troops.

What it has done is cause Maduro to send a large ground force of troops and tanks to the Columbian border to prevent an invasion from Columbia.

This makes me wonder if that note was a diversionary tactic to get Maduro to send a bunch of troops to the Columbian border so the US could more easily invade from somewhere else, you know, the old fake right, go left thingy?

There is nothing like a good old fashioned sucker punch. It still works.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that the reasons why I didn't try to get a Ph.D. was because 1) other Ph.D.s told me that better than 90% of getting a Ph.D. is spending two years with your nose up the butt of the head of your Ph.D. board and not about what you know or learn and 2) the persistent tales of students having to sleep with one or more of the members of their Ph.D. board to get that Ph.D.?

I got this from Breitbart by Tom Ciccotta:

"A recently released report suggests that many American universities allow for sexual relationships between students and professors."

Translation: They permit the professors to extort sex out of students to get good grades and degrees.

But I ain't no whore and don't want a whore degree. My integrity is worth more to me than a college degree.

Just remember that quite a few of them smarty pants x-spurt Ph.D.s out there got their degree, not because of them really being smarty pants, but because they slept their way to a degree. You can't impress me or intimidate me with a Ph.D.

Data mining

Remember that I have been telling you about the mega corporation data mining and that they will eventually run out of marketable data and go broke?

I got this from CenturyLink and they got it from AP by Karly Domb Sadof:

"Apple busts Facebook for distributing data-sucking app"


"NEW YORK (AP) - Apple says Facebook can no longer distribute an app that paid users, including teenagers, to extensively track their phone and web use.

In doing so, Apple closed off Facebook's efforts to sidestep Apple's app store and its tighter rules on privacy."

It seems that Zuckerberg and FB are so hard up for MORE AND MORE AND MORE data about you that they are putting out apps that track every mouse click and key stroke you make.

Privacy? What's that? Are they so desperate for marketable information on you because they have already stolen and sold everything else about you that they are creating programs within their programs to track every mouse click and key stroke you make? It sounds like it, doesn't it?

Gee, who would have figured that this is a dead end industry because there is only so much marketable information on every person and when all of that information has been sold, you just ran out of product to sell and will go broke?

So the criminals keep dreaming up more and more ways to steal more and more information refusing to deal with the fact that there is only so much marketable information to steal and the faster they steal all of that information, the sooner they go broke.


God told me last fall to publish my book at Amazon.com and I thought it was so He would sell my book but it was to teach me something more about what is going on with these corrupt mega corporations. I tried to open an account to sell my e-book, which would have made both me and them money, which would make you think they would want to help me set up that account. I failed to get the account open because of their insane and irrational demands and requirements for information to "verify my identity", which, as an MBA, I knew is not required to verify my identity. It was pretty clear that they were using me setting up a sales account for them to data mine my personal information.

Finally, frustrated, I quit and posted my e-book for sale at Barnes and Noble very easily with only a fraction of the information being required by Amazon. My e-book didn't sell so I thought it was God sending me back to finish setting up the account at Amazon so I just tried again.

Setting up a sales account to make both me and them money was a nightmare.

Their people were very arrogant, hostile and abusive to me. I intentionally did everything step-by-step just as they said and was still turned down with them saying that wasn't good enough. When I asked what I needed to do, they would send me an e-mail with a list like this:

"Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

This is Surodeep, helping with your case today.

From your email, I understand that your concern is regarding the documents for Seller Identity Verification.

I have checked and found that your Seller Identity Verification has been denied, however, Our review process is proprietary, and we are unable to disclose specific reasons why your registration to sell on Amazon was denied. Please refer to the email that was sent to you for more details, including any options available to you.

So, I suggest you to kindly cross-check the details that you have submitted with the following documents and re-submit the documents again.

The verification process usually takes 48 hours, but may be longer. We will send you an email notification if we need additional time to complete our review.

Please be informed that when you submit the documents, both the documents must have same Name and Address with your Seller account (legal Name and Address).

You can send your documents to us or Re-submit the required documents in the link, please visit the link below: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/hz/approvalrequest/registration

After they receive the documents, the review process can last up to three business days.

For your reference, In order to verify your documents, the required documents are as follows:

(I) One document proving National Identity Card. Document must meet the following requirements:

1. Please provide scanned copies of both sides of your national ID.

2. Copies should be legible.

3. Your identity document must be in one of the following languages:

Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish.

***If it is not in one of these languages, provide a copy of your passport or a notarized translation of your document into one of these languages.***

4. The name on the national ID should match the name on your registered Amazon account.

5. The national ID should not be expired.

(II) One bank account statement or Credit Card statement. Document must meet the following requirements:

1. You may hide monetary amounts, but the rest of the document must be visible.

2. Your document must be in one of the following languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish. If it is not in one of these languages, provide a notarized translation of your document into one of these languages.

3. The company name on the bank account statement should match the name on your registered Amazon account.

- For Companies/Corporations, the name on the bank account statement should match the legal entity name on your Amazon account.

- For Individuals, the name on the bank account statement should match the name on the government issued national ID and your registered Amazon account.

4. The address on the bank account statement should match the address on your registered Amazon account. If your is not same with your documents is different then you may change the address on your Amazon account,

5. The bank account statement must have been issued within the past 90 days.

In case of further queries, feel free to contact us back anytime. We will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for your time and patience. It is my pleasure assisting you today.

Have a Great day ahead!"

I went through their lists making a detailed list of how I had done every one of those steps, was still turned down, and asked what I need to do to "verify my identity". They would send me another e-mail with the same list worded differently, clearly all computer provided e-mails, and I would respond by showing how I had done everything on their list and asked what I needed to do to set up the account, you know, to make me and them money.

When I would ask them what was wrong with my information that they could not verify my identity, they would tell me that they couldn't tell me that "to protect my identity", which is pure bull crap.

Just how is them not telling me how I need to change my information to verify my identity protecting my identity?

BTW, I must have uploaded the required information at least 6 to 8 times just like they said and it was always denied by one of their e-mails within a few hours.

It seemed that it had something to do with the information I was providing about my bank account. They started sending me this list concerning my bank account:

"Bank account or credit card statements :

>>> Must be dated within the past three calendar months
>>> Must contain the business address and show customer transactions
>>> Must match the name of the business or point of contact provided during registration"

Which I had complied with 100% but they still refused to "verify my identity". Clearly, something else was going on here.

This insane crap went on for about a week or more with them finally telling me that I only had one month to provide the information they required or I would never be permitted to sell anything via Amazon or any of their subsidiaries for the rest of my life, you know, nothing like a little threat and extortion to get what they want.

Finally, they sent me a list showing that I must show my actual transactions in my bank account, which is something that is illegal for them to obtain directly from a bank, so they were trying to extort that very personal and private information from me so they could data mine my spending habits so they could make more money selling things to me that I would be more likely to purchase.

This data mining is so important to them and such a big money maker that they turned down the opportunity to make money from selling my e-book for me for at least four months to get my most personal and private banking information. The money they were turning down turned out to be significant because they charge a monthly fee of $39.99, "other fees", regardless of whether you sell any books, and take 70% of your book sales, if you don't limit your book sales to just Amazon.

I thought and prayed about this, while comparing it to Barns and Noble, which required a tiny fraction of the information to set up a seller's account, doesn't charge a monthly fee or any "other fees, and only takes 35% of your book sales or only half of what Amazon takes and realized, "Why do I want to sell anything through Amazon?"

I learned that Amazon is a bunch of criminals and pirates and God was showing me how abusive these mega corporations are because you know I am not the only person they are treating this way. The idiots, in their greed, are literally chasing off customers for their piracy. God showed me that they can only chase off so many customers before they start having fiscal problems and go broke.

If you want to buy a book from Amazon, first check and see whether it is also for sale at some other vendor and buy it from the other vendor because the author will get a much better deal and get to take more of the money from the sale home. If at all possible, don't buy the book from Amazon because the author will get to keep very little of the money from the sale.

BTW, the people are much more friendly and professional in dealing with their customers at Barns and Nobel.

If you want to buy either of my e-books, you will have to buy them from Barnes and Noble because they ain't for sale at Amazon and won't be either. If you have an e-book for sale, I strongly suggest you sell it through another vendor like Barnes and Noble. That was one very tough and interesting lesson from God.

Mega Corporations

Many people seem to believe the myth that mega corporations like FB, Twitter, and Google are bullet proof and can't go broke. This is a myth and an illusion caused by simple minded thinking.

If you study business management, you should realize something that even most business managers don't seem to get, especially those who got the right degrees from the right universities. The truth is that, because of the way people are trained to run such businesses, you know, by those brilliant, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, intellectually superior, natural elite, upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities college professors, which is that every business is very fragile and quite easy to bring down.

You see, the CEOs and other managers are trained to walk a fine line between success and failure and all they have to do is step over that fine line to bring down their business. In a nut shell, they are all trained to take from their revenues enough to cover their overhead expenses, set aside about 10% to 20% of their revenues for a contingency fund, and give the rest to their investors in profits, leaving very little for ye ole rainy day. All they have to do is for their revenues to decline by just 10% to 20% and they start laying off people, decreasing their valuable human resources to keep their monthly profits high, and, if those revenues remain down for just a few months, they start going broke.

This is true for every business run by these idiots on this planet and, when the product for a business, you know, your personal data, is very limited like it is, then it is only inevitable that their revenues will eventually decline when they start running out of product and they will go broke. The faster these idiots sell that limited product, the sooner they will go broke.

I have been watching the simple minded lefties do this and break business after business for more than half a century with many of them going broke today and having to lay off more and more people until they go bust.

Don't believe me?

Keep an eye on it and you will see. The idiots never fail to do this.

Add to this that the lefty run businesses persist in alienating and running off customers, causing their businesses to fold even sooner.


I got this e-mail from Mark and wanted to share it with you because it is very good:

"Here is an example of what I believe to be a reprobate mind. It concerns abortion. I got this quote from David Limbaugh's op-ed, 'Abortion Extremism: The Left's Secular Sacrament.'

'Virginia's proposed legislation is worse than New York's. Virginia state Rep. Kathy Tran's proposed bill would permit an abortion even when a mother is in labor. When asked whether the mother could abort her child when it is obvious she is about to give birth (when dilating), she admitted, 'My bill would allow that, yes.'

That is, plain and simple legalized murder of a human being. If you do that to a cat, or dog, or any animal giving birth you could be arrested and spend several years in jail. What human being, especially a woman, in her right mind, can rationalize the murder of an infant? The only way I can figure it is that she has been given over to a reprobate mind. Even so, she is not irredeemable if she repents and believes on Jesus Christ as Savior. And some have.

One huge example was Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade), who became a Christian and crusader against abortion. She passed away in 2017. If her stated belief in Christ was true, she is with Him right now.

To me, this is the equivalent of passing the children through the fire. That is where the people sacrificed their children to the god Molech (or Moloch, or Milcom) in the Hinnom Valley at Tophet in Jerusalem. The children were roasted alive in the arms of the statue of Molech. Read my article on this horror: Passing Through the Fire.

I equate abortion in the USA to the sacrifices Israel made to Molech. Since Roe v. Wade, more than 61 million abortions have occurred in the USA, and over 1.5 billion worldwide. The sacrifices to Molech only ranged in the thousands and God punished Israel for that. We are in BIG trouble with God. (Statistics from numberofabortions.com).


Note that I have seen sources on the Internet that say this was Bail worship but it wasn't Bail worship, it was Molech worship. Bail worship was when they slapped the children's little butts on a stone alter and carved their little hearts out with a sacrificial bronze dagger. Bail worship is referred to in the Bible by the statement, "innocent blood flowing through the streets" where as Molech worship is referred to in the Bible as "passing their children through the fire."

You have to understand that the Sabianists, which included the Canaanites and, later, many Hebrews because the Hebrews didn't kill off and/or run all of the Canaanites out of Israel, were converted to Sabianism by the Canaanites, and slaughtered children like crazy to their gods, especially Molech and Bail. That is what Mark was referring to.

The Canaanites had sacrificial alters all over their cities the way we have convenience stores. The parents would take their children to these alters to be sacrificed to Molech and Bail from sunrise to sunset seven days a week.

The pagans were sacrificing so many children that the blood of the children from Bail worship ran down the streets in converging streams and out the main gate seven days a week from sunrise to sunset. The smoke and smell of burning children's flesh from Molech worship filled those same cities seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Every time they built a new building, they sacrificed babies to "the gods of that building" (they believed everything, including every rock, tree, and building had a spirit) and put the dead little baby bodies in hollow stones in the walls of the buildings. The number of babies that were murdered for a building depended on the size of the building. I read that archaeologists had only excavated about one third of a large Canaanite public building in one city and had discovered the remains of more than 300 babies buried in the walls.

The reason why God commanded the Hebrews to kill or drive all Canaanites out of the land Israel was so the Hebrews would not convert to Sabianism and start murdering their children to false pagan gods. God was protecting the children from pagan parents.

When some children came to Jesus and the Apostles offered to run the children off so Jesus "could get back to work dealing with adults", Jesus reprimanded the Apostles and told them that anyone who hurts the least of the children, you know, the unborn, is cursed. Therefore, every nation and person who is involved in abortion and doesn't repent is cursed and must be destroyed by God.

The lefties murdering children up to when they are in the act of being born is just one small step away from being able to legally murder children up to at least 3 years of age or what they are trying to legalize as "post birth abortion", you know, the next step, so they can start sacrificing their children to their false pagan gods openly without fear of being prosecuted for murder, which is what the lefty pagans are working towards. Their logic is, "After all, if you can murder your children with post birth abortion, why not murder them as a sacrifice to their false pagan gods", you know, like them openly bringing back such things as Satanism, Bail worship, and Celtic worship, you know, while they are preaching the lie of secularism as a front to cover their true intentions.

Gee, what a coincidence, the lefties working to legalizing murdering children and them also bringing back pagan religions and gods which require the sacrifice of children.

Get the picture yet?

When these pagan lefty criminals legalize post birth abortion, no child in any orphanage or pagan foster home will be safe. The slaughter will dwarf all previous slaughters by Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, and all other Marxists combined. We are talking hundreds of millions of children will be butchered globally within just a few years. The butcher is already bad enough with abortion; we don't need it to be worse with post birth abortion.

BTW, I think David Limbaugh is wrong when he says, "It's horrifying that we are rapidly approaching the kind of culture that God ordered the Israelites to wipe out when he finally allowed them to enter the land he had promised them - a culture of rampant immorality, idolatry and child sacrifice."

From my research, I found out decades ago that this culture has existed behind closed doors in this nation more than half a century with all of the upper class trash involved in it for more than 100 years. What they are trying to do is bring their Satanic paganism out of the closet by making it legal and to replace Christianity with with their evil paganism by destroying Christianity and that is what is really going on.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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