I Told You So 244

Lefty Persistence

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the evil lefties, especially the upper class trash NEVER STOP, they just regroup, reorganize, and keep doing their evil and that the ONLY thing that will stop them is death?

The recent investigations into Trump have proved that what I have been telling you is absolutely true. The investigation proved CONCLUSIVELY that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia in the 2016 election.

What did the lefties do?

They tried to ignore the results of the investigation and then made a bunch of bogus excuses, regrouped, reorganized, and have started new investigations into Trump, proving what I have been telling you to be true. Absolutely, the only thing that will stop these evil lefty monsters is death. As long as they live, they will continue with their wickedness.

BTW, them starting new investigations with the Mueller investigations continuing should tell you that they KNOW that Mueller doesn't have anything on Trump but they still insist on Mueller continuing to waste your tax dollars on a bogus investigation so they can continue to use it to attack Trump and cause their brain dead minions to hate Trump.

If Mueller had ANYTHING on Trump that could be used to remove Trump, why would they need additional investigations?

Remember that I have been telling you that this is a coup and treason by the left? Believe it yet? Getting just a wee bit obvious, is it?

What they are doing is criminal and they should all be hung for treason.

I am really tired of watching this clear, obvious, and open treason without the criminals being prosecuted because they own law enforcement and too many judges. The criminal lefties have made themselves above the law...but not above God's Law.

As of now, my petition has 3 signatures and only needs two more to go public. To help fight back by sending a message to the upper class trash, you know, what goes around, comes around, you can sign that petition here.

Think about this. Who is currently being investigated "because hostile foreign nations" are interfering in our elections?


Who will also be investigated if they start investigating EVERYONE running for president in 2020?

All of the lefties. Hey, they are already investigating Trump so it can't hurt him.

Do you really think those criminals will survive the type of investigations that Trump has survived?

Of course not, they will all go to prison, especially people like Kamala who has publically admitted that she was using dope while sending others to prison for using dope. Hey, she will get to join the other people she sent to prison for committing the same crimes she was committing.

Why should Trump be the only one investigated? Shouldn't the lefties also be investigated for the same reasons? Are the lefties above the law?

Plus, according to my petition, who will also be investigated, if they also investigate the majority and minority leaders in both houses in Congress?

Pelosi and Schumer, you know, the two scoundrels wasting tax payer money and time "investigating Trump".

What do you think will happen if we, the people, start doing to them what they are doing to Trump, you know, investigating them for any and all possible crimes?

First, out of fear, they will stop investigating Trump. Second, they won't survive the same kind of investigations Trump has survived and will go to prison, which will help clean up our government and the swamp in it.

Look, Trump is already being investigated so my petition will have no affect on him. The people it will affect are those abusing the system to stage their coup against Trump, the US, and the people. It will be the people fighting back to stop the coup and resultant commie dictatorship.

Therefore, my petition is a very good thing so sign it here and fight back against the coup. Send a message to the lefties that we are tired of their evil crap and we will do to them what they do to us, you know, fight fire with fire, baby. At the writing of this, I only need two more signatures for the petition to go public. Fight back, sign the petition.

We have to fight back, people. If we don't fight back, they automatically win the fight and we automatically become their impoverished slaves so fight back in every way you can.

Bogus Science

Remember that I have been telling you that there is a lot of bogus science today?

I found a video by Voxiversity which shows that my estimates have been very conservative, as usual. You can find that video here.

My estimates have been that there is a lot or increasing amounts of bogus science but he states that research is showing that better than 70% of scientists have not been able to reproduce research claims by their colleagues, which is a very high failure rate in confirming scientific research and means that easily more than 50% (a very conservative estimate) of science today is bogus, probably closer to 70%.

Please note that this proves, again, that my estimates and statements are always conservative and that means things are much worse than even I am telling you.

Note that, in this video, he is very nice to these bogus scientists, giving them benefits of the doubt they should not get.

He rightfully states that the biggest problem is that, today, most scientists don't live by Christian morals, values, and ethics and have no integrity, you know, the ole thou shalt not lie thingy. He also states that they often say whatever they are paid to say, what we used to call academic or intellectual whores.

When I first studied science in college, integrity was the most valuable asset for any scientist. If you didn't have integrity, you were not taken seriously. Today, most have absolutely no integrity and will say whatever they are paid to say.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

This video says, and I agree, that this problem has reached a level that is causing a crisis in science.

Unfortunately, it is the many, who have no integrity, that you hear about most, especially from the media, who also have no integrity. This is why you so very often hear or read about "conflicting science". Most of the time, some bogus scientist comes out and states something they were paid to say, then other scientists do research and find out that it isn't true, and the media and the bogus scientists tell you that the research isn't "conclusive", when the true science disproving their bogus science may very well be conclusive.

This protects the bogus scientists, who should be going to prison for fraud because they are all too often committing fraud, usually for money but also often for their political agenda, and, frequently for both. All too often, the statement about the research not being conclusive is covering up their criminal activities of fraud.

One of the best examples is that I almost never read any modern "research results" about health, fitness, diet, and exercise in the media because it is almost always fraudulent. Easily better than 90% of what you see published in the media about health, fitness, diet, and exercise is fraudulent, for which people should be going to jail.

Get it straight, drinking coffee or alcohol, or consuming anything else, not even vitamins, will prevent cancer, bubonic plague, STDs, or radiation poisoning and will not turn you into a super human. Almost all of the claims I have seen in the media for several decades have been fraudulent and those people should have gone to jail.

I am glad that I no longer have a TV because, among other things, I got tired of those fraudulent commercials that claim that, if you use their new "exercise" toy just five minutes a day, you will get the equivalent of a half hour to one hour workout. I am sorry, people, but I guarantee that the human body doesn't work that way so those claims are scientifically impossible and FRAUDULENT.

If you don't believe me, just study exercise physiology. You see, the body has an emergency system built into it for short, quick emergency responses that will last for about 20 minutes or less for "flight or fight" time, you know, emergency "save thy butt time".

It is about 20 minutes after you begin nonstop exercise that your body will have burned up enough of your stored fuel and oxygen supplies in your cells and blood that it will cause your body to begin large scale aerobic functioning, which forces your body to begin the work which will result in aerobic development. Therefore, 20 minutes of continuous exercise is required to begin significant aerobic exercise and development, not 20 minutes in a gym, looking at an exercise thingy, or driving by the gym, but 20 minutes of exercise without stopping the exercise is REQUIRED to START significant aerobic development. You CANNOT get the same workout in less than 20 minutes that you can in more than 20 minutes, it is just scientifically impossible based on how the human body functions in relation to rest and exercise. We have known this for more than half a century.

Note, all of this bogus science and some other things is why I wrote my very extensive e-book, "A Better Way To Train", which is on sale at Barnes and Nobel here.

I got tired of you people being taught bull crap about health, fitness, exercise, and diet without you people having access to the truth without spending years in college. Basically, I got ticked and wrote the book, you know, pretty much the same reason why I write this site. You people need to know the truth because the truth sets you free.

What really bothers me is that much of this bogus science, especially in exercise, fitness, diet, and health, kills people every year. It is my opinion that those people putting out bogus science that kills people should be facing at least charges for manslaughter, especially if they are doing it for money. If you start throwing some of those people in jail, the bogus science will calm down.

But exercise, health, fitness, and diet are not the only areas for which this bogus science problem has reached crisis levels. We see this everywhere today and it is rampant and pandemic in proportions. We daily see this with things like global warming, evolution, religion, human behavior, and anything else where the pagans living by their one satanic law of "do as you will" are just rampantly lying their butts off for whatever reasons, usually for money.

We have to start prosecuting these criminals, both those being paid and those doing the paying, for fraud and putting them in jail or this will just keep getting worse until we do.

We really need to get back to Christianity and its laws, you know, like "thou shalt not lie" or commit fraud. Paganism destroys everything it touches.

Fake Money

Remember that I warned you that Obama was printing money out of control and the only reason we didn't have the kind of inflation they have in Venezuela for printing money out of control is because Obama was increasing unemployment like crazy?

It turns out that in just 7 years, Obama printed 3.7 trillion dollars or a little over $500 billion dollars per year, you know, Obama-noploy money or fake money.

So far, Trump has been controlling inflation and he has to continue to be very careful because, with all of that excess money printed by Obama, if Trump loses control of inflation caused by printing so much money, our money could easily become worth almost as little as Venezuela's money or worth less than toilet paper.

Yeah, good old socialism destroying everything it touches.

If the commies regained control of the US right now, we could easily and quickly resemble Venezuela, which would plunge the world into the worst economic depression in modern history simply because the global economy depends heavily on the value of the US dollar. Oops.


Remember that I told you about the horrible experience I had in trying, but never succeeding, in setting up a seller's account with Amazon.com?

I got another e-mail from them stating the following...again:

"This is a reminder to let you know that we need more information to resolve your case. If you still need assistance, please respond to this message and provide the details we've requested below.

If we've resolved your issue, no further action is needed and we'll close your case.

Thank you,
Amazon Seller Support"

So I sent them the following response:


Yeah, I need help; I need some of you to explain to me why I would possibly want to do business with Amazon.

You make it almost impossible to set up a seller account. I have provided you with absolutely everything you require, 100% of everything on your little list, which, BTW, is an insane amount of personal information, most of which is not required to 'verify my identity' (what a con), could only be being used for personal information data mining, and "it still ain't good enough for you".

What? Don't you want to make money from my sales?

No, you would rather make even more money by data mining my personal information so you want more and more and more of my personal information and it will never be enough to be good enough for you AND to get this more and more and more information, your people are arrogant, rude, uncooperative, deceptive, and provide the worst customer service I have ever seen in the almost 70 years I have been on this planet, all to 'verify my identity', yeah, right, you know, unlike Barnes and Nobel, with whom I quickly and easily set up an account with much less personal information to 'verify my identity' and their people are professional, polite, helpful, and a pleasure to work with, especially after working with your arrogant and rude people.

Then you want to charge me a monthly fee of $39.99 for the seller's account regardless of whether I sell anything or not, unlike Barnes and Nobel, who doesn't charge me a monthly fee at all.

I guess that monthly fee is to pay for all of that arrogance and rudeness, you know, the really terrible customer service?

Then you also have "other fees" you can feel free to charge me so you can steal more from me faster unlike Barnes and Nobel who doesn't charge "other fees" to steal more from me faster.

Then you want to steal 70% of my sales where as Barnes and Nobel gives me 65% of my sales, better than double what you give me. Wow, talk about being competitive.

Gee, the amount of money I stand to make selling with you could turn out to be negative and not only not make me any money but cost me money WHILE you are busy making even more money by data mining a massive amount of my personal information because you will steal all you can from me, you know, your client. Yes, I am supposed to be your client, stupid.

What? Have you people not heard of competition for market share?

Well, let me give you a little clue, Barnes and Nobel out competed you for my share of the market. Go figure!!!

Now, would someone please explain to me why I would possibly want to do business with Amazon? How long will it take for others to realize all of this, especially since I have been telling others about my horrible, terrible, nightmare experience in TRYING to work with Amazon FOR.MORE.THAN.FOUR.MONTHS and still not getting a seller's account?

You must have been making a lot of money data mining my personal information because you wasted more than four months of not making any money from my sales because you wouldn't give me a seller's account because I didn't give you enough personal information to data mine.

Think about that, stupid.

Now, for a good laugh, why would I want to do business with Amazon?

God Bless,
Carl Cantrell, M.B.A."

And, to make it an even better crotch kick, I sent a carbon copy to Barnes and Nobel. You know that Barnes and Nobel will appreciate that e-mail and Amazon won't appreciate seeing that Barnes and Nobel got a carbon copy. You can bet that e-mail will make it to management in both businesses.

You can get a copy of my two e-books here and here, you know, at Barnes and Nobel, but you ain't going to get it at Amazon.

This is important for all businesses to understand; even today, good customer service counts and pays dividends, especially when you don't want to get someone like me angry.

Why would I want to do business with Amazon? Really?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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