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Ezekiel 38 & 39

Here is an interesting little coincidence.

Remember that I told you that God showed me that, following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Israel will take a big chunk of Northeast Africa east of the Nile River from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean?

I got this from Arutz Sheva by staff and this is quoting PM Netanyahu:

"'Israel is returning to Africa in a big way. Africa is coming to Israel and so is the entire world. We are turning Israel into a rising global power.'"

I have been noticing that Israel is definitely increasing their interest in Africa, especially Northeast Africa.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that God is using Satan's increasing persecution of Hebrews to drive the Hebrews back to Israel?

I got this from Arutz Sheva by staff:

Headline: "Grenoble's rabbi says 50% of congregants have left town"


"'We fear for our children at school, on the street," says rabbi. "So as responsible parents, we take measures.'"


"Half of the regular members of the Jewish community in of the city of Grenoble in eastern France have left due to anti-Semitism, their rabbi said.

Rabbi Nissim Sultan on Grenoble, a city of 160,000 residents near Lyon with several hundred Jews, said this during an interview Tuesday with the France Bleu Isere radio station."

Gee, what a coincidence, you know, with the increasing anti-Semitism in the West and elsewhere.

Know that this increasing Anti-Semitism will also cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, you know, where Obama will lead his Antifa thugs against Israel. I want video.

Gee, not another coincidence. The relative timing for all of these things leading us towards fulfilling prophecy is beyond incredible, it is divine.

Bogus Science

Remember that I have been telling you about bogus science, especially reported by the media?

I decided to randomly select one such article as an example to teach you what I see with such media reports, especially concerning health and diet.

So, at Newsmax, I randomly selected a "health" article that has "Sponsor" in the subtitle, telling me it was paid advertisement for some health fad thingy. It has a picture of a man dressed like a surgeon who probably couldn't pass biology 101 but is an actor and the title said, "Diet Expert Tells All: 'It's Like Superfuel For Your Gut Lining'" and you know it is selling some chemical that is supposed to provide you with super duper energy, you know, whiz bang stuff that is probably something similar to angel dust to make you feel high or "energetic".

Please note that these people selling this health food junk are experts because they said so and not because of their college education or other expertise.

The link takes you to a video of a woman, Maggie Q, (I guess she is famous) who starts telling a story.

First, before we start the analysis, you have to understand that, in college, we were trained to know how to tell what a person does to their body by how their body looks because what you do to your body will change the appearance of your body. A really great example is weight lifters put on large amounts of muscle mass.

I very effectively used this when I was coaching to tell how much and how a person had been training and whether they were dieting, especially for someone coming into my program, by just giving their body a quick once over while they were talking to me. With a little training and experience, you can easily tell just what most people are doing to their bodies and my educated "guesses" were almost never wrong.

Right after the video starts, you will see her with bare upper arms and upper legs. Stop the video at that point and take a good look at those arms and legs. They are very thin muscles that pretty much hang and you will see such arms and legs on everyone who diets. I call them Auschwitz arms and legs because they are almost always caused by extreme dieting or starvation and the survivors of Auschwitz had arms and legs that looked just like that for the same reason, called malnutrition. As a matter of fact, her entire body is way too thin for her height. Most likely, this woman is bulimic to "keep her figure sexy". This is very common among actresses and models.

She has been mislead by the media and Hollywood to believe that looking thin like an earthworm is beautiful. I personally feel that such a person is unattractive because I know I am looking at an unhealthy person and unhealthy people don't turn me on.

Then the video goes on with her telling us she was always low on energy and of course she would be. She needed to eat something to get fuel for her cells, which is why she was low on energy. She doesn't need some super duper chemical; she just needs some good food. She is clearly starving her body to death.

Then she tells you that she was also a health food nut because she was obsessed with taking vitamins to make up for the food she needed but didn't eat to keep herself too thin so she could be "sexy". This is very common for people who are either using extreme diets or drugs so they can feel like they are getting a healthy diet when they are screwing their bodies up. They feel the health food and vitamins make up for whatever they are doing to their bodies and they simply can't.

Know that I will not knowingly coach an athlete who is dieting because their dieting and physical activity will eventually kill them by causing organ damage, usually either a heart attack or kidney failure.

Then she tells you that she was surprised to find out from a "doctor" that she wasn't defecating enough at only once or twice per week. Listen, if this person were a doctor, he/she would have told her to eat something.

Which should tell you what?

That she wasn't getting enough fiber because she was starving herself and vitamins don't provide fiber. Guess what; if you are on a starvation diet, you are not going to crap very often because, if you don't put much in, much won't come out. Duh, hello? How can you crap stuff you don't eat?

She was slowly killing herself and still is. The difference is that she is now making money endorsing some product that "peps her up" or provides her with energy but it isn't going to stop her from either destroying her health or eventually killing herself to look what she mistakenly thinks is beautiful, you know, being skinner than an earthworm.

By telling you that she learned about this from a "doctor" (a witch doctor?), she is trying to make you think this is all based on science but it is clearly bogus science that I see all too often, especially in the name of health, fitness, or exercise.

This crap is clearly fraud, the people putting it out regularly kill people to make a buck and don't care how many people they harm or kill. These people need to go to prison for at least manslaughter because they really do kill people to make a buck.

Stay away from and don't believe this kind of crap. Any more, if you see anything in any of the media about health, diet, exercise, or fitness, it is almost always bogus science and fraud and those people should be put in prison. I can't stand this crap because I know the damage it does.

Hey, if you want to die young, do health food and fad diets. You would be amazed at how fast they can kill you.

Civil War

Remember that I have been telling you that the US civil war has already started?

Someone else seems to have figured it out. I got this from American Thinker By William L. Gensert:

"In an excellent article by Jeff Lukens here on American Thinker, he asks the question, 'Is a second civil war coming?' In reply, I say that America's second civil war has already begun. Its opening shots were fired by Barack Obama when he stated, 'We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.'"

The trouble is that he seems to miss the part about Obama encouraging and now organizing violence by the left, especially black Muslims, against the right but at least he realizes that the fight is already on, which is something most seem to be missing.

My question to all of the x-spurts who keep missing the truth about the civil war having already started is, "What about all of these violent riots with the left attacking innocent people, especially conservatives? Don't you think that counts as fighting in a civil war or do their victims not count?"

Lefty Churches

Remember that I told you years ago, before the Catholic Church announced it was going to convert to Islam, that the lefties in the Christian churches would convert to Islam, especially after the Muslims took over the US and Europe? Remember that I have been telling you that Satan has been infiltrating his pagan lefties into Christian churches to destroy them and turn them into pagan churches? Remember that I recently told you about the lefties seizing control of the US United Methodist Church and voted for the national organization to be lefty and not true Christian?

They just had the international convention for the United Methodist Church where the lefties tried a coup of the international body but failed miserably with the international body reversing the damage the lefties had done to the US part of it. Oops, another great sounding stupid idea by the lefties failed.

It seems that God outflanked Satan AGAIN (He always does). Back before, during, and up to about the 1980s, the US Christian churches were doing a huge amount of missionary work spreading Christianity in South America, Africa, and Asia and it seems that now, these three parts of the world have more Christians than the West and the Christians are conservative. While Satan was focused on destroying the Western churches God was building his new army of conservative churches around the world He is now using to defeat Satan in the Western churches.

Globally, conservative Christians are fighting back and winning against Satan's people.

Now the lefties in control of the US Methodist churches and other lefty churches are talking about leaving their churches and forming their own churches, you know, satanic poser Christian churches, but they have just a wee bit of a problem. You see, with the lefties in control, the churches have been bleeding members at a horrific rate as explained by Dr. Turley here. This is nothing short of phenomenal or miraculous.

Whether the lefties break away or not, their poser Christian churches will eventually fail and an easy prediction here is that these churches will soon be forced to 1) join the Catholic Church and 2) convert to Islam with the Catholic Church just to continue to survive.

Lefty Royals

Meghan Markel and Harry plan to raise their inbred, spoiled, rich, royal brat gender neutral, you know, confusing the kid as to whether it is a boy, girl, or whatever; A.K.A. child abuse.

So, my question is, "If this kid assumes the throne, will it be a king, queen, or what? Maybe court jester?"

Yep, and you think the royals have not been inbreeding too long? Really? Do you still think they are intellectually superior to you? If so, why? Do you still think the upper class trash is not satanic?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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