I Told You So 248

Super Duper Missiles

Remember that I have been telling you that the supersonic missiles developed by China and other nations are over rated? Remember that I have told you that, if a missile is coming at you faster, you just lead it more and that there are other factors concerning weapons systems than just speed, such as electronics warfare?

I just saw a video by someone who actually seems to know what he is talking about concerning supersonic missiles here.

He does a very good job of breaking the analysis down into a variety of important parts. He teaches why speed can actually be a disadvantage in a missile. The guy really did his homework well on this one.

Quit believing the Internet hype about how China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, and Timbuktu are going to blow US aircraft carriers out of the water because dey got dem one of dose super duper sonic weapony thingies. So, you just lead it more.


Remember that I told you that the Hebrew people are not really Jews because Jew is a slang term for people who are descendants of the tribe of Judah and most of them are not descendants of the tribe of Judah so they should be called Hebrews because they are all Hebrews?

What should all of these "Jew Haters" be telling you?

These idiots who hate and murder "Jews" don't know who it is they are hating and murdering. The vast majority of the people they are murdering as Jews are not even Jews but they are all Hebrews.

If they don't even know who they are hating and murdering, then are they also probably wrong about why they are hating and murdering them?


If they are hating and murdering people because they are Hebrews, why have they not murdered Georgie Boy Soros, who is one of them but he is a Hebrew? If they really do hate Hebrews, why is he still alive, much less one of their leaders? Just how stupid are these Jew haters?

It is kind of stupid to hate people because someone else told you to hate them, especially if the people teaching the hate are idiot lying lefties.

Soft Coup

The soft coup is becoming the lefty thing right now. The lefties are staging a soft coup against Trump in the US by abusing the power of the legal system and it looks like the lefties in Israel are doing the same thing to Netanyahu.

First, they have caused early elections and then, just when the elections have started, they are bringing what appears to be bogus charges against Netanyahu in what appears to be an effort to turn voters against him or at least try to force him to resign, you know, just like the lefties have been doing to Trump. Gee, what a coincidence.

If you can't out think them, destroy them by abusing the legal system.

This once again proves that the left will say or do ANYTHING to get what they want and, therefore, should not be trusted. I wouldn't hire any of them to manage an outhouse because they would probably steal the toilet paper.

I guess being a lefty slime bag is contagious among lefties. It seems to be pandemic on a global basis and it is a terminal illness that will either result in your death or their death.

Trump is right, the lefty media, not the honest media, is one of our greatest enemies.

Law Enforcement

The law enforcement agencies have mostly figured out the lefties hate them and have sold them out. Increasing numbers of sheriffs' departments are declaring their counties Second Amendment sanctuary counties that will refuse to enforce gun control by the lefties.

They are quickly learning that, when the lefties set up their dictatorship, they will be among the first shipped off to death camps.

I think that at least most of the military has realized the same thing.


The Commiecrats are wasing their time and your money in the House passing laws they know the Senate won't pass or shouldn't pass and that Trump will just veto the laws. They are hoping this will turn increasing numbers of voters against Trump but what it seems to be doing is turning increasing numbers of voters against the lefties and for Trump.

The idiots still can't see or figure out that everything they keep doing is just turning more and more people against them, backfiring against the idiots.

Man plans, God laughs.

Stupid Schiff

Schiff is so tied to the lies about there being evidence proving Trump colluded with Russia that, now that the Mueller investigation is showing there was no collusion, Schiff has staked his political future on falsely proving there was. He is so fanatically and blatantly beating a dead horse long after it has decayed to bones that he is looking more and more like the fool he is. He is clearly too stupid to learn and move on, you know, to distract his voters from this stupidity with the next stupidity so they will forget this stupidity, so he will eventually destroy himself and his political career because he tried to ride to victory on that pile of bones.

The idiot doesn't realize that the longer he beats that pile of bones, the worse it looks for him and the better it looks for Trump. Please do NOT try to stop the idiot from beating that pile of bones. He is showing everyone how stupid and radical the left is.

Then, to show just how obsessive, compulsive, fanatical, radical, and loser the left is, the House Judiciary Panel has launched ANOTHER investigation against Trump. Hey, the fools ain't going to let Schiff be the only one to get to beat their dead horse. The arrogant fools want to beat their dead horse too.

Oh yeah, today Trump took a breath and the lefty commie traitors are saying it is grounds for impeachment. I think their insanity and corruption is grounds for impeachment.

You know what I want?

I want a "sweeping investigation" into how all of these life time, corrupt politicians have become multi millionaires on a salary in the low six digits. That is either pure corruption or one of the greatest miracles in history.


If you think God is not in control, just think about this.

I will be 70 years old next month, after getting a virus more than one third of a century ago that has been trying to kill me and almost did before I finally found someone who would run tests on me. My illness plunged me into poverty so that the only medical care I could get was marginal, at best, and I am now fighting my way back with slowly improving health.

I keep seeing rich and famous people in the news, who can afford the best health care in the world, with what has been considered very good health, croaking right and left in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, you know, what I would call young kids.

By all rights, I should be dead and they should be living but God has other plans. God is the only reason this old fart is still kicking. God still has work for me to do.


Hillary said, "We are in a full fledge crisis in our democracy."

My first thought was, "Is she running for president again? No? Then what crisis? Oh, do you mean the border crisis?"

Full of Themselves

As further proof that the lefties, especially the spoiled rich ones, are full of themselves, Biden is thinking (using the term loosely) about running for president in spite of the fact that he is severely damaged goods, at least as damaged as Hillary. Trump will eat his sorry, corrupt little butt alive. Please do run so I can have a good laugh and Trump can have an easy win.

Do you still think they are not the stupidest people in the world?

The upper class trash think more of themselves than they should and less of us than they should.

Electronic Warfare

Remember that I have been telling you that the electronic warfare (EW) systems are more important in modern warfare than such things as speed and maneuverability?

Don't get me wrong; speed and maneuverability help but are less important than EW.

Well, recently, a really old MIG-21 shot down a much more modern F-16 and everyone is fit to be tied about why was it possible. They are doing all sorts of x-spurt analyses on the Internet about how it was possible for an old MIG-21 to shoot down a new F-16.

The answer is that India's MIG-21 had better EW than Pakistan's F-16. When other nations purchase weapons systems from the nations that build those weapons systems, especially from the US, Europe, Russia, and China, those nations purchasing the weapons systems don't get the "A" package with all of the best EW and the purchasing nations know it.

That is because NO NATION wants to sell its best stuff to another nation who might sell that stuff to a potential enemy for a buck. In modern warfare, you keep your best cards close to your chest or "at home".

Therefore, you should know that, when Russia is selling their S-300 and S-400 systems to other nations, those nations are not getting the "A" package; they are only getting the B, C, or D package depending on who they are and how much they pay and those nations know it. But, hey, a D package is better than no package.

The same goes with the US, Europe, China and the rest of them. Note that the US won't sell any F-22s to even Israel or Europe but will sell the lesser quality F-35 to them and the reason the US quit making the F-22 was so Lockheed could sell planes to other nations without compromising their best stuff, but that short changed the US, who is now having to purchase a sixth generation fighter to make up for the shortage of F-22s.

EW is the single most important factor in modern weapon systems but is always very classified so, what you learn about modern weapons systems isn't the whole true or the most important truth.

From what I have been seeing, the two nations with the best EW on the planet are the US and Israel. They seem to outclass everyone else, even Europe.

Does that mean that the US or Israel would certainly win a conflagration with anyone else?

No, because the most important factor in wining a war is who the commander in chief is and Obama vs Trump should prove that to be true. Obama couldn't clean up Iraq and Syria in 8 years and Trump quickly did it in a fraction of the time. If you have an idiot commander in chief like Obama, you couldn't defeat Fiji using the best weapons systems in the world, you know, nukes. Obama wasn't a commander in chief, he was a flunky in chief.


I don't want you to think that I am against marriage with me being so strongly for being single and celibate. It is just that the current situation is not really in favor of marriage mostly because of feminism but also for other reasons.

Research has shown that better than 80% of the people who divorce and remarry will marry the same type of person again and again no matter how many times they marry. After I had two really bad marriages because I had pretty much married the same type of person twice and had learned my lesson, I decided that I didn't even want to risk marrying the same type of woman a third time so I took two vows with God.

The first was that I would not even date again, much less get married until God dropped a woman in my lap and told me to marry her and the second was a vow of celibacy in that I would not have sex again until I was married. The truth is that I did not expect God to ever tell me to marry again, especially at over 40 years of age, so these two vows were mostly meant for me keeping my butt out of trouble for the rest of my life but God requires that you live by what you promise AND He WILL test you on it.

One thing these two vows did was make it possible for me to stand back from the dating/marriage thing and objectively study modern women, especially women my age. I found that, because of feminism and women hating and waging war against men, there were very few good women who are single at 40+ years of age who are worth the hard work of marrying them. Almost all of the good women were already married with only the ones no one wants to live with being single by that age and today, it is even worse.

Today, most women at almost any age are simply not worth marrying or even just having sex with because of their feminist hatred of men and, with me turning 70 next month, there are probably almost no women worth marrying who are single over 50 years of age.

I found that most women over 40 are either male hating feminists, divorcees that have gone bad because they had a bad marriage and now think all men are bad, you know, seduced to the "Dark Side" by feminists, and widows who had a good marriage and will morn their dead husbands the rest of their lives, wishing they could have them back. None of those are particularly very promising for a happy marriage.

I have seen too many men living lives of hell married to feminists and sex just isn't worth that kind of living hell. You see them following their wives around like whipped puppies, afraid to act even a little like a man. I would rather not ever have sex again, even if I lived to be 1,000 than to live through the hell that a feminist brings on a man and feminists can't figure out why most men don't want to marry them. If I want to spend the rest of my life fighting a war, I will join the military, not get married.

Then you have so many pompous, arrogant, inconsiderate, satanic, tyrannical women who marry with the thought and attitude that "I will make him be what I want him to be" instead of trying to find a man who is already like that. If you don't like me the way I am, don't marry me because I ain't changing for no one. I will be considerate of my wife but not her whipped man slave. There is always divorce, baby.

Add to this that I have utterly enjoyed the peace, quiet, freedom, simplicity, and sanity of being single and celibate for one third of a century, about half my life, it would be a huge culture and responsibility shock for me to marry a woman, even with no children involved, because of the increased complexity involved in even the simplest relationship. Suddenly, I would have to start taking another person into consideration for anything and everything I do and don't do.

Right now, if I want to stay home, I stay home; if I want to go out, I go out, go where I want, eat what I want, do what I want, and see what I want without having to take into consideration what another person might want. It is the simplest life with the maximum potential freedom and life is just so much easier with such simplicity.

I like me just fine the way I am, I know I ain't perfect, I am willing to deal with my imperfections, while trying to be more Christ like, and I have learned that trying to be like someone else or their idea of perfect, isn't becoming perfect, it is becoming their version of imperfect. No one is perfect, not even women.

With even the simplest marriage relationship, I would have to suddenly start taking the needs and desires of another person into consideration for every choice I make every day of my life and it is only normal there would be conflicts requiring compromises and sacrifices, which I have not had to make in more than 30 years.

I don't even want the increased complexity of casually dating a woman, even as a friend just going out for occasional sodas and talking, much less the even greater complexity of marrying a woman.

I have told you that about a quarter of a century ago, God told me He wants me to marry again, who He wants me to marry, not to even tell her that God wants me to marry her, and not to even date her because, when God is ready, He will bring her to me with her asking me to marry her to prove it was God and not me causing her to marry me.

Therefore, I am doing my very best to enjoy my simplicity of life and freedom as best as I can while I still can because God has told me that, when I get married again, it will be the exact opposite of simplicity and peaceful because 4 children and a mother-in-law will be living with us plus there will be even more complexity that I can't tell anyone about right now.

You know that will be like going from a beautiful, calm, quiet spring day into a raging tornado and I fought God for three weeks trying to get Him to not make me marry again, at all, and definitely not her until God got mad at me and put both of His feet down, ordering me to accept His will and to ask for Him to give her to me to marry. At least He promised me that He will make us both VERY happy and He will give me my health and finances back, which I will definitely need to be able to handle such a complex relationship.

I didn't figure out until after I had accepted God's deal that, if I had actually liked the woman and wanted to marry her, she would have been another wrong woman for me, you know, like the first two were. I am so glad God chose her instead of me.

Suffice it to say that, after life being so simple and peaceful for so long, I am in no hurry for the simplicity and peace to end, not for sex or anything except for God's will. From what God has shown me, it is definitely going to be interesting.

Then it blows my mind about the extremely simple minded men who want to have two or more wives because all they are thinking about is sex, with the idiots thinking they are going to get lots of it, and not the extremely complex lives and responsibilities of marriage. In the 1950s, we used to call these simple-mind, sexually obsessed men "pecker heads" because they think with their peckers and not their heads.

I clearly remember my grandmother telling me that marriage, by the old school definition, which I always tried to live by, was a man and a woman forming a union to work together as a team to make life be the best it could be for BOTH of them and not just one of them. Not expecting life to be perfect but to be as best as they could make it.

I have learned that no one in a relationship can be any happier than the least happy person in that relationship because the least happy person will drag the other person down to their level of happiness and the more people you have in a relationship, the more likely you are to have an unhappy person to drag the rest of you down with them. It definitely takes two people working together to make a monogamous marriage work but it only takes one person to destroy a marriage, though most divorces are contributed to by both parties.

When you have just two wives, not a billion, life gets at least 3 times more complex. You see, when you have just one wife, you both have to work together to manage one relationship. When you have 2 wives, ALL 3 of you must work together to make ALL 3 relationships work or ALL hell will break loose. You all 3 must work to manage the relationship between you and wife A, the relationship between you and wife B, and the relationship between both of the wives, which will require at least 3 to 5 times more work by all of you for the marriage to work as well as a marriage with just one wife.

Plus you have to keep in mind that, when you have an argument with one of them, because of normal human behavior, most of the time, both of them will tend to gang up on you, unless one of them is just so far off base the other wife joins your side, which won't happen that often. You better get used to being outnumbered in almost all arguments and they can throw twice as much stuff at you at the same time so you better be twice as good at dodging projectiles, especially sharp ones.

Then, if you add children into that mess, it gets much, much worse because you just know that two different women are going to have some differences on how the children should be raised and that will cause a whole nightmare of problems. If one of them permits her children to do something that the other one won't permit her children to do, you will get resentment and rebellion by the children who are not permitted to do that something while the others are permitted to do it so you will get to be the person (hey, you volunteered for it when you married both of them, baby) who has to negotiate compromises and make final decisions that at least one of the women won't like, often, neither of them will like your decisions, which means you will have two women mad at you.

Listen, marrying just one spouse is tough enough, especially when half the marriages in the US end in divorce, and you have to be an idiot to want to marry more than one spouse...or just be suicidal. The only way I would even consider marrying one woman is if God makes me, and the same would be especially true for me to marry two women.

God taught me a long time ago not to go looking for trouble because, if you look long enough, you will find it and it will be more trouble than you are looking for. Today, with the mess the left have made of our world, looking for one wife is looking for trouble and looking for two wives is looking for at least twice as much trouble, probably more.

What? Are you a masochist? You like living in hell, you know, caught between two she devils? Are you terminally stupid?

Besides, you just know that any wife who wants you to marry another woman too, is probably some evil she devil feminist who wants to make your life at least three times the living hell it already is, so don't trust her. You just know it is a trap.

After more than 30 years of being single and celibate, I passionately love the peace, quiet, freedom, simplicity, and sanity of being single and celibate and will miss it when I have to get married again but you can bet I will do my best to be a good husband and father. I have not had anyone scream at me in more than 30 years, throw anything at me, play childish games to manipulate and control me, and just generally turn my life into an indescribable living hell and I do not miss that at all. I know a good thing when I see it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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