I Told You So 251

Higher Education

Remember that I have been telling you about the higher education scam and that the rich kids are not really smarter than you; they just have rich parents who can pay or bribe to make it look that way?

How are you liking this scandal about rich parents bribing people to get their kids into the right universities, you know, just like I have been telling you? Believe me yet?

I got this from American Thinker By Chriss Street:

"The Justice Department issued indictments across six states in a $25-million college admissions bribery and racketeering scandal that implicated nine top college coaches, three performance test administrators, and at least 33 wealthy parents.

The indicted parents include the television star Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli; the actress Felicity Huffman; and TPG private equity mogul William E. McGlashan, Jr.

Justice Department prosecutors for the District of Massachusetts revealed that the fraud and bribery schemes were run by Newport Beach, Calif. college preparatory consultant William Singer's Edge College & Career Network and the nonprofit "Key Worldwide Foundation," referred to as 'The Key.'"

You ain't seen nuttin' yet, baby. It is much worse than they are telling you. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg.

For example, I have seen a number of rich kids who got really high scores on entrance exams, you know, like SAT scores, but, when you listen to them talk, they are really stupid. There is no way those rich kids earned those really high test scores. From what I have seen, the rich gets are flagged so that, when they take such tests, they automatically get really high scores to keep up the smoke and mirrors game of making you believe they are "intellectually superior to you and should be micro managing your lives, of course, to take care of you because you just know they care so much about you." Barf!!!

Then there is all of this crap about being better educated and more intelligent because they got the right degrees at the right universities. Yeah, right.

Did you know that the text book publishers sell the same college texts to almost all universities to keep their profits high? They don't publish special books for the "right universities".

Did you know that many of the instructors at "inferior" universities got their degrees at the "right universities"? What, did they suddenly get stupid and forget everything they learned at the "right universities" when they went to teach at the "inferior universities"?

Did you know that quite a few of the professors at the "inferior universities" taught at one or more of the "right universities", often for years, until they simply couldn't stomach putting up with those spoiled rich brats anymore and went to the "inferior universities" to teach real humans? What, did they suddenly forget what they knew and taught at the "right universities"?

Did you know that almost ALL graduates from the "right universities" couldn't pass freshman and sophomore hard science courses at the "inferior universities" because they are not intelligent enough so they get degrees from the "right universities" in the "soft sciences"?

Did you know that to read the same books, listen to almost the same lectures, and pass almost the same tests at the "superior universities", that most college kids pass on their own at the "inferior universities", the intellectually superior rich kids have private tutors who do their homework for them, provide them with additional instruction, and even, sometimes, take their tests for them?

Then when you see these "intellectually superior" spoiled rich kids who got the right degrees from the right universities speaking on TV and you see how stupid they are and you are supposed to believe the crap that they is are be intellectually superior to you? Really?

Are you starting to believe me yet about the right degrees from the right universities being a racket? Do you still believe that getting the right degree from the right university means anything other than you spent more money to get the same education?

Give me a break. Most of the graduates from the right universities are easily some of the dumbest people on the planet and some of them prove it daily on TV, especially those who go into politics. Most of them couldn't pass the prerequisites for some of the college courses I took. Some of those "intellectually superior" jerks make rocks look smart.

Do you know what the most important difference is between going to a regular university and one of the right universities?

It is called "net working", you know, where you meet other people you can work with or who can increase your ability to make money and be successful. You see, when you go to the right universities, you meet kiddies whose mommies and daddies have so much more money and are more willing to hire smart friends of their spoiled rich brats or invest in their businesses to give those friends a much better start in life.

When I was in LA, I knew quite a few rich people and they ALL told me, "It isn't what you know but who you know", and I learned that is very true. I have watched people network at regular universities and start good but smaller businesses and then have seen the rich kiddies networking and start very big businesses because mommy and daddy have more money, almost all of whom know much less than I know.

The most important reason for going to one of the "right universities" isn't because of what you will learn because you will learn the same things at any good university, but is who you meet and how much money their mommies and daddies have because it takes money to make money and the more money you have the more money you can make.

They don't learn more than you, they just get to start with more than you. A really great example is any of the rich people, especially Bill Gates, who spent two years in yale because mommy and daddy have more money so that, when he dropped out of college and started his own business, where do you think he got the seed capital as a young man? Do you see why so many of the rich kids stay rich?

Mommy and daddy pay the big bucks to get their spoiled rich brats into the right universities to meet the other rich kids to get a better start in life.

In my opinion Billy Boy Clinton, Bush II, and Obama were all dummies who were just well financed by other rich people. Look at the idiots in Congress who are only there because they were well financed and definitely not because of their intelligence. That is true in all nations.

Do you believe me yet that it is the well financed stupid people who are running and ruining our planet?

It is the money, honey, not the brains.


Remember that I have been teaching you to pay attention to ALL of the details for prophecy?

I grew tired a long time ago of preachers and teachers who blatantly ignore the details of prophecy so they can teach some new idiot idea they came up with to learn everyone just how smarty pants they are. These people dream up a new idea, believe telling others about the idea will show they is are be a really smarty pants, blatantly ignore the details in the Bible that disprove their great sounding stupid idea, and seem to be oblivious to the historic fact that God will eventually get tired of their great sounding stupid idea and make a fool of them.

For example, I don't know how many preachers I have seen teaching the idea that God will bring Moses and Elijah back to Earth to be the two Tribulation witnesses when the DETAILS in the scriptures very clearly say God isn't going to bring them back. To sell this great sounding stupid idea, they ignore one word in both prophecies, the word SIMILAR.

God told Moses, "I will raise up someone SIMILAR to you." In Malachi 4 God said He will "raise up someone SIMILAR to Elijah". You might want to buy those preachers a dictionary and highlight the word similar because it means that the person God will "raise up" will not be the same or definitely not the same person but a different person who is a SIMILAR to them. Just that one word, similar, tells you that God ain't going to bring back either Moses or Elijah to be those two witnesses, baby, He is going to raise up other people who are similar to them in at least some ways.

Moses and Elijah CANNOT be similar to themselves because they ARE themselves.

I find it amazing how many people ignore the details in the Bible and then can't figure out why their fairy tales always get proved wrong.

It is like John Hagee and other preachers teach that Armageddon is going to be a nuclear war because they ignore and encourage you to ignore key details in the prophecy (you have to ignore those details to believe their fairy tale).

First, you need to know that a nuclear weapon vaporizes humans and liquids, ALL liquids. Even modern conventional weapons vaporize humans and liquids so that it can't even be a conventional war BECAUSE the scriptures tell you that the blood from the dead will flow down the middle of the Megiddo Valley up to the bridle on a horse or about 5 feet deep, which is a lot of blood. It should only be common sense that if we use ANY modern weapons there ain't going to be any blood flowing anywhere because it will be mostly to all vaporized by the heat of the weapons. Oops!

Do you know one of the main reasons why we have so many MIA (missing in action) people following a conventional war?

Because the heat generated by those weapons vaporize entire human beings so there is nothing but water vapor, smoke, and ashes left of them and we have a wee bit of trouble finding and identifying those as having been those people. Just looking at the huge fire balls those weapons make should tell you that.

Have you ever noticed that following a big conventional battle in which thousands of people were killed there ain't no big rivers or lakes of blood because most of the blood was vaporized and most people don't bleed out when they die? Did you notice that, even though tens of thousands of people were killed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki that there were no rivers or lakes of blood because the blood was vaporized?

Then, what do the details tell us about the Battle of Armageddon?

First, the scriptures tell us that Jesus will come with a "two edged sword proceeding out of His mouth".

What is the sword of the Lord?

It is repeatedly called God's Word throughout the Bible.

Where does God's word come from?

Out of God's mouth, you know, just like the "two edged sword" described in the scriptures coming out of Jesus' mouth. Gee, what a coincidence.

So what should that tell you?

Jesus is going to speak and His voice or His Word will destroy that entire army and the fact that a river of blood will flow down through the valley should tell you that, when those people die, they will have to hemorrhage violently to cause that much blood to flow. Therefore, the DETAILS of that prophecy tell us that the entire battle will be Jesus speaking and the entire army will hemorrhage violently and die with a 100% mortality rate because Jesus' voice ain't going to miss anyone in that army, they will ALL die when He speaks.

THAT, my friends, is exactly what the scriptures tell us about the Battle of Armageddon. If you are there, you ain't going to fire a shot at anyone because Jesus will do ALL of the delivering. After all, He is our savior.

Get it straight that the reason the rest of us will be present at the Battle of Armageddon is to be witnesses to the power of God. That is exactly it; we will ALL standby and watch Jesus destroy that entire army with His Word or the power of His voice and we will see that entire Muslim army hemorrhage violently and die; every man, woman, and child.

Gee, that doesn't sound ANYTHING like anything I have ever heard any preacher say but it is exactly what the prophecy details tell us.


Because they don't really believe God has the power to do the things the Bible says He did and will do so they always try to make it look like the false pagan goddess, Mother Nature, or man did or will do it. They are diminishing and insulting God.

The first time I heard Hagee say that Armageddon is going to be a nuke war, my first thought was, "Where has this guy been for the last 30 years?" I quit listening to him fast because he very clearly ignores Biblical details.


If you have to ignore any of the details to believe it, it is just a satanic fairy tale.


Common sense should tell you that, with the Tribulation being so close, EVERY key player mentioned in the Bible as being a part of the Tribulation MUST be here on planet Earth RIGHT NOW preparing for the soon coming Tribulation; EVERYONE of them. This is because they will almost certainly be at least 20 to more than 50 years old when the Tribulation starts.

The two witnesses, the 144,000 virgin Hebrew males, the false prophet, and the Antichrist are ALL here right now preparing for the soon coming Tribulation; God just has not made any of them known to you yet but that doesn't mean they are not here. All that means is that you don't yet know who they are. God is still working on each one of them to prepare them for the work God has for them.

Think about that one for a while. The Antichrist is right here right now breathing the same air you are breathing and you believe the upper class trash he belongs to right now is not evil? Oops! Hey, birds of the feather, baby, so you know who he is running with right now.

What? You think the Antichrist is right now hanging out with true Christians?

He hates Christians and is currently helping wage war against Christians. He may be hanging out with liberal or satanic poser Christians but you can bet he ain't hanging out with true Christians.

The Courts

Most people don't realize that one of the most important reasons for the First Amendment for freedom of speech in the US Constitution was to prevent the courts from abusing their power and placing gag orders on the people so the people could not warn others about the court abuses. Britain has always been terrible with their courts abusing their power over their people and they really abused their power when they controlled the Colonies, therefore, the founding fathers, in part, wrote the First Amendment to control the courts.

A great example is what the British courts are doing to Tommie Robinson with their gag orders to silence him because those courts don't want you to know the truth. The British courts are still terrible and used to oppress and silence the people.

The Supreme Court in Israel also regularly abuses its power over the people and the government because their founding parents didn't provide a proper balance of power and constitution to protect the people because their government is very Marxist.

The abuse of power by courts is a problem in every nation. Bad judges always abuse their power and need to removed and disbarred for life.

The corrupt, power mad lefties have also given too much power to US courts over the years and that needs to be stopped. No one in any nation should be above the law and be allowed to abuse their power, not the courts, not Congress, not the President, not the media, no one.

BTW, Israel has been more successful with Marxism than any other nation but they still have a lot of trouble with it. It is only a matter of time until they end up destroying their own nation just like everyone else who has tried any form of Marxism.

Did you know that those power mad whackos running that nation control all prices and wages?

That is why the people are always staging strikes and protests against their government because of wages and prices.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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