I Told You So 254


Remember that I have been telling you that increasing numbers of people have had enough of the evil crap from the upper class trash?

I got this from Breitbart by Chris Tomlinson:

"A newly released survey has claimed that nearly four out of every ten French believe that a full-on revolution is the best way to solve the country's political problems."

That is 40% are for an all-out rebellion, which is a very large number when you realize that less than 20% of the people usually are directly involved in a rebellion, and Macron hasn't figured it out yet but the upper class trash never figure it out until it is too late for them...and then they really do get it. They are kind of arrogant and stupid that way from too many millennia of inbreeding and believing their own elitist crap.

OK, I guess it just might be time to crowd fund a guillotine factory. We can call it "Ye Ole Royal Barber Shoppe" for fun, you know, for giving the upper class trash and their corrupt puppets royal haircuts just below the ears.

Let's see, I will need an old fashioned model guillotine for the nostalgic crowd, a modern model for the hip crowd, a semiautomatic model for the efficiency crowd, and a fully automatic model for the people who just want to hurry up and get it over with so they can get back to life.

Then, of course, we will need headsman's axes, chopping blocks, and headsman's uniforms for the "I really want to get even" crowd.

Then I think we should also sell tar and feathers with large black pots for heating the tar, torches, pitchforks, ladders for scaling palace walls, ropes and gallows for hangings, rifles and ammunition for firing squads, muskets and munitions for firing squads for the nostalgic crowd, bows and arrows for firing squads for the really nostalgic crowd, shotguns for firing squads for the "I can't shoot well" crowd, swords for the romantic crowd, ropes and horses with instructions for the "drawn and quartered" or extremely angry crowd, battering rams for breaking down the doors to palaces and parliaments, and cannons with ball shot and powder for laying siege to palaces and parliaments.

We will need a number of flags but especially the "Don't Tread On Me" flag in very large quantities along with big signs that say, "Eat Cake, Baby!"

Hey, if you are going to have a revolution, do it in style, baby.

That should do for starters. We can always add products later based on demand.

Then I got this from Breitbart by staff:

"BERLIN (AP) - Tens of thousands of people have marched in cities across Germany to protest planned European Union copyright reforms that they fear will lead to online censorship.

The dpa news agency reports the biggest protest Saturday was in Munich, where 40,000 people marched under the motto 'save your internet.'"

I guess we are going to have the instructions for our revolution products in English, French, Spanish, and German? I wonder how many of the Germans, Latinos, and Brits are ready for a revolution? Do you think it will be at least 40%?

This is getting interesting. God is definitely opening a lot of eyes.


There is a new tricky form of censorship the lefties are trying to sneak in on you and they have gotten a number of conservatives to fall for this and help promote the idea already.

They are trying to reestablish themselves as being your intellectual superiors because they got the right degrees from the right universities to intimidate you into silence. Their logic is that, if you don't have a Ph.D. in a specific field of science from the right university, you ain't no scientist and can't possibly know what you are talking about so shut up and blindly believe what our scientific whores are paid to tell you.

People, you don't have to have a Ph.D. in any field of science to know enough about science to be able to tell when you are being lied to, which is why I write this blog, you know, to teach you enough about science so you can tell when you are being lied to.

They are even sacrificing Bill Nye to set up this sucker punch and many conservatives are falling for it, thinking they are just discrediting Bill Nye and his lies. The conservatives don't realize that they are discrediting themselves from being able to talk about science too and will eventually help the left silence most conservatives. It is only a matter of time until they tell you to shut up, if you don't have the right degree from the right university to censor you, you know, all of you intellectually inferior peasants shut up.

A big part of this con is to get others to not listen to you because you can't possibly know what you are talking about because you ain't got the right degree from the right university. It doesn't matter whether you are right or wrong but what degree you have.

I don't care what degree you have or don't have; if you are wrong, you are wrong and, if you are lying, you are lying.

Don't be surprised to see the left trying to use this to silence all conservatives who don't have the right degrees from the right universities, you know, like commentators, preachers, and you.

Keep an eye on this. It is just another lefty con and they only need to con 51% of the population to get the majority vote.


I told you that I knew some rich people who always told me that "It isn't what you know but who you know."

I have found this to be very true for most people, especially for those who become wealthy.

Remember that I told you that better than one third of billionaires don't have any college education?

Many of those who do have college education, have only a few years, you know, like Bill Gates who dropped out of Yale in his sophomore year, which is really before you learn much.

Most of the rich people know much less than I know and they do what they do by hiring people who know what needs to be done to get the job done. Many of them don't run their own businesses, they hire others to run those businesses for them and the mega wealth often have entire staffs of from dozens to hundreds of people working for them to get the job done. A lot of them only make final decisions or even just sign off on whatever their staff decides and could be replaced by a monkey with a rubber stamp.

For example, almost none of our politicians write the laws they pass or try to pass. They or, usually, their puppet masters hire legal firms to write those laws and they just submit the laws and vote the way they are told to vote. That doesn't require much intelligence. Their greatest talent is that they can and will tell any lie and tell it well, usually the lies the puppet master tell them to tell. They don't even have to make up the lies because the upper class trash hire professionals called "spin doctors" to make up the lies for them.

Most rich people get rich in one of three ways 1) they are born into family wealth, which requires no intelligence and only requires a horny mommy and daddy, 2) they were simply in the right place at the right time doing the right thing, you know, like Bill Gates starting Windows when he did because, if he had tried to start it a few years earlier, there would have been no computers that could have handled it and, if he had tried to start it a few years later, someone else would have already started something similar, and 3) meeting people you can work with to achieve a common goal, like corrupt politicians working together to steal from you or people who form a business working together.

Getting rich in politics or crony capitalism doesn't require a lot of intelligence, it just requires a lack of morals and, in politics, if you crawl in bed with the right criminals, you will get rich...until they stuff your butt under their bus. Remember that, when you sell your soul to the Devil, it is only a matter of time until he comes looking for his merchandise and then it is going to get just a wee bit warm...forever.

Most of what most people do to get rich doesn't require more than an average intelligence and them having more money than you definitely doesn't mean they are in any way superior to you, it just means they have more money than you, especially the criminals who stole it.

Crony Capitalism

Remember that I have been warning you about crony capitalism? But what is crony capitalism and how does it work?

I am going to teach you enough about crony capitalism so you can recognize it when you see it and have a basic idea on how it works but this will just be the nutshell version. I will also show you a little about how God has put me in a number of places to teach me what I need to know to see this evil crap and teach it to you.

Basically, crony capitalism is when corrupt capitalists abuse the power of government to control the market to increase their wealth when a true free market might cause them to actually lose money and go bust but definitely not make as much money. Know that they always use smoke and mirrors to cover up their wickedness and I will show some of that too.

A good example is when my daughter moved into a trailer near mine following her divorce from her lousy husband who just walked out on her because he didn't want to be burdened by having to take care of "her family" (her and their kids that he calls "her kids" so he can justify in his mind not having to help support the kids.) To get the electricity turned on, she had to hire an electrician for a lot of money to make sure the hookup was "code legal", you know, the same hookup that had been legally used for most of the previous three decades.

When that electrician showed up, I went outside to watch and see what was being done. He told me that new code required a specific piece of equipment "for safety" before the electricity could be turned on.

Remember that I am trained and experienced in electricity and electronics for B-52s, F-4s, F-105s, A7Ds, other aircraft, and general electronics and physics so I can recognize what is going on.

I realized that the specific equipment now being required "for safety" wasn't necessary and didn't improve the safety at all, pointed that out to the young electrician, who admitted it wasn't necessary but it was required by building codes.

Basically, what happened was that some company developed a new electrical device that wasn't selling enough to make a profit because it wasn't necessary so they bribed state politicians to pass a state building code requiring the purchase and use of that device so it would sell and they used "safety" as the smoke mirrors to cover up the crony capitalism. The bribe was either in the form of campaign donations, which could be used to hire family at outrageous wages to funnel that money from their campaign fund into their family bank account, money being sent to an off shore bank account, insider information for trading in their stocks, a "special deal" on stocks for the company, knowing the code would increase the value of those stocks, which would result in guaranteed increase in wealth for the corrupt politicians, or some other form of corruption.

Another little corrupt game played at the local level to protect big businesses from competition in a free market is that, while saying and pretending to promote local small businesses, they write code and ordinances to limit or destroy small businesses to protect the big businesses. The claim to help the small businesses is the smoke and mirrors while the ordinances limit those businesses.

For example, they permit you to have things like chickens and goats here in Alamogordo so you can sell local products on the local market "to help the local economy" but they limit you to only four hens and no roosters, with which you can't even break even for providing eggs and meat for a small family, much less run a business. You would need at least 20 to 30 hens and 2 to 3 roosters to perpetuate a small business selling eggs, chicks, and meat. By doing this, they keep you out of business to protect the big businesses from competition. It is called crony capitalism.

Then they have another ordinance requiring that all local business has to be conducted inside a building behind a closed door so you can't do a low investment (poor man's) start up by selling fruits and vegetables out of your yard, the driveway, or even an open garage. You have to have enough money to build a building for startup, which keeps the poor people suppressed and helps the big money contractors and gets the city more money with building permits.

Then you have to pay for a permit for almost everything you do on your property to increase revenues for the city so they can steal more from more people faster.

Do you believe me yet that they have turned government into a racket?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Another thing is using "infrastructure" to funnel money into the rich upper class trash bank accounts, you know, with freeways, subways, rail systems, and bridges that go nowhere and take years or, even, decades to build with massive price overruns because they can't steal enough fast enough.

Another blatant example was after Soros helped Obama get elected, Obama gave millions in your tax dollars to a fund that was partly owned or managed by Soros (the smoke and mirrors) that was used for the expense of finding and mining off shore oil off of the coast of Brazil when Obama was busy shutting down US oil, you know, "to protect the environment" (the smoke and mirrors - what? He didn't care about Brazil's environment?), to increase the price of oil for his crony pals and himself (remember that, on a salary of less than half a million dollars a year, he went from being worth one million dollars to being worth more than $10 million in the first term of his presidency.)

Also, all of the takeover and takeover attempts Obama staged in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria were to steal oil from those nations and permit an oil pipeline to run through Syria to get Arabian Peninsula oil from his Muslim pals to Europe cheaper and faster.

Via his corrupt Muslim and upper class trash pals, Obama was heavy into making lots of money from oil and still is.

He screwed everybody, didn't he?

Then you have the upper class trash using special tax free trust funds as smoke and mirrors to protect their wealth from the taxes, including inheritance taxes, they keep forcing on you to steal more from you faster, you know, like the Clinton Foundation tax free trust fund that made more than $200 million in bribes and theft in just one year and they only had to pay less than half a million in taxes or an income tax of about .25% or less than one quarter of a percent, when they should have paid more than $60 million in the taxes they force on you. Gee, what a coincidence.

Remember that I spent 6 months being trained to be a broker, was taught by major brokerage firms to literally commit crimes for them and the upper class trash, and got an MBA to be trained to manage their corporations and trust funds or to commit their crimes for them as one of their many front men/women or fall guys so they don't have to worry about going to prison. I recognize their evil crap when I see it and can teach it to you.

Do you see how God has put me in places and taught me things so I can recognize the lefty corruption and teach it to you?

God has taught me so much that I see their evil wickedness EVERYWHERE and it gets pretty sickening, which is why I want my own planet where I can hang anyone who tries to use any corruption to steal from people. I have reached a point to where I believe all forms of government corruption should be a capital crime, especially after having studied the history and archaeology of every continent on this planet and the upper class trash corruption for a few thousand years.

Well, at least they are consistent in their corruption and evil.

Remember that I taught you about how the European academe, who were all royal extended family members, thunk up non ownership and throw away slavery with their surf, peasantry, and peonage systems so the upper class trash royalty didn't have to bear the horrible financial burden of taking care of their slaves when the slaves became incapacitated from abuse by the upper class trash and could just dump those broken down and worn out slaves on the slaves' families for them to take care of with what little money those families were making?

This illegal alien immigration thingy is just the latest form of throw away slavery where the vile, evil upper class trash can use up and throw away slaves without having to accept the responsibility for those slaves.

Then you add to their sins or crimes with their human trafficking, smuggling drugs, and many other crimes you see them openly committing and the upper class trash have invented infinite evil because their evil is never ending, which drives me even further up the wall. When you can see just how evil these upper class trash really are and you add all of their criminal activities together, you should realize that the entire planet would be better off with them all dead. There would be no government corrupt, no slavery, no human trafficking, no drugs, and almost no other crimes.

You can also see how the evil, vile upper class trash natural elites became rich and it isn't because of them having more intelligence but because of them having less morals, you know, with their satanic "do as you will" thingy. Believe me that they are not superior to you and above you but inferior scum and slime that is beneath you.

Do you believe me yet that them having more money doesn't mean they are more intelligent or in any other way superior to you? Hey, I know, since they love their satanic law of "Do as you will", why don't we do as we will to them? Now, where did I put that guillotine?

They just stole it all, baby. They really ARE the problem and remember that is only the corrupt members of the upper class and not the good members of the upper class, of which there are plenty. You should only hang the bad ones because we need the good ones. Actually, after seeing all of their evil for so many decades, I believe they should all be drawn and quartered, they should get what they have earned and we shouldn't deny them what they have earned. I ain't no commie socialist who believes people shouldn't get what they have earned, really. I think the upper class trash should get everything they have earned. I'm a good little free market capitalist.

Believe me, God has much worse planned for them because of their wickedness.


Remember that I have been telling you about how lousy the x-spurts forecast weather and therefore, they couldn't possibly know what is going to happen in 12 years?

I have been watching the weather to get an idea of when we will have our last freeze here in Alamogordo, NM so I can start planting.

About a week ago, the x-spurts forecast a cold front starting on Saturday, March 30 that was going to last for 6 days and start with lows down into the 30s, which could easily turn into a freeze, with that being the last cold front for the year that could cause a freeze, at least here.

A few days later, they added one day of 80 degree weather between now and then with slightly higher daily temperatures during the cold front and then that made it look less likely there would be a freeze.

Then they change the cold front to only lasting 3 days with a low of 39 degrees on the first night with 40 degrees for the lows on the other two nights and added another 80 degree day between now and then with even higher temperatures during the cold front so it was looking even less likely there will be a freeze.

This morning the forecast had changed to only a 2 day cold front with a low of 40 on the two mornings, daily temperatures during the cold front of almost 70 degrees, and the rest of the surrounding weather being in the 70s and 80s. It is now very unlikely there will be a freeze and the cold front may almost completely cease to exist before it gets here.

This afternoon, it was supposed to have a high of 77 degrees but is now 82 degrees.

I realized that is God telling me that it is time to start stuffing weeds in the ground though some plants won't even like the 40 degree lows so I will wait to plant those plants at least a few more days or weeks, pending the weed.

And you believe these government owned x-spurts can tell what the weather will be like 12 years from now? Why? I sure am glad I studied meteorology in college so I can tell what is going on.

Why are they so wrong so often about the weather? Uh, do you think it might have something to do with them being trained to depend on flawed weather models instead of using basic science and common sense?

Listen, when you realize that these academic whores have sold their souls to Satan, you know, the government, then you know they will tell any lie they are paid to tell and have no credibility. Many of today's academe prostitute their Ph.D.s like the good little street walkers they are and I have heard some of them openly admit as much.


Let me share something with you about history and archaeology I have learned over the last almost 70 years.

What is history?

Basically, history is taking a little evidence and doing a lot of guessing.

You think I am wrong? Then why are they always having to rewrite history? You think it might be because they guessed wrong?

Then you have to understand that the further you go back in history, the less evidence you have and more guessing you have to do, which means you are more likely to guess wrong. When you get all of the way back into archaeology and paleontology, you have very little evidence with only rocks and fossils for evidence.

Do you realize how many times I have had to watch them rewrite their fairy tale of evolution over the last 50 years because they guessed wrong?

It has been rewritten so many times that I have given up on keeping up with the "current theories" because they rewrite at least a little bit of it every few weeks to months. The pagan fairy tale of evolution is in a perpetual state of flux because no one knows what they are talking about.

What should that tell you?

That they guessed wrong every time up to and probably including the last guess, which isn't a very good track record, is it? Yet, they try to pass themselves off as "knowing" the truth or what they are talking about because dey got dem duh right degree from the right university in spite of the fact they guessed wrong every time up to at least the last guess? Do you really think they KNOW anything, especially when so many of them disagree about what they "know"?

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

That is one reason I am so looking forward to Judgment Day because there won't be any more guessing about any of history because God has promised us that EVERYTHING will be made known. It will be the greatest history lesson in history because everyone will know everything about history for everyone with absolutely no guessing. It will definitely be interesting, though I don't think the damned will think it is very interesting.

Do you realize that we are going to get to see and learn every little thing about every person in history?

We are even going to finally find out how many people the Clintons have murdered. Now that will be a really great history lesson.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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