I Told You So 274


Mark sent me this interesting e-mail concerning the video about evolution I posted a link to in my "I Told You So 273" essay:

"Great Video on Darwinsim. Excellent video. A few points:

While the discussion brushed past it, they ignored the elephant in the room, and that is that Yahweh God is the designer.

Putting the PhD in the middle was the correct place. Philosophers have trouble getting off of the fence.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed that video.

Thank you for sending the link. It certainly bolstered my faith in Yahweh God.


He was right but they didn't just ignore the elephant in the room that Yahweh is the designer, they kept dodging it. Every time it was brought up, they dismissed it as religion and, therefore, not pertaining to science in spite of the fact that, if science proves that Yahweh is real, He lives, He exists, it ain't religion no more, it is reality, which does pertain to science.

Then hypocritically, they always include philosophers in the discussion about evolution in spite of the fact that most of them couldn't pass freshman or sophomore science courses.

Why do they do this?

Because philosophers spend 4 years in college learning to use big words and complex sentence structures to make bull crap sound good and they want their fanatical religion of evolution to sound good to you, the viewer.

People, philosophers are just the preachers for the fanatical religion of atheism so including them in the "scientific" discussion about anything while excluding Christian preachers because of religion is hypocritical maximus. That is all philosophers are, the fanatical preachers for the fanatical religion of atheism so, of course, the God haters are going to always include them in any discussion about science, especially evolution, and exclude Christian preachers "because of religion".

Thanks, Mark, for the feedback.


Remember that I told you that the lefties were grabbing land to control the people because their ancestors learned thousands of years ago that, if you control enough of the land, you control the people?

It turns out that the US currently has more than 250 million acres under national control, not including military land, which is much more. That is more land than all of the land in Texas and New Mexico combined, the second and fifth largest states in the nation respectively. Most of that land is easily habitable and can easily be used for farming, ranching, and living.

Trump is now doing something about that to shut down this part of the upper class trash plan to use controlling the land to control the people.

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"The Trump administration has put a conservative advocate who argues for selling off the nation's public lands in charge of the nation's nearly 250 million public acres.

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt on Monday signed an order making William Perry Pendley acting head of the Bureau of Land Management. The move puts the lawyer and Wyoming native in charge of the nation's public lands and their resources."

Bernhardt's plans are to sell 150 million acres in his first sale and you know that will tick off the upper class trash and Obama. That is almost twice what Obama grabbed in one land grab just before leaving office, you know, 94 million acres.

Do you see just how big of a land grab Obama made just before leaving office, almost two fifths of what the US government controls right now? Obama almost doubled the land the upper class trash's deep state was controlling and you can bet Hillary would have done even more damage for more control.

Oops, that will dash those lefty control plans pretty quickly and generate quite a bit of money for the US treasury. Yeah, Trump also knows what the lefties are doing and why, which is why they hate him so much.

This will be interesting and you can bet the left will use the courts to try and stop it.

Rodents and Disease

Remember that I have been warning you about the rodent pandemics the lefties have created and the potential disease pandemics it will eventually cause?

I got this from Arutz Sheva by staff:

"A 30-year old woman was hospitalized on Friday in serious condition at Laniado Hospital in Netanya after contracting leptospirosis, according to a Kan News report.

Leptospirosis is a rare bacterial infection generally transmitted from rodents such as rats and mice. The woman arrived at the hospital suffering from life-threatening conditions, including meningitis, kidney failure, jaundice and other symptoms.

Doctors suspected that she was suffering from leptospirosis and confirmed the diagnosis with laboratory tests. The doctors believe that the source of the infection was probably the secretions of mice and rats that were in her home. After lengthy treatment at the hospital, the woman's condition stabilized and she was released from the hospital on Tuesday."


"Those suffering from leptospirosis range from showing no symptoms to becoming seriously ill with life-threatening symptoms. Patients with the disease usually have symptoms similar to fever or flu, but in rare cases, the disease can cause meningitis and respiratory failure, and sometimes even death."

So how long before that disease makes it into our pandemic rodent populations, you know, like in Baltimore?

It and other diseases could already be there working their ways through our rodent populations and just not discovered yet. Thank you, lefties.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often because we need it.

Evil Lefties

Remember that I have been telling you that lefties are not just stupid but are also very evil?

Watch this video to see just how evil lefties really are.

This video shows you just what I have been telling you that the lefties will not stop until everything that is evil is legal and they can do as they will, anything and everything they want to anyone and everyone they want. The lefties insist on their "right" to force you to do things you don't want to do because they want you to do those things. No one has been more evil than these people, ever in history.

Ready for Biblical Law to protect you and your family yet?

Mass Shootings

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash are sending their lefty nut cases to do these mass shootings to wear the people down and get them to accept taking everyone's guns away from them so the upper class trash can set up their Marxist dictatorship without the fear of getting their evil brains blown out?

If you think I am wrong about this, then think about the following:

Almost all, if not all, of those killers were seeing a shrink and on drugs prescribed by the shrink.

Do you really believe that, with all of their professional training and experience, NOT ONE of those shrinks saw the signs that those killers were about to cross the line and murder a bunch of people? Are you really stupid enough to believe that? Just a wee bit suspicious, huh?

They always tell us that you, you know, the untrained friends and families of the potential killers should see the signs and do something about it and some tried but were ignored.

What about the professionally trained shrinks, shouldn't they have also seen the signs and done something about it, even when the friends and family don't? Shouldn't ALL of those shrinks be under investigation for not seeing the signs and doing something about it with the potential of them losing their license to practice? Shouldn't the FBI be asking the surviving shooters and those shrinks' other patients what those shrinks say to their patients? Do you really think that any shrink who is turning people into mass killers only has one killer in their stables and there won't be more waiting for that shrink to give them killing orders?

People, if almost all to all of the mass killers are lefties, if almost all to all of the mass killers are seeing a shrink, if almost all to all of the mass killers are on prescription drugs prescribed by those shrinks, that is not a coincidence, that is a pattern. That pattern should tell you that it is obvious that those shrinks are doping up and brainwashing people to turn them into human murdering bots to scare people into giving up their guns so the upper class trash, who own those shrinks, can seize control of your government to set up a Marxist dictatorship without getting their evil brains blown out.

If those shrinks are turning out mass killers, which they are capable of doing, they should be facing charges for at least premeditated mass murder, crimes against humanity, and subversion along with the death penalty. They are turning people into human murder bots. If you hang a few of them, the rest will think twice before sending out any more mass murderers to promote their evil globalist agenda.

And why don't the lefty media ask why the professionally trained shrinks these killers are seeing don't see the signs and do something about it and the lefty media always transfer that guilt to the untrained friends and family? Are the lefty media covering for the shrinks?

The mass shootings are being staged more and more frequently and that ain't no coincidence. This is all planned out and staged, not nuts just coincidentally staging increasing numbers of shootings, you know, ye ole "copy cat" crime cop out. It is getting very obvious but it is working because increasing numbers of stupid people are increasingly more willing to accept gun control or confiscation "for safety".

Even Trump is now talking about tougher gun laws. You can bet that the mass shootings will increase to pandemic levels between now and the next election.

The lefties are scaring the people into submission to the lefty dictatorship.

The upper class trash and their minions who are staging these attacks are literally getting away with mass murder and they should be hung. That would do much more to increase our safety than seizing everyone's guns, which would just make us unable to protect and defend ourselves and less safe. They need to start going after the lefties who are ordering and staging these attacks and start hanging them for premeditated murder, especially the ones at the top who are ordering and paying for these killings.


Man is arrogant and arrogance is man's single greatest cause of downfall or failure. And God said, "Pride goes before the fall."

I just saw a headline that stated, "No Earthquake is a Match for These Must-Have Emergency Gadgets".

You know that the message here is "Look, we can beat God" and you know that ain't going to end well. It never does.

My second thought was, "What happens if you lose all of those super duper miracle gadgets in an earthquake?" Yeah, they ain't going to help you one bit and you can lose them in other ways too, you know, in water, wind, fire, being stolen, or any number of other ways.

How many of you have had trouble finding your keys or anything else recently? And they expect you to find their gadgets during or after an earthquake?

Guess what, you can't beat God, I don't care how wonderful you think you are. The only true super duper miracle gadget for surviving any disaster is prayer. Deal with it.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, especially in a disaster.


I saw a number of videos of the recent Democratic Socialists of America convention (A.K.A. Commies R Us convention) and it was a convention on virtue signally and the one thing it showed is that the lefties have made such a complex mess of things because of their insane and immature virtue signaling to get attention that it is easy for anyone to out virtue signal anyone else and even use someone else's virtue signaling against them to make them look more wonderful.

The Commierat virtue signaling is all about immature ego and getting attention just like a whiney two year old only these people are physically (not mentally) much older than two years old.

"Oh look at poor, widdle, victim me, ain't I wonderful?" Grow up!

All those idiots accomplished in hours of a "meeting" was one great big Commierat virtue signaling contest to get the attention of all of the other babies virtue signaling to get their attention. Everyone was there trying to get everyone else's attention, which doesn't accomplish a thing. It was a massive day care for over grown babies. The lefties have gone nuts.

People, get a clue, none of these Commierat "victims" are victims of anything but their lefty brainwashing and culture. They all grew up as spoiled rotten middle to upper class brats who got everything they wanted because mommy and daddy did their virtue signally by spoiling their worthless brats and they just want to keep getting all of that attention for nothing but virtue signaling.

Actually do something worth getting attention for?

No, that would require learning and work, both of which the lefties are allergic to. I have seen two year olds that were more mature than those Commierat dinks. They have driven themselves nuts with their own stupidity.

And you would vote for ANY of them to run ANYTHING, even an outhouse, much less, your government? Really? Why? Because you are stupid too?

Can you imagine those clowns running our planet that way? Scary thought, huh?

Remember this: they are trying to take over the planet. And remember that most of this insanity was dreamed up by your lefty college professors.

If that insanity didn't turn you off to the left, then you are part of the problem.


The lefties are waging war against this nation and its people in an effort to seize control of our government and set up their dictatorship. This is not something that might happen or will happen but is something that is happening RIGHT NOW! Yet the news sites, even most conservative sites, refuse to say the truth that the left is already waging war against us because they are cowards and are terrified the lefties might call them a name, you know, like conspiracy theorists.

Really? So you think it is just a theory?

People, they are telling us that they are waging war against us, are sending out their Antifa and BLM thugs to attack and terrorize us, and are sending out brainwashed and doped up lefty killers to do terrorist mass killings to scare us into surrendering to them. This means it is not a conspiracy theory but is a conspiracy FACT! This is a war and is treason.

What are they going to have to do for you to quit being in denial about the war they are bragging about waging against us right now, wear combat uniforms, form battle lines, wave a battle flag, and attack people with weapons?

Hold it, Antifa is already wearing black combat uniforms in battle lines under a battle flag and attacking people with weapons and you think this isn't a war?

People, by definition that is a war.

Antifa is a combat trained, uniformed group, waging war, under a battle flag and, by definition, that is an army, an insurgency army.

If you don't call what the lefties are waging against us a war, what do you call it, a tennis match?

BTW, the lefties just made a movie about hunting conservatives for sport. Think about how evil that is and that you shouldn't want to give up your weapons.

Disarming America

Because of the regularly staged mass shootings by the left, the left is demanding we take guns away from law abiding citizen so they will not be able to stop the armed and violent coup of the left.

Well, there was a man who staged a series of knife attacks killing four and wounding others.

I guess this means the lefties will want to take all of our knives away from us too?

If they could, they would, especially if they get our guns first so we can't stop them from taking our knives.

"Hey, stupid, lying lefties, that guy has an Assault Butter Knife, an ABK-15. Quick, quick, run for your lives, he might butter you to death, you know, at 5,000 sticks of butter per minute."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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