I Told You So 278

Bogus Science

Remember that I have been warning you about bogus science?

Here is a good video showing how different organizations are using bogus science in relation to climate change to scare people to achieve the different goals for those different organizations. I see this happening all of the time, especially by the left, by environmental and ecological groups, and businesses pushing a product, such as in health food, so keep an eye on it.

It has gotten so bad that you can't believe ANYTHING the left tells you. Any more, I see much more bogus science than real science, especially from the media.


Remember that, in spite of the intimidation the left uses against people who pay attention by calling us "conspiracy theorists", I have been telling you that the left is really about a major conspiracy to set up their global Marxist dictatorship?

I got this from Breitbart by Capital Research Center:

"A largely unknown, massively funded strategy company pushing the interests of wealthy leftist donors has been quietly behind a hydra-like dark money network of pop-up groups designed to look like grassroots activist organizations. These front groups push everything from opposition to President Trump's proposed border wall to support for Obamacare to gun control to government control of the Internet to pro-abortion activism and other leftwing causes.

The secretive Arabella Advisors may be one of the most impactful and sophisticated leftist funding outfits that you never heard of, a centralized hub that runs nonprofit arms that in turn have spawned a nexus of hundreds of front organizations outwardly designed to appear grassroots but that evidence the common theme of more government control in the lives of Americans.

Arabella's vast network was unmasked in an extensive exposé by conservative watchdog Capital Research Center, which documents the shadowy system developed by, housed in, and staffed by the for-profit, privately held Arabella Advisors.

The Arabella firm in turn manages four nonprofits: the New Venture Fund, Sixteen Thirty Fund, Windward Fund, and Hopewell Fund. It is these nonprofit entities that play host to hundreds of groups and projects that promote interests and political movements strategically deployed in an ongoing campaign to nudge the country to the left.

Arabella's nonprofits spent a combined $1.16 billion from 2013-2017 alone with the aim of advancing 'the political policies desired by wealthy left-wing interests through hundreds of 'front' groups,' according to the report. 'And those interests pay well: the network's revenues grew by an incredible 392 percent over that same period.'

'Together, these groups form an interlocking network of 'dark money' pop-up groups and other fiscally sponsored projects, all afloat in a half-billion-dollar ocean of cash,' states the report. 'The real puppeteer, though, is Arabella Advisors, which has managed to largely conceal its role in coordinating so much of the professional Left's infrastructure under a mask of 'philanthropy.'"

Also remember that we just watched the lefties wage a very open 2 year conspiracy to impeach Trump.

Gee, who would have guessed that the lefties really do have conspiracies where they conspire or work together to achieve their evil goals?

Oh yeah, I did. Note it is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is a CONSPIRACY FACT!!! Now you know some names and amounts of dollars involved in their conspiracies.

Don't let the lefties intimidate you into silence any more by them calling you a conspiracy theorists. Just turn the table on them by saying, "Yeah, I am proud to be a conspiracy theorist because it means I pay attention and KNOW that you lefties have conspiracies. You conspire or work together to destroy our nation and set up your evil Marxist dictatorship."

Now everyone knows it. This is a huge breakthrough in this war. The worm is turning against the lefty commie traitors.

Bribes for College

Remember that I told you that the bribes to get children in top universities was just the tip of the iceberg and that the rich peoplle making "philanthropic" donations to top universities was actually bribes to get their spoiled rich brats into those universities?

Here is a video about that happening at USC, the University of Southern California.

Surprise, surprise. Those big "donations" by the rich to top elitist universities are just bribes to get those rich spoiled brats into those schools, you know, just like I told you.

Now, if the spoiled rich brats don't get high enough scores on tests like SAT and mommy and daddy bribe the university, how do the spoiled rich brats get into that elitist university?

I told you that the upper class trash, government, and academe do that by red flagging rich kids to "make sure" those spoiled rich brats get the scores they need to get into those elitist universities. I am waiting for that story to break too and, with everything else that is going down now, it isn't if but when that is made public knowledge.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash having more money than you does not mean they are smarter than you, it just means they have more money than you, you know, to bribe people to get what they want, like getting their spoiled rich brats into the right ukneebersities.

I keep pointing out that the upper class trash university system is very corrupt and you are just now beginning to see the tip of the iceberg, baby. Surprise, surprise!!!


Remember that I have been warning you that we are right now at war in this country with the left openly waging war against us and increasingly using weapons with the war escalating?

Here is a video about the FBI warning that Antifa is increasingly arming and becoming increasingly violent against the government and conservatives, you know, just like I have been warning you.

I don't care what anyone, especially on the left, says, actions speak louder than words and the left's actions are those of waging war against us with that war escalating quickly now.

You better keep an eye on this, especially with major businesses turning their stores into free murder zones for the lefties.


Remember that I have been telling you that, if Britain leaves the EU, the EU will implode?

This video says that the chief negotiator for the EU, a globalist, says that, if Britain leaves the EU, the EU will implode and cease to exist.

Remember that, if the EU implodes, the lefty dreams of globalism will be finished.

The big question here is, if this try to conquer the planet and set up their Marxist dictatorship fails, what will the lefty Marxists change their name to and who will they use to try once again to conquer the world and set up a global commie dictatorship, China?

I believe that, if this conspiracy fails, there will be a violent coup of as many nations as they can stage and succeed at. Based on what I am seeing, I seriously doubt that these evil beings are going to just regroup, reorganize, start over, and wait another 20 to 30 years to probably fail again. This time, I believe they will stage a violent coup and, if necessary, start WWIII.

Keep an eye on this.

Lefty Nazis

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are the true Nazis?

Here is a video that tells you the well known fact that Margaret Sanger, whom the lefties love and refuse to disavow, was a racist eugenicist who wanted to do the exact same thing Hitler wanted to do before Hitler tried and failed to do it, which was the eliminate all but the white race with birth control and abortion. The lefties are still very clearly working towards and increasingly being open about eradicating all but the "superior whites" or Western rich people.

Just like I told you, the Nazis, A.K.A. lefties, are still trying to achieve their "final solution" of genocide against all non whites on this planet under the name of saving the planet from climate change. Dem murdering socialists just won't give up on their evil dreams of wiping out all non whites, you know, Nazi genocide.


Remember that years ago I told you that China is in serious trouble and will probably end up with a coup splitting up the country?

I got this from American Thinker By Thomas Lifson:

"One of the standard criticisms of President Trump's trade war with China is that China has the upper hand because it is not a democracy. Meanwhile, President Trump faces voters in 14 months, so therefore it was a mistake to challenge the status quo that allows China to steal intellectual property and pay for its economic and military growth via unending half-trillion-dollars-a-year trade surpluses with the United States. Foolish Trump!

The problem with this view is that it greatly underestimates the vulnerability of Xi Jinping -- or any other Chinese Communist Party head. The Politburo and its Central Committee can and have deposed previous leaders who lost their confidence. And with serious economic pain and the ongoing rebellion against China's attempt to step-by-step exert absolute authority over Hong Kong, there is serious discontent in leadership circles of the Chinese Communist Party that may be constraining Xi and could end up rewarding Trump.

Today, the New York Times finally acknowledges that China's leadership is being divided and that Xi's rule may not last forever if pressures continue to build."

The NYT story is trying to make it look like it is just the Hong Kong thingy that is dividing the Chinese commie party but I have showed you in the past that it is their declining economy, they down sizing their military, and many other factors. China's problems are not as simple as the NYT story makes it look.

The big question here is, will this be a party coup, a military coup, or some combination of the two?

My money is on the "combination of the two" because the military has already been downsized by at least 60% and is already divided up into at least several different factions.

Then you have to consider whether this will turn into a civil war, which, at this time, is very likely.

If this turns into a civil war, you should expect to see the Muslims rise up to fight for independence for the Xinjiang province in the northwest, the Buddhists rise up for independence for Tibet, Hong Kong to declare itself an independent state with the support of the US, Taiwan declare itself an independent state and possibly make a grab for a big piece of mainland China, especially if they can get the support of the area's Chinese military factions, North Korea will probably be pulled into the fight because, if China falls, North Korea falls, India will annex Kashmir, the Taliban, Pakistan, Iran, Venezuela, and other Chinese puppets may fall, and China itself could end up being divided up into two or more warlord states with different military factions ruling each. You can bet the US CIA will be mixed up in all of this too.

Who will be some of the biggest losers in this?

The Western lefty commie traitors who will be traumatized, cwy der widdle snowflake eyes out in der widdle safe spaces in der widdle mommies' basements because the last of their great, wonderful commie dream will have died. Awwwwww!!!

The lefty world is completely falling apart, isn't it?

Others than just me are noticing that the lefties are now very desperate and that means they will soon stage a violent coup as a last resort to get what they want.

You think maybe that is why the lefties are now so very desperately trying to disarm the American people and staging increasing numbers of mass murders to get people to give up their guns?

Keep an eye on this and enjoy the videos of the lefty commie traitor snowflakes cwying der widdle eyes out. If you think their "Trump derangement syndrome" was bad, wait until you see their commie derangement syndrome.

Evil man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs.


Remember that I have proved to you a number of times that we cannot colonize Mars?

NASA and others, who should know better, keep talking about colonizing Mars and even terra farming an atmosphere, which is impossible, so I started wondering what was going on.

Then I realized, "Is all of this crap about colonizing Mars meant to distract us from the upper class trash taking over this planet and setting up their global dictatorship?"

After all, many people would decide to flee to Mars instead of standing up to the lefties in a war to stop the upper class trash from setting up their global dictatorship only to find out too late that the option of fleeing to Mars does not really exist.

"Hey, don't look over here at our global commie coup, people, look at colonizing Mars."

Colonizing Mars is just smoke and mirrors, People.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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