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Sahara Desert

Remember that I told you about what I call continental drying creating and increasing the size of deserts and that we could and should increase the carrying capacity of the planet by returning water to these drying areas, especially the deserts?

I am not the only one now thinking about this as you can see in this video. The difference is that my plan uses desalinated water as artificial rainfall to control the process, you know, the way God uses rainfall, and their ideas are just flooding large areas with salt water and hoping evaporation will take care of it, you know, kind of hit and miss based on ignorance.

Their idea was tried decades before I was born (I'm 70), it was a terrible failure and my idea was developed based on that failure in relation to science. Yeah, it really helps to learn from other people's mistakes so you don't repeat them.

What they did was they found a desert valley just off of the Nile River in Egypt that had once been a very productive agricultural valley a few thousand years ago and the geniuses decided to flood that valley floor with water from the Nile River to turn it back into agricultural land. Well, all of that standing water just stood there and became stagnant (surprise, surprise) and it turned into a disease infested swamp they ended up having to drain because it was killing people.

That is what the people in the above video are talking about doing except, instead of using fresh water, they are talking about using salty sea water and just kinda sorta hoping that water will either seep into the soil and/or evaporate and return as rain to magically turn the area into a tropical paradise, you know, the ignorance based, simple minded fairies riding unicorns over rainbows thinking.

"Why, if we just do this one little simple minded, ignorance based thingy, utopia will just magically happen...poof!"

Did you know that, without the tides created by the moon and sun, your sea shores will become so stagnant that most life can't exist in the salt water?

What happens is the gravity of the moon and sun cause the waters to rise by drawing in more water called a high tide. As the Earth rotates away from the moon and sun, their gravities pull quite a bit of that water away from our shores, called a low tide, taking quite a bit of the waste deposited along those shores out to sea where it is either processed by organisms at sea or sinks into the mud at the bottom of the ocean, keeping your sea shores clean and healthy.

Now, if you flood a big hole in the ground in the middle of a desert the way they say, I don't care how big it is, there will be no cleaning tides taking waste out to sea because your body of water will be land locked. If you want to see what that will be like, just go to any land locked body of salty water like the Dead Sea or the Salt Lakes in Utah in the US, where there is almost no life. Hint, it ain't going to be no tropical paradise, baby.

If you want to recover these drying continents, especially the deserts, you have to use clean rainfall and running water. You CANNOT use standing or stagnant water because that never works. Even the Great Lakes in North America have a running water flow through that keeps them clean, washing waste out to see via the St. Lawrence River.

Therefore, the common sense and scientifically sound thing is to use desalinated water, pipe it to the tops of "water sheds", which are land areas like valleys where the rainfall runs down towards the same streams and rivers, use old style water sprinklers to generate artificial rainfall that will not only increase the water in the soil but also increase the water in the air, which will decrease heating and drying of the area.

The science behind hydrating the air is a little complex but I will try to keep it simple. Remember this is the nutshell version.

The higher the humidity or water in the air, the less water the air will absorb from the soil, plants and animals and the more sunlight will be reflected back out into space so that less sunlight will reach the soil and be turned into heat, which means the increased air humidity will cool the area. Yes, you will be changing the weather or climate on a local basis from desert weather to a more habitable climate.

Therefore, we need to increase the water in the air around our watershed as well as the water in the soil and the best way to do that is with water sprinklers, which will achieve both goals at the same time.

Now, by using artificial rain on mapped out watersheds, we will be using running water to gradually increase the water in the soil so that water doesn't go stagnant and remains fresh or the soil becomes saturated and causes mudslides, which is a MUST.

You need to do this gradually over a period of at least 3 to 5 years and not just flood the area. What will happen is that, as the water in the soil increases, grass and small plants will grow establishing roots in the soil to prevent erosion and mudslides (grass, not trees, prevent erosion) and begin developing increasing biomatter in the soil so more and larger plants can eventually grow. You start by growing, farming, or developing the soil and the air to where they can support an ecosystem. To work, this has to all be done scientifically and not just ignorantly flooding an area with water.

This increasing water in the soil will begin to build aquifers, which, when their water level reaches the surface, will begin to develop streams, which will grow into rivers and lakes, which will develop riparian areas, for which you may have to introduce species because, in case you have not noticed, there are no riparian areas or species in deserts. Then you will begin to develop grassy fields and hills and, as animals such as birds spread seeds, you will start getting larger brush and occasional trees, especially near surface water.

As the plant life increases, herbivores from surrounding areas will migrate to your project area, which will draw predators to your area, which will do most of the developing of the ecosystem for your area with you only having to introduce a few specialized species like water plants and animals, some of which will be brought into the area by migrating animals like birds, but you will definitely have to introduce things like fish or aquatic animals based on the plant life you see developing in your area.

It is like carving a stone statue, you have to do it one carefully placed hammer stroke at a time and don't just hit it once with a really big hammer.

You DO NOT want to plant any trees for at least the first 5 to 10 years pending the development of the ecosystem because trees use way too much water, would slow the development of the water system in your ecosystem and possibly stop its development. A few trees brought into the area because of seeds spread by animals like birds will be fine.

What you need to grow for those first 5+ years is indigenous grass and small plants to prevent erosion. You DO NOT want to do any farming of any type or herding for at least the first 3 to 5 years pending the development of the ecosystem or it could setback or destroy your reclamation project and you will be right back where you started with a desert wasteland. You have to increase or grow the biomatter in the soil until the soil can handle farming and herding, after the grass lands mature.

This project has to be controlled and it has to be based on science. When you finally do start farming or herding, you want to start with light herding and, if the soil handles that well for a few years, then you can start farming or heavier herding.

Now, before you even begin your project, you have to send in teams of scientists to map out your watersheds so you will know where to run your pipelines and place your sprinklers, especially in relation to trade winds. You need to setup entire strings of wet areas cutting across the trade winds to increase air humidity and precipitation while decreasing sunlight hitting the ground downwind to begin claiming even more of the desert. The "downwind" areas will develop more naturally from the precipitation caused by the increasing air humidity increasing water soil, forming aquifers, streams, rivers, and lakes to grow grasslands.

You will need to study the local plants and animals to know what plant and animal populations will begin to grow as the water and food supplies increase, you have to study all areas within 100+ miles of your project so you will know what plants and animals will migrate to your habitats as the water and food supplies increase, and then you can decide what plants and animals you will need to introduce for your ecosystem to function by making it a balanced ecosystem. What they will find is that they will have to introduce very few species to achieve a balanced ecosystem, mostly aquatic life.

You will need to study the meteorology and geology of your project area so you can monitor changes in soil biomatter and weather patterns for the project area.

Some people have complained that research is showing that waste from desalination plants is 50% greater than they had previously thought, often dumping the chemicals they use for desalination back into the sea, polluting the sea.

That is for chemical and mechanical desalination and not solar desalination. The only waste you will get from solar desalination is the salt and other minerals you will cook out of the sea water with the heat generated by sunlight, which can be returned to the sea or even sold as "sea salt" to health food nuts to help cover the costs of your project and save tax payers and investors money.

As you can see, this would be much more complex than the people in that video think it would be and require teams of scientists to manage it. Eventually, you should determine seasonal net loss of water for each area caused by evaporation and runoff and that will determine your eventual use of desalinated water, which should eventually decrease and will certainly fluctuate over time. Therefore, the net loss of water has to be monitored forever by scientists, yes, forever.

Oh yeah, you will need more CO2 in the air for all of those plants to grow. Therefore, if you want to reclaim the deserts, you need to increase the CO2 in the air. Think about it.

Well, so much for that climate change bull crap. Hmmm, maybe the increasing CO2 in the air is largely being caused by the expanding deserts decreasing plant life, which converts CO2 into oxygen? So, the best way to decrease CO2 in the air is to reclaim deserts? Gee, who would have guessed?

BTW, this project MUST be managed by honest, credible scientists who won't sell their souls to the devil for financial gain and definitely not by the corrupt, greedy, power mad, scientifically ignorant upper class trash, their political whores, scientifically ignorant government bureaucrats, greedy universities, or scientifically ignorant and stupid lefty minions, who you know will all find some stupid reason to destroy the program for short term financial gain. I have the utmost faith in these people to eventually screw things up.

Bogus Science

Remember that I have been telling you about bogus science, especially by government owned scientists who sell their souls to the devil and will say anything they have been paid to say?

I got this from American Thinker by Norman Rogers concerning the book "Scientocracy":

"The title of this new book is a play on aristocracy. The science aristocracy is living off its former reputation as honest investigators of the natural world. But now they are largely mean-spirited bureaucrats who don't hesitate to fake science when it serves their bureaucratic and financial goals. The public, politicians, and the media are mostly scientific ignoramuses easily fooled into believing that fake science is rock-solid science. There is an alliance driven by the money-greed of the science mandarins and the socialist dreams of the political Left. It is not an accident that the many ecological catastrophes predicted by rogue science get political support from the Left.

The book consists of 11 essays by prominent whistleblowers that have waged mostly losing battles with the scientocracy. The editors are Patrick Michaels, a distinguished skeptical climate scientist, and Terence Kealey, a biochemist and former university administrator in Great Britain.

The science establishment has been corrupted by money, specifically federal research grants. A wise President Eisenhower warned about the corrupting effect of money on science in this 1961 farewell address. Money is now more important than science. A big bite of every research grant goes to the university as 'overhead.' So the university bureaucracy is intensely focused on bringing in more research grants. For the researcher, money means promotion, status, and the means to engage in expensive research projects."

These unscrupulous scientists with no credibility are the "academic whores" I have warned you about years ago. This is how lefties keep proving whatever lies they want, they just bribe unscrupulous scientists to say what they want said and, whamo, it is a scientific fact, you know, like global warming...uh...I mean climate change. These frauds have no credibility, none, zero.

Stupid Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent, all it means is that you have more money and that the stupid people are running our planet?

I am going to once again show you just how stupid these upper class trash, their political whores, and their bureaucrats and minions are.

When I was about 7 or 8 years of age, I noticed something I have studied for more than 60 years and I have not seen any of these all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, natural elite, highly educated, grossly overpaid, upper class trash, their academe, their political whores, or any of them, who got the right degrees from the right universities, mention, not one time.

I noticed and my research has confirmed that the wealthiest of the wealthy people on this planet all either come from or do business with the nations that have the strongest economies, which provide their people with the most disposable income.

Don't believe me?

Just look around the world and you will notice that what I just said is true. The best example of this is third world countries where the people have the lowest disposable income and none of their upper class are among the wealthiest of the wealthy in the world unless those wealthy people do business with nations with stronger economies.


Because, the people having the most disposable income increases the growth of their economies so that the upper class have the greatest earning potential for the long term.

Therefore, if the upper class trash steal from the people's disposable income, they are stealing from the maximum potential of their economy and also stealing from their own maximum potential long term wealth, in other words, the upper class trash stealing from the lower classes is the upper class trash stealing from themselves and the arrogant fools, their all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated college professors, and others have not figured this out in thousands of years of stealing from the people and holding back their own long term maximum earning potential.

You think I am wrong?

Just look around the world and answer the question, "Where do the wealthiest of the wealth come from and/or do business?" The answer will smack you right in the face and you too will wonder why these intellectually superior upper class trash have not figured this out in more than 2,500 years of them stealing for short term financial gain with it being so obvious that a 7 year old boy could notice it.

Do you believe me yet that they are the stupidest people on the planet, that having more money doesn't mean you are more intelligent and that all it means is you have more money? Getting obvious, is it?

When you see how obvious this is and that a 7 year boy old noticed it but none of the upper class trash have in thousands of years, you will agree with me about how stupid the upper class trash are to keep stealing from their own futures.

Kind of makes your brain hurt, doesn't it?

And the greedy, power mad upper class trash want to set up a global dictatorship so they can enslave the people to steal everything from the people? Why?

Because the upper class trash are so greedy they are simple minded and stupid and the only way the upper class trash know how to increase their wealth is to steal more from more people faster.

Hey, what do you expect from 2,500 years of inbreeding, intelligence and sanity?

Maybe, just maybe the upper class trash should learn to earn money instead of just stealing it?

And God said, "You sins will find you out." He also said, "Thou shalt not steal."


Remember that I told you that Trump successfully sucker punched everyone with his move in Syria?

Its seems that he also sucker punched ISIS. He removed the troops from Syria but not all of them. Trump left some special operations teams in Syria waiting for the ISIS leaders to come out of hiding, you know, after they heard the US military "left the area", when Trump found out where they were, sent his special operations teams into Idlib to kill Al-Baghdadi AND his number one lieutenant or replacement.

We are going to have to award Trump the title of Greatest Sucker Puncher in the World or World Champion Sucker Puncher.

And what is really funny is that, every time Trump throws a sucker punch, the idiot lefties go charging right into it to take it on the chin again and again and again. Everyone calls them clowns but that is an insult to clowns because even clowns are not that stupid.


Remember that I have been telling you that the left uses bad lefty judges to do much of their dirty work for them and you need to get rid of these judges, if you want your nation back?

See this video by Fox News at Arutz Sheva. It proves what I have been telling you.

The left has "weaponized" the lefty judges to help them win against you and enslave you.


Remember that I told you that I thought our new nation might include parts of Canada, particularly the western states?

Alberta and Saskatchewan are looking to get away from the insane lefty rule of the east and are even considering succession. They would probably welcome joining with a conservative US or our new conservative Christian nation.

Note that this also means that lefties leaving the US because of Trump, would not be welcome there.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that China's economy is declining and she would have a lot of trouble sustaining a major war, especially against the US?

This is a very good video that tells you that and much more. Several things you should notice include that, to solve their problems, China is doing more of the same that caused those problems (yeah, the commies don't understand economics, surprise, surprise) and that China is getting so many of her resources from other nations that a war would cut off many of her resources, and she is beginning to move some of her businesses out of country to other countries so that she would be very vulnerable to getting her economy shut down by a war.

Don't lose any sleep over the US going to war with China and China being able to conquer the US. Ain't happening because the US would win that one pretty easily, especially with the way Trump is restructuring our economy and military. It is much more likely that, if China's economy eventually fails, there will be a military coup in China, which is getting pretty close to happening.

After this coup, I expect China to break up into at least 3 to 4 different nations.

US National Security

I hope you have realized by now that the single greatest threat to US national security is the upper class trash, their corrupt political whore politicians, and their deep state traitors within the US government and their lefty minion activists. They are the single greatest threat to US national security in the history of the US, even greater than the Confederacy was during the US Civil War because today's enemies of the state are not trying to secede from the Union but are trying to seize control of and destroy the Union to set up their Marxist dictatorship.

If the Confederacy had succeeded in seceding from the Union, it would have weakened the Union but it would not have destroyed it. Therefore, the single greatest threat to US national security EVER is the upper class trash, their corrupt political whore traitors, their deep state traitors, and their lefty minion activist traitors.

This is the organized army of traitors you have to take your nation back from and you have to get them all or they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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