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Whistle Blower

Remember that I told you that it is looking more and more like the reason they are protecting the identity of the "whistle blower" is because there is no whistle blower?

I got this from Breitbart by Hannah Bleau:

"House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) closed Wednesday's public impeachment hearing by denying any knowledge of the identity of the so-called 'whistleblower,' whose complaint sparked the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry."

There isn't a whistle blower, people, it is all a big lie by Schiff to justify or as a facade to hide his impeachment fraud behind. Schiff tried to con everyone until he could find something, anything to bring impeachment charges against Trump. The man should go to prison because his impeachment investigation is just a con and is fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud in order to stage an illegal coup. The man is a criminal and traitor and everyone aiding him is guilty of aiding and abetting his criminal activities. But, hey, he is a lefty so he is above the law because they own the law.

You might want to give a call to your Congress person about bringing charges against Schiff.

Now, if the GOP is smart, they will force Schiff to produce the whistle blower to keep Schiff's butt out of prison and, if there is no whistle blower, he goes to prison. Schiff should not be above the law.

Have you noticed that the Commierat charges against Trump have changed from Russian collusion to obstruction of justice to quid-pro-quo against Ukraine to bribery because the lying Commierats can't get anything to stick?

Nothing like a fishing expedition to stage a coup. Listen, people, the lefties are not going to stop this treason until a bunch of them go to prison or get hung for treason.

My Blog

Remember that I told you that one reason why God has kept me with this blog and not let me set up something like a YouTube channel is because this blog gets into countries my YouTube channel would not get into because YouTube channels are being censored by some nations and my blog is flying in under their radar?

I have recently realized another reason why God has kept me with this blog. It seems that YouTube is banning increasing numbers of conservative YouTube channels but my blog is not under their control like a YouTube channel would be. You will still have access to this blog after YouTube has censored all conservative channels, which they are increasingly moving towards.

Yep, God works in funny ways. We may not know why God does what He does, but God knows. So long live Carl's Blog.

Big Bang

Remember that I told you that the "Big Bang Theory" is crap and a massive explosion could not possibly have created our cosmos and why?

I got this from CenturyLink by staff:

"James Peebles won this year's Nobel prize in physics for helping transform the field of cosmology into a respected science, but if there's one term he hates to hear, it's 'Big Bang Theory.'

The leading explanation for the universe in its earliest periods has held sway for decades, with Peebles' early work investigating cosmic background radiation helping to cement many of the details.

But 'the first thing to understand about my field is that its name, Big Bang Theory, is quite inappropriate,' the 84-year-old told a rapt audience at an event honoring US-based Nobel Prize winners at a Swedish Embassy event in Washington on Wednesday.

'It connotes the notion of an event and a position, both of which are quite wrong,' he continued, adding there is in fact no concrete evidence for a giant explosion.

The Nobel committee last month honored Peebles for his work since the mid-1960s developing the now prevalent theoretical framework for the young universe.

But he is careful to note that he does not know about the 'beginning.'

'It's very unfortunate that one thinks of the beginning whereas in fact, we have no good theory of such a thing as the beginning,' he told AFP in an interview."


It didn't happen, people! What you are being taught is God hating pagan bull crap, I told you so and explained why.

"there is in fact no concrete evidence for a giant explosion," and "we have no good theory of such a thing as the beginning," pretty much says it all because, without any evidence, it is just a guess and, in this case, just a God hating pagan fairy tale that is no more valid than any previous pagan religious stories like some animal creating everything, you know, fairies riding unicorns over rainbows sprinkling fairy dust everywhere thingy.

Do you get the picture yet that evolution is just a fanatical pagan religion with no evidence or answers to the most important questions?

An explosion cannot create anything but scattered debris and rubble, there is too much intelligent design and order in our cosmos for an explosion to have created it and now you know it because this physicist just told you so. He is not a Christian, he is just being honest and professional.

Evolution is just one big pagan fairy tale made up of a bunch of constantly changing smaller pagan fairy tales. Evolution is all about fooling people into believing it is possible for God to not exist so they can fool you into believing He doesn't exist so they don't have to live by God's Laws protecting you from them. That is all it is.

Think I am wrong, then why did the evolutionists get mad at Michael Behe for pointing out in his book, "Darwin's Black Box", that the evolutionists can't answer some of the most critical questions for evolution?

Behe thought that, by pointing out these cover-ups, he would get more people to study evolution and come up with the answers but the other evolutionists knew that there is no scientifically sound answer and were covering it up until Behe exposed it, which ticked them off. Behe accidentally and unknowingly exposed their con.

There is a God, His name is Yahweh/Elohim/Adonai/The Great I Am/Jesus and He spoke everything into existence he had designed with just His magnificent mind and evolution is just a pagan fairy tale. His intelligence dwarfs the combined intelligence of mankind by the factor of infinity.

This is a massive "I Told You So". I just realized that, if you read through my site from the beginning, I have used science to prove absolutely conclusively that evolution cannot and did not happen. God is exposing the truth because the truth will set you free. That only leaves Biblical creation, baby.


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties have taken over more than just the politics of our government and that you have to take back the schools, courts, and the rest of our government to get your nation back?

This video explores and explains some of the brainwashing that is increasingly being done in our public schools.

Yeah, we really need to take back our schools to save our kids.

Bogus Science

Remember that I have been warning you about bogus science?

Here is a video that is a great example of bogus science. There is just no way they could tell you the things they tell you as "scientific fact" from just studying fossils, none.

Listen, history is using some evidence, sometimes more and sometimes less, and guessing. Ancient history known as prehistory (before written records) is using very little evidence and doing a lot of guessing, which is why they are always rewriting ancient history. They don't know most of what they claim to know because they can't actually know it. They just guess that this, that, or something else MIGHT have happened and, so far, they have guessed wrong almost every time.

When they sell this as scientific fact, that is bogus science.


Remember that I have been telling you that there will be a rebellion when enough people realize that they have less to lose by rebelling than they have to gain?

It is already beginning as increasing numbers of people are organizing and starting non violent rebellions. One example can be seen with this video and this is just one example of groups of people organizing and rebelling against the upper class trash. Increasing numbers of people have had enough.

This is getting very interesting so keep an eye on it and, hey, feel free to join the fight against the upper class trash.

Stupid Rich People

Remember that I have been telling you that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent and that all it means is you have more money?

Want to see some stupid rich people?

This video of cruisers made my brain hurt because they had no clue in how to deal with a small sea snake. They acted like two 10 year old city girls.

How would you deal with this little poisonous snake?

You get a container like a pot, bucket, or bag large enough to safely contain the snake and a broom or long stick. Then you just sweep or push the snake into the container and pour the snake over the side of the boat. When you start trying to push the snake into the container, it will probably want to escape into the container to get away from you. Quick and easy end to the adventure.

It is amazing they didn't get bit. The longer you play with or fool around with a poisonous snake, the better the chance that he will get to bite you.

It blew my mind that she was even thinking about using salad tongues that would have put her hands close enough to the snake for it to strike her. Smart move.

Note that snakes can normally only strike about one third to one half their length so stay at least their length away from them and remember they can run faster than you so don't get them ticked at you, just get them in the container and released safely away from you.

Since the snake was small enough it was having trouble climbing up the seating in the boat pilot house, they could have easily stood on that seating to capture the snake without the snake being able to get them, if it became angry and turned on them.

My brain still hurts from watching that.

Then later she said they might have to dive into the sea water and swim with the fish.

I don't know if my brain can take too much more of this.

Is there any place in the ocean or in any sea where you don't have to "swim with the fish", you know, in their water where they live?

The ocean ain't no hotel swimming pool, lady!!!


Remember that I told you that the people in Western Canada are getting increasingly angry at the liberal Canadian government and many are wanting to secede?

This video is more evidence of this being the case.

Crony Capitalism

Remember that I have been warning you about Marxism and Crony Capitalism?

This video is a great example of crony capitalism going wild and about to destroy the Commiefornia economy because of greed. The now corrupt unions and other businesses are about to devastate the Commiefornia economy even worse than the Marxists have done. The upper class trash have gotten so greedy they have gone mad and the people will pay for this.

This is crony capitalism, you know, where the corrupt upper class trash bribe political whores to pass laws, codes, and ordinances written by the upper class trash to handicap or eliminate the little guys to eliminate competition so the greedy upper class trash can drive their prices up while decrease the quality of their products or services to increase their profits at the expense of the people.

This is going to get worse before it gets better. We are talking Venezuela-fornia here. These commies are determined to destroy this nation.

Keep an eye on this.

US National Security

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia and China are not the greatest threat to US national security and it is the lefty upper class trash?

This video makes it very clear that Russia is not a threat to US national security by any stretch of the imagination and you should also be able to see that the real threat to this nation is from within.

Vice President

Remember that I told you not to be surprised if AOC ends up being Bernie's vice presidential running mate?

"Oh," but you say, "she is too young because she is only 30 and the minimum age to be president is 35!"

Yeah, when was the last time the left let laws stop them from doing what they want, you know, like with Obama never having to prove he was born in the US? The lefties are above the law. If nothing else, they just change the laws. Besides, I can just hear the left's reply to you protesting that she is too young, you know, "you are racist and sexist!"

Want more proof?

Watch this video and notice that she decided to begin her support for him in earnest RIGHT AFTER he had his heart attack at 78 years of age, you know, when it became obvious that he probably won't live to finish his first term. Hey, nothing like a little opportunity here, folks, you know, get on the old fart's best side by sucking up to the old fool, get him to appoint you to be his vice president, and then just sit back and wait for him to croak. Whala, president!!!

Did you notice that she has been glued to the old fool's side since then?

Dig that gold, baby!

If nothing else, it will make her a better presidential candidate, if she is vice president in 2004 when she will be 35. Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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