I Told You So 295


Remember that, after Ginsberg had her third operation for cancer (pancreatic cancer this time) this last August, I told you that her life expectancy is not looking too good, especially for her age?

People, she has had surgery for three different types of cancer in different parts of her body which should tell you the cancer has spread throughout her body and she is dying. It isn't if, especially at more than 80 years of age, it is when.

Then she got sick enough a few weeks ago so that she had to miss court and now she just got sick enough they had to take her to the hospital with "chills and a fever", which ain't looking good, people. They are intentionally keeping quite a bit of information from us, obviously for political reasons, and I will be surprised if she lives 6 months, but especially if she lives a year. She could easily die any day now.

Commie Show Trial

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty commie traitors in the House DO NOT want to have an actual trial that will cause this phony impeachment to end up in the hands of the GOP run Senate to do the job right?

I got this from Breitbart by John Nolte:

"Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) said President Trump is 'innocent,' and there's 'no way in the world' the U.S. Senate will remove him from office.

'One thing is crystal clear, what we heard this week from the House was - no facts, no evidence, nothing that would lead to an impeachment,' Scott said on Friday. 'This is a place where I think all Americans wanted to know: where is the fact pattern that leads to a conclusion of impeachment?'"

The Commierats running this Nazi show trial as a PR stunt to turn people against voting for Trump know this so they definitely don't want to have an actual impeachment trial that will end up in the Senate to backfire on them even worse with many of them going to jail. The worst they will do is have their Nazi show trial to make Trump look bad but then enough of them vote against impeaching Trump to keep it from going to the Senate.

They simply won't impeach Trump because, if they do, it goes to the Senate and all hell with break loose on the criminals running this Nazi show trial. It is backfiring on them bad enough as it is and it will only be worse if it makes it to the Senate.

After I wrote the above, I realized there is something more sinister that could be going on. If the upper class trash could bribe enough members of the Senate GOP to vote to remove Trump, the upper class trash could remove Trump with a fake impeachment and absolutely no evidence.

Therefore, we need to keep an eye on Senate GOP members taking big enough bribes to sell out the people and the nation AND if they get enough money from their bribes, it won't matter whether voting to remove Trump will destroy their political careers because, after all, if they get hundreds of millions of dollars each in bribes from the upper class trash, who will need a political career and you better know that the upper class trash can easily pay that kind of money to buy off our corrupt politicians. You can bet they are working on this all of the time.

You better keep an eye on this because such an act of treason is probably the single greatest threat to this nation and its people right now.

Violent Coup

Remember that I have been telling you that the only way the left can regain power right now is if they stage a successful violent coup in part because of their own internal civil war?

Obama has now jumped into the presidential fight and is saying unsavory things about all of the top contenders for Commierat presidential candidate but is even saying the rest of them have moved too far to the left, which is ticking off most Commierats. This will only tear the Commierats apart even more, making it even more impossible for the Commierats to win an election for president.

The fracturing of the Commierat Party is quickly reaching (and may have already reached) the point to where the only way any Commierat can be president is by a successful violent coup because even too many Commierats won't vote for any of the candidates. This means that none of them can be elected and the only way they can get in power is to violently seize power. As this gets worse, watch for an attempted violent coup by someone on the left.

Running Scared

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty commie traitors are running scared and they are trying to remove Trump from office before Trump removes them from office by exposing their criminal activities?

This video Shows that the leader of this movement, Adolph Schiff, is now being exposed for his obviously criminal activities, you know, taking bribes...uh...I mean campaign donations to provide services and government sales to corrupt businesses run by the upper class trash who own him.

People, it is a federal felony for a politician to get "campaign donations" from anyone and then provide that someone with any kind of special favors. We studied this in business law and these criminals are openly doing this again and again without being arrested because they are above the law. Our corrupt political whores are openly committing numerous federal felonies with the evidence being common or public knowledge and getting away with it.

He and the others are just owned political whore puppets like I have been telling you for years. These corrupt businesses pay him with bribes and he provides them with big government contracts paid for with your tax dollars, known as crony capitalism, while pretending to be a socialist. That is what almost all lefty commie traitor politicians and RINOs are doing today, you know, laundering your tax dollars through these big corrupt businesses into their greedy pockets to steal from you and the more they can steal from you with things like the carbon tax and meat tax because of phony things like "climate change", the more of your tax dollars they can launder into their pockets with bribes from these greedy big businesses. The way it works is that the Commierat traitor politician gets the business a really fat deal "doing something" paid for by your taxes and the business gives that criminal part of that money back but in advance as a campaign donation.

It's a racket, baby, big government is a racket and the bigger the government, the bigger the racket.

Believe me yet that these human demons can't steal enough from enough people fast enough? Do you get the picture yet?

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash push the lie that, "If I gots more money den you, den I is are be smarter and better den you?"

Which I have proved to not be true.

This video shows the lefty commie traitor media doing just that by showing that "Bloomberg gots more money den Trump soze Bloomberg will be a better president." Yeah, but Bloomberg got most of his wealth from crony capitalism, you know, using corrupt government to steal from the people and not by earning it. Yeah, he will make a great president, if you think a great president is a great thief.

BTW, he also proved as mayor of New York City that he is a real tyrant, as that same video shows, so vote for Bloomberg if you want a great tyrant for president, who will clearly oppress you...plus steal from you.

Speaking of lefty corruption, this video shows evidence for more crony capitalistic lefty corruption by the Biden crime family. Enjoy watching how they have laundered your tax dollars through other corrupt businesses and nations right into their corrupt pockets.

Note that this video also implicates Obama in these crimes.

Remember that I have been telling you that our government corruption is much, much worse than almost all of you believe and I have said that it will take decades to clean up the mess?

Watch this video. Gee, what a coincidence that he is showing what I have been telling you for years. Yep, baby, most of you can't even begin to imagine just how big and bad this mess has been made by the upper class trash and their owned political whores. The corruption is indescribably big and bad. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg, people.

BTW, at the end of that video, you see a big clue that the upper class trash is one huge crime family. Watch for it, hint: think Biden/Kerry. Also note that BHR obtained classified weapons technology that Hunter could have easily gotten from daddy and probably did, which would be treason. Hey, for enough money, these criminals will sell their own mothers.

Note that I spend a lot of time reading the news and watching videos about this upper class trash corruption along with having been trained to manage their corruption and, after a while, it starts getting to you so I have to regularly take time off to escape their evil and insanity. That is why I have to take time off to do something more pleasant like gardening and watching sailboat videos. A good person can only take so much of this satanic crap.

Know that God will hold them accountable on Judgment Day and you should hold them accountable here, especially by regularly sending them to God for Him to deal with them, you know, hang the jerks for treason.

"Heads up, God, here come some more criminal human demons for you to deal with", ker-thunk goes the trap door as they hit the end of their rope.

Sex Trafficking

This video tells you that Commiefornia is denying a Catholic Church a license to house and help young girls who are victims of sex trafficking because the lefty commie traitors don't like the fact that it is the Catholic Church helping these girls, you know, the hating the Christian religion thingy. Well, that is the excuse being used by the Commierats.

The real truth is that the lefties see the Church helping these girls as the Catholic Church rescuing the girls from the lefty sex trafficking market as 1) decreasing the lefty sexual perversions and revenues from prostitution and 2) concentrating a lot of potential witnesses in one small area where they can be easily used to get evidence against the upper class trash and their puppets, which is a major threat to the upper class trash. Think Epstein times many.

True Wealth

Remember that I told you that every rich person I have known has been paranoid about other people trying to steal their stuff and, because of that, they were not as happy as most people believe?

Even with my illness, I am at least as happy as any rich person because I don't have anything worth stealing so I don't have to worry about people trying to steal my stuff and can be much more relaxed and happy. Plus I have something even better than their stuff which causes them to be paranoid about everyone AND they have to pay lots of money and time in cost of ownership to keep. I have God's love for me, which I don't have to worry about anyone stealing from me because I know that God will always have plenty of love for me, I don't have to spend any money to keep it, it only costs me a little time in prayer returning God's love, and God has so much love that I can freely share it with you, which is what this site is really about, me sharing God's love with you.

Do you know why God is going to have the pearly gates, streets of gold, and diamonds for the foundation of our mansion?

So that gold, pearls, and diamonds will be so common place that we will just start taking them for granted so those things will no longer distract us from the most precious thing in Paradise, God's love for us.

Can you just see someone hording gold in Paradise when the streets will be paved with gold?

Them: "Bwahahaha, I gots lots of gold!"

Me: "Yeah so, I just walked on lots of it."

There will be no love of money in Paradise to cause evil, the most precious thing there will be God's love for us, which will be abundant for all of us.

Truly, God has blessed me far more than I asked for or deserve.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierats don't want to officially impeach Trump because then it goes to the Senate where the commies will lose control of the impeachment and many of the liars will have to testify under oath, exposing their deceit and crimes?

This video tells us that the Commierats are now trying to back out of the phony impeachment without completely losing face by turning towards "censoring" Trump, which will just be another commie traitor show trial or dog and pony show that is just a PR campaign against Trump and won't end up in the hands of the Senate. They are trying to use censorship as a way out of the corner they painted themselves into.

This video by a liberal also shows that the Commierats are backing out of impeachment and moving towards censoring Trump instead.

This video also shows that the Commierats are backing out of impeachment with lame excuses BUT it also shows that Adolph Schiff's twin brother, Benito Nadler is going to stage his impeachment investigation in the House department he is dictator in chief over, you know, the power mad little twerp is going to show everyone how big and important he is and that he is a smarty pants. This second impeachment investigation by a different House department is meant to 1) distract everyone from the failure of the first impeachment investigation and 2) continue to drag their impeachment PR campaign against Trump out longer in hopes of turning people against Trump and gaining time for them to find something, anything that will work for them instead of back lashing against them.

Gee, who would have figured that it was all show, no go?

Yeah, they are not going to impeach Trump but will censor him, which just really means nothing but that they hate him. But the idiots will drag out the impeachment investigations as long as they can to try to turn people against Trump, which is only backfiring against them.


Oh Heck no, dey is are be lefty smarty pants. Dey knoze ebry ting so you can't learn dem nuttin'. They will just keep making the same stupid mistakes until there isn't a Commierat Party left. The idiots are destroying their own political party, which is a very big reason why they will only have a violent coup left to regain power.


Remember that I have been telling you that a lot of people buy used sailboats, work on them until they get tired of working on them, and then either go sailing with them not completed or just give up working on them and sell them again?

This video is a couple showing a boat the owner bought, did quite a bit of work on but still has a lot of work to do, and has put it up for sale because it was just more work than he thought it would be.

BTW, this couple showing the boat also bought and are rebuilding a boat but started showing a few boats, their viewers stated they liked the couple showing boats, so they have been going around showing boats without yet having finished their own boat and they still have not yet gone sailing.

Believe me that buying used sailboats is a buyer's market and you realize it even more when you see the difference between the new price for these boats in comparison with the very much devalued used prices for the same boats. You can get pretty good used sailboats for very good prices and even for free, especially if you enjoy working on such things. The thing you have to understand is that it will cost you a lot in time and money to rebuild these boats so there really is no such thing as a free boat.

Cost of ownership for ANY boat in salt water is going to be very high so you better really love working on them or believe that sailing is worth the labor of love like this Swedish couple at the "Sailing Ran" site (language warning.)

Remember that I have told you that there are schools that teach sailing to better prepare you for the hazards of sailing?

Here is a video by the Maryland School of Sailing, which is one of many such sailing schools and they also obviously put out videos to help people who may not have the money for such schools. Here is another video from the same school that shows how complicated JUST docking and undocking can be. You just might want to take a class or two. (I am not paid in any way by this school. I just found these videos and shared them with you.)

I have read about such schools in the US, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Note that there are separate schools for recreational boaters and for professional licensed captains. The last time I checked, in the US, if your boat is more than 64 feet or 19.5 meters long or it is a commercial craft, you have to have a licensed captain in charge of the boat and having additional crew depends on the length and complexity of managing the craft.

Yeah, I know, I'm a nerd because I even looked up and read US maritime law. I do that with everything that catches my interest and I am a very curious person so I have studied a lot about a lot of things in my 70+ years on this planet and I still learn more almost every day. Because of this, God showed me a few months ago that I know more about more things than all but a few people on this planet. Hey, I love learning but I also love sharing what I learn so I write this site. If you complain about that, then you don't know a good thing when you see it, you know, like free information.

Have you noticed that more and more of what I have been telling you for from years to decades is either being confirmed by others learning what I have been teaching or is coming true?

That is why I keep writing more and more "I Told You So" essays to teach you more.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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