I Told You So 297


Remember that I told you that Obama used the CIA and US State Department to stage a coup against the Ukrainian government to replace the existing Russia friendly government with a US/EU friendly government?

This is a video that documents that taking place and the person, a US Marine, seems to have done a pretty good job of documenting it down to the exact day of each action.

People, this was an international crime by Obama and his people while Trump is being "investigated" for something that, if he really did do it, was not a crime.

I have had a bad taste in my mouth as a US citizen since Obama did this.

Remember that Obama ALSO caused the illegal overthrow of the governments for Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt and tried to overthrow the government for Syria. The Egyptian military managed to reverse the coup of their government to the angst of Obama and company.

In committing these terrible crimes, Obama, his team, and the upper class trash backing them caused the deaths of at least a few million innocent people, which is an international crime against humanity. They should all be held accountable for their awful crimes against the people.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes and turning people against Satan's lefties?

This video gives us more examples of this happening in different nations in just Central and South America. People are waking up to how bad Marxism is for them and they are turning back to capitalism and Christianity.

Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I told you that the YouTube sailboat cruising market is becoming over saturated and is going to be increasingly difficult to use YouTube to make a living?

It seems this is already happening. I just saw a video discussing this and you can bet it will be the case on all channels and topics. It is only going to get tougher and tougher for EVERYONE, including the already "established" channels to make it because many people will get tired of watching some channels and leave them for newer channels. It will be interesting to see which channels survive this competition and I am thinking that, eventually, it will be mostly the channels which have a lot of money to buy the best production teams, who will crush most channels completely out of the industry.

I think that there will be some very innovative little guys that may make it as long as they reinvest in their channels early to grow them.

Health Food

Remember that I told you about the problems with the health food industry in that their information is not based on biology but on which food fads make them the most money, which is fraud, and that the average life expectancy for health food nuts is 16.4 years less than for the average American?

This video shows how bad this problem is, especially for children. Note that just a few minutes into the video he said he did a search on the Internet and found a large number of items about vegan babies and children dying from malnutrition or "being starved to death".

Note that the children are not being starved to death because their parents are feeding them. The children are dying from malnutrition because what their parents are feeding them is not providing the children with the nutrition they need, therefore, it is not starvation, it is malnutrition. There is a significant difference.

You need to know that most amino acids required by the human body to make protein are only found in meat, the corn family, and the bean family (which includes peas) and none of the health food x-spurts teach this so none of the health food nuts know it, which is why the average life expectancy for health food nuts is so low. The people making the money writing those books are literally killing the health food nuts and their children.

These health food x-spurts are teaching the health food nuts to eat all sorts of fad foods like seaweed but they are not teaching them to eat the foods they need, especially for vegans.

You also need to know that this is even more critical for babies and children, who need lots of those amino acids for their rapid growth and them not getting those amino acids is why so many vegans are inadvertently killing their babies and children from malnutrition.

Since these health food hacks are making lots of money selling bad information that is actually killing people, these criminals should be prosecuted for fraud and manslaughter every time they kill someone, especially babies and children, but don't expect to see that happen any time soon because most DAs are the stupid attorneys who can't make a very good living as a private attorney or working for a law firm and they know nothing about biology so they won't ever know this and definitely can't put together a case to stop this terrible fraud and manslaughter.

So, who do these stupid DAs prosecute for killing these babies and children?

The parents are prosecuted for "starving" their babies and children to death because that is the ignorant, simple minded, and easy thing to do because the parents really don't know any better because 1) they never studied college biology and 2) they blindly believed and trusted the fraudulent criminals making lots of money writing the health food books and selling the health food. "Hey, it was written in a book so it gots to be true, right?" It is those people making millions writing those books who need to go to prison for manslaughter, not the stupid parents.


Remember that I told you that China is in extreme trouble and I would not be surprised to see her break up into half a dozen or more new nations?

I got this from Breitbart by Frances Martel:

"The Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily, which openly supports the anti-communist movement, reported the use of slogans such as 'revolution of our times,' which China considers seditious hate speech, and 'just like you, Hong Kong!' in Guangdong. As China heavily censors coverage of the Hong Kong protests and bans all statements of support from the few permitted social media sites in the country, the adoption of the Hong Kong movement's slogans and tactics is a sign that people within Communist China are informing themselves regarding the protests through unapproved means.

The presence of support for the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement within China may signal greater problems ahead for the Communist Party, which spent much of 2018 crushing dissent from its Maoist ranks who see dictator Xi Jinping as too repressive of the proletariat and deviant from communist orthodoxy."

The Hong Kong riots may be the straw that breaks ye ole camel's back because those riots are spreading to the rest of China.

Remember that I told you that I expect Xinjiang and Tibet to break away from China when the commie government falls and the rest could easily break up into half a dozen or more nations? Remember that I told you that, when China falls, so will North Korea?

Don't be surprised to find out that the CIA is involved in bringing down the Chinese Communist Party.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember I told you about young people wanting to show everyone how wonderful they are by sailing boats without engines or with electric motors that won't run long before their batteries run down and the problems you can face with it, such as being becalmed or in strong currents and tides?

Watch this video of a young sailboat cruising couple who had to do more motoring than their fuel supply could handle and then not having enough wind to get them to shore, especially against a current they were caught in. Note that this couple wasn't on one of those lefty crusaders, it was just that they had longer stretches without wind than their fuel supply could handle and found themselves adrift in a dangerous situation.

Now, if they had not had an engine or were using an electric motor that couldn't operate very long, their situation would have been much worse sooner and could have forced an emergency rescue.

This should be a lesson to the young lefties who have been brainwashed by their idiot college professors to go on crusades to learn everyone else how to do things, you just might want to know what you are talking about before you go charging off blinding on some idiot crusade your idiot college professor sent you on. It can get you killed so look before you leap into one of those great sounding stupid lefty crusades.

BTW, I loved the "superman" music at the end, it was great. This couple makes good videos, they are one of a few channels making $350,000 a year or more and they really know how to sail...finally. You will see that in the rest of the video, they can both really handle the boat well but you can't plan for everything, you know, like not having enough wind for most of a very long trip.

Purging Poser Christians

Remember that I have been telling you that God is purging Satan's poser Christians out of the churches and poser Christian churches?

This video shows how unchristian these poser Christian churches already are. They are ALREADY selling out God, the Bible, and what is right for Satan's lefties and the all mighty dollar. When the Muslim fecal matter hits the fan, these churches have nothing left to sell of their souls to keep them from converting to Islam to save their butts and their bank accounts, especially their glorious bank accounts. Satan already owns their souls, baby. When Islam takes over and imposes Sharia Law on us, they will convert to Islam in mass so fast your head will swim and take most of their feel good lefty poser Christians with them.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

But don't worry, God is already replacing them with true Christian converts who won't sell out God, the Bible, and what is right plus God will deal with these spawn of Satan in His time and His way. God just has to clean house first before He can take out the trash.

BTW, the guy doing this video is a good and knowledgeable Christian and it is a good video.

BTW, you do know that December 25 was not the day Jesus was born, right?

He was probably born in September or October but, when the Church of Rome "converted to Christianity", Constantine's favorite god was Sol, the Roman sun god, and they celebrated his birthday on December 24, you know, right after the winter solstice, when the sun was "reborn" every year, so Constantine, to fool everyone into believing that he really did convert to Christianity, was celebrating Christ's birthday, and be able to continue to celebrate and worship Sol, set the celebration for Jesus' birth or the mass for Christ called Christmas (Christ mass) on December 25, the day after Sol's birthday and everyone has been falling for it for 1,700 years.

Also, Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection had nothing to do with Easter, you know, the celebration of the pagan fertility goddess, Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection was on Passover and Halloween is not a Biblical holiday or celebration either. All of those "Christian" holidays are purely pagan. They have been lying to you for 1,700 years, which is why I write this site to tell you the truth.

Note, I went out to research the names of the fertility goddesses that were celebrated on Easter to get the correct spelling of the different names and can't even find their names any more with everything about Easter saying it is a Christian holiday. Pending the religion and nation, she went by at least half a dozen different names such as Astar and Estar but you can't even find those names on the Internet now. Talk about rewriting history to cover up pagan mischief.

Concerning Jesus being born in the fall instead of during the winter, remember that Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem to pay taxes and, in those days, people paid their taxes in the fall, you know, in September or October, right after the farmers brought in and sold their crops so they had money to pay taxes so it is most likely that Jesus was born in either September or October, not December.

Note that I have not worshiped on Christmas or Easter or even put up a Christmas tree in more than a quarter of a century. I don't worship on pagan holidays. I worship God EVERY DAY, I walk with God, I talk with God, I pray to God throughout the day, every day, about many things and for many people, I often ask God to bring everyone to salvation, you know, you, your family and friends, I talk with God while gardening, I wake up at night and talk with God, and I live for God who died for me. True Christianity is a relationship, not a religion you just practice in a building or on religious holidays.

My church is God's planet and my congregation is all of the people regardless of race, sex, or anything else. If they are human, they are God's people. If they are not human, they are God's plants and animals.

BTW, most people teach that Judgment Day will be a horrible, scary, and sad day, which is only true for those who hate God and have chosen to reject Him. The Judgment Day will be a day of justice in that everyone has committed sins or crimes against God's Laws but many, especially the evil people, have committed crimes against other people.

God recently revealed to me that there will also be cheering, praising God, and glorifying God when He holds people accountable for crimes they committed against other people, giving the victims justice and causing those victims to cheer, praise God, and glorify God for being a just and righteous God and judge. Everyone of us, who were caused harm by others, will see those others be held accountable for the harm they caused us, proving God is a just and righteous God.

When you see God hold someone accountable for the harm they caused you, you will cheer, praise God, and glorify God for giving you justice for the harm that was caused you, especially if you are saved and know you will not face eternal damnation.

One person at a time, God will be proved a just and righteous God for righteously judging billions of people, providing justice for both the criminal and the victim. No one will get away with one crime because God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out", because NO ONE is above God's Law, NO ONE. Therefore, EVERY victim will get justice on Judgment Day. Many of us look forward to Judgment Day, when we will be vindicated by God.


Remember that I have been telling you that, if the lefties get back in power, they plan to quickly take over and turn this nation into a Marxist dictatorship?

Commiefornia is a great example of what the left plans are for us on a national level the next time they gain control of the national government and that should send shivers up your spine. This video shows just how fast the lefties are pushing very radical legislation in Commiefornia and will push at least as radical of legislation nationally just as fast.

Note the insane increases in taxes in Commiefornia because, just like I have been telling you, they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough to stuff in their greedy little pockets.

Do you get the picture yet that lefties are evil, especially the upper class trash?

They do not have any good intentions for you, except to make you good little slaves. People, actions speak louder than words so pay attention to their actions. Their words are nothing but great sounding lies but their actions are the ugly truth.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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