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Poser Christian Churches

Remember that I have warned you about the poser Christian churches that pretend to be Christian to make a lot of money by preaching lefty, feel good Christianity?

Here is a video telling you about Joyce Meyer being caught in one of her feel good preaching ideas and doing damage control.

In this video he plays an audio of her saying that, if you had problems, it was because you didn't have enough faith.

Really? Does that mean that Job didn't have enough faith? Does that mean that all of the Apostles who were murdered didn't have enough faith? Does that mean that Jesus died on the cross for us because He didn't have enough faith? Typical feel good, lefty bull crap, huh?

You watch these lefty preachers and churches convert to Islam when Islam takes over and begins persecuting Christians under Sharia Law.

I mean, after all, it will mean that them being persecuted means they don't have enough faith, right? Can't you just see Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, and others quickly building and preaching out of mosques?

Hang around, you will. They will cut and run like a clan of cats running from a dog pack. God is working to sort these evil pretenders and gold diggers out of His church and, people, hard times and tribulation are what God uses to sort out pretenders. They ain't going to stick around when the going gets tough and they can avoid the persecutions and tribulations by jumping ship to Islam.

Note that he also talks about the differences with different Christian sects, which is one reason why God won't let me belong to a church. You see, the church people always like to use the excuse for not listening to what you are teaching, "Well, that is just your CHURCH doctrine." Forget what the scripture says, baby, "my church doctrine supersedes scripture."

By me not belonging to a church, it can't be my church doctrine and must be Biblical doctrine so they can't dodge that bullet so easily.

I am a man of God, not a man of a church. I only teach God's doctrine and not church doctrine. It is my job to teach ALL of the world and not just a church sect. Note that this site reaches out to ALL of the world.


Remember that I have been telling you for two decades, you know, since 9/11, that the Muslim Mahdi is the Christian Antichrist?

Here is a great video that details this but leaves out some things like the Mahdi has to prove himself by standing on the Temple Mount and giving the order to kill all remaining non Muslims, especially the Christians and Jews, that Babylon is the Shiite Muslim most holy city and must be rebuilt before the Mahdi can come, and that the Muslim most holy number is literally 666.

Also note that he says that the Mahdi must invade Israel and kill all Jews, which is what will cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 (he didn't say the latter, only that he must invade Israel and kill all Jews.)

He details the Muslim end time prophesies even better than I did with some exceptions.

He talks about the Muslim return of the Muslim Jesus, which will be used by the lefty poser Christians as an excuse to convert to Islam and is already being used by some of them to convince their followers to convert to Islam.

Note that he talks about the coming of the MUSLIM Antichrist and pay attention because this is the real return of Jesus, note that they believe he will come on a donkey or ass (remember that Jesus already returned to Jerusalem on an ass), which is why the Muslim army at Armageddon will not run when Jesus does return, they will expect their false Jesus to destroy the true Jesus so the Muslims will stand and be destroyed by our Jesus.

Do you believe me yet that Muhammad dictated the Koran and Hadiths to a Messianic or Christian rabbi who influenced Muhammad to built Islam and their end time prophesies around Biblical (including Christian) end time prophesies but from the perspective of the Antichrist to send a message of warning about Islam to Hebrews and Christians? Kind of obvious, isn't it and this guy makes that very obvious even though he may not have realized it himself?

Note that he also says that false Christians won't endure under persecution, you know, just like I keep telling you. Hey, when the God hating fecal matter hits ye ole fan, it won't be worth it for them to continue to pretend to be Christians so they will cut and run.

Pay attention to the details, people, because this is good. This is the best sermon I have seen on the end times. Here is John MacArthur's YouTube channel. It contains 11 years of his teachings and services. Enjoy.

Note that this blog, "Creation...The Science", reaches "the ends of the Earth" and carries the Gospel everywhere just like a number of other Christian works. That is my job and the end will come soon.


Remember that I have been telling you that lefty college professors are a big part of our problem because they are the ones who keep dreaming up all of this oppressive God hating lefty crap?

This video tells you the same thing. It is like I have been telling you that, if you want your nation back, you MUST get rid of the lefty college professors and school teachers who keep brainwashing the stupid people with their great sounding, evil, stupid crap that keeps causing our problems.

More and More I am seeing other people who have finally realized what I have been teaching you because God is opening our eyes to the truth.

Here is another video showing the lies and deceit of the lefty academe. They are a big part of the problem causing almost all of our problems.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty upper class trash are corrupt and evil?

In this video, a liberal journalist is calling Adolph Schiff corrupt and depraved, you know, evil.

Do you believe me now that the lefty upper class trash are corrupt and evil now that liberals are starting to say the same things?

Remember that I have been telling you that there is no British, Belgium, Spanish, or another national royal family but that those are all branches or clans of the European Royal Family with many extended members that are not normally exposed as being members of the European Royal Family?

This is a very interesting video which shows you the tip of the iceberg of this reality. Pay attention to a number of things such as how much the different branches or clans intermarried causing them to be one European Royal Family with different national branches or clans, how they were not just kings, queens, dukes, earls, and lords living in castles but the family members also included top level business men and women such as bankers, merchants, and academe. Yes, they owned and ran the economy and the educational system and still do.

This shows a little of what I have been telling you that most of the upper class trash are not exposed to you as being extended members of the European Royal Family or even one of the family national branches or clans but often as business magnates and academe.

Note that they are all family and have been intermarrying and inbreeding for 2,500 years or more. Again, a great example of this deception is Markle, whom we were led to believe wasn't a royal but "one of us" until we found out that she is an extended member of the British branch or clan of the European Royal Family, you know, 17th cousin to Prince Harry, her husband, and still inbreeding.

Hey, it isn't the only thing the upper class trash are lying to you about and most of what they have been telling us for more than 2,500 years have been lies.

Why should they change now? What? You expect them to suddenly be honest after more than 2,500 years of lying? Really? Why?

Welcome to the reality of who is actually determined to get back their little slavies they lost during the rebellions of the 18th and 19th centuries, you know, at the same time their cousins, the academe, dreamed up the new form of non ownership slavery called Marxism. Gee, what a coincidence.

Get the picture yet?

Just remember that we will all learn all of the truth on Judgment Day and "the truth will set you free." Then you will all believe me.

BTW, did you have a little trouble trying to keep up with all of that intermarrying? Yeah, the royals did a lot of it, didn't they?

It is a really great video exposing quite a bit of truth and remember that this video is just about one small part of the British Royal clan and there are tens of thousands of other members of the European Royal Family.

Remember that I have been telling you that we no longer have true free market capitalism but have a very corrupted form of capitalism rigged against us by the upper class trash to increase their wealth at the expense of the people and nation?

This video gives just one small example of the corruption by the evil upper class trash I have been warning you about and noticed that they are using the stock market for this racket, just like I have been telling you that the stock market is rigged for them against you. For obvious reasons, they used to call this "business piracy" and it should be illegal.

Believe me yet that these people are evil and not just stupid and well meaning?

Dark Matter

Remember that I told you that dark matter doesn't exist and isn't scientifically sound?

This video shows that others are calling it into question and are believing that it doesn't exist.

Gee, who would have guessed?

Gun Control

Remember that I told you to join a militia, organize internally, locally, regionally, and nationally and then coordinate with law enforcement and the military to prevent the gun grabbing upper class trash tyrants from disarming you so they can set up their dictatorship?

Here is a very intelligent sheriff. I got this from Newsmax by Awr Hawkins:

"Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins says he will "deputize thousands" to defend gun rights should incoming Democrats use their legislative positions to enact more gun control in Virginia."

The guy is going to deputize thousands of gun owners to unite as protection for gun owners, you know, themselves and others, from the gun grabbing upper class trash tyrants.

It is like I told you, join militias, organize, and coordinate with law enforcement and the military. That is what the sheriff is doing, he is organizing his own militia to protect gun owners from the upper class trash gun grabbing tyrants.

We need more law enforcement like this guy to fight back against upper class trash corruption and tyranny.

BTW, you do realize that the military base where a Muslim terrorist recently murdered some soldiers is a gun free zone, right?

Yeah, the people on the base couldn't defend themselves because Obama made all military bases gun free zones. Hey, Obama had to protect his Muslim terrorist pals from soldiers being able to defend themselves.


Remember that I have been telling you that this impeachment is NOT going to make it to the Senate because the GOP will gain control of it in the Senate and completely devastate the Commierats in their trial, possibly sending at least some of them like Adolph Schiff and Nadler to prison?

I got this from Breitbart by Clarice Feldman:

"Mollie Hemingway who, like me, doesn't believe the President will be impeached, notes the likely witness list in a Senate hearing, which, unlike the House hearings, operates like a real trial with due process protections.

Among those she thinks would certainly be subpoenaed: Adam Schiff, Eric Ciaramella and his lawyer Mark Zaid, Schiff staffers, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and Democratic members of Schiff's Permanent Select Committee on Investigations.

She indicates the trial will have access to extensive declassified materials (declassified by the President) including transcripts of those that Schiff's committee questioned in closed-door hearings which he has refused to release (probably because they support the President)."

You can bet that, at the last minute, the evil lefty Commierats will come up with a really lame excuse to wiggle out of their impeachment and that the lefty minions and other stupid people will buy it.

Trump is not going to be impeached because quite a few of them will go to prison or be censored and removed from Congress because of the crimes they are now committing. This is just a show trial to turn the stupid people against Trump and it is backfiring against the stupid lefty Commierats.

Note that, after they lose the majority, they will all be vulnerable for prosecution for their crimes and those who do get reelected can be censored and impeached themselves. You can bet they are running scared.

So, why do they persist?

Because desperate people do desperate things and Trump is going to investigate and prosecute them anyway so they are desperately trying to save their butts from going to prison and they can't think of any other way to stay out of prison. Their impeachment thingy is 100% desperation and is just a ye ole "hail Mary" pass for the end zone from the other end zone to avoid a "touch back" by Trump.

And, if you think this is an act of desperation, this should be telling you that they are not very far from the greatest act of desperation, which is a violent coup because they are already attempting a "soft coup" so, when they lose the 2020 election, they can all be tried for treason anyway and they know it, so why not go the rest of the way? What will they have to lose?

It is going to be a necktie party either way with a long shot hope they may succeed with their violent coup. That is an easy prediction, people, especially when you watch them committing suicide with their hopeless soft coup.

Do you believe me yet?

Remember that I told you that the only thing that will stop the evil of the lefties is death?

They are not going to quit until they get hung.

Keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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