I Told You So 301


Remember that I WARNED you that Erdogan would shutdown Incirlik air base and make a grab for the US nukes?

I just got this from Arutz Sheva by Elad Benari:

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened on Sunday that his country could shut down its Incirlik air base, which hosts US nuclear warheads, in response to threats of US sanctions and a separate US Senate resolution that recognized mass killings of Armenians a century ago as genocide.

'If it is necessary for us to take such a step, of course we have the authority ... If this is necessary, together with our delegations, we will close down Incirlik if necessary,' Erdogan said, as quoted by Reuters."

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

You think that just maybe we better move our troops and nukes out of Turkey before it is too late, that is, if it is not already too late?

Our troops may have to shoot their way out of Incirlik dragging all of our nukes, some of the best variable yield nukes we have, with them that they can. Something tells me that this ain't going to be purdy.

"Hey, why spend billions of dollars building nukes when you can steal some of the best in the world to conquer the world and set up your Muslim empire?"

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you about government corruption?

I got this very well stated e-mail from Mark.

"I believe the reason the Republicans in the Senate want to quickly dismiss this impeachment and not let the President call his defense witness is that many Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are involved in this Ukraine affair. Here is what happens. Lawmakers send billions to Ukraine for their security and they get kickbacks sent to their offshore accounts from Ukraine for doing so. This is not just happening with the Ukraine, but with most foreign aid sent to other countries especially third world countries with super rich dictators.

This is probably how lawmakers go to Washington making $100K or less and come out multi-millionaires."

This is exactly why our corrupt politicians keep giving "foreign aid" to little dictators, you know, like China's Xi. Yeah, that is right, China has been getting foreign aid from the US, which is why Hunter Biden got more than a million dollars from China. Gee, what a coincidence.

Hey, you give millions to billions to another corrupt country and they give you millions back for "consultation work." What a racket.

Almost all of today's foreign aid is just money laundering by Congress into their offshore accounts. The Marxists in our government even use foreign aid to countries like France to launder money to Cuba to keep Cuba afloat so they can use Cuba as "an example" of Communism working so the stupid people will want Communism/socialism. Without this money laundering, Cuba would have folded when the Soviet Union folded.

Because of this money laundering, the US will probably have to invade the Cayman Islands to take over the banks and find out who has offshore accounts and who has been paying those corrupt politicians and bureaucrats with those offshore accounts.

Note that there are plenty of other such banks making a fortune with offshore accounts for our corrupt upper class trash. I know that the European upper class trash have been caught hiding money in offshore accounts in Central America and other nations.

The way the US government is set up, it is the job and responsibility of the president and only the president to carry out foreign relations. There is absolutely no need for any members of Congress to travel to and make deals with other nations. That is the president's job and there is even a law against members of Congress dealing with foreign nations that is not being enforced.

It is Congress' job and responsibility to take care of domestic or US problems and they do plenty of money laundering there too because they just can't steal enough from enough people fast enough. Almost all of them on both sides of the fence belong in prison or hung so you know that the GOP no more wants a thorough impeachment trial than the Commierats.

This just blatant and out of control corruption by our politicians at all levels, even local and state levels, is so bad most people can't even begin to imagine how bad it is. Probably at least half to two thirds of what our governments spend every year ends up in corrupt people's pockets on both sides of the fence and that is being conservative.

We would probably be better off if anywhere from 50% to better than 70% of our politicians on both sides of the aisle were hung at least once.

Thanks, Mark.

Note that it isn't just the corrupt political whores and bureaucrats stuffing billions of your tax dollars in their greedy pockets. The complicit media, Hollywood, universities, public school system, nonprofit corporations, and other corrupt groups are on the take too, which is why these groups like the Hollywood celebrities and lefty journalists hate Trump and everyone else trying to stop them. It is bad beyond most people's imaginations.

Let me give you a few examples of this corruption and how bad it is. When I was in LA, I found out that there was a woman going around making money from government programs telling people she won the silver medal in the women's bicycle road race for the 1984 Olympic Games run in LA. I know that Rebecca Twig won that medal for that event.

I confronted a politically connected member of the cycling community about it and he excused it with, "Yeah, but she is helping the cycling community a lot", you know, so that makes lying and fraud OK.

Besides, who was I going to tell, the criminally complicity lying lefty media?

If I had told them, I would have ended up dead.

Have you ever heard of the Endowment of the Arts?

It is a government program paying lefty artists who can't make a decent living lots of money to vote for the lefty upper class trash. The rich lefty actors and producers speaking out for the upper class trash lefties also have a number of government programs feeding them millions of your tax dollars.

It's a racket, baby. It is called buying votes, people.

Have you heard of the government program for subsidizing farmers to help keep farm prices lower?

I read that Louis Farrakhan, Jesse James Jackson, and Al Capone Sharpton all bought land in the Illinois area and are being paid by that program to not grow anything on that land. Nice racket, huh, all you have to do is buy some land and the government will pay you tax payer dollars to not grow anything on it. Since she hangs around with them all of the time, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Oprah also owns land she is being paid to not grow anything on it. Very little surprises me any more.

BELIEVE ME, the lefties have more ways to steal more money from more people faster and those wonderful, lying, thieving celebrities are getting their take, which is why they always come out speaking for the lefties to help them keep getting reelected. I have been watching this corruption for half a century. I have seen the corruption going on in the government, nonprofit corporations, Hollywood, the media, secondary education, public school system, Wall Street, and just about everywhere else the lefties have taken control, I am trained to help manage that corruption and this blog is the first time I have had a chance to make that corruption public knowledge.

Over the last 35 to 40 years, I have had at least a few dozen opportunities to make at least 6 digits a year from such corruption but Jesus just won't let me do that so my integrity is not for sale. God owns my soul so Satan can't have it. I would rather live in poverty than sleep with that slime. I will get my rewards in Heaven, where they will be never ending and I don't have to lie awake at night worrying about going to prison. It makes it much easier to look in the mirror and like that person looking back at me.

I pray every day that God will soon stop these evil criminals and protect the good people. When God is ready, He will.

Also remember that I told you that the lefties know that, if they don't impeach and remove Trump, many of the lefty voters simply won't show up and vote, which will help clean out many of the lefties in Congress?

There is another thing too, most of the people who are motivated to show up and vote for Trump, especially because of this impeachment kangaroo court, will vote for the GOP in Congress so they won't have to put up with this idiot impeachment thing for another two to four years, especially with some of the Commierats saying that, if Trump gets reelected, they will impeach him again.

Most of the voters who will be motivated to show up and vote do not want this impeachment crap to continue for another two to four years and will vote to prevent it from happening.

This will give Trump two to four good years of unobstructed work to clean up the corrupt mess the Commierats have made of our government. Just imagine how much better Trump will do without the Commierats and FBI fighting against him for four more years.

Of course the Commierats know this and know they will be facing prison and possibly the death penalty so they will turn to the only thing left with them now out of power and their party probably already shattered into pieces unable to do anything in Congress or with the deep state, which is a violent coup, especially with them knowing they will be facing the death penalty.

I have been warning you and the lefties have been proving it for years that the only thing that will stop their evil is death so you better get ready for a violent coup and war. When a violent coup is the only thing they have left and they are facing either prison or the death penalty, they won't have anything left to lose so they will attempt a violent coup and they are already showing signs of that by obsessing about grabbing your guns.

Lefty Civil War

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are going after each other and it will soon blow their party apart?

Well, their relationships between the different groups in the Commierat Party have been quickly degrading but it just went nuclear between blacks and non black Muslims in New York City, you know, the big commie hole in the northeast.

I got this from Martin Mawyer Christian Action Network by Martin Mawyer, dated December 17, 2019:

"Christian Action Network Exclusive. Members of the brutal Bloods gang viciously beat a Muslim man outside the Masjid Taqwa in Brooklyn, N.Y. last Saturday evening, according to a mosque member. The beating was seen as retaliation for a Muslim Community Patrol member roughing up a teenage boy who had reportedly "disrespected" a Muslim woman several days earlier.

The wounded man, described as "beaten up real bad," was sent to Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. He told masjid officials the attackers were wearing red and black, the recognized colors of the Bloods."

What seems to have happened is a young black gangsta teen said something disrespectful to a Muslim woman, one of the Muslim men got the kid in a headlock, chewed the kid out, and let him go. The kid's dad is an upper level member of the Bloods gang in that area so a group of the Bloods gang members quickly went to the mosque and had a confrontation with a group of Muslims but the cops showed up before they could go to war so the Bloods left saying, "This is not over. It's just begun," and "This is going to be a showdown."

The Bloods came back sometime later, found one Muslim alone, and beat the crap out of him, as stated above. Apparently there are two other Bloods gangs in that area who will join this war and the Muslim mosque has told their people to arm themselves in spite of the fact that guns are illegal in NYC, you know, it is a lefty gun free zone that just went nuclear.

Most likely there will be another attack by the bloods and then the Muslims will counter with all out warfare like in the Middle East, you know, with car bombs, raids by groups of armed terrorists, and such.

Also, remember that I told you that the FBI stated following the 1992 LA riots that all black gangs in the US are Muslim under the control of the Nation of Islam controlled by Louis Farrakhan. That means this is going to be Muslim-on-Muslim warfare with car bombs, suicide bombers, and armed warfare against each other (with some of you getting caught in the middle and dead) and you can bet it is going to spread nationally, especially in the biggest cities, you know, just like in the Middle East and you can thank your beloved lefties for turning the US into a mess just like the Middle East.

Now, how will the very incompetent lefties handle this mess they created, other than wrong?

If they move against the black gangs, that will turn quite a few blacks against them and probably even Farrakhan and, if they turn against the Muslims, all hell will break loose with Muslims murdering Lefties across the US, you know, with things like car bombs and suicide bombers. It ain't going to be purdy, people.

You just know the idiot lefties will screw this up like they have screwed up everything else they touch. You just know it. Me thinks the Commierat Party just died from its own stupidity, it just hasn't finished kicking yet.

Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I told you that things are changing with sailboat cruising because there are so many more people doing it today?

This video tells you about some of the problems this couple is seeing after 30 years of cruising. There are still places where there isn't quite as much of a problem but they are not the places with the best weather and are usually colder.

With increasing numbers of people starting cruising, it will only get worse.

Note that this is the first of a series of videos on this topic.

Christmas Tree

Remember that I told you that the Church of Rome absorbed different pagan rituals to assimilate the different pagan cults into the church before they "converted to Christianity", kind of sort of, and they got the Christmas tree from the Germanic Yule log, where the Germanic peoples decorated trees and worshiped them?

Think about this: Where did the Germanic peoples migrate from to reach Eastern Europe?

They migrated from the Middle East up through Russia into Eastern Europe thousands of years ago, you know, about the time the Old Testament was being written and shortly after.

Mark reminded me that Jeremiah 10:3 & 4 says, "For the customs of the peoples are vain; for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not."

This was written about the same time the Germanic people were leaving and migrating into Russia and then into Eastern Europe. The Bible and archaeology tell us that the Middle Eastern people were decorating and worshiping trees during that time. Gee, what a coincidence.

Guess where the Germanic people got the religious ritual of decorating and worship trees or Yule logs?

I have read and been told by a number of non Christian and Christian people who have studied it that almost all Western religions can be traced back to Babylon. Gee, what a coincidence.

What is really interesting is that the pagans are right now rebuilding Babylon to once again be the political, financial, and religious capital of the world so that we have almost gone full circle right back to pagan Babylon, you know, just like the Bible said we would. Gee, what a coincidence.

There are just too many coincidences for this to all just be a coincidence. Me thinks God knew it was going to happen and that He is in control of everything.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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