I Told You So 312


Remember that I told you that the European Royal Family, more specifically the British clan or branch of the European Royal Family, were probably using Prince Harry marrying American Meghan, a descendant of a British King and his cousin (still inbreeding), you know, family, to get back "the colonies", you know, regain control of the US?

I got this from AP via CenturyLink by Danica Kirka:

"Britain's royal family scrambled Thursday to contain the fallout from the surprise announcement by Prince Harry and Meghan that they plan 'to step back' from royal duties and pursue a new path that will allow them to be financially independent.

The couple's announcement that they planned to forge a 'progressive' new path for royals in the modern world and clearly upset senior royals - who apparently weren't told of the decision in advance. Hours after Harry and Meghan's announcement, Buckingham Palace issued a second statement, saying many issues still had to be worked out before the couple's plan could be realized.

A statement issued Wednesday evening by Buckingham Palace, described as 'a personal message from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex,' said Harry and Meghan intend to become financially independent and to 'balance' their time between the U.K. and North America."

The upper class trash are so predictable and how do you like the ruse or smoke and mirrors about "the Royal Family being stunned and taken back"?

She wants to be your queen, baby. Note "progressive new path" meaning working with our progressive lefties to topple the US Government.

I can just see our lefty media using emotionalism to cause all of the lefties and most of the moderates to get her elected as president the way they did with Obama, you know, ignore the issues and "she will be our first American royal princes president" and you know the stupid people will fall for it...again

You just watch, the lefty media will suddenly go gaga over her being an American princess the way the media has regularly gone gaga with Obama and Hollywood celebrities, causing the people to go gaga over her being an American princess, Bernie will win the nomination for the Commierat Party, which will cause radical division, so they will appoint her as their presidential candidate, hoping the gaga emotionalism will get her elected the way it did Obama and also cause her to carry the House and Senate. Then they cause a crisis so she can declare a national emergency, declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution, and the House and Senate will appoint her as Queen and Harry as King with the rest of the top lefties becoming our royalty so the lefties won't ever lose power again. Coup succeeds and the lefties have their dictatorship...uh...monarchy and permanent absolute power.

People, this was all planned out before it was decided that Harry would marry his cousin, Meghan. Just like I told you, the British Royal Family is moving to take back ye ole colonies or America, which they have been wanting to do for more than 200 years. Dey just gots tuh get der widdle slavies back so dey can steal more from more people faster wit der taxes. Why, it has been more than 200 years since dey lost der widdle slavies and dey just gots to get dem back.

This crap about a family fallout is just a con to seize control of the US again; it is just show, theater, and smoke and mirrors to fool the stupid people, who will want to be under the absolute rule of "their" American monarchy, the "American Royal Family". Oooooo, so cool. You just know the lefties are going to say that.

Hey, you know, dump ye ole US Constitution and go back under the oppressive rule of the British Royal Family so they can tax the crap out of us so they can build their new palace in Babylon from which to rule the world with their globalism crap. I told you the globalist upper class trash wouldn't quit because their plans are failing again. This just proves that they already had another plan to seize control of the US and set up their global dictatorship.

Are the upper class trash easy to predict or what?

After you have seen enough of their crap in history, you recognize it when you see it again. All you have to do is study history because they insist of forcing us to repeat it. The upper class trash are incredibly consistent in their evil plans.

Now we are going to see how many people in this nation are not stupid enough to fall for this con and sucker punch and don't be surprised to see a later struggle between the upper class trash for control of the US, in which, they will probably murder a few million of you, "fighting for your beloved Royal Family." Again!!! Ta dah!

You think not?

If the British Royal Family regains control of the US, the opportunity for Farrakhan's Nation of Islam to seize control will go away. Do you think the black Muslims are going to take that standing still?

I told you that, when the lefties stage their coup other nations will make a grab for turf in the US, including some European nations, especially Britain. Well, they are getting ready to do it right now and don't be surprised if they try to use the ruse that, with us fighting the current accelerating civil war, "they will be coming to our recue"! Actually, here to rescue the lefties from the freedom fighters by uniting the lefties under one leader (remember that Harry is a British military officer with combat service and will be a good military leader for the left).

Bull crap!!!! They are prepping the battlefield to grab for power the same way China is using bribes to move their forces east in the Pacific Ocean to get their forces closer to the US and past the US 7th Fleet so they can quickly take the fight to us so we can't take the fight to them.


Gee, what a coincidence, them all making their moves at the same time. You don't think this is planned out and coordinated, do you? Nah, it gots to be coincidence, at least the stupid people will believe that. After all, it cain't be no conspiracy.

The fecal matter is about to bombard the American fan and it ain't going to be purdy, people. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often because we are definitely going to need it because only God can save our butts now.

Don't be surprised if we have to invade Britain, round up ye ole Royal Family, and hang their butts to stop this crap. Hmmm, maybe I should crowd fund a guillotine factory now?

More easy predictions?

Mexico and Canada's Trudeau (with the aid of Britain) will start moving military forces closer to our borders to amass an invasion force, attacking from both the south and north respectively at the same time. When that happens, DUCK and then shoot back but don't miss. And you can bet that Cuba will be making moves soon to invade Florida too.

BTW, did you know that most of the Mexican cartels are former Mexican military with their leaders being former Mexican military officers?

Baby, they are ganging up on us so that we will be fighting the enemy within and without at the same time AND with our troops currently spread around the world. Every city corner will be a battle front, you know, just like I told you.

Now do you understand why they are suddenly so blatantly trying to grab your guns and China complained about you having too many guns? Do you understand why, after we beat the lefty commie traitors back to a small area in the northeast, we will have to negotiate a treaty with them so we can focus on fighting the war against the outside forces? You think I am wrong?

I just got this from American Military News by Cheryl Hinneburg:

"On Tuesday, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee approved a series of bills that will tighten the state's gun laws.

The new laws restrict access in a number of ways, including bans on ghost guns and red flag confiscations for juveniles and domestic violence suspects."

Now Washington State is getting in on the gun grabbing.

They want a one way battle, baby. They don't want you shooting back at them.

Listen, to survive, we are going to have to invade, conquer, annex, and execute the leaders of a number of nations just to stop this, you know, just like God told me and I told you. It ain't going to be because we want to but because we have to...or be their slaves again.


Gee, you don't think Harry just got assigned his royal domain by Queen mama, do you, you know, all of North America?


Do you get the picture yet?

One of my jobs is to warn you about what is coming so you can prepare for it so get ready.


Remember that I told you that, if the Commierats screw Bernie again, he will run as an independent with his voters all voting for him again, and others are now also saying the same thing?

I got this from AP via CenturyLink by Steve Peoples and Alexandra Jaffe:

"DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Increasingly alarmed that Bernie Sanders could become their party's presidential nominee, establishment-minded Democrats are warning primary voters that the self-described democratic socialist would struggle to defeat President Donald Trump and hurt the party's chances in premier House, Senate and governors' races.

The urgent warnings come as Sanders shows new signs of strength on the ground in the first two states on the presidential primary calendar, Iowa and New Hampshire, backed by a dominant fundraising operation. The Vermont senator has largely escaped close scrutiny over the last year as his rivals doubted the quirky 78-year-old's ability to win the nomination. But less than a month before Iowa's kickoff caucuses, the doubters are being forced to take Sanders seriously."

This is just too funny. The upper class trash are screaming, "Don't vote for Bernie", you know, screwing Bernie again. After this, an easy prediction is that, if he wins the primary, the convention will decide to run someone else, hey, maybe Queen Mother Meghan to unite the left.

This will blow the party apart and cause its long overdue demise.

Intellectually Superior Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you about the all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, natural elites who got the right degrees from the right universities not even being able to properly manage major corporations with tons of money?

They are now saying that more than 1,700 stores will close nationally during 2020, you know, DURING A BOOMING ECONOMY! These idiots can't even manage businesses well during a booming economy. My farts are smarter than that.

Do you still believe dem natural elites is are be smarter dan you because dey was born into and/or stole more money than you can earn? Really? Why?

Most of you could easily manage a major corporation during a booming economy much better than that. You have to be a real idiot to lose business during a booming economy.

I wouldn't hire ANY of them to manage an outhouse.

BTW, you do know why the upper class trash are shutting down so many businesses during a booming economy, don't you?

To destroy Trump's booming economy to win the election in 2020.


Remember that I have been warning you that the Mexican cartels are going to force the US to at least intervene to clean up that mess, probably to conquer and annex Mexico because most of their leaders are in bed with the cartel?

Just last year alone they found more than 1,000 mass graves put there by the cartels and they are increasingly operating in the US, with the help of our lefty upper class trash. I expect the cartels to be at the forefront of Mexico's invasion of the US. Hey, their cartel armies are already positioned at and inside our border and do regularly cross that border.

BTW, the military calls that "probing the enemy for weaknesses."

Keep an eye on this.

Minimum Wage Increases

I know that I told you years ago that increasing minimum wage actually decreases the buying power for the poor. We studied this in college so the upper class trash know this.

What happens is this, your wages go up so your boss has to increase prices to pay those wages so the prices for everything goes up, when the minimum wage is increased, so nothing actually changes because your cost of living also goes up, but it gets better.

Remember those things called taxes?

Yeah, they are paid based on a PERCENTAGE so that, when your wages go up, so do your income taxes AND when the prices go up, so do the sales taxes. Therefore, the increasing prices AND the increasing taxes always increase the cost of living more than the wage increases so that you end up with less REAL disposable income because you are paying much more for all products, services, and taxes, especially when you realize that you pay taxes on taxes so that the taxes will rise much faster than your wage increase or by a greater percentage of your wage increase.

The only one who really benefits from minimum wage increases is the government because it makes it possible for them to steal more from more people faster because their tax revenues increase a lot. That is really why the lefty commie traitor governments are ALWAYS pushing for minimum wage increases.

Minimum wage increases ain't about the lefty commie traitors caring about you but stealing more from you. They know but don't care that the minimum wage increases will make it tougher on you because they get much more money to stuff in their greedy pockets. What most people don't realize is that the only wages the corrupt lefty politicians are increasing, are their own.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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