I Told You So 32

I told you that, as the mess got worse, Obama would find himself in worse and worse trouble with the Commiecrat Party. I told you this will put him in a position he mentioned in one of his books where he said that, if push came to shove and he had to choose between the "West" (communism) and Islam, he would choose Islam. Push is now shoving and he will be forced to make that decision soon because more and more of his commie pals are turning on him in droves.

Today, I read an article by Ralph Hostetter on Newsmax.com about how even the liberal commie media have turned against him. In the article, Ralph states that they are increasingly calling Obama incompetent and gave examples of headlines proclaiming such.

After 17 months in office, there appears to be something of a national revelation occurring. Suddenly headlines are appearing in leading newspapers across the nation.

Examples: "He Was Supposed to Be Competent" - Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal; "Myth of Competence" is Dead - Leonard Pitts Jr. in the Miami Herald; "The Death of the Myth of Obama's Competence" - Rick Moran in the American Thinker; and "The Oil Spill Tars Dems' Reputation for Competence" - Michael Baron in The Examiner.

Now not only are the Commiecrat politicians distancing themselves from Obama, but even other key officials are calling him incompetent such as, "Bill McCollum, Florida attorney general, said, ". . . The federal government's response to the disaster has not been competent."

Then Ralph goes on to state, "Not in modern times has the president of the United States faced such withering criticism."

Obama's presidency is imploding with the force of a black hole. He has become the liability I told you he would become and you can bet he is seeing the writing on the wall. I can just see Pelosy drooling over becoming the first female vice president when they suddenly and surprisingly "find out" Obama isn't a US citizen so they can impeach him and get rid of him hoping that having the first female vice president will buy them votes in November. I also told you that, if it is discovered he is not a US citizen, as president, he will be the greatest threat to US national security and they will almost certainly be forced to execute him for spying and sabotage. This country can't afford to evict him as president and let him live with what he already knows.

That means that, from this point on, Obama is not only fighting to retain power but is also fighting for his life. Desperate times require desperate measures and Obama is very desperate. This fight will get much worse before it gets better. Keep an eye on this.

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