I Told You So 356

Upper Class Stupid

Remember that I have been telling you that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent but that you just have more money?

Watch the stupid rich people in this video with their really stupid and childish ideas for initiating people into their organization. People, that ain't smart.


Remember that I have been telling you that most politicians are very ignorant and stupid?

This video shows a politician who is on a committee asking a rear admiral about submarines so she can help decide whether the government should or should not fund more submarines. Note just how incredibly ignorant and stupid she is about something that she is in charge of making decisions for because she got elected to office. This woman should not be involved in making decisions about submarines or probably anything else of importance.

And you wonder why our nations are so screwed up with so many problems? Maybe go learn something about the planet before you try to run the planet?

Most of our politicians are very ignorant and stupid people who vote for or against whatever they are told to vote for or against by the people who make campaign donations to those politicians. Very few of them can even pass freshman and sophomore level hard science courses so they get degrees in the "soft sciences", which only require low average intelligence or their rich mommy and daddy making donations to those universities.

That is why I call them puppets and political whores. Believe me, the stupid people are running this planet and all they can think about is how they can steal more money from more people faster.

You can tell Trump isn't a politician. He is very intelligent and shows it in this video where he gives us true transparency by exposing the left for their corruption in detail. He exposes the left for all of their corruption and deceit. This is brilliant and he can only do this because he has nothing to hide.


Remember that I told you that, at mid Tribulation, the Muslims will attack and significantly damage our moon base causing us to evacuate the base, even though we will have defeated their space force and that there will likely be more space conflicts.

Nah, there definitely will be more space battles because our forces won't just pull back, wait, and hope not to be attacked while the planets continue to colonize and grow their economies and with us ramping up for the fast approaching Battle of Armageddon.

I have told you before that the best defense is to have the best offence so you can bet the ICF (Intergalactic Christian Federation) will quickly counter attack with at least 3 or 4 space fleets. (Can't you just hear the background music?) In a galaxy...oh...right here.

Think about it, you don't sit back trying to protect 9 planets, not knowing if, when, and where they will next attack when it would be much easier and safer to carry out an operation of containment on just 1 planet. It is always best to take the fight to them and we learned that in WWII. Yes, we will need to have defensive forces for each planet and the federation but the best defense will be the best offense.

The best strategy would be to put enough space fleets in Earth's space area (between Earth and its moon) plus reserves to establish space superiority by removing everything they have from space and so they can't launch anything into space from the "opposite side of the planet" because you will have fleets covering all sides.

If they put anything into space at low orbit or higher, you knock it down while staging air strikes from space, special operations and guerilla warfare against their military industry, especially their space industry, to prevent them from being able to build anything to put into space.

"Kaboom! Nope, that ain't going up."

It would be much safer and easier to contain them on one planet than to try to defend against their attacks on 9 planets. Hey, keep Vader's butt parked on the ground. Let him feel some disruptions in his space.

Yep, there will definitely be more space warfare. That will be interesting.

Star Wars, the real stuff, coming to a planet near you soon, you know, like right under you. It will be the Christians and Muslims duking it out again, this time for keeps in The Last Crusade.


Remember that I told you that as soon as the lefties seized power and setup their dictatorship, they would turn on each other in open warfare because power mad people can't share power with more people than they have to? Remember that I told you that the black Muslims would subjugate the white lefties?

They have not even seized power yet and they are going after each other in a brutal civil war within the Commierat Party. So far, they have broken down into the old failing establishment socialists, the much more radical and violent far lefty commies, the blacks, mostly controlled by the black Muslims, and the homosexuals and transvestites, who I don't think even know whose side they are on. I am still waiting for other minority groups like Asians and Latinos to realize the lefty plans are failing and make their move.

This thing about Oprah starting a movement against white people for their "whiteness" is her taking a lead towards making the whites subservient to the blacks for their black Muslim dictatorship or caliphate, you know, just like I have been warning you about and God showed me in a dream would happen.

We are getting closer and they are coming further out of their secret closet.

Oprah believes that whites have an advantage or privilege over blacks? Why, does she believe whites are superior to blacks? I bet you didn't know that Oprah is a white supremacist, did you? This white superiority stuff is kind of stupid, isn't it?

As a white man, I have known too many intelligent blacks and stupid whites to believe it. Please note that the stupid people, you know, lefties, have people from all races, both men and women, and that the intelligent people, you know, conservatives, have people from all races, both men and women. Think about that and don't forget it.

It has nothing to do with the color of your skin or what is between your legs but what is in your heart. The stupid people have bad hearts and don't have access to the wisdom of God.

The only thing that is left, which can work for them is that either they get a new face at least most of the Commierats will accept as their leader or they stage a violent coup.

Oh yeah, you need to wake up to the simple truth that only some of the people leaving places like Commiefornia and NYC are leaving to get away from the lefty insanity. Many of them are leaving to spread the insanity to take over red states like Texas.


Well, the US has now surpassed 5 million COVID 19 cases. There are 328 million people in the US so that means that 1.52% of the people have been infected and the mortality rate is less than 1% of the people who have been infected or less than .015% of the population. Now that is with us knowing that both the infection and death rates have been inflated for money and political reasons.

And that scares you? Shouldn't you be more afraid of the people using this pandemic to scare and control you?


I realized that as long as the major corporations selling masks like Amazon and Walmart can either force you to wear masks in their businesses and/or bribe corrupt politicians to force you to wear masks, they will keep forcing you to buy and wear their masks. Nothing like a little conflict of interest.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

What we have to do is find a way to where no business selling masks can make money forcing you to wear masks in their businesses or by bribing corrupt politicians to force you to wear masks.

So I wrote this White House petition that says,

"There is a massive conflict of interest by businesses selling masks and mask related items who also either require people to wear masks in their businesses and/or give donations to politicians who require people to wear masks. Therefore, all businesses that sell masks and/or mask related items and require people to wear masks in their businesses and/or give donations to politicians who require people to wear masks should give all of their mask related revenues to struggling hospitals to remove that conflict of interest and help struggling hospitals."

What this says is that, as long as they are forcing you to wear masks in their businesses and/or bribing corrupt politicians with donations to force you to wear masks, they must give all of the revenues from their mask sales to struggling hospitals. This means these companies won't be able to make millions to billions of dollars selling masks by forcing you to wear masks and their revenues will help struggling hospitals, which is a good thing. No conflict of interest and more hospitals to help everyone.

It is alright for people to make money selling masks but it is not alright for people to make money selling masks if they are in some way forcing you to wear masks. Human behavior and common sense should tell you that, as long as you permit people to make money selling masks while in some way they are forcing you to wear masks, they will continue to force you to wear masks as long as they can. This kind of corruption has to be stopped or it will just get worse. Now it is masks, later it will be something else.

Note that the way the petition is written, the only people who will lose money selling masks are those who are in some way forcing you to wear masks. The people who are selling masks but are not forcing you to wear masks will not lose money. When those people selling masks and are in some way forcing you to wear masks start losing money from their mask sales, they will stop forcing you to wear masks.

Most likely, if this petition gets enough signatures, you know, a million or more, the people selling masks and forcing you to wear masks will smell rebellion and back off. If not and Trump signs such a law causing them to lose money for forcing you to wear masks, they will lose a lot of money, a lot of struggling hospitals will get helped, and the criminals will stop forcing you to wear masks.

It is a win-win for "We the people".

You watch how fast this forced mask wearing comes to a screeching halt when the people selling masks and forcing you to wear masks start losing money instead of making money.

So, if you don't want these corrupt businesses to force you to wear masks for the rest of your life while they make tens of billions of dollars selling you the masks you are being forced to wear, sign the petition and have your friends and family sign it too. Post it everywhere you can and get as many signatures as you can as fast as you can to start a rebellion against this corruption. It is American tea time, baby.

We need 100,000 signatures by September 7, 2020. You can do this, if you don't want to have to wear those masks forever.

Let's stop this corruption.


This video shows what socialism has done to Commiefornia and will do to the rest of the nation too. Know that this mess in Commiefornia is getting worse and will keep getting worse until it is as bad as Venezuela.

Gee, I thought the commies said they "would do it right and make it work" so Marxism wouldn't fail like it has everywhere else.

Einstein said, "To do the same thing again and again and expect different results is insanity" and the left is nuts. They want to force their insanity on everyone on the planet.

The War

Remember that I told you that this rioting is a guerilla war being waged against the people by terrorists?

This video shows that the bad guys are now openly shooting at the cops so this is now officially a shooting war. It just keeps getting worse like I told you it would.

In this video Barr says that this is a new form or urban guerilla warfare, you know, just like I have been telling you. That war has already started with the lefty terrorists waging guerilla warfare against the government and people. It started in 2012 when Obama helped found BLM with the rioting that took place then and the war has been building.

This video shows that they hunted down a cop and tried to kill him.

Then the lefty terrorists in Portland used a "van full of explosives", you know, a car bomb like terrorists use for guerilla warfare, to try to blow up a police station. Gee, what a coincidence.

It sure is accelerating quickly, isn't it?

This is all out guerilla warfare by the commies the same way the commies waged guerilla warfare against the Republic of South Vietnam. This is a violent coup trying to topple our government so they can set up their beloved communist dictatorship to live lives of luxury on your backs and the lefty media are complicit in this violent coup.

People, to have in your possession or detonate illegal explosives is a federal felony, which puts this crime and the people involve under federal jurisdiction. The feds can now move in on these criminal actions.

The lefties are losing this war in a number of ways. First, their commie thugs are turning on them because they are not radical enough so the lefty politicians are turning on their own thugs and sicking the cops on them, you know, the cops the lefties want to defund. These thugs are also increasingly looting and burning more and more wealthy businesses instead of just poor black businesses. Yep, just like I told you, they figured out that the real loot is on the rich side of town.

Second, the rioting is chasing businesses and people out of their towns and states so those governments are losing revenues and their representation in the US Congress House of Representatives will start decreasing, causing them to lose power and influence at the national level while the cities and states those people are fleeing to will increase power and influence at the national level while increasing revenues.

Third, the conservatives are fighting back with their own protests as shown in this video. Eyes are opening and people are turning against the left.

Yeah, the traitors supporting their commie rioters is working out really well, isn't it?

One thing I had been concerned about was that the lefties are taking over big cities that have most of the bigger businesses and industries and it would give the commies economic control over the rest of the nation during this rapidly escalating war by controlling the bigger cities but God is using their own tactics against the lefties by causing those businesses to flee to the red controlled areas giving the red controlled areas more economic power and control.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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