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The War

I didn't think it is time yet for you militia to take the fight to the blue zones because, if you do, their corrupt commie leaders will just prosecute you for political reasons while protecting their hired criminal thugs. In this video Tim points that out.

This abuse of power by a DA is called "malicious prosecution" and is criminal. These DAs who commit malicious prosecution, especially for political reasons, should be prosecuted, lose their license to practice law for life, go to prison, and be litigated for damages.

But this abuse of power is back firing on the left by ticking off the American people even more and increasing the number of people leaving the Commierat Party and turning against the commie upper class trash. It is actually working against the left and not for them.

Man plans, God laughs.

You have to understand that the reason these commie DAs commit malicious prosecution is to bully and intimidate people into not rebelling against the left's criminal actions and scare the people into submitting to the unconstitutional will of the tyrants. "Why, how dare you not let our thugs murder you? We will punish you for not letting our thugs murder you."

It ain't working for them and is working against them because God is using Satan's own tactics against Satan's spawn. People are finally paying attention and eyes are opening.

What you need to focus on now is securing the red zones to protect your families and to use as a base of operation for waging this war to go into the blue zones to take back your nation.

You also need to gather as much intel as possible for when it is time to fight in the blue zones because what you will need to do is take out the leaders who will prosecute you and protect their hired thugs so they can't prosecute you and protect their hired thugs.

When you decide to go into the blue zones, you will have to start by storming the castles just like they did during Bastille to take out all of their leaders first, you know, the corrupt politicians, DAs, judges, puppet masters, and others. To win this war, when the killing starts, you will have to kill from the top down because, if you kill from the bottom up, the puppet masters will just replace their dead soldiers with more hired criminal thugs. If the corrupt and evil puppet masters are dead, they can't hire anyone to fight you.

Right now, you also need to organize your militias internally, locally, regionally, nationally, with law enforcement, and with the military. Ask the military to evaluate your militia's preparedness and provide better training.

At this time, Trump is even using the US Military to mobilize the militias with warnings that there is going to be increasing shooting by the left. The conservatives have been told to buy ammunition.

Remember that I told you that you have to go after the upper class trash funding and causing all of this trouble?

This video shows that is exactly what Trump is doing but getting the goods on the leaders is difficult and takes more time.

Keep in mind that crossing a state border to commit a crime, crossing a state border after committing a crime, or committing a crime across a state border such as by mail, phone, or the Internet are all federal felonies. This means that anyone providing the resources to commit these federal felonies such as paying for plane tickets or providing bus transportation is complicit in these crimes and that is part of what Trump is investigating to find proof for members of the upper class trash aiding these lefty thugs in committing these crimes.

This could get interesting really fast.

God still has to show more people just how bad things will get under these commies to turn them away from the commies. This video shows that God is using this evil to open more eyes which have been refusing to open. God is going to let this crap by the left continue until all of the eyes have been opened and everyone has chosen which side of God's line they will be on. God is also moving people around such as out of the blue zones to better protection in red zones.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because it is going to get worse until everyone sees the truth and makes their choice.

Remember that I have been telling you that these lefty people are evil?

Watch this video because Tim has also become convinced that they are evil. Tim is finally as upset as I have been for years because he is learning what I learned decades ago.

One thing I am seeing as to why God is letting the left destroy our republic is that we are still being tolerant of people's sins. We all need to repent of our sins and turn back to God. God will not protect a people living in sin.


Why do the lefties want to get rid of cops?

Because, if there are no cops, who will arrest them for the things they love doing like pedophilia, human trafficking or slavery, battery, robbery, rape, and murder?

No one. They will be able to do whatever they want without any fears of being held accountable for their crimes and will even be able to replace the cops with their evil thugs. They are evil people with an evil agenda.


Remember that I told you that it takes time to put cases together?

This video shows that they are prosecuting 74 rioters who could spent up to 20 years in prison. It is only a matter of time until the feds arrest most of the rest of these rioters for the crimes they have already committed.

This will discourage quite a few activists from continuing rioting, for many of whom, it is already too late because cases are being put together against them for the crimes they already committed, and keep others from being able to riot by putting their butts in prison.

I guess Soros' money couldn't protect them from the feds only the corrupt local DAs?

The Bus Basement

Remember that I told you that, when they achieved power, the upper class trash would shove everyone they don't need under the bus and start going after each other because power mad people hate sharing power with any more people than they absolutely have too?

I got this from Newser by Neal Colgrass via CenturyLink:

"Over a hundred demonstrators gathered Thursday outside Jeff Bezos' mansion in Washington, DC, and assembled a guillotine at his front door, Business Insider reports."

People, Jeff Bezos is one of them and this is clearly a warning that he do something he has been told to do or the upper class trash will take his head off. The left clearly eats their own.

And he thought he was "Mr Powerful"? Maybe he arrogantly thought more of himself than he should have?

Don't be surprised to see the lefty thugs doing this more and more, especially to lefties who won't risk getting their brains blown out to help set up the Marxist dictatorship for the upper class trash core.

Also note that they "assembled a guillotine at his front door" meaning it was prefabricated. They didn't build that thing from scratch at his front door.

Do they have a warehouse full of prefabricated guillotines waiting to be assembled and used against you? Who provided them with the prefabricated guillotine?

Hey, it would be a quick way to commit genocide.

The point here should be that even the rich lefties are not above the "law" of the upper class trash and they ain't nice people.

After I wrote this I saw that the commies rioted in front of the home for the Commierat mayor of Portland's home demanding he resign after him supporting these rioters for months. Gee, it sure is getting crowded under ye ole commie bus, isn't it?

That is why the lefty upper class trash have front people, if what the puppets do goes wrong, just dump the puppets to save your own evil butts.


I am convinced that Satan now owns Commiefornia.

Do you wonder why God told me that He will destroy LA and much of the surrounding area with a massive earthquake or earthquake swarm?

God is currently using the abuses of power by the lefty Marxist dictators and their failing system to move people and businesses out of that area before He cuts loose with His earthquake storm.

Note that, in all areas, I see God opening eyes, forcing people to make decisions as to which side they will be on, and moving people around to prepare for what is coming. God is exposing just how evil the left really is and that the left is lying about everything.

Remember that I told you that most, about 80% of cops, will be on the side of the good people just like God showed me in a dream years ago?

This video shows it is happening right now. That prophesy is being fulfilled RIGHT NOW!

God is building and preparing His earthly army to fight Satan's forces following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to get the land to build a new nation because the lefties are destroying our republic because of our sins.

Israel-UAE Treaty

Everyone is making a big deal out of the peace treaty between Israel and the Muslim run UAE.

Have you forgotten that I told you years ago that Muslims are not only not required to honor treaties with non Muslims but are required to violate that treaty as soon as they can defeat and destroy the non Muslim? Remember that I told you that the worst thing you can do with a Muslim government is to sign a treaty with them because the Muslims see that as a declaration of war and they are required by Islamic law to destroy that non Muslim government as soon as they can?

I told you these things years ago and the upper class still have not learned it because they have not studied Islam. I can't believe that, in more than 1,400 years, these intellectually superior natural elites have not paid enough attention to Islam to figure out the ugly truth about Islam, especially when the truth is just out there for anyone to find, more so today with the Internet.

Just how stupid are these people that they don't even bother to study and learn about a religion that is clearly waging war against them? Why have not their intellectually superior academe studied Islam to find out the truth and then taught these intellectually superior upper class that truth? Is this not negligence on the part of their intellectually superior academe?

It took one attack on the US for me to research and study the truth about Islam and I was amazed at how available that truth is. These intellectually superior natural elites need to come out of their closets or white palaces at least once in a while to at least see what reality looks like.

The only way a non Muslim can have lasting peace with Islam is to destroy Islam and that is what Jesus will do at the Battle of Armageddon. But, first, because we won't destroy Islam, Islam will conquer the world and set up their global dictatorship and one world religion just like the Bible says.

Chemical Companies

Remember that I told you about how the chemical companies have paid for bogus research to prove cats devastate ecosystems when they can't in order to cause you to want to kill free roaming feral cats to force you to buy their toxic poisons to control bug and rodent populations instead of doing it naturally with free roaming feral cats?

That ain't the only con the chemical companies are pulling on you.

Remember that I also told you about how the chemical companies paid for bogus research telling you that sugar is bad for you and causes all kinds of medical problems it can't cause because it can't even get into your blood as sucrose to get you to buy their sugar substitutes science has been showing really are bad for you?

There are tons of cons the chemical companies have been pulling on you to make hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars from you.

They paid for bogus research telling you that salt in your diet causes high blood pressure when the last half dozen research projects I have seen about salt prove conclusively that salt does not cause high blood pressure but it has scared many of you into buying low and no salt foods with their salt substitutes in that food.

This is causing lots of people to have low salt blood levels (hyponatremia) and I read about a decade or so ago that, since they started this no salt terrorist attack on the people to scare the people into using the salt substitutes, the number of people dying from going into a Hyponatremic (low salt) coma every year had doubled to tripled by then.

Remember that I told you that, if your salt blood level drops below 15 milligrams per milli unit of blood, you go into a Hyponatremic coma and better than 90% of the people who go into that coma die?

Yep, if you believe the sensationalistic bull crap put out by the chemical companies, eat a low to no salt diet, get your salt blood level down too low, get just a wee bit warm and sweat out just a wee bit too much salt, it will quickly kill you.

Then there is the biodegradable scam the chemical companies pulled on us. This happened back in the late 60s to 70s and was very interesting.

First, the conservation groups the chemical companies were sponsoring "turned on" the chemical companies raising a fuss about the toxic poisons the chemical companies were selling us were building up in and polluting our ecosystems and those chemical companies continued sponsoring those conservation groups while "negotiating" with them.

Gee, that was strange. Why didn't the chemical companies just dump the conservation groups that turned on them? Do you really believe the conservation groups were biting the hand that feeds them?

Then I was surprised at how fast the chemical companies came up with the idea of "biodegradable chemicals" and made it sound like those chemicals just magically disappeared from the face of the planet with just a little bit of time with the conservation groups quickly agreeing that it was a great idea.

Gee, that was strange. You would tend to think it should have taken some time to do the research to come up with that idea and prove it works.

Then I was surprised to see just how fast those chemical companies got those "biodegradable chemicals" on the shelves for us to buy. It was like they had warehouses full of the stuff just waiting for us to want to buy the stuff to save ye ole planet.

Gee, that was strange. Don't you think it should have taken those chemical companies at least a little research time to develop and test those biodegradable chemicals and then make that much of them?

Well, I have found out that those "biodegradable chemicals" quickly break down so that they quit working or killing the bugs and rodents, which forces you to buy more of their toxic chemicals sooner making the chemical companies billions more dollars.

Before the biodegradable crap, you could buy a container of the toxic chemicals they were forcing you to buy by killing free roaming feral cats, use a little, put the rest on a shelf in that container and use more when needed for 5 to 10 years or even longer.

Today, those biodegradable toxic poisons quit working in just one to two years so you have to keep buying more and more of their toxic chemicals every year or two, which is making them even more money.

Gee, what a coincidence.

And what do you do with the left over toxic poisons that will now not kill those pests and you probably still have most of it left?

You have to throw it away but, hey, it just magically disappears, right?

Strange, my containers are still pretty full of those biodegradable chemicals. Why didn't they just magically disappear like we were told, you know, when they quit working?

Nope, what really happens is a molecule of the biodegradable chemical breaks down into two or more other molecules and they are still in your environment. Recent research has shown that, in spite of the fact those chemicals won't kill the pests, those biodegradable chemicals are doing internal organ damage to humans, you know, to things like your kidneys, liver, heart, and brain.

And, now that you have to buy more and more of those toxic chemicals sooner and sooner, you are polluting our environment faster and faster. Gee, that worked well...for the chemical companies.

Then there is the fact that chemical companies are illegally giving "kick backs" to doctors who prescribe their toxic chemicals called medicines to their patients, you know, the medicines with all of those really bad side effects. This started back in the 60s with psychiatrists, who have no training in biology or chemistry (no biology or chemistry is required to get a degree in psychiatry, only in psychology) getting kick backs for prescriptions to their patients. They got away with it because no DAs would prosecute them or the chemical companies so in the 70s and 80s chiropractors, who also have no training in biology or chemistry, began taking kick backs from chemical companies for prescriptions they wrote for their patients. The chiropractors got away with it so the doctors began taking kick backs for prescriptions in the 90s and are still doing it.

And you should pay attention to the side effects these prescriptions cause that those doctors are getting paid big bucks every month to prescribe to you.

For example, my pcp referred me to a doctor a decade or so ago who had a real racket going. His examination room had a very impressive computer setup with multiple big screens where he sat down, did some whiz bang stuff on the puter, and came up with a very expensive prescription for $150 a month that he probably got at least $75 a month kick back on from the chemical companies without even taking my pulse. The quack barely even looked at me during the entire "examination". All he did was magic on ye ole puter and I am willing to bet that all of his clients got that same expensive prescription.

Hey, $75 a month for 100 patients is $7,500 a month or $90,000 a year for just putting on a 15 minute puter magic show. Not bad, if you can get the gig.

I threw that prescription in the trash when I got home and got some real medicine from a real doctor.

And there are plenty of other stories about how these corrupt chemical companies are using bogus science to scare or con you into buying more and more of their toxic chemicals, you know, with all of these food fads like glutton free food and antigens being added into your food.

You know, common sense biology causes me to ask, if our natural foods are so toxic to us humans that we have to use these synthetic replacements and additives, how did our ancestors survive for thousands of years eating natural foods without these replacement and additive chemicals? Don't you think that, if what we are being told was true, mankind would have gone extinct a few thousand years ago? Maybe we are being lied to so the chemical companies can make billions of dollars in increased profits?

What is really interesting is that I am seeing that these replacement and additive chemicals are killing us faster and faster. I have a hypothesis that at least some of them are causing the increasing numbers of allergies.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."


My favorite science is kinesiology or biomechanics. It is amazing what you can use that science to learn about humans and animals.

I love watching the very young of humans, dogs, and cats learning to walk and run. In my mind, I can see everything that is going on inside their bodies because I can picture their bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilages, muscles, nerves, cardiovascular system, and everything else involved in those motions.

Have you noticed that, when the very young humans, dogs, and cats are learning to walk and run, they make a very jerky motion? Do you know why and what is going on?

I do and it is amazing how God designed all of that complexity to achieve your growth and development.

You have to understand that, when you make a simple movement like raising your lower arm by contracting your bicep muscle, all of those muscle cells in that muscle don't contract or release at the same time or you would beat yourself to death. For that movement to be smooth, your neurological system MUST stimulate every muscle cell in the bicep AND triceps to contract or release at just the right point during that movement. What takes place for such a simple movement is extremely complex.

The reason why the young animal movements are jerky is because their neurological systems are not causing the right cells to contract or release at the right time so those cells are "misfiring", you know, just like a poorly tuned or timed engine will run rough.

What those young animals are doing is training or programming their neurological system to stimulate the right cells to contract/release at the right time during that movement or they are "fine tuning and timing their little engines" and I can picture all of that happening in my mind.

That is exactly why competitive athletes will go through the exact same movements repeatedly for hundreds to thousands of times. They are training their neurological systems to contract/release the right cells at the right time to fine tune their engines for more efficient use, you make the movement smoother, more accurate, more energy efficient, and more effective, you know, like fine tuning and timing a professional race car only it is much more complex.

Remember that I told you that there is no such thing as a "natural athlete"?

If you study the preschool activities history for kids who are considered natural athletes verses other kids, you will find that the "natural athletes" were much more physically active at home so that they have much better fine tuned and timed their bodies' engines so those engines run better by the time they start school.

The other kids are the kids whose mom and dad yelled at them to shut up, sit down, and watch TV or read a book. They didn't get to fine tune their engines nearly as much so they don't work as well.

It is like taking identical cars, putting one in a garage with little use or care, and having the other one worked on by a mechanic to make it run better.

Which car will run better?

The car that had more work done on it, of course. The same is true with the human body.

I don't know how many times I have seen kids throughout my life give up and not even try to compete against a "natural athlete" saying, "I can't compete against that kid" but they can and just don't know it. It is just it will take more work to "catch up" to the natural athlete and that is all you need to do, is catch up to them on properly developing your body.

When I was coaching bike racing, everyone else recruited the best they could find to put teams together. I recruited beginning athletes and taught them how to train and compete and beat those other teams because that is what I am trained to do. I took kids who couldn't keep the bike racers in sight and put them on the podium ahead of those same bike racers.

By the time I had been coaching just a few years, I realized that I could easily take any person who would do what I tell them to do and turn them into at least an intermediate to advanced athlete, even people who didn't believe they could be that good.

The first thing I had to do was teach them to think like a champion because you can't be a champion until you learn to think like a champion. Then I had to teach them how to train and race right and my amateurs ended up beating internationally ranked pro teams in a number of races.

Most people would be surprised and amazed at what their bodies and minds can do if developed right. God designed the human body to be an incredible thing and very few people even come close to seeing what their bodies can really do. Research has shown that NO ONE has come within 10% of their maximum physiological potential. My kids beat natural athletes all of the time because I taught them how to beat them.

BTW, I found that most "natural athletes" don't ever do well with a structured training program because they got where they are by just playing a lot. As a matter of fact, most people won't stick to a training program long enough to get close to their goals because it requires more discipline than they are willing to use because they don't think like a champion.

One thing I have seen every coach have trouble with is that some people don't really use their program and then complain that the program doesn't work as their excuse for not succeeding. Probably about one out of every 40 athletes I had coached tried to pull that crap on me, you know, "it ain't my fault I failed, it is your fault I failed because your program I didn't use didn't work," so they blame your program. It is a simple fact that no program will work if you don't use it.

With everyone, how well they improved depended on how close they stuck to my program. I had riders who came to me either not having any experience in sports or struggling and go pro because of how well they did on my program. My program works, if you do.

Hint: your little kids need at least an hour a day six days a week of fun play and activity. Try to have them do things like running, bicycling, jumping, swimming, throwing balls, swinging a bat, and such but not too structured, mostly play and a variety of games.

If you structure their programs too much before they are about 15, they will burn out. Research in bicycle racing showed that better than 90% of top Juniors (18 and under) quit racing within a year of turning 18 and leaving home to be on their own, most because they were only doing it for mom and dad or wanted to do other things.

Life Expectancy

For more than half a century, I have heard people talking about, experts commenting on, and I researched concerning what things in your life increase or decrease your life expectancy the most. Basically, what is most important for a healthy and longer life.

Decades ago, I realized that life style was the most important concerning your life expectancy and health. Basically, it is what crowd do you run with.

If you run with the wild party crowd, you are much more likely to die younger and have bad health than with any other crowd. Running with that crowd will much more likely shorten your life expectancy than anything else.


For a number of reasons. First, gang members like to attend those wild parties and regularly shoot or stab people. Research in LA showed that better than 80% of the people who got shot by gang members were innocent bystanders who just happened to be there because 1) gang members are not great shots and 2), when the bullets start flying, everyone's accuracy drops way off, especially since they just start pumping out all of the lead they can into the air as fast as they can without aiming, hoping they will hit the other guy first. Most of what they hit is everyone else.

Second, I don't care what the pushers and other dopers tell you, those drugs do cause damage to your body, which shortens your life expectancy and often the regular withdrawals from the drugs tend to depress people and cause them to commit suicide. Even without that, those drugs adversely affect your health and will eventually kill you, many by overdose. Also it is not uncommon for drugs to break people financially for a number of reasons, make them homeless, and life expectancy living on the street isn't very long.

Also, having quite a few sex partners greatly increases your potential for getting sexually transmitted diseases and they all kill you, especially if you get another disease such as the flu or even diseases that normally won't kill you. You need to know that diseases kill more people every year than everything else combined so, if you get a disease by committing adultery, you are greatly increasing your chances of that disease or another disease in conjunction with that disease killing you. This is one reason why 75% of the people killed by COVID 19 in those liberal cities are liberals, most of them have STDs. The other reason is that the drugs they use weaken their immune system helping COVID 19 kill them.

Did you notice that most people (mostly liberals) who have HIV die from pneumonia because the HIV weakens their immune system?

Basically, if you live what the Bible calls a sinful life, it will kill you much younger. And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." Your life style or sins will affect your life expectancy more than anything else, which is why God gave us His Law to live by.

Over the last 30+ years, I have heard quite a few x-spurts say that genetics is a big factor concerning life expectancy but I have not seen many who even get close to their genetic potential. I have read about several families that have a genetic disorder that causes a young death at something like 35 years of age but these have been in an extremely small minority of people. Most people, especially the wild party crowd, die from something else long before their maximum genetic potential.

The health food nuts like to believe and teach that their health food diets are most important for increasing life expectancy but I have seen too much evidence like the recent research that showed that the average health food nut lives 16.4 years less than the average American. From everything I have seen over the last 50+ years, having a health food diet definitely shortens your life expectancy more than anything else except your life style being the wild party crowd.

Exercise is the only thing I have found other than living by God's Laws that can significantly increase your life expectancy. This is because a proper exercise program or routine increases the strength of your cardiovascular system, cardio respiratory system (protects you from lung infections like COVID 19 and H1N1 pig flu), and immune system. This is very important because disease kills more humans than everything else combined. So, making your body stronger, healthier and more disease resistant will significantly increase your life expectancy. Think about that.

I don't care what anyone else says, your life style or sins are the most critical thing for maintaining your health and a good life expectancy with exercise being close behind that but, exercise won't undo the damage of the drugs and STDs or stop bullets and knives at those wild parties.

So, obey God, be a good steward for your body by staying away from the wild party crowd and get regular and proper exercise.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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