I Told You So 363

Black Rebellion

Remember that I told you God showed me that Obama and the black Muslims will nuke Chicago to stage a coup and when their forces leave to invade Israel, the white lefties will be treated as second class citizens?

This video shows that rebellion is building against the white commies with the possibility they may even form their own party, which would cause the Commierat Party to cease existing, and seize control. We are moving closer and closer to those prophecies being fulfilled.

I believe that, in order for the black Muslims to seize final control, they will have to murder off the white upper class trash or they won't be able to rule over the white liberals and you can bet that Farrakhan knows this.


I think it has become obvious that no matter who wins this election, the current war being waged by the left against the nation and people will escalate.

Is this why Trump changed his mind and decided to bring home all of the troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year?

Don't be surprised if Trump brings home even more troops from other places because those troops will needed in the US when this war by the left escalates.

BTW, increasing numbers of people are realizing this war is going to just keep escalating, especially following the election and they are buying weapons to protect themselves as this video shows. This ain't going to be purdy.

BTW, if the FBI deputizes the US Military and militias, they will be allowed to act as law enforcement against the violent left guerilla war the same way state and local law enforcement who were deputized by the FBI are now acting as federal agents. Anyone who is deputized by law enforcement can act as agents for that law enforcement.

Is this why Trump is suddenly bringing home all of the troops from Afghanistan?

Keep an eye on this.

Pearl Harbor

Remember that I told you that Pearl Harbor was a set up or sucker punch against the Japanese to get the US into WWII before it was too late?

To do this, the US had made the forces at Pearl Harbor easy targets of mostly obsolete weapons but that wasn't the only easy target the US set up to get Japan to attack the US and this other target is just a wee bit more obvious.

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and was supposed to attack US forces in the Philippines at the same time but those Japanese forces were delayed for 9 hours by fog and yet, even with the US forces in the Philippines knowing the attack at Pearl Harbor had taken place within an hour of that attack, they kept the US forces in the Philippines set up as easy targets for the Japanese forces with no significant air patrols as this video shows.

Yeah, just a little obvious.


Remember that I told you that the suicide rate in this world today is incredible and that most young people simply wouldn't even try to get through half of what I have been through?

This video deals with today's really high suicide rate and how it is being used to increase witnessing about Jesus.

This high suicide rate is the result of paganism instead of having hope in God.

Note that Lady Gaga, with all of her fame and wealth, is contemplating suicide. This should tell you that fame and wealth will not fill the void that only God can fill.

I have never thought about suicide because I live with and for Jesus. My hope is in God.


Obama has painted himself into a corner where he will have to soon kill Trump to save his own butt. From what I am seeing, he doesn't have much of a choice any more. It is time to stage a coup or go to prison and he can't depend on the constantly failing left to help him so you know he will turn to the black Muslims just like in my dream.

This video shows Trump calling for Obama to be indicted because of the recently released evidence showing Obama knew about Hillary using the FBI to stop Trump from winning the election.

It seems like Barr is not wanting to bring charges against Obama and other lefties so Trump releasing the evidence as public knowledge is putting the pressure on Barr to bring charges because it will be very difficult for him to not bring charges, if everyone sees the evidence.

If it even looks like charges will be brought against Obama, it will force Obama's hand.


Remember that I have been telling you that almost all of the polls are biased by them polling more lefties than conservatives by a margin at least 2 to 1?

If the polls are correct and Biden is leading in this election, why is Pelosi trying to get rid of Trump just weeks before the election? Why doesn't she just wait for the election to get rid of Trump? Gee, you don't think they know Trump will win, that the GOP will probably keep the Senate, and that the GOP will probably also take back the House so Pelosi knows this is her last chance to get rid of Trump before the GOP takes control of everything, do you? It just looks a wee bit desperate, don't you think?

Then I got this from Breitbart by Charles Hurt:

"So, I have a very simple question. If all this is true and Democrats have the election so deep in the bag, why are they so terrified?

Why, if this is such a done deal, are Democrats so desperate right now?"

He noticed too.

Then I found this video which tells us why and how the polls are rigged to discourage conservatives from voting and encourage leftist to vote while also trying to cover the lefty vote rigging. The polls are clearly rigged, they know it, and that explains why Pelosi is trying to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of Trump before the election.

Why is Trump suddenly coming out with a lot of evidence against a lot of evil Commierats at the same time?

Because he has to get as many of their leaders at once as he can to "keep from committing suicide", you know, like Epstien.

Do you better understand why the lefties hate and are trying to get rid of Trump before Trump can get rid of them?

Keep an eye on this.

Question: Why did Kimmy Boy stage a parade or show off his new nuke missiles just before the US election?

Because the US lefty commies are working with the North Korean and Chinese commies and this parade was meant to help the US commies beat Trump in this coming election by making it look like Trump has failed with North Korea because Trump is hurting the North Korean and Chinese commies really bad where as the US commies are in bed with those same commies betraying the US people.

Legal System

Remember that I have been telling you that our legal system has been corrupted and is a big part of the problems we have in this coup?

This video shows some of that corruption that we have to clean up to get back control of our nation. Without first getting rid of the corrupt judges and DAs, we cannot properly prosecute the rest of the criminals. More and More I am seeing that the legal system is very corrupt and this will prevent the criminals causing our problems from being held accountable for their crimes.

For about a month I have been trying to get myself arrested or fined for not wearing a mask so I can prove in court that the masks cannot work and, therefore, it is unconstitutional to force people to wear them and is also a federal crime because I don't have the money to hire a legal team and pay the court fees to take this matter to court and resolve it by making it official in a court of law that it is scientifically impossible for the masks to work.

But the cops have been told not to arrest or fine anyone and the judges have been told that, if anyone is arrested or fined and they fight it in court, to dismiss the case or fine because they don't want someone like me proving in a court that the masks cannot work and, therefore, forcing people to wear the masks is unconstitutional and a federal felony.

(You are going to love this) What this means is that they are denying me the ability to fight this in a court of law because I am poor and denying me due process by not arresting me or fining me, which is unconstitutional.

Is that nuts or what?

Obviously, our legal system discriminates against poor people and is very corrupted.

Now, I have to be fair that cops are being told to not enforce the mask thingy because that would make them complicit in the crimes being committed by those unconstitutionally ordering us to wear masks so, if I were a cop, I wouldn't arrest anyone either.

What this means is that, because the system is that broken, we will be forced to fight a bloody war against the left to get control of our nation back. We only have one means of recourse remaining and that is a shooting war.

Something you all need to know or think about is that, if you aid and abet these lefty criminals in forcing people to wear masks or social distancing, you are making yourself complicit in their crimes and when we finally do get around to holding these criminals accountable for their crimes, you will almost certainly be prosecuted for aiding and abetting the criminals by helping them force people to wear mask and social distance.

Are you beginning to see why God is going to use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to kill off many of these corrupt officials and their thugs in the US and other nations so we can fight the rest of them?

There are just so many corrupt people who have infiltrated so much of our nations that it will take the hand of God to clean up the mess. God is going to have to kill off a lot of people in a lot of areas very quickly such as our leaders, bureaucrats, rich business owners, their activist thugs, the media, university professors and staff, judges, DAs, and many more to stop this evil globalism.

Mind Control

The lefties use everything they can to subtly control everyone's minds, with most never realizing it. This video shows quite a bit of it.

More than a decade ago, my TV broke and knowing this, I thought for 3 months about whether there was anything on TV worth the prices of a new TV, after all, why did I want to buy a TV to be brainwashed. After 3 months of thinking about it, I realized there wasn't anything on TV which was worth watching and wasn't using some form of brainwashing so I decided to not buy a TV.

I have been without a TV for more than a decade, don't miss it, and actually feel better without it. I guess all of that brainwashing was stressing me without me realizing it. I believe God caused that to happen to clear my mind for His work.


Remember that I told you that we need to get rid of the bad judges to get our nation back?

The first story in this video tells that Trump is working to do that by naming Tom Fitton to Court Oversight, where he can remove bad judges. That is a great start in cleaning up our corrupt legal system. God is definitely working through Trump to clean this mess up.

The video also tells you that Pompeo is going to release Hillary's e-mails before the election.

Gee, you mean they found Hillary's e-mails just like I told you they would?

Yep, that arrogant, ignorant twit only thought she had destroyed her e-mails by bleaching her hard drives and those e-mails are still out there.

Can you believe she actually thought she could beat the US intelligence system with such amateur antics?

Let me give you a clue. The government organizations like NSA and the military intelligence are REQUIRED to monitor everyone who has access to a high enough level of classified information to make sure they don't sell out the US and its people and that includes the president.

One of the things I have gotten the most laughs about was that, right after he got elected, Obama said he was going to use Blue Tooth for his personal communications "so the government couldn't monitor his communications" because Blue Tooth was "encrypted", you know, like the government couldn't buy a Blue Tooth device and reverse engineer it to break the encryption.

I have gotten years of laughs out of that bit of ignorance and stupidity. Hillary and Obama should share the international stupidity award because of the really ignorant and stupid things they believe, say, and do.

What would be absolutely hilarious would be for Trump to release proof that Obama isn't a US citizen before the election. There would be a lot of people who helped Obama get elected doing the Epstein thingy.


Remember that I have been warning you about the Bubonic Plague in relation to preventing it with free roaming feral cats?

I keep seeing "news reports" about them finding more cases of Bubonic Plague in China with the COVID 19 thing failing and winding down. There are just too many coincidences with them teaching us to kill free roaming cats, which has caused rodent pandemics in all of our cities, the lefties turning COVID 19 loose on us and it now failing, then these Bubonic Plague "news stories" popping up just at the right time, and the lefties have been preaching depopulating the planet by better than 95% since the early 90s or global genocide.

People, if you want to depopulate the planet quickly, you use the one thing that killed the most people in the least time and almost wiped out mankind 700 years ago. It would take too long and too much money to round up more than 7 billion people and shoot them all when you can just turn the most deadly bug in history loose and kill them in their own beds.

Gee, you don't think the lefty upper class trash have been preparing the planet to turn the Black Death loose on it to depopulate their planet, do you?

Keep an eye on this.

Distance Learning

I have realized that the real reason for the lefties wanting to teach your kids at home over the Internet is so their lefty teachers can literally see into your homes to look for things like guns. It is the left using "education" to spy on you at home. It is just another lefty con to gain control over everyone. Big Brother is having his teachers watch you.


I have realized that the lefty upper class trash are using COVID 19 to try to shut down almost every nation at one time so they can quickly set up their global communist dictatorship. This coup is happening RIGHT NOW!!!

Keep an eye on all of the nations where COVID 19 is "spiking" and they are using that to shut down those nations all at the same time. Gee, what a coincidence.

People, it should be blatantly obvious the lefties are intentionally spreading COVID 19 everywhere they can around the world to scare everyone into submitting to their global dictatorship. Viruses do not spread the way this one is spreading now. This is nothing but a global coup to set up their global communist dictatorship by using COVID 19 as the excuse to make these treasonous moves of shutting down as many nations as possible at the same time without getting their brains blown out.

Mark sent me a link to this absolutely excellent video, which does an excellent job of explaining in detail most of what is going on. Everyone should see this video.

It is very clear that the left is staging a coup and using irrational idealism to do it. You have to vote straight GOP because, if you vote for one Commierat, you are voting for the destruction and overthrow of the Republic of the US, for their commie dictatorship over you and you being their slaves or murdered to depopulate "their planet".

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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