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Commierat Civil War

Remember that I told you that there is a civil war raging in the Commierat Party between the old guard, the young commies, and the black Muslims?

I got this from Breitbart by Bob Price:

"Antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon, vandalized the Democratic Party headquarters on Sunday night. They apparently painted 'F**k Biden' and 'No more presidents.'"

This is getting very interesting. Nothing like a little power struggle between the power mad, you know, like I told you would happen years ago. Hey, at least they are ready to start killing each other the way I have been telling you they would. Everything I have been warning you about for years is now happening.

They obviously want a full blown commie dictatorship and don't want to share power with the socialists and blacks.

Gee, with the upper class trash funding these commies who are rebelling against the socialists and black Muslims, do you think that just maybe this is the upper class trash shoving the socialists and blacks under ye ole commie bus? It looks that way, doesn't it?

Keep an eye on this.

One thing in this vote rigging mess that makes me sick is the preachers who discourage people from fighting a worldly battle to keep their children safe. "No, no, you are wasting time fighting for control of your nation when you should only care about the spiritual things. No, stay safely sitting in your pews paying me your tithes so I can buy a new mansion or car, you know, much more worldly junk instead of spending that extra money getting the Word of God out."


These traitors need to read the Old Testament and see how many times God ordered people to take up armies to fight against Earthly enemies to keep God's people safe. Oops! According to these preachers, Gideon sinned when he obeyed God to fight the enemy, why he was wasting his time with worldly matters instead of sitting in a pew paying the preacher his tithes.

Did that open an eye or two?

Oh yeah, they also conveniently forget to tell you that Jesus said to sell your clothes to buy a sword and, at another time, when asked by the Apostles if they should buy a sword, Jesus said, "No, buy two."

Hey, if you ain't supposed to fight battles and wars but just sit in a pew quietly paying your tithe to make the preacher rich, why would you need a sword or two? Are these preachers calling Jesus a liar?

Sounds like it to me. It also sounds to me like Jesus would tell you to arm yourself, get trained in the use of those arms, join a militia, and secure your red zones to prepare for war, you know, like Jesus is using me to tell you those things.

Who is teaching closer to what Jesus said, me or your pacifist preacher?

Now, obey Jesus and go buy some weapons. It is clearly time to play Gideon. Think about it.

Spiritual Warfare

I have told you that this is a spiritual war between God and Satan and God has drawn a line so that we must choose between God and Satan.

This video and that statue of Satan/Baphomet show that the pagans have chosen Satan/Baal/Baphomet as their god instead of Yahweh/Jesus.

You want to know why this nation is being judged and destroyed by God?

Because these pagans erected these idols in the US and the Christians didn't protest and insist they be removed and destroyed because the Christians have been brainwashed to be tolerant of Satan against God's orders. Think about that.

Here is a video where she tells you that the left is being exposed for what they really are just like I have been telling you. God is opening everyone's eyes so they will make an informed decision as to which side of God's line they will stand on.

Voter Fraud

This video tells us that there was quite a bit of voter fraud, almost all of by Commierats for Biden. Gee, what a coincidence.

People, the very essence of a republic is that the politicians are held accountable to the citizens via the people voting in elections. Voter fraud stops that process so that the government ceases to be a republic if there is no honest election holding the leaders accountable to the citizens.

Therefore, if the people who committed this fraudulent election are not held accountable for their crimes and the president is not selected entirely by the votes of the people, then this republic is dead and we have a dictatorship. The very survival of this republic depends on them stopping this voter fraud and making sure the person chosen by the people is the president and not the person chosen by fraud, the media, and other non valid entities.

This fraud was so blatantly obvious and literally stole the election for Trump from the people, that it must be rectified or our republic is dead and, if the criminals get away with this theft of our nation, the voting fraud will just get worse so that we cannot have a republic and can only have a dictatorship for which our leaders are chosen for us instead of by us.

Note that Tucker shows the complicity of the media in the lefty crimes I have been telling you about.

Believe me yet?

If Trump doesn't win the courts, our republic is dead because we will never have another honest election again. The criminals, including the lying media, who stole our nation and republic from us must be held accountable for their crimes or we no longer have a republic.

Then I found this video, which tells you that, if Trump doesn't win in the courts, there will never be another Republican president again, meaning there will never be another honest election again meaning our republic will be dead.

Tucker even told you that democracy cannot survive this corruption. This is much bigger than most people realize but many people do realize it and they are taking a stand against this corruption.

And, if you were not paying attention and think there was no vote rigging, watch this video, where he shows where the vote rigging took place.

People, I hope you realize that this rigged voting was done by the globalists because of their failing globalism and they are hoping that, by getting Biden "elected", they will be able to restart their efforts to set up their global Marxist dictatorship to rule the world, you know, the movement that has openly bragged they plan to commit genocide against better than 95% of the people on the planet so they don't have to share "their planet" with you, you know, "to save the planet".

As Schumer said, yes, they will change America so there will never be another honest election again and our republic is dead.

You still think the lefties are not evil? Then why are people like AOC making lists of Trump supporters to punish them for supporting Trump?

Remember that I told you that there is the possibility that we could briefly end up with two presidents ruling over the red and blue zones?

This video shows that there are more than 1,200 counties in the US that are either red or blue but those counties are also segregated into red and blue zones. These are the safe zones God told me about and note that God clearly began building those zones half a century ago for today.

It is almost Bastille time again. You better secure the red zones because they are literally telling you they are coming for you.


I tried to get a petition to stop a serious conflict of interest by businesses who are selling masks making campaign donations to politicians as bribes to politicians to force people to wear masks.

I just got this from Breitbart by Kurt Zindulka:

"Reform Party leader Nigel Farage warned that the UK is heading towards "mass business bankruptcies" and "massive unemployment", while Jeff Bezos and Amazon reap the rewards of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's second national lockdown."

And you know these major businesses are bribing corrupt politicians to continue these lockdowns to put their competitors out of business. If they get rid of all of their competition, you will be forced to do business with them and, if you don't obey your dictators, they will refuse to sell you what you need to live such as food. This crap has to stop.

Anyone who is benefiting from these lockdowns and is bribing the politicians forcing the lockdowns should have to give everything they benefit because of the lockdowns to the businesses the lockdowns are destroying. That will end these lockdowns really fast.

Fox News

Most people have forgotten that the conservative founder and owner of Fox News retired a few years ago and, like an idiot, he gave it to his 3 liberal sons, who are determined to turn Fox News liberal, you know, like all of those other failing liberal networks. They thought they would be smarty pants and do this gradually so as to not alienate their viewers and keep from going broke like the other liberal networks but the idiots don't realize that it is the liberal treatment of news or lying that alienates the viewers and changing it gradually will still change it and drive the conservative viewers away. Basically, like all liberals, they think they are smarter than they are and you are dumber than you are.

So, where are the conservative viewers of Fox News going?

One place is One America News Network or OAN here and the Fox ratings are nose diving just like the other liberal networks and the stupid liberals can't get it.

Man plans, God laughs.


Remember that I told you that increasing numbers of patriots are pushing back in organized manners?

This video is just one of many where they are preaching pushing back. This will not be a one sided fight.

The ignorant lefties tend to think of our standing US Military as our total military might in fighting back but they all too often forget about the tens of millions of US combat veterans who will clearly fight back plus the many non veterans who have been recruited and trained into civilian militias who have never served but are better prepared for war than almost all lefties.

The patriotic conservatives have a ready force of tens of millions of warriors ready to take back their nation and they are very well armed and trained to use those arms while working with law enforcement and the US military. We may suffer some setbacks but we are not going to lose this war. Pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

As usual, the left over estimates itself and under estimates their foes.

Ezekiel 38 & 39

This video tells me that Israel attacking Iran to destroy their nuclear program with Biden as "a president" could be the trigger event for setting up the invasion of Israel by everyone else that will result in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Then I found this item at Breitbart by Pam Key:

"CNN anchor Jim Sciutto said Wednesday on CNN's 'Newsroom' that President Donald Trump's refusal to concede the 2020 presidential election could put America at risk for a terrorist attack like the 9/11 attacks."

This is a threat and they are planning the violent coup just like they planned this voter fraud by pre printing millions of fake Biden ballots and they are already blaming Trump and the conservatives before it even happens. This is so they can say "I told you so", when it happens and get people to already be believing that Trump caused it. "It is Trump's fault Chicago got nuked!"

The left just showed you how desperate they are with this massive voter fraud attempt to steal control of our government and that desperate people do desperate things like I have been telling you. Now that this extremely desperate and obvious criminal act is failing, the only thing they have left is a very violent coup plus they will be even more desperate with many of them now facing prosecution for their crimes. It is like I have been telling you for years, the only thing that will stop these lefty criminals is death.

Let's see, if Trump "causes another 9/11 by not conceding", who is going to stage this other 9/11, Trump's conservatives, you know, because Trump is still president? Really? Wouldn't it actually be caused by the left and their Muslim pals in protest to Trump refusing to concede an election he has won? Yeah, their threat that Trump will cause it by not conceding doesn't make sense, does it?

I have been wondering, if Trump does win these law suits, you know Biden won't concede and the left has said as much. Therefore, with Trump still in the White House as the real and legal president, I have been wondering where Biden and Kruella will set up their "White House" to rule the blue areas from, New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago? Maybe Obama will not just be taking out the formal ball in the Sears Tower but also the Commierat "White House" in Chicago too?

I am keeping an eye on this.

Everywhere I look, I see the lefty globalists making a very aggressive and extremely determined grab for global power to set up their Marxist global dictatorship. It is a global coup against all of the good people of the world.

Every day we get one day closer.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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