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Cruising Videos

Remember that I told you that I use videos like sailboat cruising videos to monitor things?

I recently saw one such video where the cruisers recorded driving through the streets in Thailand and there were almost no people riding pedal driven vehicles and more people driving cars than 50 years ago telling me that the people in Thailand are doing better financially because more of them can afford to own and drive cars. That was nice to see, especially with the poverty I saw them living in 50 years ago.

Like they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

Also remember that I have been keeping a eye on other videos to monitor things like the economy?

I was watching this video and realized why the prices of model train stuff have gone through the roof. The very wealthy have been dumping tons of money into these industries driving up the prices, which is pricing increasing numbers of less wealthy people out of the activity.

If you don't believe me, check out this site, this site, and this site to see just how much plastic and wood toys are costing today because of people having a lot of money to spend on toys. You can spend hundreds of dollars on just one plastic, wooden, or even paper toy and, most of the time, you still have to assemble and paint it.

It should be obvious that many middle class people trying to put together train setups in their garage or basement are going to have a tough time in competing with these rich guys plus this creates another potential economic problem down the road, when these rich guys either stop being rich or get bored and move out of these industries, causing the industries to dry up an die. When the rich stop dumping millions of dollars into these toy industries, whether trains, drones, or sailboats, those toy industries will meltdown.

Normal human behavior should tell you that, when people are that rich, they will have too much stuff to be willing to risk losing it all to fight for their freedoms and rights, frequently not stopping to realize that they will lose it all if they don't stand up and fight anyway because they have put their faith in their money and think they money will protect them so "who needs God?"

You wonder why God has turned His back on us so we can find out who needs God?

That is what happens when people turn their backs on God thinking they don't need God.

If we don't think we need God, why should He stick around to take care of us? Why not walk away and wait for the people to learn just how much God was taking care of us?

Hey, if you don't appreciate me helping, I am not going to stick around trying to help you. I will leave and let you be on your own until you appreciate me. God does the same thing.


Remember that I told you the US Military is not ramping up to fight a war using lasers and they are just bluffing Russia and China into wasting R&D money on lasers?

This video shows that the strategy works because Russia is now getting ready to put lasers into action with their military.

Why does it work?

Because the US is the global leader in developing weapons technology and when our enemies see us working on a weapon system our enemies have to also spend a ton of money developing that weapon system before they can find out whether or not it works because, if it does work, they don't want to get left behind.

Therefore, it will always work because the enemy will always have to dump money into those sucker punch weapons systems to find out whether they work.

Plus you have to understand that, if they do develop too much of a dependence on such weapons, it creates a weakness in their military because we already know how to counter those weapon systems. Hey, we already have the counter measures for lasers plus we know their weaknesses.

A thing to keep an eye on with our government now being under the absolute control of the left is that they will start scaling back our military spending to decrease the strength of the military and then start transferring military funds to build their CNSF to replace the military and, considering how fast they are moving right now, it could happen pretty quickly this time.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that this nation has been turned into a commie dictatorship by the left?

As of the writing of this, Biden has signed 42 "executive orders" or mandates unconstitutionally forcing law on us. People, when the leader or executor single handily writes that much law, that is a dictatorship and I don't care what you want to believe.

Biden has already undone almost everything Trump did in less than 2 weeks and they are still writing illegal laws to undo the rest and cause more damage. I told you it wouldn't take long to reverse everything Trump did because no one put the criminals in prison or on a gallows to permanently stop their treasons. The commies just regrouped, reorganized, and started over again just like I have been telling you they do for years.

Then I found this video that points out 1) that the left has set up a dictatorship, partly because Biden said so, and 2) the lefties, especially their media are lying and not just stupid and wrong. The lefty media are intentionally lying to you to aid in this coup to seize control of the US to set up their global dictatorship so they are not stupid and wrong but are pure evil and part of this coup.

Yes, the left is currently involved in the greatest conspiracy in history and began telling you this about 30 years ago so, either they are lying to you to help with the coup or they have been lying to you for almost 30 years about them conspiring to stage this coup, they are obviously staging.

How much more evidence do you have to see to believe these lefties are evil?

Note that, at the end of the video, the attorney proved that Biden did say he is being a dictator.

Rigged Election

It makes me want to puke at the number of conservative news channels who are acting like this last rigged election didn't even happen and that Trump will easily win the next election (that election too?) because der ain't going to be any vote rigging in this next election.


Hey, I know, let's just ignore the blatantly obvious and join the lefty commie traitors riding unicorns over their rainbow.

Listen, the lefties and their RINO commie pals just stole the last election from Trump AND from you, the people, and got completely away with it without even a slap on the wrist and you don't think they will rig the next election even more? Really?

For all practical purposes, there won't be another election and it is looking like a number of conservatives and moderates are going to have to live through and be disappointed by another much more rigged election in less than 2 years and then will they wake up and realize this is a dictatorship?

Some, maybe, the rest, no. Fortunately I see some who know what is going on.

Stock Market

BTW, if you think the upper class trash have not rigged the Stock Market, do what I did, sit down and read all of the SEC books on their regulations and then just watch the stock market.

One of the many dirty and illegal tricks the upper class trash use to enrich themselves at your expense is how they illegally manage new releases for businesses that have been conned into going public.

Remember that I have told you that the big houses have their clients broken down into 9 levels with their brokers broken down into 3 levels?

Each level of stock brokers have their clients broken down into three levels. The very top clients for the very top brokers, you know, the upper class trash, are unofficially and illegally told they will lose one out of every 10 trades to make the trading look legitimate. You see, it is illegal to guarantee any client that they will win on any trade because that is fixing or rigging that trade, which is illegal. By making them lose one out of 10 trades, it makes the trading look legal and like the clients are just really smart.

The way they fix new releases, is the very top clients get to buy in very low, way below offering price, before anyone else gets to buy in and before the release even begins. It is called in-house-trading.

The second level of clients get to buy in next with the price raised slightly but still below offering price. Yeah, it is price rigging to maximize and guarantee profits for the upper class trash.

The third level of clients for the top brokers and first level of clients for the second to top brokers get to buy in next with a slightly higher price but still below offering price and just before the stock goes public.

As soon as they go public, the second and third level clients for the second level brokers and the first level clients for the third level brokers start making buys to begin the stock price increasing to generate out of house sales to make everyone want to buy a rapidly increasing stock. Yeah, I know, it's a con but, hey, they own the top cop.

Shortly after that, the rest of the in house clients systematically buy into the stock to keep the momentum going to keep the stock price rising to increase out of house sales to drive up the stock price.

When the stock reaches a preset price, the top level clients begin selling their shares for guaranteed profit and the lower level clients will lose about half of the time or more.

That is the nutshell version of just one way the upper class trash rig the stock market to guarantee themselves very regular profits at your expense. They have the entire market rigged and control it to steal money from the average person.

And you think these mega wealthy pirates are more intelligent than you because they have stolen more than you can earn? Then why are they losing against this market revolt?

Hey, they are not going to be prosecuted and go to jail because they own the law, judges, and politicians along with the lying lefty media.

What risk, baby?

BTW, did you notice that they are now calling Libertarians traitors and terrorists?

If you ain't a lefty traitor, you are a bad guy who should be sent to their reeducation death camps for fake treason.


Remember that I told you that God changed the DNA of all organisms on the planet twice?

If you study biology AND the Bible, this should be obvious because God said that, when He kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden, God made them mortal and He also caused some plants to grow thorns. Those two acts require that God changed everything's DNA and they are a subtle message.

Then, after Noah left the Ark, the Bible tells us that God shortened man's life expectancy again and He caused some animals to begin eating meat, both of which require that God once again changed everything's DNA.

Now Biology should tell you that something else in the Bible gives us more clues as to why man's life expectancy decreased rapidly following the Flood as is shown in this video, where the guy doesn't get what I have taught you but he does provide the evidence to prove it.

Before the Flood, everyone on the planet was a member of the same family so that everyone married and had children with family or committed incest. That should be common sense.

Why didn't this inbreeding cause a rapid decline in life expectancy before the Flood?

Because God left our DNA stronger so it would take longer for genetic mutations to develop and possibly not carry those mutations from generation to generation. Their DNA had to be at least partly self healing.

Following the Flood, they all continued to inbreed but this was after God changed our DNA again, so it should be obvious that the DNA wasn't as close to perfect or as self healing so genetic mutations began to build up over the next few hundred years of heavy inbreeding, which the Bible and archeology both tell us they were doing.

Few preachers will teach that inbreeding and incest were very common before God gave the Hebrews the Law. They were accepted as normal and alright.

Proof of this is that Abraham married his half sister, Isaac married his first cousin, and Jacob married two of his first cousins and then his 12 sons continued to inbreed to the extent that the 12 tribes of the Hebrews were all distinct tribes when they left Egypt.

People, when people are scattered out across the land in small tribes and villages, the only people they can marry and reproduce with are family, which will begin to cause heavy genetic damage like decreasing life expectancy. Think about it.

Every group of people on this planet is heavily inbred from hundreds to thousands of years of living in small communities and, therefore, inbreeding. The longer your ancestors lived in tiny separate communities, the more inbred you are.

This can be seen in the Law or first 5 books of the Bible because there are laws telling us to not mate with close members of our families or commit incest. These laws tell us that those people were still inbreeding heavily or the laws would not have been necessary and God was telling them to stop because of the genetic damage it was causing, though God didn't explain the genetic damage because the people knew nothing about DNA and would not have understood. He just said, "Don't do it."

Proof of this is that all 12 tribes of Israel come from 12 brothers, who were the sons of Israel or Jacob, who all married sisters and half sisters. That means that, for 400 years while in Egypt, those families were heavily inbreeding because those families were all distinct from each other as separate tribes when they left Egypt.

God gave those Hebrews the Law in part to stop that level of inbreeding to decrease genetic damage but the Hebrews failed to do their jobs God also gave them.

First, the Hebrews were to be living examples to the people of the world, the Gentiles, as to how well the Laws improve our lives and, second, the Hebrews were to carry this message to the world but the Hebrews failed in both cases so, after Jesus died, 1,500 years later, God gave that ministry to the Gentiles, who spread it worldwide but there was a wee bit of a problem in that the Gentiles didn't accept the entire message (many kept some of their paganism) or just completely rejected it.

While most of the Hebrews followed the Law enough to decrease their own inbreeding and the damage it caused for the next 1,500 years until Jesus arrived, after receiving the Law, the Gentiles didn't even begin to get those messages until almost 1,500 to 2,000 years later than the Hebrews received those Laws so the Gentile inbreeding continued to do genetic damage much longer and faster. Even for the last 2,000 years, the pagan Gentiles have either not known about or ignored God's Law and continued to heavily inbreed, causing more significant genetic damage.

That genetic damage has gotten so bad that, especially among the pagans, it is causing serious medical and health problems such as rapidly increasing infertility and things like rapidly increasing cases of Down's syndrome. I have been watching this take place at a surprisingly fast and increasing rate for more than half a century. We humans are now on the verge of inbreeding ourselves into extinction. I believe that Jesus MUST return to fix this mess within the next 50 to 100 years.

Before Jesus can set up his 1,000 year kingdom following the Tribulation, He must first heal the DNA on this planet to return our life expectancy to being more than 1,000 years just like I also showed you previously He must also heal our sun, planet, and what will be left of our cosmos to keep them from also dying. Basically, the cosmos is a real mess right now because of our sins and us turning our backs on God. Boy, did we screw everything up.


They are always telling you how brilliant military officers are but, when I study history, I regularly see stories about really stupid officers on all sides who got a lot of people killed because of their stupidity.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if an officer won a battle because of his superior intelligence or because the other guy was just dumber than rocks. Again and again, I see God's hand in the allies winning WWII because we sure didn't win because all of our officers and leaders were smarty pants.

It just amazes me at some of the really stupid things I see officers and leaders did in war on all sides. I have to believe the winner was determined by God causing one side to "get lucky" or accidentally kick the other side's butt. We humans can be surprisingly stupid and consistently so.

I thank God that He is God and I definitely don't want His job.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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