I Told You So 384


Remember that I told you that the things the left is doing is going to cause the economy to decline and cause prices to drop even for luxury items, which would probably cause the price on the Hallberg-Rassy sailboat God told me to build to decrease?

I am now seeing Hallberg-Rassy using YouTube to Advertise their boats for the first time and they are one of the best and most renowned boat builders. The others must be hurting even worse but one thing that has to be hurting HR more is that they build some of the best mono hulls and increasing numbers of the rich are buying catamarans because dey wants to live at sea but feel like they are on land without the boats heeling to one side in the wind.

That was easy to see coming.


Remember that I told you about it being very difficult for Russian radar and missile systems to beat US ECM?

This video shows that Israeli ECM defeats Russian radar most of the time. The behavior of those Russian SAMs looks very much like they were overcome by ECM, you know, causing them to crash into the ground. Remember that I told you that we developed that trick more than half a century ago.

You have to understand that the US works with Israel on developing ECM because Israel has to deal with Russian radar and SAMs on a regular basis so the US helps Israel in exchange for being able to test our latest ECM against Russian radar and SAMs.

Remember that I told you that the US gave Israel the ECM to beat the Russian SAM 6 during the Yom Kippur War.

We scratch their back and they scratch ours.


Remember that I have been telling you that I know a lot about a lot of things?

This video explains why. I have been a lot of places, done a lot of things, and learned a lot about a lot of things, including educational programs. I know more about more things than anyone I know of. I am sure there are others out there, I just don't know about them.

Sometimes, that just happens in life and, with me, it was God training me up to know a lot about a lot so I can teach a lot and later do a lot for Him.

Noah's Ark

The Bible says that God caused two of every kind of animals plus even more of the clean animals to go into the Ark just before God started the flood. To my amazement, most people talk like they think that is also what came off of the Ark a year later but, if you study biology, you should know it can't be true because all of those animals would have mated and most would have reproduced, some many times.

For example, I have told you that field mice produce 2 to 4 pups every 30 to 90 days pending their food supply and you know that God would have caused Noah to provide an abundance of food. You should also know that God would have known this would happen and would have caused Noah to make enough room for all of those animals.

For example, if there were just two mice that went on the Ark and they only produced 2 pups every 90 days, at least 162 mice would have left the Ark and possibly more than 1,000.

House cats can produce 1 to 4 times a year producing 1 to 8 offspring per litter. Most likely two cats would have produced a conservative 15 to 20 offspring by the time they left the Ark, probably more.

There would have probably been at least 6 to 8 dogs leave the Ark, more than 100 sparrows, probably about 15 to 20 chickens, and there would have been thousands of bugs everywhere, pending the species. That ship would have been just a wee bit crowded by the time they got off and began to spread around that part of the world plus there would have been an abundance of plants for food so reproductive rates would have been at maximum following the Flood with everything still being vegetarian for at least a little while.

They would have very quickly begun to repopulate the planet and population density stress would have pushed them all away from the ship very quickly, especially with so much open space to flee to.

My Castle

Remember that I told you about my castle and said that I kept it conservative and family oriented and that all of the other major properties like castles and mansions I researched are more designed for opulence and lots of bedrooms?

This video gives you a sample of the opulence of the rich in building their mansions and castles. As you can see, my poor widdle castle ain't no match for their opulence and wasted space. They have lots of open spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms with only a little for function and very little for raising kids with things that would serve educational purposes.

Instead, they just send their kids off to privates schools and let others raise their kids for them. I mean, why should they be bothered raising their own kids. They are too important for such a menial task.

Now, how many servants does it take to keep all of Bezos' properties professionally managed?

Probably at least a few hundred. Hey, someone has to make all of those beds and wash all of those showers and bathtubs.

You know his wife ain't going to be doing any vacuuming or washing dishes in any of them. Heck, she won't even have to fix a meal because he probably has at least one professional chef in each mansion or one chef travels with him everywhere he goes.

Now, imagine living with that many servants wherever you go and know that every estate will have to have a manager and staff so Jeffy Boy wouldn't have to take care of the management, you know, one of the costs of ownership.

BTW, one of the costs of ownership for huge mansions is your privacy because you have to share your home with all of those servants.

No thank you, that ain't me. He can have them all.

Mean while, at least some of his employees are having to live on food stamps because he won't pay them for the work they do so you have to pay his employees with your tax dollars.

Smarty Pants

God's blessings are not just meant to spoil us but come with responsibilities.

For example, why did God give me so much more intelligence and knowledge than most people?

People, know that, in Paradise, everyone will have more intelligence and knowledge than I do now because we will get perfect bodies and minds and God said everything will be made known. My current intelligence will be dwarfed by the intelligence of the least intelligent person in Paradise.

So why did God give me so much more intelligence and knowledge than most people?

For a number of reasons, the most obvious of which was to be able to teach me a lot about a lot of different things so I could teach you enough to help you in many ways. For me to do this, God had to give me well above average intelligence so He could give me a well above average education and, for me, that came with its own problems.

One of the toughest things for me for about 10 years after I started college was learning that most people cannot understand a lot that I learned because they just don't have the intelligence to understand most of what I have learned. It all seemed to be so easy to me that I tended to believe that anyone could understand it but it was frustrating trying to teach people and them not being able to understand.

A really good example was when I went straight from college into the Air Force before I got my degree so I had to go in as an enlisted man and not an officer. I was the only person out of 50 in my basic training squadron who had gone to college and, when they found out I had studied the sports sciences, they began to ask me questions about training and such. Without thinking, I just answered them with my science language and they couldn't understand. I might as well have been speaking Martian.

You have to understand that a lot of what you learn in college is a very specialized language based on your field of study that only those who learned that language for that field of study can understand, this is especially true for the soft sciences. For example, in business administration, they understand this and call their learned new language "B Speak" for business speak or the business language.

I didn't understand this when I went straight from college into basic training and didn't think to try to translate what I had learned into English so they could understand. After just two weeks of them not understanding my foreign language of science speak, they began to believe I was stupid because they couldn't understand what I was saying. In a manner of speaking, they were right because I was being stupid for not translating what I was trying to teach them into their language, you know, common English.

I have since seen a number of other people come straight out of college, especially from science, and make the same mistake and they always end up being deemed the stupid ones because others cannot understand them. That is normal human behavior.

From this and coaching I learned that I had to do two things when teaching people science. First, I had to decide what they really needed to know for whatever the reason they need to know it. When you are so well educated and trying to help people, it is not your job to give other people a 4 year college education but to just teach them what they need to know at that time. They are not going to sit or stand there listening to you lecture them for the next 4 years, therefore, you have to keep it simple and brief.

The second thing is that you must translate your science language into English and that takes a little while to learn how to do by replacing science big words with other common English words or phrases that mean the same thing. You may have noticed that I will often use a science big word followed by "or" and then an English word or phrase to translate what I am teaching and also teach them some science big words.

Note that at the top part of my home page I clearly state that it is my goal to write this blog so the average 7th or 8th grade student, who has not studied any high school science, can understand it.

Therefore, one reason for God giving me such a high intelligence and education was for me to be able to help others.

Another reason was to teach me to respect God and be humble in His presence. Let me explain how that worked out.

God gave me a special gift that I learned about early and used it to help me learn about science and other things.

When I started college, I was on work study working for the data processing department. I was trained to run some of the machines and also had to do things like stock cards and forms and pick up and deliver jobs for other departments to be processed. Because of this, by the time I had been there just one year, I had been in almost all of the buildings.

Early on, one day I left a room in the administration building after making a delivery and as I started to walk away from the door down the hall to leave, I suddenly realized I might be able to do something. Out of curiosity, I stopped, looked at the outer wall for that room I had just left, erased the wall in my mind as if it just wasn't there, placed everything in that room in its place such as desks, chairs, other furniture, and the things on their desks plus I realized that I could place all of the people with the clothes they were wearing and cause those people to move about the room so it was obvious they were humans and not just numbers or objects. They were people.

For some time, I played with this to see what I could do with my mind. I would leave a room, look at the outside of the wall to that room, erase the wall, and place everything and everyone in that room.

I found this to be helpful in my science classes because I could use it to run science models in my mind to better understand what I was learning the way most scientists use computers to run such science models. I got to where I could see electrons and protons moving about in atoms, atoms making up molecules, the molecular structure of cells, the cell structure of organs and the physiological structure of humans, plants, and animals, or human anatomy. With me learning kinesiology, I was able to look at any animal or human, see their anatomy in my mind, and watch it function as they moved. It was a kind of mental X-ray vision where I could mentally see inside their bodies and watch things work.

I could start with the molecular structure of cells, draw my vision back to where I could see the cell structure of organs and systems, draw back even further to see the anatomy and function of their bodies for those systems such as their respiratory and cardiovascular systems, kidneys, liver, brain, and everything, and then see all of that working together as the person moved and did things.

It was a fascinating gift that I liked to play with to see what I could do with my mind. Of course, I always tried new things to test myself.

I thought everyone could do it so I didn't think much about it until I found out that most people can't do it, especially at that level.

One day, as I was leaving the big campus administrative building, I realized I had been in every room in that building so I decided to see if I could see into all of the rooms at the same time. I got just far enough away that I could see the entire building at the same time, turned around, looked at the outside of the building, erased the walls so I could see inside all of the rooms and place everything and everyone in the building where they belong.

That was a wee bit of a trip and I thought about it whenever I had time for the rest of the day. That night, I had decided to see just how much I could do with my brain in that capacity so, after dinner and my homework, I sat down in a chair and started with me looking down on the top of the campus administrative building. Just like before, I erased all of the ceilings and floors so I could see into every room and I placed everything and everyone with the people moving around and through the hallways.

Then I mentally levitated up so I could see more buildings and did the same thing with all of them at the same time until I was looking into all of the buildings on the university campus and included people walking and bicycling between the buildings and driving cars through the campus. It was kind of an awareness thing where there are other people on this planet and they are all breathing, thinking humans.

At that time, Albuquerque, New Mexico only had about 200 to 250 thousand people and I had ridden my bicycle over enough of the town that I was able to do the same thing with most of the city with people, bicycles, cars, trucks and buses moving between buildings.

By that time, I had studied the geology and geography of the planet and especially knew the state of New Mexico so I kept mentally levitating until I could see the entire state with people and animals moving about and the different types of plants in the right areas of the state. I made sure that I kept the people real so they were not just numbers or objects but were real humans with feelings, dreams, emotions, and lives.

I kept mentally levitating until I could see all of North America and then Central and South America too and then the entire planet on a flat global map and then I wrapped that map into the real shape of the planet so part of the planet was in light and the other part in darkness. I could see the people sleeping, getting up, going to work, going home, working, eating meals, and just living like they were in their real lives for the countries they were in.

Then I kept levitating until I could see the entire planet, the solar system, our galaxy, and then the cosmos as best as we knew it at that time.

It was very fascinating and I realized that this must be similar to what God can see except He can simultaneously hear everyone speak and think while understanding them, He could see their actual heart rates, respiration, and every molecular function in real time and not just their imagined existences and motions. It was very obvious from the start that God's intelligence is far greater than mine.

Over the last half century, I have used this gift to run scientific models to create and test ideas and hypotheses to better understand things.

Also, I have never been lost one time in almost 72 years because, as I move anywhere, my mind automatically generates a 3 dimensional map of what I just passed through and I can use that map to even take a different rout to wherever I want to go, especially back to where I came from. I did that a number of times in forested areas where I had never before gone. I also learned that I can look at a map and either drive or walk to where I want to go because I make a picture of that map in my mind that I can use as I travel.

Over that half century, I had become extremely impressed with the incredible diversity and complexity of life on this planet with millions of species scatter around the planet.

You have to understand that an ecosystem is not as simple as they teach you on things like PBS. Every ecosystem is much more complex than they teach you, especially if you take into account a few things.

First, you have to understand how everything from micro organisms to macro organisms function within an ecosystem.

Second, you have to understand that all ecosystems overlap at least a little on the edges, which causes one ecosystem to have an effect on all of the neighboring ecosystems.

Third, you have to understand that some organisms move between ecosystems, which makes things even more complex because those organisms cause different ecosystems to have an effect of each other.

Fourth, you have to understand that migrating species on land, in the air, and in water tie all ecosystems together into one really huge and extremely complex global ecosystem.

A few decades ago, I realized that, even though I could see such things as cell structures and functions along with all of this other complexity on our planet, in our solar system, and in our cosmos and run scientific models to study those things, I still am not intelligent or knowledgeable enough to design even the smallest and simplest living cell, much less the millions of species on this planet.

Humans have been using massive computers and our knowledge of science to try to create just a simple living cell for well more than half a century and, the last time I have checked, we still have not succeeded at creating even one living cell because they are just so complex.

Then I realized that God thought up and designed everything on this planet and in this cosmos with His mind. He didn't use a computer or even a pencil and paper, He just used His mind, dwarfing even my intelligence and knowledge. When I stand before God and compare my intelligence and knowledge to His, I feel just a tiny bit more intelligent and knowledgeable than a rock.

I have learned that it is not humanly possible to comprehend the totality of the existence of God. Don't even bother trying.

People, I have learned that I am NOT a god or THE God and I do not want to be a god or the God.

Then I see myself standing between God and most of mankind with me much less intelligent and knowledgeable than God but much more intelligent and knowledgeable than most people, especially than these arrogant, greedy, power mad, narcissistic, lefty upper class trash, who can't even pass the college prerequisites for the college courses I thought were easy, thinking they could and should be gods. They make my brain hurt.

You have to understand what these idiots think of themselves as being gods. They see their ignorant and stupid selves as being immortal and so powerful that the people cannot revolt against them so they can rule over, oppress, and enslave the people so they can live eternal lives of luxury on their slaves' backs. In other words, they are lazy parasites that just want to live lives of luxury forever at everyone else's expense so they don't have to work. To them, that is being a god.

Just in case you have not figured it out yet, we can easily do without these ignorant, arrogant, elite, lazy parasites who only want to take from everyone else. They easily cause at least 90% of our problems.

What God taught me about power and authority is that, with power and authority come responsibilities to God and the people, something today's lazy elitists parasites are allergic to.

Listen, I have learned that Satan and his demons are all much more intelligent and knowledgeable than me but they are not gods in spite of the fact they tried to rebel against God to make themselves gods and failed and I would not want them to be gods. The one thing they are all lacking and that all of their evil pagan followers are also lacking in is common sense because Satan, their high god, doesn't have enough common sense to figure out that, with him failing every time against God for more than 6,000 years, he ain't going to win. He still thinks he can defeat the being who created him and his demons. God calls that a fool.

Now, do you understand why God made me a smarty pants?

If you accept Jesus as your savior, someday you will be an even smarter smarty pants than I am now and that will be a real trip, believe me. Then I won't have to teach or explain anything to you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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