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Remember that I told you that the boating industry has a problem in that a lot of people are buying boats, finding out that they cost a lot of money to own, and abandon or give those boats away?

This is getting so bad that Florida has passed an abandoned boat law that fines boat owners if they abandon their boats as shown in this video.

These people can no longer just abandon boats they can't afford to own and can't sell, which will cause more of them to try to give the boats away or, if all else fails, sell the boats for junk except that some of the materials can't be recycled.

What they may have to do is start selling or giving boats away in other nations, where a lot of people otherwise can't afford to buy new boats.

This should quickly get around and will undoubtedly cause fewer people to buy boats, which will hurt the boat industry, and probably cause more people to want to buy boats that can be recycled, like wood or metal boats.

This is one reason why I started telling you about boat cruising and the cost of ownership for boats before you decide to buy a boat you may not be able to get rid of in the future. Eventually, some people will be forced to haul their boats out onto their own property and just let them sit until they fall apart. Keep an eye on this.


The God, Bible, and Christian hating pagan lefties are taught and believe that Christianity is evil because they were never taught the truth. When you study the pagan religions, you will find that almost all of them practice human sacrifices. The ugly truth is that, if you had not grown up in a Christian based culture and nation, many of you would not be alive today because you would have been sacrificed to some false pagan god and would be burning in Hell.

It is very probable that Christianity is the only major religion which never permitted the sacrifice of humans to their God. As far as I know, it is the only religion which requires slave owners to offer their slaves to be released after enough years that the slave owners got their money back from purchasing the slaves, with the slaves themselves getting to choose between continued slavery and freedom, which, in of itself, strongly encourages slave owners to treat their slaves well.

The evil things which are permitted and even encouraged in other religions are not permitted in Christianity. God's Laws were clearly written to protect people from evil people.

The reason why pagans hate Christianity is because Christianity protects you from them and they hate that. They want to live by Satan's one law of "Do as you will", you know, to you but the Bible forbids that.


Remember that I have been telling you that God is permitting the left to have enough of what they want to let people see the ugly truth about the left so the people will make an informed choice between Satan's left and God's right?

In this video it shows that just that is happening. As the people see more and more of how evil Satan's spawn are, more and more of them are choosing and turning against them.

Eyes are opening and increasing numbers of people are no longer believing the lies of Satan's spawn so they are turning against Satan's spawn and it is a really big turn. Just like always, Satan is losing this fight.

Satan plans, God laughs.

In this video he shows that the left's efforts at gun control are failing, the left is admitting they are failing, even admits that none of the gun control laws can stop mass shootings, and are turning on each other, especially against Biden.

As the left sees their strategy and tactics failing they will just continue to get more desperate and violent until this becomes open warfare, which it already is to some extent. You will also see the factions within the Commierat Party turning on each other more and more with their internal civil war also getting more violent.

For example, the lefty mayor of Portland is asking people to turn against the rioters and turn them in.

On another note, God is giving us another test, we are failing it, and, if we fail this test, we are really screwed. If our nation wasn't dead before, it is now.

Jenner has said he will run for California governor against Newsom, this is a temptation by Satan to draw us further away from God. The test is whether we will chose to give into evil for control and power and many on the right are.

You have to understand that, according to the Bible, Jenner is an abomination to God because he is a man pretending to be a woman, which is a lie, and he is a homosexual, which God calls an abomination.

EVERYONE choosing to support Jenner for governor is choosing to do it Satan's way where you will choose sin and evil over righteousness for control and power instead of praying for God to send one of His people instead. People, Satan's spawn are infiltrating the COP to take it over the same way they took over the Democratic Party.

What you are doing is saying, "Hey, sin is alright as long as it benefits us in some way, you know, God's Law doesn't matter as long as it benefits us," you know, just like Satan's lefties are doing.

The price this nation will pay for this will be mind boggling because you are choosing to be on Satan's side to "beat Satan and his spawn"? Really?

You just keep an eye on EVERYONE who supports this and it will very soon get very bad for them. I am wondering just how much worse this has to get before God steps in for us.

I am watching to see how many on the right are that stupid because it will play a major role in determining how many people in this nation are going to die in this war. If you sell out to Satan for power and control, you are no better than the left and many more will die to pay for this. We could easily see this nation's population drop to less than 100 million in this war.

Remember that I have told you that God is separating the wheat from the chaff to clean out the chaff. If you choose to be Satan's chaff, you are choosing to be purged by God. This will not end well.

An easy prediction here is that the coward, Gutfeld, sold out Chauvin "to keep his neighborhood from burning down" and is now choosing Jenner for control and power over Commiefornia. I will be surprised if Gutfeld survives this war and you can bet his neighborhood is going to end up in ashes.

People, God is using these things to expose evil people like Satan's Gutfeld so you will not want to follow him to Hell. If you follow evil people going to Hell, you will also end up in Hell. Pay attention.


I am pretty sure I have shared this channel with you before but it is just so much fun to watch a master craftsman work like you see in this video. He knows what he is doing and how to do it plus he give professional tips. He does beautiful work.

Here is another video which shows a group of friends who are clearly professionals doing a great job while having fun. The title is misleading because it says a couple built the boat but it is clearly much more than just a couple.


I have really learned to understand Paul. I have been through so much hell on Earth that to live is for Christ and to die is to be with Christ. I could never even think of committing suicide because, if I am alive, then Jesus has work for me to do and I need to be about my work.

Other than that, the things I did in life don't matter and God did some really incredible things through me but none of that matters. Those things taught me things about me and other people that I use to better understand me and other people.

I Told You So

This is a massive "I Told You So". MIT did a study completely invalidating the social distancing thing for the same reasons I told you at this site.

It makes it very clear that their crap for "water droplets" is invalid, which is why I told you that you should be more focused on aerosol viruses instead, which is what their study was really about. The water droplets thing was a diversion and con.

They showed that the aerosol viruses would get you at more than 60 feet just like I told you. They also told you about the effect of air currents just like I explained to you. The masks don't stop the viruses just like I told you.

This study proves what I told you to be right and the left, including Fauci, the CDC, WHO, and the lefty media wrong. The study said there was never any basis or evidence for what the left was telling you, just like I told you. I taught you science, they taught you lies.

The masks, social distancing, and lock downs had nothing to do with science, were unconstitutional, were illegal, and were only about control and power.

All of the people who believed the bull crap because "I seen it on TeeBee so it gots to be true" were just made fools of by the lefties. They have no idea how stupid the lefties made them look.

You cannot believe a thing the left says because they are a lie.

You have to understand that the big motivator for lefties, especially the upper class trash, is that they are greedy and lazy. They want to live lives of luxury without having to work, the only way to do that is with some form of slavery and Marxism, communism, socialism, and progressivism are just other names for slavery.

What is right now causing this war is the same thing that caused the first US Civil War. The left just doesn't get it that the rest of us don't want to be their slaves so the upper class trash lefties can live lives of luxury without having to work. The lefties obviously think they have enough bad cops, bad FBI, bad CIA, bad DAs, bad judges, bad military, and other bad people who can force us to be their slaves so they can live lives of luxury without having to work.

They are just lazy greedy people.


Remember that I have been telling you that you are not being told the truth or everything about US Military aircraft?

You absolutely are not being told everything, people, and to understand what is really going on, you have to connect some very interesting dots and use some common sense.

The U-2 was first put into service 65 years ago and the SR-71 was started in service shortly after as the A-12.

Why are they still using the U-2 but not the SR-71? Isn't the SR-71 the "better spy plane"?

The U-2 is still being used because it is still one of the best spy planes in the world that is known by the public and the US enemies and doesn't cost that much to operate. The SR-71 is no longer being used because it is so expensive to use and was replaced by much less expensive spy craft called satellites.

Hold it, how can satellites replace the SR-71 when they fly much higher than the SR-71, which you are told flies at 80,000 ft?

Well, first you have to understand that, when the military gives you a top altitude or speed a craft will fly at, that is the "official" or public knowledge speed or altitude and not the true maximum speed or altitude for the craft. The true maximum speed or altitude for any Military craft is actually much higher or faster than the "official maximum" speed or altitude for that craft AND is always classified to keep the enemy guessing.

For example, the record for an SR-71 flying across the US is the "official" record and not the true record. The true record is much faster and is still classified.

Now, let's connect a few interesting dots that almost no one has connected and use some common sense.

First, they tell you that the U-2 and SR-71 have an "official" maximum altitude of 80,000 ft but they also tell you that the "official" maximum altitude for a B-52 is also 80,000 feet.

Hold it, the maximum altitude for the U-2 and SR-71 is 80,000 as it is for the B-52 but the crews for the U-2 and SR-71 are required to wear space suites and the B-52 crews don't have to wear space suites? Really? What should that tell you?

That should tell you that the U-2 and SR-71 fly at a much, much higher altitude than the B-52, all of which fly at a greater altitude than 80,000 feet. The U-2 and SR-71 actually fly at an altitude we call "low orbit" or "inner space", you know, about the same altitude or higher than "the world's first satellite, Sputnik" flew in late 1958 and they were flying that high with human crews, you know, astronauts, before the Soviet Union put their little beeping metal ball into space in October 1958.

The U-2 was carrying human crews at that altitude years before Sputnik and the SR-71 was in service as the A-12 earlier that year, you know, 1958, forget about at least one year of flight testing before it was in service, hint, hint.

Get the picture yet?

Remember that I also told you that it is now public knowledge that the US first successfully tested a surface to space missile for shooting down satellites earlier in 1958 than Sputnik by shooting down a "defunct" US satellite but Sputnik was the first "official" satellite in the world?

All "official" means is that is what they let you know about but it is not the whole truth.

Yes, those planes can fly at 80,000 feet but how much over that?

Think about that.

You have to understand that we quit using the SR-71 because it was replaced by much less expensive satellites flying at the same altitude or higher using better spy equipment. Basically, the SR-71 became obsolete as are all US Military combat and spy aircraft the public and our enemies know about. The existence of everything else is classified but, when this war gets going full bore and we need to start using everything else to win the fight, you will get the shock of your life as will our enemies.

This quickly accelerating war will be the first "official" space war but the first true space war was started by the Soviet Union in the mid 1960's and was won by the US by the late 1980's and it was a hot war and not a cold war. Things got blown out of space. This space war will dwarf everything science fiction you have seen out of Hollywood. Keep an eye on it.

BTW, here is something to think about. The soon coming SR-72, "The Son of SR-71", is a drone without any human occupants so it can stay in space and is remotely controlled, you know, just like any other satellite.

Remember that I told you that the reason why our military keeps the existence of more advanced aircraft secret is because, if the enemy knows such technology is viable, they will start spending their limited Research and Development or R&D funds to develop that more advanced technology in an effort to catch up to and pass the US?

This video shows that everyone is doing just that concerning stealth technology.

Remember that Jimmuh Carhtuh compromised our national security to win the election against Reagan by telling about stealth technology, which had been kept a secret since the 1950's.

Within just a few decades, everyone, especially Russia and China, began trying to develop "fourth generation" stealth fighters like the F-117 while the US came out with a fifth generation fighter, the F-22. Over several decades, everyone else dropped trying to build a better third generation fighter and began trying to build their own fourth generation fighter.

When the US came out with our first fifth generation fighter, everyone else quit trying to develop a fourth generation fighter and began trying to build a fifth generation fighter.

Hey, why waste your R&D money developing something that is already obsolete?

Even though none of them has been successful in developing a quality fifth generation fighter and partly because they know the US is working on developing a sixth generation fighter, they have almost all stopped trying to develop a fifth generation fighter to develop a sixth generation fighter in hopes of catching up to the US by the time we field our first sixth generation fighter or shortly thereafter.

Before they even heard about stealth technology and that it works, thanks to Jimmuh's treason for his own political aspirations, they were all working on developing a better third generation fighter because they didn't know anything about stealth technology even though I have shown the US has been successfully using it since the 1950's.

All any of them need is to have a few good breakthroughs in their R&D and they could catch up to us, which is why the US Military started keeping the existence of our best equipment classified.

Believe me, you can't begin to imagine what we could do in the early to mid 1970's, much less today but you are not seeing that weapons technology today and now you know why. If they don't know about that technology, they can't focus on trying to develop it.

BTW, this is also the reason why the US is making it look like they are implementing impractical weapons technologies like lasers, you know, so our enemies will waste their limited R&D money developing technologies we already have counters for so they are just spitting in the wind. They might as well just toss that money out the door and let the wind carry it away.

Money the enemy spends on such technology is money they can't spend on developing weapons systems that might work against us.

This entire weapons espionage thing is many times more complex than anything I have seen anyone even mention.


Remember that I told you that China spreading troops out on a number of Islands in the South China Sea is stupid because the US could easily take those islands one at a time like the US did to Japan during WWII or just bypass those troops putting them out of the war the way the US also did to Japan during WWII?

This video tells you how those troops on those islands are actually vulnerable but the person misses the part about the US being able to very easily just eliminate them from the war by stranding those troops on those islands.

He also points out other weaknesses like the man made islands are slowly sinking and a typhoon could finish them off.

Man plans, God laughs.

What China will find out is that her placing those troops on those islands will actually cost her in the long run, especially during a war, especially against the US and allies.

Hey, you want to see just how fast those poorly constructed islands will sink?

Just drop one or two bunker buster bombs under each one to speed up the rate they are already sinking and see how well those Chinese troops can swim.

What China is doing is strategically very stupid. Man plans, God laughs.


Here is an interesting video of life in the US around 1800. Compare it to your life today.

When I grew up in New Mexico in the 1950's, the state was "still in the latent pioneering stage," well behind almost all other states in the nation because we had very little surface water for things like farming. The State of New Mexico didn't achieve statehood until 1912 and didn't finish getting settled until about the early 1960's and that was primarily because of the military building so many research and development bases here in the 1950's and earlier.

I used to listen to and learn from the tales of my elders, especially my grandparents and parents. Their lives were so much harder than mine so I learned to appreciate my easier life, which, compared to today's young people, was very much harder.

My grandfather on my mother's side, who was born in 1901, ran away from home when he was 14, after his father beat him with a piece of logging chain. He started working ranches from Texas to New Mexico at 14, drove cattle a number of times from eastern New Mexico to Fort Worth, Texas, and broke broncos or wild horses for riding. He worked as a sheriff's deputy twice and once as a sheriff when he rode a horse and carried a Colt 45 on his hip. I was told by others that he had quite a few gun fights, which, obviously, he won. He later settled down and started his dirt farm in northeastern New Mexico, just 20 miles northeast of Tucumcari, New Mexico, where I was born on April 13, 1949, a Wednesday.

They would have "building bees" when some friend or family member wanted a new house or barn with everyone pitching in to help quickly build that house or barn over a weekend. The owner would save his money, purchase everything he needed for the house, and everyone would show up and help build the house, while the women took care of the outdoor meals and children. There were no power tools, they only used hand tools and completed a small 2 to 3 bedroom house in just 2 days with about 20 to 30 people working together.

I remember being at several of those building bees when I was a child and watching my father and grandfather help build the houses. I had a lot of respect for them.

Both of my parents grew up on small "dirt farms" and they would "chase horses with steel plows" twice a year, in the spring and again in the summer. They took care of a variety of farm animals and crops. They made their own foods, soaps, and most other things. Once every few months, they would go 20 miles to town in a buckboard wagon for the few things they didn't make, which would take all day.

When my father turned 17, his mother signed for him to go into the US Navy for the last 1.5 years of WWII. I also had a few uncles who fought in either WWII or the Korean War.

I think I was about 3 when my grandfather got his first International tractor so he didn't have to chase horses with a steel plow anymore. He was so proud of that tractor and I remember him taking me on it while he planted corn.

I played on that buckboard wagon as a child and had to help around grandpa's farm when I was out of school and we were in the area. As a child (4 to 12 years of age), I spent entire summer days pulling weeds in 90+ degree weather on more than 100 acres by bare hand, I helped husk and shuck corn, feed pigs, goats, and chickens. I was taught to irrigate fields and occasionally helped harvest crops, which usually happened during school months except for the summer harvest.

On the farm and during the farming season, you were up at 5 am and worked almost all day until dark or later. You did what you had to in order to get the job done and feed everyone. Failing meant disaster and death so you had to succeed. "You just got the job done."

When I was very young, when we would not be near the farm, and I was off from school, I would help my mom with chores around the house like washing laundry in a metal tub with a rub board and hanging them on a clothes line while she ironed the clothes or helping her scrub and wax tile floors on hands and knees with a scrub brush and rags.

When I got old enough, my dad would take me on jobs with him. He was a plumber and pipe fitter so, by the time I was 12, I could caulk cast iron pipe. I later learned to "two stroke 16 penny nails" with a framing hammer, something few carpenters can do today because of nail guns.

When I was in California (grades 6 through 8), we had it much better and, when I had extra time and didn't go to work with my dad, I would mow lawns with a push mower (no motor) to earn money to buy things like my first baseball glove. My first two bicycles were used bikes. I didn't get my first new bike until I was in college, working my way through school on work study. It was a 1968 Schwinn Varsity I called "the tank" because it weighed 58 pounds, with the security chain, padlock, and book rack. It cost me $95. A few months later, I bought my first pro road bike, a Peugeot PX10, for $150 and it only weighed 23 pounds.

I didn't buy my first car until I was 21 in 1970, shortly after I got married. It was a used Datsun 411 station wagon, light blue.

I lived a good but hard life and God has blessed me in a number of ways. He has done some really incredible things through me that have given me a lot of good memories. I have been a lot of places, met a lot of people, seen a lot of things, and learned a lot, for which I thank God and I use to help you. And that is the nutshell version.

American Indians

I keep seeing these American Indian memes that make it look like the American Indians had it all together and the whites messed it up.

They forget to tell you that in the more than 1,000 years before Chris Columbus was born, the American Indians wiped out entire tribes like the Anasazi and Mogollon Indians about 1,200 years ago. They believe the Aztec Indians wiped out more than 100 tribes including finishing off the Maya Indian culture more than 200 years before Chris was born and the Inca Indians wiped out at least 100 tribes while enslaving at least another 100 tribes. The Mississippian Peoples wiped out their city state culture with their city warfare before the whites ever got close to them. The Iroquois Indians drove the Delaware Indians to Ohio and the Mohawks drove the Mohican tribe out of their home lands, the Sue or Lakota Indians wiped out more than 100 tribes, including 5 major tribes, to take the land they now call their "ancestral lands" just before the US Army put a stop to that (they were busy driving the Black Feet and Crow Indians out of their lands into Canada.) Here in New Mexico, they have found the ruins of more than 300 Indian villages that were wiped out by the Navajos, Apaches, and Comanches, when they moved into this area. And on and on and on for thousands of years.

There are few saints in human history. As the Bible says, "Nothing is new on Earth". All of our ancestors were murdering pricks. I realized decades ago that, when Chris Columbus sailed on his first trip west, everyone on this planet who had control of land, had control of that land because they or their ancestors murdered the people who had it before them and took control of that land.

BTW, I may or may not be part Choctaw or part Cherokee, like I have been told, I don't know and I don't care. I am all human just like everyone else and that is all that matters. I am me and not someone else.

Planned Obsolescence

Remember that I told you about planned obsolescence, where we were trained to know that companies intentionally plan for their products to fail earlier to increase sales?

This video tells you about that and, yes, it is very real.

The upper class trash clearly do have conspiracies for their evil to increase their wealth just like this video tells you. In getting my M.B.A., we were trained to manage such conspiracies.

Hey, it is just like I have been telling you, the upper class trash royals can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

Small Businesses

Remember that I warned you that this lock down crap was partly about destroying small businesses to eliminate competition for the major corporations who own these corrupt politicians?

They destroyed a lot of those small businesses in the blue states with the lock down but want to finish off all of them in all states with what this video tells you about. Only the upper class trash and their trust funds will be safe from this because you don't own the trust funds, you manage them so your children will not inherit those trust funds but will just take over managing them, therefore, there will be no inheritance tax. Only you will pay the inheritance tax, not them.

See the con? Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash and their political whores are above the law because they write the law so they will be above the law.

Hey, what can I say, I am trained to manage this corruption. Believe me that they are working very hard to impoverish and enslave everyone but themselves. Dey gots to hab der planet and slaves back just like I have been warning you.

They are evil, people, they are pure evil.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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