I Told You So 390


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties have infiltrated and taken over all government agencies at the top?

This video shows that they have completely taken over the CIA and are using it to help with the lefty insurgency of the US Government to create their Marxist global dictatorship.

The left has so completely taken over all government agencies at the top that it will literally take an act of God to clean up that mess so you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load.

All they need is another "9/11" or "Pearl Harbor" event and they will be able to seize complete control of the US Government and you know the stupid people will fall for it. It's coming.

Well, this explains why my prediction success rate is at least 9 times higher than the CIA's. They are more focused on being "woke" than on protecting the nation.

People, you better pray that God soon delivers us from our own stupidity.

Heads Up

I recently saw that some members of the British Royal Family are saying that "the British Royal Family" will cease to exist during the reign of Prince William as king.

Gee, you don't think this might be planned out, do you?

What, are these greedy, power mad people going to just be really super nice and give up their power over the rest of the world? Maybe they are planning to fool the people into believing the Royal Family has ceased to exist by changing the name from the British Royal Family to something else to fool the stupid people?

Does this mean that, when the inner core of the British Royal Family gets control of their global dictatorship, they plan to purge all of the rest of the royals who are not part of that inner core, especially people who are not pure Aryans, you know, like Obama and Meghan? Maybe ye ole European Royal Family has gotten too big and the inner core of the British Royals don't want to share power with that many other royals? Do the inner core of the British Royals consider the rest of the royals to be a threat to them?

People, don't forget that the royals have been fighting and killing each other with bloody wars for more than 3,000 years.

Why would they stop now when they can have the entire planet to themselves? So which royals are scheduled for depopulation?

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that one of the biggest causes for this mess we are now in is lefty college professors?

Here is a video which shows just what I have been teaching you for years. The single worst group for causing our current problems are the lefty or royal college professors. Almost all of our most damaging problems have come from our universities for at least hundreds of years and probably thousands of years. Hey, they don't have anything else to do but sit around in their white palaces, smoking their dope, dreaming up evil things to do to us.

This video also shows that conservative academe are finally fighting back.

This video shows that increasing numbers of leftist universities are going broke for keeps, which is conservatives and God fighting back.

This is God removing that cause of our mess so we will find it easier to clean up this mess when the fight is over. God is taking down leftist universities and they don't get it. Once again, Satan and his spawn are losing the fight. God is fighting for us, you know, like with the leftist MSM going down in flames too.

Keep in mind that these institutions don't have to lose all or even most of their students to go broke. Normally, businesses use budgets that, if they lost just 20% to 30% of revenues, they are in financial trouble so any university which loses 20% to 40% of their enrollment can go broke and a lot of them are losing that much and more.

Note that the lockdowns by the left are destroying these lefty propaganda machines even faster. Smart move, huh?

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I have also been telling you that the left is the greatest threat to US national security, even greater than China or Russia?

This video shows that there are a lot of other people in the world who have also realized this is true.

God is definitely opening eyes around the world just like I have been telling you. This video is another example of God opening eyes around the world.

Remember that I have been telling you that God is going to use lefty Muslim Obama to finish destroying democracy, especially the Republic of the USA.

You put your faith in your democracy or republic to protect you instead of in God so God is going to let the left take your democracy or republic away from you so you will be forced to put your faith back in God to protect you from the upper class trash.

Talk about justice, you put your faith in your democracy or republic to protect you from being enslaved by the upper class trash and the upper class trash are USING your democracy or republic to enslave you with only God being able to save you from being slaves for the upper class trash.

Ready for that Christian theocracy yet?

I have been praying that God will soon stop this insanity but I have recently realized that the longer the lefties continue with their evil, the more it is turning others against them so that the longer this crap lasts, the more it is destroying the lefty crappers. So it seems to be best that God continue for at least a while to let the lefty crappers continue turning people against themselves.

The lefties are their own worst enemies.


Remember that I told you that God told me that He is going to massively destroy most of the greater LA area with what appears to be an "Earthquake storm" because of their sins?

This video shows what is probably the single biggest reason why. The city is moving further from God and towards Satan and living by Satan's one low of "Do as you will". It is easily becoming this nation's Sodom and Gomorrah and will certainly be destroyed by God as a punishment because of it.

The commies are determined to destroy Commiefornia so God is going to help them. God is letting the lefties get what they want and it ain't going to be purdy, people.

It makes it very obvious why so many people are leaving the state, which is really God getting good people out of the state before God punishes the state.

Keep an eye on it because it is bound to happen in the not too distant future.


A transgender is a person who lies to you about whether they are a male or female and, today, they insist you tell the same lie so they can feel better about their lie, you know, to make them believe that you are stupid enough to believe their lie with you knowing it is a lie.

It is very arrogant and disrespectful to insist that other people lie for you.

God said, "Thou shalt not lie" and I would rather obey God than some liar who won't tell the truth about their sex.

The lefties are demanding that we also tell their lies for them and believe those lies or pretend to believe those lies like fools and some conservatives and moderates are obeying their lefty overlords, it is called submission and they are called cowards.

When you help them tell their lies, you are destroying your credibility and submitting to their evil rule over you. They are denying you your freedom of speech so you can't tell the truth and, if you submit to their demands, you are becoming their slaves.

Who do these lefties think they are that we have to tell and pretend to believe whatever lies they insist we tell and believe? What lies will they demand we tell next?

It is amazing so many people are so easily giving into the lefty mandates. They are the "Just do it" people I warned you about, you know, the luke warm people Jesus said He will spew out of His mouth. Without the "Just do it" people, the lefties couldn't have their tyrannies.

You can bet these cowardly "just do it" people will believe Obama about Israel nuking Chicago and, when told to, they will rush down to join Obama's army to clear the minefields for the Muslims.


Remember that I told you that the US set up Pearl Harbor as a sucker punch to get the Japanese to attack the US to infuriate the American people into supporting the US going to war before it was too late, you know, after Britain, the Soviet Union, Australia, New Zealand, China, and India had been conquered and we would end up fighting the war on our own turf?

Watch these videos about men who served in WWII but didn't go in the military until after Pearl Harbor and you will notice that none of them saw combat until about one to two years later.

Hold it, we were already winning that war by then using a peace time military.

How was that possible?

Because the US had used from 1939 until 1941 for ramping up for war and using us making the weapons and munitions for Britain, the Soviet Union, Australia, New Zealand, India, and China to cover that we were ramping up for war so that we had a full combat ready military by the time the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

That is the ONLY way that the US could have started winning that war in the first year because it takes any nation at least one to two years to ramp up for war. That is proved by those new enlistees not seeing combat until at least one to two years after they enlisted with the US already winning the war.

Therefore, the US military had to have already ramped up for war before Pearl Harbor.


Here is a thought.

Is this lefty thing about women, equality, and working mothers really a sucker punch to get women to turn their kids over to lefties to raise those children up to become good little commies?

Hey, if the mothers are working, they can't stay at home with the kids, find out what the kids are being taught, and teach the kids to be good conservatives and/or Christians. They have to turn their kids over to other people, who are almost all lefties to do that raising or brainwashing your kids.

Gee, you don't think that was a lefty sucker punch, do you?


Remember that I have been telling you for years that the God haters are preparing to sell you on believing in space aliens who will tell you to submit to the absolute will of the upper class trash so they can "take care of you"?

This video kind of exposes how some of that is being done. They are fake UFOs being promoted by the US Navy with the Pentagon under the control of the upper class trash. Gee, what a coincidence.

Now keep in mind that there are several possibilities here but he is VERY correct in his "out of focus" statements because we have had cameras in the US Military since the 1960's that could take a picture from a satellite of someone reading a newspaper, blow the lower case letters up to one foot across, and get enough resolution and detail that they could identify which printing press printed that newspaper.

Therefore, why doesn't the military have pictures of UFOs showing that kind of detail, why are the only pictures fuzzy pictures taken from ships or planes that could be anything, and why don't we have very detailed confirming pictures of the same craft in the same location that were also taken by satellites? Maybe because there are not any UFOs and you are being played?

People, don't you think that, if a ship or plane got fuzzy pictures of UFOs that the military could quickly bring a satellite to bear that could get very clear and detailed pictures of that UFO? I saw what we could do in the 60's and 70's and where are those pictures? Don't they have even better technology today?

I have seen what they are telling you are UFOs and I have not seen anything that can be reasonably identified as anything. Oops.

Simply put, you are being played and it also shows that journalists are so ignorant that they can't figure a thing out, you know, just like I have been telling you for years. Journalists are some of the most ignorant people I have seen with a college degree.

"But I seen it on TeeBee so it gots to be true."

And, of course, the UFO nuts are more than willing to help sell the lie in hopes that they might find Captain Kirk or Spok, oooooooo. Maybe they will even find Luke Skywalker?

One thing to keep in mind with so many comments by Tucker is that the left may also be using this to discredit Tucker. All they would have to do is prove these are not UFOs but are a hoax and show Tucker talking about them like he did. The left could destroy him with something like that.

Judicial System

Remember that I have been telling you that the entire judicial system has been infiltrated and corrupted at the national level? Remember that I have been telling you that the left is going after cops to get rid of the cops so the left can replace them with their Antifa and BLM thugs or "Gestapo"?

This video makes it very clear that there is no justice in our system any more.

Note that the feds filing charges against these cops is the feds sending a messages to all cops, even in red zones, that they will persecute all cops to get rid of them so those cops can be replaced by lefty thugs, even in red zones. That is the real reason the FBI is going after those cops. It isn't for justice but is to terrorize all cops, even in red zones.

Catholic Church

This is interesting and something to keep an eye on. This video shows that the Catholic Church is shutting down and literally destroying a lot of churches, even good ones.

Are they doing this to prepare to convert to Islam and start building mosques? Are they shutting down churches that don't want to convert to Islam in an effort to force those people to convert to Islam? What is going on here?

It is just too much of a coincidence to see the Pope making the moves to prepare for converting to Islam 9 years after the Vatican said the church would convert to Islam while also closing significant numbers of churches.

Think about this as additional motivation for the Catholic Church to convert to Islam. Under Christianity, the people are supposed to tithe 10% of their income but, under Islam, the people are required to tithe 20% so the church will make twice as much money from the same number of people.

Gee, you don't think that might be part of the reason why the Vatican and Pope want to convert to Islam, do you?


Things just happen to be heating up for Israel with Turkey and Iran both talking about waging war against Israel while actually waging war on Israel. This video shows you some of the basics in these accelerating hostilities against Israel at a time when the Euro-American royal upper class trash are turning more and more against Israel.

This video shows how the violence is increasing at the same time.

This is clearly no coincidence. Every day, we get a day closer to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.


I hate lefty bullies. I pray for their salvation but, if they refuse salvation and continue causing harm to others, I pray that God will remove them from this planet to protect good people.

All they and their royal leaders are is bullies going around beating up other kids for their school lunch money because the bullies want to live lives of luxury but don't want to have to work to earn it. The lefties are just overgrown, spoiled rotten bullies preying on other people.

All Marxism is is just organized bulling made to sound good to steal lunch money from other kids so the bullies don't have to work and earn the money. These Marxist bullies can't get to Hell fast enough.

Remember that I told you that, when you get angry enough at the lefties for their crimes against you, most of you will be very willing to hang the lefties from the royals down?

Some of you just got mad enough to legalize the firing squad again to get rid of these criminals who otherwise will never stop their crimes against you. The people are already almost angry enough to storm the lefty castles and hang or shoot the lefty leaders and the lefty leaders are too greedy, power mad, and stupid to see it coming. It won't be much longer now and the bullies will get some of their own.

It is like I have been telling you, the only thing that will stop these greedy, power mad lefty bullies is death. History proves that to be true. They will just keep getting worse until they get dead.


I am watching lefties posting hate propaganda about Israel while Israel is fighting to defend herself and protect her people.

Based on the comments I am seeing people make, you can bet that when Obama nukes Chicago and blames Israel that most lefties will gladly follow Obama into war against Israel without hesitation.

It is no coincidence that this is accelerating right now with Biden making deals with Israel's greatest enemy, Iran, Turkey increasingly calling for Israel's destruction, Israel increasingly being forced to side with Russia to survive, the lefties putting out more bad propaganda about Russia, the Western upper class trash funding NGOs to help bring Israel down, Biden and the left failing in consolidating power over their US dictatorship, taking guns away from US citizens, the left persecuting Christians, and the building rebellion against that US lefty dictatorship by conservatives.

Just watch this short video showing how bad it is now in Israel. Believe me, Ezekiel 38 & 39 will soon be upon us.

Remember that I have been telling you that many of the churches have been taken over by Satan's spawn?

This short video addresses that and soon God will sort out His churches from Satan's churches.

The Muslims are increasing their violence outside of the US as well as inside the US to the point that the corrupt French government has received two warnings from the French military that their nation is on the verge of a civil war, as shown in this video and how is the corrupt French government dealing with this warming?

They are prosecuting the officers who gave the first warning.

What, they don't want their military to warn them about impending military actions against their nation?

Gee, you don't think the corrupt French government converted to Islam in 2012 just like I told you, they have been bringing in Muslims to stage their coup for them by fighting the French people, and the traitorous politicians are just silencing the military, do you?

Hey, there is nothing like a little treason by your own government.

Money Laundering

Remember that I have been teaching you that the corrupt politicians, especially the left but also the right, have turned the governments into a money laundering racket?

This video shows a very tiny fraction of how they do this. The rich people bribe the corrupt politicians with campaign donations, the corrupt politicians give the rich your money, and then the corrupt politicians get kickbacks from that money.

I have also told you that for thousands of years, most of the rich, especially the royals, have gotten most to all of their wealth by stealing it from the people. Hey, it is the fast and easy way to get rich. All you have to do is be a member of the upper class trash crime family.

Of course, the people are the losers.

In this video note that, at the end, he mentioned the bureaucrats' own self interest and that is what runs government and not any interest for your well being. Therefore, the politicians and bureaucrats will lie to you about what is best for you to get what is best for them.

All they really care about is themselves and their bank accounts, not you.

Do you get it yet?

Government doesn't care about you, government cares about government.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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