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The Olmert Government is in trouble but the ruling parties won't vote him out of office because it will require holding elections and they know they will lose the elections. To keep from having the elections and losing their power, they are keeping a proven idiot in power. It is pure insanity and proves they care more about their power than their own country.

With the Olmert Government in trouble and on the verge of being dismantled with Olmert being removed from power as the Prime Minister, Syria has staged more troops against Israel's northern border than since the Yom Kipur War in 1973. Iran, Syria, Hizballah, and Hamas KNOW that it is crucial they stage their next war against Israel before the fool, Olmert, is removed from power. Therefore, they are ready to strike at any moment when it looks like he is about to be removed from the position as Prime Minister. Buuuuuut, they are already too late.

I got the following item from the DEBKAfile site:

DEBKAfile's US sources reveal that, this week, Israeli military and intelligence circles informed their opposite numbers in Washington that there is no vacuum in the management of vital issues and it is ongoing despite the crisis tying the hands of Israeli government leaders, prime minister Ehud Olmert, defense minister Amir Peretz and foreign minister Tzipi Livni, in the aftermath of a critical war report.

This was the first confirmation by senior Bush administration sources that they are working with non-political Israeli circles on urgent and critical affairs and leaving the Olmert government outside policy-making in Washington.

DEBKAfile adds: The outcome of the Rice initiative was unfortunate; instead of the promised moderate Arab bloc allied with Washington, the Saudis have moved over and joined the radical camp of Iran, Syria and the Palestinian Hamas. Riyadh maintains in its defense that this alignment will wean Syrian president Bashar Assad and Hamas' hardline Khaled Meshaal from their ties with Tehran. That is something Cheney will have to sort out.

Jerusalem is too engrossed in political antics for keeping Olmert and Peretz afloat in the face of popular disaffection to heed the course of events among Israel's neighbors. Ignorant of those events, Olmert and Peretz still cling to the illusory windows of opportunity for peace which they believed had opened up in Damascus and Riyadh at the last Arab summit in late March.

For this reason, military and intelligence officials have taken matters in their own hands to make sure that the most pressing issues with Washington were attended to without further delay.

For all critical issues, like war, the Israeli Defense Force now runs the Israeli government. Gee, where did we hear that would happen? :-)

I expect that, if this political stalling continues for much longer and with the continued anger of the Israeli people, it won't be much longer before the Israeli people will want the military to just take control and oust the scum or the military will do it anyway. I believe that, if the Muslims attack Israel before Olmert is removed, the IDF will take control on the Israeli government, fight the war, and then either hold elections again or set up a conservative theocracy.

It was also pointed out in the same article that the US is considering permitting Iran to continue refining uranium with the promise that Iran won't use any for weapons. You know, like they have kept even one such promise so far. If this is true, Israel will be forced to attack Iran on its own and will lead directly to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Right now, I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop which will lead to this war. It won't be much longer now because the Muslims almost have the planet and the fools running it right where they want the fools running it so the Muslims can feel free to stage this war against Israel. I am still waiting to see which way God is going to take the US and Europe following this war. I see mixed signs with some good and some bad. The liberals have to be stopped in the US and Europe or we will all be lost in the near future.

Pray like crazy because our butts are on the line right now!!!!

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