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Biden's Strings

The New York Times revealed that Ron Klain is pulling Biden's strings to keep people from looking deeper to see who is pulling those people's strings.

This video gives you a clue about the path to the top because it reveals that Susan Rice is another person involved in controlling Biden. This is important because she is an Obama accomplice, who answered to Obama when he was president, so this tells me that the most probable route to the top is that Obama is in charge of Rice and Ron, who are managing Biden, while we know that Soros is in charge of Obama, Soros answers to a British Lord, who answers directly to the Queen of England.

Gee, you don't think the Queen is using these people to destroy the US and bring it under her power so she can get her colonies back so she can use our military might and resources to set up her global monarchy, do you, you know, get back ye ole British Empire? Gee, you don't think Milley is a British Tory Red Coat, even worse than General Benedict Arnold, do you, you know, handing control of ye ole Pentagon to ye ole Queen of England so she can get ye ole colonies back?

Think not?

This very recent alliance between the US, Britain, and Australia was a very big step in ye ole Queen regaining control of the US to set up her global monarchy. She and her family just brought together three of the nations that used to be a big part of the British Empire, the most powerful nation in the world (the US) with the third most powerful nation in the world (the UK), while betraying France, and this was no coincidence.

Then you have that alliance screwing their ally, France, out of a big submarine deal and telling France to grow up and deal with it in this video. The Queen is right now making her power grab for control of the US and the world and she has no intentions of sharing rule with the rest of the European Royal Family.

BTW, remember that I told you that Boris Johnson is a member of the British Royal Family and, as Prime Minister of England, he answers directly to ma Queen.

Are you getting the picture yet?

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash converted to Islam in 2012 under Obama?

This video provides more proof of that with the Commierats stabbing Israel in the back to please the terrorist organization, Hamas. Gee, what a coincidence.

Here is another video telling you about that betrayal.

This video also shows you that the left betrayed Israel and why. This is one of the reasons why the lefty upper class trash will die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 they will cause against Israel.

It is all coming together just like I have been telling you for years. Every day we get one day closer.

Gee, what a series of coincidences. Biden just gave Afghanistan back to the Muslim terrorists, he is about to give Iraq back to the Muslim terrorists, and Pelosi just stabbed the Muslims' enemy and one of our best allies in the back for the Muslim terrorists.

And you don't believe the upper class trash converted to Islam in 2012 under Obama? Really?

BTW, Pelosi defunding the missile defense system destroys the funding for one of the most important defense systems Israel had to keep the Muslims from attacking and invading her. It would not be possible to betray Israel much more than that.

Without that defense system, Israel will not be able to stop the tens of thousands of rockets and missiles the Muslim terrorists have aimed at Israel. That is a very critical defense system for Israel.

Hey, the lefties have to get rid of that missile defense system before they invade Israel.

It is written that, if you curse Israel, you will be cursed so you can bet that the US will pay for this betrayal of Israel.

If you think you are not going to finish losing your republic and have to build a new Christian nation, you better think again. Under the control of the Commierats, this nation is dooming itself more and more every day. We let them have control and they are destroying this nation.

Then God woke me about 1 am this morning and, for the last 1.5 hours, kept saying, "Hey, stupid, what about this, that, and something else?" Stupid listened and realized that he isn't getting back to sleep until he writes this.

Let's do some math and connect more than a few royal dots. Let's revue about the last 30+ years here. We could easily go back to at least JFK with this but I think this shorter version will be enough to open an eyeball or two. This will just be the nutshell version.

Saddam Hussein, a Sunni Muslim, was in control of Iraq and the city of Babylon and Russia was in Afghanistan. The US CIA founded Al Quaeda to chase Russia out of Afghanistan, which they did under Billy Boy Clinton, a member of the British Royal Family, and then Al Quaeda "turned on the US" with Billy Boy's response being to kill a 12 year old goat herder with a cruise missile.

Then, under Bush II, also a member of the British Royal Family, Al Quaeda staged the 9/11 attack against the US, giving Bush II the excuse to invade Afghanistan to get rid of Al Quaeda and then, hey, why not also go into Iraq and please note that he never got around to invading Syria, Iran, and North Korea like he said.

When Bush II went into Iraq, he took control of Iraq from the Sunni Muslims and gave control to the Shiite Muslims, who are under the control of Iran, who believes that Babylon is the most holy Muslim city in the world and they want to rebuild it to be the global capitol of the world, you know, just like the European occult want to do and the Bible says they will.

Years ago, I pointed out that this gave the British Royal Family the ability to buy land right where they plan to build Mystery Babylon to set up the capitol for their global dictatorship, use US tax payer money to start rebuilding Babylon under the control of the World Monuments Fund (under Obama, who is also a member of the British Royal Family), Obama gave $150 billion in cash to Iran to fund their terrorist operations, then they dredged the Euphrates River for commercial shipping with US tax payer gifts to "rebuild Iraq" right up to where they plan to dredge out the harbor for Mystery Babylon and don't be surprised to see your tax dollars pay for that too, if they are not already.

Hey, why pay for stuff when you can have the surfs pay for it? I mean, after all, have the royals ever paid for anything themselves?

Everything was set for Hillary, who is also a member of the British Royal Family, to finish setting up their global dictatorship with the capitol being Mystery Babylon but Trump got in the way and set things back a bit so they rigged ye ole 2020 election to get rid of him and put Obama lackey, Biden, in power with Obama staying very politically active while Trump was in office and even after.

Very quickly, Biden gave control of Afghanistan back to the Muslim terrorists, who are friends with Iran, is about to give control of Iraq back to Iran and their Muslim terrorists, brought thousands of Muslim terrorists to the US and Europe to terrorize the US and European people into submission because the COVID 19 biological warfare terrorist attack is not working so well any more, stabbed Israel in the back for the Muslim terrorists, and then just formed an alliance between the US, UK, and Australia giving ye ole Queen control over all three nations, with General Benedict Milley giving the Queen control of the US Pentagon, while stabbing their European cousins in the back to seize control from them for ye ole global dictatorship.

Add to all of that that ye ole Queen sent Megan and Harry over here for Megan to run for queen...uh...I mean president against Trump in 2024 with ye ole US lefty media giving Megan a lot of favorable press, you know, with lefty people like Oprah helping out.

This leaves us with a lot of interesting questions.

1. Why didn't they make Canada, a British Common Wealth Nation, part of that alliance? Is it because Trudeau is a French Royal and is about to be stabbed in the back like Macron?

2. Does this mean that other royals from other branches of the European Royal Family like France and Spain are also about to get ye ole knife between ye ole vertebrae, you know, like Newsom and Grisham or will they be allowed to rule as vassal kings and queens under the Queen of England?

3. Was Brexit really the British Royals stabbing the rest of the European Royals in the back and destroying the European Royal run EU?

4. Did ye ole British Royal Family and US traitor torys stage 9/11 to give the British Royals an excuse to use US forces to do what they wanted?

5. When are the British Royals and their Muslim pals in Iran going to start building Mystery Babylon, using US tax payer dollars, of course?

6. Will Obama get his nuke for Chicago from Iran or Britain to terrorize the people as much as possible to control the people to prevent the blue coats from chasing off the red coats again?

7. Gee, you don't think ye ole Queen of England is right now getting her global British Empire back, along with the rest of the planet, do you?

It sure looks like it. There sure are an awful lot of coincidences concerning the British Royal Family and their timing is impeccable and, people, that isn't even close to being everything.

It just keeps coming together and they just keep proving me right.

You just might want to keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have told you and provided significant evidence showing that COVID 19 was developed in the US, transferred to China under Obama for China to release as a front for our upper class trash to hide behind so you would think their mandates were to protect you while they were really to gain complete control over you?

This video tells you that a defector from China says that China intentionally released the virus in 2019 but the CIA wouldn't listen to his warnings.

Of course not, they were in on this insurrection and treason, why would they listen to a warning about their insurrection and treason to set up a US dictatorship?

You know, just like I have been telling you.

Satan's spawn have been really busy, haven't they?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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