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Mystery Babylon

Why did Biden just hand Afghanistan and soon also Iraq back to the Shiite Muslims?

Because they are getting ready to build Mystery Babylon right next to ancient Babylon to be their globalist or Muslim capitol so they can quickly set up their globalist dictatorship or Muslim Caliphate and that was part of the deal for the upper class trash to get to share rule from Mystery Babylon.

Remember that I told you that by the end of 2020 they had completed the survey of ancient Babylon to make sure no one would build on any of it because the Shiite Muslims consider ancient Babylon to be holy?

Remember that I told you that Obama started the rebuilding of Babylon in 2008, only 3 months after he was first elected, by donating 2 million US tax dollars to the World Monuments Fund and the US State Department has given money to them every year since for the rebuilding of ancient Babylon and Mystery Babylon?

Remember that I told you that they had completed dredging the Euphrates River for commercial shipping all the way up to where they will have the harbor for Mystery Babylon?

Remember that the Vatican and British Royal Family had purchased land where they plan to build Mystery Babylon years ago?

That should tell you that they already had the architectural plans for Mystery Babylon so they knew where to buy because you don't want to buy land that will end up at the bottom of the harbor.

Remember that I told you that I saw several architectural plans of Mystery Babylon online but they disappeared?

They removed them after they chose the one they wanted.

Believe me yet that the lefties converted to Islam in 2012 while Obama was president?

They are setting up their Caliphate or global dictatorship RIGHT NOW.

That is why the left is in such a hurry, so desperate to quickly get their dictatorship established, and so frantic. The lefties are failing, running a wee bit behind time, delaying the setting up of their plans for their global dictatorship, and running out of time to be part of the Muslim Caliphate. It seems that the lefties have to make this work right now, this time, and can't afford to lose control again, which is why it is now becoming obvious that, just like God told me and I told you, they are now willing to use nukes and Muslim terrorists to terrify you into submitting to their rule, you know, "so they can protect you" from their terrorists.

This is also why Biden caused the collapse of the Afghan government and used that as a cover to bring tens of thousands of Muslim terrorists into the US and Europe to help the lefties finish setting up their parts of their Muslim dictatorship against the protesting citizens. Hey, Antifa and BLM were not getting the job done so bring in more thugs.

Biden and company are bringing the war against terror here to destroy your cities instead of their cities, you know, the way Antifa and BLM were but only better.

Iran is going to oversee the construction of Mystery Babylon.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, did you notice that, in her speech about closing the government Pelosi said they "are pushing Obama's agenda"? Have you also noticed that Obama is increasingly in the news?

And you don't think the left will gladly accept Obama as their "temporary" dictator "to save the nation" after Chicago gets nuked and follow him off to war against Israel because he blamed Israel?

In their minds, because they are pushing his globalist agenda and they don't have another promising leader, they think he is still their leader. Remember that the left keeps calling Obama the "greatest president ever", which should be a red flag to you.

Keep an eye on this because it is increasingly coming together just like God told me years ago and the way this site is set up, you can go back and see what I said and when I said it.

Nazi Australia

Remember that I have been telling you that Australia is now a dictatorship?

I am not the only one who has realized that as this video shows.

Welcome to Nazi Australia and those cops are their evil Gestapo enforcing the tyranny on the people. If those people don't step up soon and overthrow their evil government, their nation is lost and you can bet those cops will do the same things the German Gestapo did under Hitler because they are already doing it. They are the Australian Gestapo.

The Church

Remember that I told you that God is using all this to sort out the good people from the bad people, especially getting rid of poser Christians from the church?

At about 1:20 into this video it tells you that about one third of the Christian church people are leaving their churches. Gee, what a coincidence.

It is very clearly happening right now. God is clearly sorting us out just like He told me and I told you.


Why are so many Christians still believing the Eurocentric bull crap about the Tribulation one world church being the Catholic Church and the one world government being the EU?

Based on human behavior, history, and today's results, what I believe happened was that, when Constantine "converted the Church" to Christianity so he could assimilate Christians into the Church, most of the people already in the Church, especially the leaders remained closet pagans but they began to study the prophecies of the Bible to learn more about the Christians.

Being greedy, power mad pagans, when they read about the one government and the one church ruling the world, they naturally would have wanted that prophecy to be about them so they believed it and taught it to their people. After all, Rome was still the greatest power in the world so it just had to be them and that prophecy could be fulfilled any day.

Basically, it was their evil wishful thinking that caused them to believe their evil pagan Euro centric fairy tale but I have also learned that fairy tale was made up by Satan and taught to those pagans so they would not realize it wasn't them when Islam finally was started hundreds of years later by Muhammad.

That Euro centric fairy tale was a distraction to keep people from realizing that it wasn't them, it was Islam, when Islam finally showed up several hundred years later. By that time, the Euro centric fairy tale was so considered to be fact that they never even gave a thought that it might really be Islam God was warning us about.

People, if God had opened their eyes to the truth that He was warning us about Islam, those greedy power mad poser Christian leaders would have put together a massive army to wipe out Islam that would have ended in a massive failure because God can't be wrong. By keeping their eyes closed, God was preventing that disaster.

By the time Muhammad was born and founded Islam several hundred years later, it had been told so long that it was considered to be an unquestionable fact so no one questioned it and they continued to believe it until Obama and Farrakhan showed them the evidence and convinced them of the truth just before 2012, which was why the lefties converted to Islam in 2012 under Obama and it also explains why the Democratic Party has changed so much since then.

BTW, remember that Farrakhan kept saying before Obama was elected 2007 that he felt that Obama is the messiah or Muslim Mahdi?

They didn't listen to him then but, after he and Obama convinced them that the one world government and one world church of the Tribulation are Islam so they converted to Islam, became closet Muslims, and were listening to Farrakhan, you better bet they started listening to Farrakhan about Obama being their messiah or the Mahdi, which explains why they still look up to Obama so much. Don't ever forget that.

That also tells you that the lefties WILL accept Obama as their dictator, after Chicago is nuked just like God told me and I told you.

Why wouldn't they?

After all, they believe that he is their messiah or Mahdi so of course they will. They will rush to join his Muslim army to invade Israel, conquer the world, and set up their glorious Muslim global dictatorship.

It is all coming together one day at a time. Every day we get one day closer.

But you Christians didn't see the evidence that Obama and Farrakhan showed to the upper class trash to open their eyes to the truth so you are still believing the Euro centric fairy tale about that one world government and one world church being Europe. You are probably just about the only ones left on the planet who still believe that Euro centric crap.

I remember when I first began studying this fairy tale in church and God kept tapping me on the shoulder and saying, "Hey, stupid what about this, that, and something else," showing me the gaping holes in their idiot Euro centric theory. To me, those holes were so obvious that I couldn't understand why the other Christians didn't see it and today I realize that it was because God had not opened their eyes to it yet, which is why God has me telling you about it now, you know, to open your eyes so you can prepare for what is soon coming at you.

Remember that God told me that He is opening everyone's eyes and I am a small part of that opening process by teaching you what God has taught me.

If you pay attention to what I have taught you about Islam and the Bible, when you read those Bible prophecies, you should see that God began telling and warning you about Islam 600 to more than 2,000 years before Muhammad was even born, much less founded Islam in the 600's AD.

The 10 horns of the beast and 10 toes of the feet for Nebuchadnezzar's figure are the 10 leaders who have always made up the council for the Muslim Caliphate or government. The iron mixed with clay for the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's figure was God telling us that the lefties (the descendants of the Romans or the iron) would convert to Islam in 2012 under Obama. The little horn is the Muslim Mahdi, messiah, or your antichrist.

I started this essay because I had just seen ANOTHER Christian video trying to explain that NONE of the experts could figure out why the people would put the Mark of the Beast or 666 on the backs of their right hands and on their foreheads so he started explaining why he thought the people would accept the Mark of the Beast or 666 on the backs of their right hands and on their foreheads with some psychology bull crap.

People, they will all be Muslims because they will have just conquered the world and 666 is their most holy number so, of course they will be more than glad to put the Mark of the Beast or 666 on the back of their right hands and on their foreheads. They have already been doing it for 1,400 years and are doing it right now.

Why would they not do it?

People, Muhammad started the fulfillment of those prophesies and the fulfillment of those prophesies has been going on for 1,400 years and most Christians still don't know it. The upper class trash do, which is why they converted to Islam.

Once you understand the truth, the truth will set you free and you will understand what is going on.

I know that many Christians will persist in believing the Euro centric satanic lie that keep your eyes closed and you have been taught that the Babylon in the Book of Revelation is really just figurative or symbolic and not the real city of Babylon and is really talking about Rome, London, New York, or some other big city but the construction of Mystery Babylon will eventually reach a point to where they can no longer keep it secret so it will become common knowledge and when you see them actually building Mystery Babylon right next to ancient Babylon, with the British Royal Family and the Vatican building huge palaces in it, then you will believe me.

Then you will KNOW that I am a profit, messenger, teacher, ambassador, and man of God sent to teach you, guide you, prepare you, and help you to know the truth and quit believing Satan's lies.

Time is on my side because I am on God's side and there ain't much time left.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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