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Lefty Predictions

Remember that I have warned you about the fear mongering crusades by the academe?

Concerning the fear mongering predictions of the left for such things as global warming and climate change, watch this video and know that, as many bad predictions as they tell you about, they didn't cover all of them. I have been watching this crap since the 1970's, when they were also predicting that the planet's natural resources would be used up "within 10 to 15 years", you know, by 1985 to 1990, and they finally quit predicting that somewhere around the year 2000, long after we were supposed to have run out of all resources, destroyed our global economy, and be dead.

People, these fear mongering predictions are made to sell you things, especially fear mongering books by the academe, who make fortunes with books and lectures concerning the fear mongering crusades to save something. As long as you keep buying their books and attending their lectures, the academe will continue with new and different fear mongering because it makes them rich.

Hey, sell a million copies of your book with a profit of $3 to $5 per book and you just made an easy $3 to $5 million to buy your own paradise island and laugh all of the way to the bank.

Then you have the lecture circuit where they can make from $25,000 to more than $200,000 for just one lecture.

They get exposed almost every time and the stupid people just blindly believe the next lies. It has gotten to where most academe are con artists stealing from people by scaring them. It has gotten to where you just can't believe almost anyone with a Ph.D.

This fear mongering is just a racket that the stupid people keep falling for and, until these academe start getting arrested for fraud and other crimes and have every dime they made from their fraud plus interest taken from them, they have no reason to quit.

But, hey, the academe are above the law.

Concerning Court Corruption

Remember that I have been telling you that too much of our judicial system has been corrupted?

Watch this video that shares some of that information. This case has nothing to do with justice, is purely political and should be unconstitutional and illegal. The fact that judge has not already dismissed this case on such grounds makes me think he might be pretending to be tough on the prosecution and may be on their side or on the take.

That DA and his staff should go to prison and lose their licenses to practice law for life.

Keep an eye on this.

Mean while, you might want to send that DA a job application form for MacDonald's.

Exotic Pets

Remember that I warned you about dangerous exotic pets being turned loose on you during this escalating war?

I explained that will happen by both accident and on purpose. When owners are killed or can no longer feed those pets because of the war, they will be turned loose on you.

This video gives an extremely tiny example of some of the pets you may find hunting you in your neighborhoods and while you are fighting.

Know that, with people being killed and dead bodies lying around, the carnivores will learn to enjoy the taste of dead humans and probably become "man killers" or human hunters. Suddenly those exotic pets are not going to seem so cool.

You name a predator, and it will probably be turned loose in or near numerous big cities, especially poisonous snakes, and it won't just be the rich but also middle and upper middle classes. Owning an exotic pet is really big prestige for lefties.

Don't be surprised if the lefty thugs like Antifa and BLM turn entire zoos loose on you just before being driven out of cities to slow the pursuit by their enemies or just to be mean.

You better be ready for this.


There is something I am cautiously watching, which is the disappearance of Newsom. With all of the commotion about his "disappearance" after getting a jab, all he would have to do to stop the rumors would be to make a public appearance.

Him not doing so could be that he is sick, dead, or incapacitated, he could also be setting people up to make them look bad, and he could be using it to get free PR for a presidential campaign.

With his "people" lying and covering up something, it tells me there is probably something wrong they don't want you to know about.

You have to ask, "If he is alright, why has he not silenced the stories by just making a public appearance?"

You have to keep an eye on all possibilities while being cautious about something like this. This video talks about this some.

Remember that I told you that the lefties don't have anyone to run for president against Trump in 2024 that has a very good chance?

I have also been telling you that Princess Markle announced last year she will run and she might be their best hope even though no one seems to be looking at her right now as a possible contender, though she is still getting a fair amount of press. They may be keeping her under cover as a candidate until just before the election campaign to decrease the potential for something happening or someone finding out something that would destroy her chances.

It seems that the left thinks commie tyrant Newsom is their best hope so he may be pulling a PR stunt but I can't imagine even close to half of the people in the US voting for him with all the evil he is openly doing in Commiefornia.

Another possibility is that I warned you that the royals will eventually start getting rid of royals who are not within a family branch or they are just in their way, you know, Newsom is a French Royal so the British Royals don't want him in any position of significant power.

One thing that you have to keep in mind with him disappearing just after getting a jab is that he may have been ordered to get the jab as a PR stunt to get people to get the killer jab, thinking he was going to get a placebo of distilled water instead of the killer vaccine, and they slipped him the killer vaccine to get rid of him.

Don't be surprised when royals start killing royals to get them out of the way for power. They have done it for thousands of years and will do it again today.

If this is what has happened, then I would expect Spanish royal, Grisham, of New Mexico to be one of a number killed soon. The problem with her is that they will have to also kill at least 72 members of New Mexico's legislature in both houses (they have 70 members in the House and 42 members in the Senate of which 72 are Commierats) because they are also mostly Spanish royals who would just replace her with one of them. Because of this, I think the Christian's dream I told you about someone nuking both Santa Fe and Albuquerque deserves keeping an eye on.

When they do start killing off undesired royals, the upper class trash will replace them with vassal or subservient rulers.

Note that Newsom's wife came out and made a public statement but Newsom can't?

So keep an eye on this but it may be nothing, knowing that it could be something.


Remember that I have been telling you to keep an eye on Obama, who is amazingly remaining extremely politically active for a retired president who can't be president again even though he is remaining the most popular person on the left.

This video shows him giving a speech, blowing his own horn as if he is running for office and/or trying to get people to support him for something. Gee, what a coincidence.

You don't think he is running for "globalist" dictator of the world do you?

Notice him making excuses to blame the GOP for Obama not being able to finish doing what the upper class trash needed to set up their global dictatorship under his reign.

Is that a campaign speech or what?

Also remember that Obama started the US government funding for rebuilding Babylon as their global capitol and gave Iran 150 billion dollars cash.

Obama is definitely running for something and my guess is Caliph or Mahdi of their global Caliphate. He is very clearly trying to sell himself to the upper class trash for their top position as king of the world. Obama is trying to develop a global following that will support him as their top ruler.

That is the way that kind of deal making works. A person will develop a following supporting them and then use that following to make a bid for power. If they get enough of the right support, they get that power.

To get that support, they will develop interest by others in supporting them with great sounding speeches and then negotiate deals to where, if you support them, they will give you something like a particular powerful position within their administration or as a leader over somewhere or something.

Almost certainly, Obama has Valerie Jarrett on the road doing almost all of the negotiating for him.

This is the kind of negotiating you will see taking place in Damascus just before the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. The top people from all over the world will be attending socials talking to each other about such deals. "If I support you, you give me this."

It will be during this power mad negotiating fest that God will destroy Damascus and these power mad and greedy leaders.

Keep an eye on this.

The Planet

I watch and can't stand the jerks who are mad at everyone else for getting in their way on "their planet", especially on "their roads", you know, that everyone else helped pay for.

We have been listening to the arrogant upper class trash too much and have adopted their selfish, arrogant attitude that everyone else is intruding on "their planet" and getting in their magnificent way.

People, let me give you a clue, this is NOT your planet. This planet does not belong to the arrogant upper class trash, you, or anyone else. Like they are with everything else, the upper class trash are wrong about this being "their planet".

Did you notice that, when you die, you don't take the planet with you?

Not one pharaoh, king, queen, Caesar, emperor, czar, or anyone else has taken this planet with them when they died because it isn't their planet. They have been dying for thousands of years and this planet is still here being used by everyone. Today most of them are burning in Hell with no planet because this is not and never was their planet.

This planet belongs to God and He is graciously letting us use it for our brief stay on it, which is why we are supposed to be good stewards, which includes sharing it with everyone else.

Now, can we close off part of it to protect us and our loved ones from bad people who will cause us harm?

Yes, of course but that is just defensive for protection and not us assuming this planet is ours and only ours because we is are be wonderful.

Don't be a jerk, share God's planet with other good people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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