I Told You So 419


Remember that I told you to keep an eye on what may be them trying to get rid of Kruella as vp?

Don't be surprised if they impeach or other wise remove Kruella to move Pelosi up to vp, especially since Pelosi has stated she isn't going to run again, which would put her out of office with 2 years left in the Biden presidency and then don't be surprised if they impeach or otherwise remove Biden to move Pelosi up to president and someone from in Congress who probably won't get elected again to vp.

They may also move Pelosi up to vp and have her run in 2024 as Markle's vp.

Then I found this informative video, which tells me that most likely, they are getting rid of Kruella to move Pelosi up to vp and someone younger up to Speaker of the House (AOC?). I don't think it is a coincidence that they are trying to get rid of Kruella at the same time Pelosi stated she is not running for Congress again.

Ben Shapiro's comments are hilarious in that video. Ben makes it very obvious that the Commierats are failing at EVERYTHING big time.

Man plans, God laughs.

Keep an eye on this.

Lefty Media

I just saw a headline that the lefty media intentionally deceives people.

Really? They finally figured that out, did they?

I figured that out half a century ago.

Gee, I wonder why God has had me writing this blog for more than 20 years now?

Not really, I know why.

Then I found this video which gives you more details of how the lefty media intentionally deceive people proving what I have been telling you that you can't blindly believe a thing they say.

Do you believe me yet?

You should watch that video all of the way to the end because he lays out for you what this trial is really all about. They are using this trial to infringe on your right to self defense and deny you that right. Therefore, this entire trial is unconstitutional and illegal. The DAs should go to prison for this crime and everyone else, especially the lying lefty media who aided them in this crime, should also go to jail.


Everyone is throwing a fit about Russia's anti satellite missile test. Big deal.

Look, if they knew what I know, they wouldn't bother because it won't do them any good if they even manage to take out all of our current spy satellites and I can't tell you why because that is still classified. Just know that we developed the countermeasures for that before 1970. Think about that. You have no idea about the top weapons systems we have, especially in space.

Listen, years ago, I told you about what I call "star ships" to keep you from falling for the left's alien bull crap. Those star ships are a fraction of what we had hidden up there by 1972 and they have much better today but it is all classified.

Remember that I told you that we don't let the public or our enemies even know about our best weapons systems so they won't begin working to develop those same weapons systems or the countermeasures for those weapons systems?

Stealth technology is the best example for this. Until Jimmuh Cahrtuh sold us out for his political campaign by revealing stealth technology, no one else on this planet was even trying to develop stealth technology. Now that they know about it, everyone, especially Russia and China, is trying to develop it, so far with marginal success.

Do you understand now?

You have no idea about the weapons systems we have between them and us that can take out anything they can throw at us.

Then they are also raising a big stink about Russia moving troops next to Ukraine, you know, after the US CIA staged a coup to remove the pro Russian leader and replace him with a pro US leader AND the US has been moving troops and equipment into Ukraine that easily looks like the US is getting ready to make an offensive move into Russia, you know, to set up their global dictatorship.

If I were Russia, I would be moving troops there too in hopes of preventing or stopping a pending invasion.

Russia is no threat to us because she is too dependent on selling oil to the West so that a war with the West would destroy her economy so she wouldn't be able to fight a prolonged war plus her population is aging so she doesn't have enough young men and women to fight a prolonged war with us.

I am not worried about Russia, I am not worried about China, though it is a threat, I am not worried about North Korea, though it is a threat, and I am not worried about Iran, though it is a threat. The greatest threat to this nation is our own traitors on the left. Our own lefties are the only people who can destroy our nation.

My concern with these other nations is that, if our lefties weaken our nation too much, you know, like destroy it, those nations along with others would be tempted to attack or invade the US. The US is building up troops closer to and around China telling me that the US military has intel that China may believe our traitors won't fight China so China may be planning to do a little conquering in that area.

I have been telling you that the left is using these nations as a distraction from their insurrection and destruction of our nation.

Then I found this video which provides a very limited example of what we can see with just civilian radar, which isn't as good as military radar. This video does not tell you what we can see with infrared, photographic, or electromagnetic sensing.

KNOW that in 1972, we knew where every Soviet sub was 24/7, we had a satellite system that let us know every time they tested a missile, nuke, or other weapons systems and when they moved troops in real time, you know, when it was happening.

Today, we have much better and the Chinese subs, planes, tanks, ships, and other weapons are not as good as the Soviet weapons were. If someone is wearing an electronic watch, we can see them and we can tell what time their watch says.

Most people have no idea what we could do in espionage half a century ago and we have better today.

Kyle Rittenhouse

I want to know why NO ONE has pointed out that Kyle was being attacked by a very violent mob and, after he was knocked down by one of them, they were closing in on him for the kill when Kyle shot the first three causing the rest to back off.

That is what really happened but not one person has pointed that out. I have been waiting and watching for someone to point that out and not one person did.

Don't believe me?

Watch the video and think about it because, as the first three attacked him, you can see the mob quickly closing in on Kyle for the kill and then, after Kyle shot the first three, the rest backed off. If you watch closely and ignore the two people talking, you can see it on this video.

In this video an attorney shows you how dishonest and sick the prosecution was and that there was no grounds for this trial except to intimidate people into not defending themselves to infringe on our Constitutional right for self defense.

Basically, the prosecution just used what the military would call psychological warfare to stage a terrorist attack against everyone in the US to terrorize you into not defending yourself when attacked. This is unconstitutional and is criminal; they should go to prison along with everyone who was complicit in their crime. This makes me wonder even more whether this is a Soros owned DA.

This is another good video concerning the trial that teaches you some things everyone should know. I am including this for your information to help you.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty upper class trash can't steal enough from enough people fast enough?

This video shows you some of the insane ways and excuses they use to steal more and more and more from you.

It is just like I have been teaching you; greedy and power mad people can never be satiated so that they will always want more wealth and power at your expense.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash and not just Soros are funding nonprofit corporations with what is called the shell game to organize and bring illegal aliens to the US?

This video shows you that a member of Congress just found that out.

Now, out of due respect, I understand that I have been trained in espionage and he probably hasn't but this racket has been so obvious that he should have figured this out years ago, when I first started telling you about it.

I told you how Soros and other spawn of Satan were running shell games by funding one nonprofit that funds other nonprofits to commit crimes and wage war against you as their curtain to hide behind.

I told you how these armies of invading illegal aliens are organized, managed, and supported by these nonprofits and how obvious it is because of these illegals coming thousands of miles "on foot" without starving to death or having other problems, meaning someone had to be taking care of their needs and this member of Congress just found out about it. My brain hurts again.

He shows you just a little of how well organized it is. He is also showing you how the lefties are using big corporations and the government to help fund these nonprofit organizations to commit these crimes.

People, if you aid people in committing a crime like bringing illegal aliens, then you are committing that crime as an accomplice. It is called aiding and abetting except that these nonprofits are planning, organizing, and managing these crimes so that EVERYONE who in any way aids them in the commission of these crimes such as funding them, is complicit in those crimes and should go to jail.

By the way, for something to be as well organized as what the lefties are doing in every way, groups of people had to design, plan, and manage these criminal actions, which means they are all part of a conspiracy by the left to stage an insurrection to take over and destroy the US government to set up their global dictatorship. This should tell you that you are living through the most evil and complex conspiracy in history.

This should tell you that, if you are not right now a conspiracy theorist concerning what the left is doing, you are an idiot. Yes, it is blatantly obvious this is a conspiracy by the left to stage an insurrection to seize control of our government to destroy our nation to set up their global dictatorship.

Good Video

Here is a very good video showing the shallow hypocrisy of the lefty upper class trash and, people, this guy is clearly upper class trash. I agree that this arrogant jerk should lead by example.

Please note that this hypocrite's entire sailboat crew is white males.

Hey, where is his lefty diversity?


Remember that I told you that the government makes out like a bandit because of inflation because all of their revenues for taxes that are based on a percentage of the price increase as prices increase?

This video shows that the state and local governments make out like bandits. Pay attention to their increase in revenues.

I told you that the lefties have turned our governments into money making rackets to fill their pockets better.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is using the lefties getting what they want to open everyone's eyes to how evil the lefties are so everyone can make an informed choice?

This video shows that people's eyes have mostly opened and people are choosing to abandon the Commierat or Satan's party. They are changing to the GOP in droves.

It looks like almost everyone's eyes have been opened and they are choosing. According to what Turley shows, we are rapidly approaching the point to where the only way the Commierats will be able to set up their dictatorship in the US will be by a violent coup so keep an eye on that.

Also, he points out that the Commierats openly admit they know they don't have any politicians who can beat Trump in 2024 just like I told you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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