I Told You So 422


Here is something to keep an eye on.

I have been seeing electric car batteries spontaneously combust and cause massive fires when their batteries overheat from too much usage or current flow.

Mean while, I am seeing sailboat cruising people virtue signaling about being green and woke by installing massive batteries and making everything on their sailboats electric, including changing their diesel engines to electric motors, and installing and using all kinds of electronic devices and computers, while using solar and wind energy to charge their batteries.

I am wondering just how long is it going to be before the first sailboat goes up in smoke because their batteries spontaneously combusted?

The time and place where their batteries will be most likely to spontaneously combust will be when they are at sea motoring up wind during a storm, which will be the worst time for their boat to burn down to the waterline.

Muslims Converting

Remember that I told you years ago that I had read that large numbers of Muslims were converting to Christianity because of dreams the same way I became saved because of dreams as a boy. I even shared with you that I became saved because of dreams on 3 consecutive nights.

This video tells us that large numbers of Muslims are converting to Christianity because of dreams about Jesus calling them to Christianity.

This is God opening eyes and calling Muslims to Him before God unleashes judgment on the Muslims in the near future, you know, in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Interestingly, one Muslim estimates that this is happening at the rate of 6 million Muslims a year.

Also, based on his comments and attitude, the person who made this video doesn't seem to be a true believing Christian because he doesn't seem to understand what is going on. If he were a mature and true Christian, he would recognize that God is calling massive numbers of people to Him from other religions, in this case, from Islam.

Keep an eye on this because God is working right now.


I am convinced that God has had enough of us murdering unborn babies, HIS BABIES! I believe that, until we stop murdering those babies, God is not going to save our butts from our sins.

When we repent to turn back to God, we don't get to just give up the sins we want to give up and not the sins we don't want to give up. We have to give up ALL of our sins or He isn't going to listen to our prayers, come, and save us.

James said, "To have committed the least of these is to have committed them all" so that doing ANY of the sins means we are still sinning and might as well be doing them all.

What many people want to do is like a criminal being willing to quit committing some of his crimes but not all of his crimes, which means he is still committing crimes.

When you are breaking God's Law, you are committing crimes and, if you don't quit committing all of your crimes against God's Law, then you still stand before God as a continuing criminal. When you try to repent but don't give up abortion, you are saying that you are willing to give up all of your crimes against God's Law except murdering unborn babies.

"I mean, after all, murder isn't that important of a crime, is it?"


Remember that I have been telling you that I am convinced that they are intentionally spreading this virus? Remember that I also told you that they are using their bio-weapons labs to keep re engineering the virus to turn loose new strains or variants on you, while using this fake pandemic as a cover to release those new stains on you?

Think I am wrong?

I have been watching this very closely, especially this omni-crap virus, it is just too obvious that they are intentionally spreading it and continue to re engineer it using the fake pandemic as a cover.

Remember a few decades ago when they had an outbreak of the even more deadly SARs virus (also a Corona virus) in China and how they completely stopped it from leaving China and spreading to the West? Do you remember that they didn't even use any of this worthless bull crap about masks, social distancing, lock downs, and vaccines but they still stopped it dead in its tracks with no new strains going rampant? Have you noticed that these new strains of COVID have not been able to get back into China?

Major oops!

Then why couldn't they stop the original strain of COVID 19 from leaving China or stop any of the other strains from leaving where they were first released? What? Has our science and technology gotten worse or, I know, this new virus has developed better technology than us?

Do you get the picture yet?

Ye ole omni-crap virus got released in South Africa and is now spreading globally AGAIN because dey is are be too supid to sop it? Hey, maybe they should fire all of these quacks, especially Fauci, for incompetence and hire back the people who stopped SARs?

You are being lied to and played for fools because it is just too obvious that they are reengineering new strains in their bio-weapons labs and using the fake pandemic to release those new strains on you again and again to continue the fear they are using to control you and make tens of billions of dollars forcing you to buy worthless masks and vaccines while murdering hundreds of thousands of you.

Do you believe me yet that these evil things are the worst criminals in history and at least the worst of them should be hung for their crimes against humanity?

People, these very evil things are causing harm and death to more than 7.5 billion people around the world and the 200 Nazi doctors they hung didn't cause harm to 100 million people COMBINED!

Do you now better understand why I am so furious at these evil, vile, sub human, spawn of Satan, human demon things for the harm they are causing all of you and the people they know they are murdering while they live in luxury and have really great parties at your expense, completely ignoring all of their own mandates because they know they don't work?

They are easily the worst criminals in history, EASILY! No other group of people in history has caused harm to as many people as these evil demonic things are causing harm to right now. The ugly truth is, based on what I am seeing, they are probably having fun murdering you.

Remember that I warned you more than a decade ago that the lefties had you all terrorized concerning nuclear warfare but that what you should be more concerned about than nuclear war was biological warfare because biological warfare can last decades? Do you believe me yet?

The lefties just keep proving me right about everything.

If this had been a nuclear attack on you by the upper class trash, most of the death and suffering would have been over more than a year ago.

With biological warfare, as long as they keep their bio-weapons labs open, they can keep reengineering their "killer bugs", using their fake pandemic to release new strains on you, and keep spreading the new strains just like they are doing right now. This can go on for more than half a century unless you stand up and stop it.

Biological warfare is the worst kind of warfare we humans can currently wage against each other because it can last so long and you are right now in the middle of a biological war the upper class trash are waging against you to control and rob you.

Do you believe me yet? Are you getting tired about me being right about the lefties and upper class trash?

I have been studying our enemy for more than half a century and it should be obvious by now that I know them well.

Alec Baldwin

Remember that I told you that Alec Baldwin saying that he didn't pull the trigger was denial or avoidance of him having killed her to keep him from committing suicide?

I got this from Breitbart by Ian Hanchett:

"During an interview with ABC aired on Thursday, Alec Baldwin said that he isn't responsible for the shooting on the set of "Rust," he might have committed suicide if he thought he was responsible, and that while he is going to make another movie in January, he wonders if continuing working is worth it.

Baldwin said that he doesn't care about his career anymore and that his career could be over."

Just like I told you, he has been thinking about killing himself and is in denial about killing her to keep from killing himself. He is probably going to kill himself in the not too distant future.

If he tries to make another movie in January, who is going to want to work for him?

When he can't get enough people to work for him, he will withdraw into his mansions, get too deep inside his head thinking about the killing, and then snuff his own butt. That would be normal human behavior for someone like him in his situation. I don't expect him to live more than one or two more years, if that long.

I pray for his salvation but doubt he will turn to Jesus because he has clearly been hating and rejecting Jesus all of his life.


Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash and their lefty puppets are desperately trying to finalize their global dictatorship?

This video shows another grab at power by the upper class trash and exposes why I am a registered independent.

Everyone at the top is financed by the upper class trash except for very few like Trump and all of their disagreeing is just show to throw you off and cause you to falsely believe this is still a republic and not a dictatorship. Even the Republicans are selling you out and they have to before the next election replaces many of them.

I told you that they are making their final grab for power and you have very little time left to stand up to these evil things.

Do you belong to the global prayer vigil yet? Are you praying for God to hear us all and come save our butts?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

You have almost no time left before they finish consolidating power over you and own you as their slaves to do with as they will and then it is over for almost all of you. You either storm the castles soon or they will be feeding you to the hogs. They are already seizing that complete power in nations like Australia, Austria, and Germany and their Nazi cops and military are helping enforce those dictatorships on their people just like Hitler's Gestapo did. It is deja vu, baby.

The upper class trash criminals almost have their global dictatorship set up and are in the final stages of consolidating their power and control over you with them having intimidated you into not standing up to them.

I told you that they were going to make their moves to finalize their dictatorship before the next election and they are doing it right now.

Do you believe me yet?

They are ignoring the US Constitution and doing as they please because they know that, if no one enforces the Constitution, then it ceases to be functional and exist. All tyrants do that. They just do as they will.

This video is more proof that they are ignoring the US Constitution and doing as they will to you with what they are calling "a work-around" or just doing as they will.

This is another video that shows that the left is ignoring the US Constitution and doing as they will. This is clearly an insurrection and treason by the left.

Note that the left is losing most of these efforts but are grabbing for more and more power faster than the courts can stop them. If the people don't stop them soon, the upper class trash will achieve their dictatorship. They are trying to wear you down.

Note that she points out that owned MD's and biologists are lying for the left to get more people to submit just like I have been warning you. "Why, a lying MD said so and I seen it on TeeBee, so it gots tuh be true!"

You should be very, very concerned about this evil by these evil people because they have no good intentions for you and have even stated as much. We need God to intervene right now and get rid of these evil things for us.

This also shows just how desperate the upper class trash are to finalize their commie dictatorship. They are running out of time and know it, just like I have told you.

One of the most important questions here is, "Why is Fauci not in prison for his many crimes against humanity?" Do you believe me yet that Fauci is the worst medical criminal in history?

I dare anyone to prove that statement wrong. He is far worse than the infamous Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele, far worse. Fauci has caused harm to far more people than all of the Nazi doctors combined and they were all hung.

Why is Fauci still being allowed to commit his horrible crimes against you?

Because the FBI and DOJ are under the complete control of the lefty commie traitor upper class trash. This is clearly treason.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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