I Told You So 431


Remember that I have been warning you that the masks and vaccines do not work?

This video shows that even the left is now admitting that the masks and vaccines do not work. The evidence is so overwhelming that the lefties are being forced to quit lying about it.

Who is going to believe their lies when almost everyone now knows the truth?

Watch, what the left will do now is distract you with something else to get you to forget they were lying about this. They always do this.

The way they work is lie their butts off until everyone figures out they are lying and then quickly change the subject to something else.

"Hey, don't look over there at the blatant lies we were telling, look over here at this."

And the stupid people keep falling for it. They never learn because they are like babies who have to be bottle fed what to believe and think.

Remember that I have been telling you that the COVID count is inflated because hospitals are getting paid because they get $3,000 when they report that a patient has COVID so that, if they lie about just 100 patients, they get an extra $300,000?

People didn't want to listen to the truth about that because you might be considered a nut, if you did listen to that but now the x-spirts are telling you their COVID numbers or grossly inflated by 1,600% as he tells you in this video where even ye ole big fat liar tells you the numbers are inflated.

Does that mean that I am not the crazy one and the ones who told you to not listen to me are the crazy ones?

People, they have been lying to you for more than 1.5 years and they are finally telling the truth because too many people know the truth. Hey, Fauci said he is a liar; I believe him.

They keep proving me right, don't they?

Jesus said, "The truth will set you free" so I teach the truth to set you free from Satan's tyranny.

I just saw a video I couldn't get a link on because it is imbedded in a news site that is putting out scare propaganda because they just can't give up on using their beloved COVID biological weapon to terrorize the stupid people.

They are saying that many of the people who have omicron are getting sick but getting sick in "different ways". (read: "Yall better still be scared, boy!") What they are saying is that Omicron weakens the patients with already existing medical problems or comorbidities so that those medical problems are making them more sick.

People, ALL illnesses do that. The cold, the flu, and everything else "weakens" the patient and makes it easier for the preexisting medical problem to get worse and even kill you.

The way that works is that I have told you that your immune system can only put out so many molecules or antibodies per day, the new illness stresses the immune system more by causing it to start putting out molecules to fight it, which means the immune system can't put out enough molecules to fight both ailments so one or both of the ailments gets worse.

I taught you that years ago and that is also the way that the "other COVID variants" were killing people, by stressing the immune system so it could no longer put out enough molecules so the other ailment would get worse, killing the patient. Very few people were actually killed by COVID 19, almost all of them were killed by the other ailments or the comorbidities the people already had. Better than 99% of the people "killed by COVID" were actually killed by the other illnesses or comorbidities the people had.

Remember that I have been telling you that Satan's spawn won't quit just because they got beat. They will just regroup, reorganize, and keep on trying and that is exactly what they are doing to continue their terrorists attack against you using biological warfare telling me that they did not put out omicron so they could shut it down to save their election.

It is God who caused the weak mutation to put an end to their terrorist attack against you or they wouldn't be putting out new lies and deceptions to continue their terrorist attack against you in spite of omicron.

In this video he starts by warning that hospitals are over counting children COVID patients to get that $3,000 per patient the lefties included as an intended bribe to get hospitals to over count COVID patients.

It was intentionally set up to work that way because they knew that most medical facilities would take the bribe to lie and you need to understand that any good DA doing their job could easily prosecute all of these medical facilities and administrators for fraud because that is just one of the crimes they are committing. Since they are committing fraud to get federal money, it is a federal felony.

Every one of these medical facilities and administrators getting large sums of federal money from this program should be investigated by the FBI for fraud and you can bet that most to all of them would go to prison and have to pay back the money they stole.

Also note that the x-spirts are now saying that the jab protects against severe infection and hospitalization the way they used to say it protected against infection and spreading the virus, both of which turned out to be proved false, as this latest claim will certainly turn out to be proved false, once again, proving that the vaccines do not work.

If you have been paying attention, you should know that fully vaccinated people are already going to the hospital and, in some cases, more so than the unvaccinated, with some of them dying.

Remember that the vaccines prevent the immune system from producing certain antibodies needed for resistance and we are now seeing that fully vaccinated people are getting infected two or more times, whereas people with natural immunity tend to only get infected once because their immune system does produce those antibodies.

It is looking more and more like the vaccines don't do any good and only cause harm.

Everything I have been telling you is being proved true and everything Fauci has been telling you is being proved false.

Gee, you don't think self professed liar, Fauci, is still lying, do you?

Also, something I have been keeping an eye on is this new pill being put out by Pfizer. Too many people are refusing to get the vaccines and Pfizer knows more people will be willing to take the same or similar chemicals in pills instead of in vaccines. It is a con and an expensive one where Pfizer gets $529 from the government in your tax dollars (read money laundering) for each treatment.

Note the research was sponsored by Pfizer so you better know that those "researchers" are saying what Pfizer is paying them to say. "Why, it's a miracle drug, baby." Roman even points that out.

You watch how many more people will take the pill who won't take the vaccine and that is exactly what the pill is all about. "We'll get you one way or another."

And then the FDA released some information that the medication "can cause life threatening complications" when used with a lot of other regular medications. There is a really long list of other medications that can cause life threatening complications when used with the killer pill. Surprise, Surprise.

Why am I not surprised? Do you believe me yet that these evil criminals never stop, they just regroup, reorganize, and keep on trying?

They keep proving me right all of the time, which is why I have over 400 "I Told You So" essays. This particular video is very important and revealing.

Then Roman tells us about 206 Marines that were just kicked out because they refuse to get the jab. I saw this days ago but knew it was only a handful of those who are refusing to get the jab as Roman points out too.

What the military is doing, is they either kicked out Marines who were in basic training and refused to get the jab so that they had no training and investment by the Marine Corp (pronounced Kore not corps) or Marines who are about to retire and won't get the jab and are being used as psychological warfare to scare the rest of the Marines into getting the jab (a terrorist attack against the troops using psychological warfare) showing that the military "means it" so get the jab.

I love when Roman points out that the remaining Marines say they do not see this as a medical issue but as a political purge. They are right and it is also meant to kill them off so they cannot stop the lefty commie traitor coup. These soldiers know what is going on just like I have been telling you.

And then Roman points out that the Sec Def (Secretary of Defense), Lloyd Austin, who is pushing these vaccines, is fully vaccinated, tested positive for COVID, and is under quarantine at home.

Man plans, God laughs and God has a fantastic sense of humor. I love it.

I hope you realize that, if Biden gets COVID with his really bad health, he is a dead man walking.

BTW, here is a video proving what I have been telling you that the lefties forcing and supporting these unconstitutional and illegal government mandates that don't work concerning COVID, know they are lying to you, that their mandates don't work, and they think they are above the laws they force on you.

They also point out more of the lies by the left, especially by celebrities.

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs.

Then he proves to you AGAIN that the vaccines are not working and, if anything, increase your chances of being infected.

They just keep proving me right.

Saving the Planet

We have all seen the upper class trash lefties obviously falsely claiming they care about saving the planet while flying around in their private jets and driving their luxury automobiles polluting the planet.

We need to start a campaign that all of these lefties preaching saving the planet by making sacrifices lead by example.

Listen, if they cannot lead by example in a "crisis", they are not very good leaders so don't follow them. When I see these lying criminals riding their bicycles everywhere, then I will consider at least listening to them. As long as "Green New Deal" lefties like AOC are jetting off to Florida for two week vacations, I am deaf to their words.

On the other hand, I guess we could follow their example but they know we can't afford to fly around in private jets all of the time or even drive around in luxury cars and live in massive mansions using tons of energy, while creating more pollution that 100 of you normal people.

It is time to tell the upper class trash preaching saving the planet to put up or shut up and lead by example.

When I see AOC, Newsom, Grisham, Obama, Soros, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Zucker, Dorsey, Pelosi, Schumer, Stetler, and the rest of that ilk riding their bicycles everywhere they go, then I might believe they actually care about the planet. Until then, I will know they are just lying out the sides of their mouths.

The people who need to do the most to cut back on pollution and energy usage are the rich.

Lefty Insurrection

Remember that I have been warning you that it is very likely that Biden will be impeached, if the GOP gain enough seats in Congress and the left knows it and that will increase their desperation and potential for staging a violent coup?

This video shows that it is now more certain and, therefore, the potential for a lefty violent coup is also more certain.

What really blows me away is that these conservative reporters are acting like they think the left will just sit quietly watching while you, the people, take away their beloved control and power over you, you know, after all of the violence they have already done, especially when Trump was in office.

Have they not learned from the previous actions of the left? Are they really that clueless about how power mad the left is?

I am warning you that you better be prepared for the worst the left could do because they have already shown they will do it to keep their grasp on power and control over you. The lefty upper class trash have been telling you for decades that they plan to murder you to depopulate their planet and that should tell you that they will kill you before they lose control over you. They will not just sit on their butts doing nothing and let you go free.

These lefties are very, very evil people who are already murdering people globally.

At least Turley realizes that the Commierats live in an "alternate reality" out of touch with the real world with the lefty media telling us that the GOP impeaching Biden for his crimes "will tear the nation apart", you know, like with BLM and Antifa riots and other violence. That is a threat and warning that, if the left does not get what they want, they will resort to violence just like I have been warning you.

You better prepare for the worst and pray for the best because they are now warning you that they will get violent, if they don't get what they want, you know, like a spoiled 2 year old brat throwing a tantrum and trashing the place and they have already proved they will trash the place to get what they want.

I am warning you and don't see anyone listening in spite of the fact that almost all of my prior predictions have come true. You just might want to pay attention.

That is what my "I Told You So" essays are about, letting you know that, when I make a prediction, you just might want to keep an eye on it.

Remember that I keep telling you that I see more and more patriots organizing and fighting back?

This video is by a person who has used his channel to organize with others to fight back for gun rights, which he tells you about at the beginning. I see this organizing and fighting back going on more and more by the conservatives.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have taught you that the reason why today's royals are related to the ancient royals in the Middle East is because, after an early civilization was up and running, there became conflict problems among the royals?

This video gives you a glimpse of how the Greek Royals sent out colonies to alleviate the population density stress caused by the growing population of royals to help prevent conflict among the royals destroying their civilizations, called population density stress.

The power mad and greedy upper class trash royals developed quite quickly, within just a few hundred years, after Noah left the Ark and they founded the city of Ur and the surrounding areas. A few at the very top started oppressing the rest of the royals, who saw migration and colonizing open areas further away as a way for them to be free from that oppression and set up their own city states.

Note that this helps explain why poor Noah was driven to drink. Within his life time, he saw the same things beginning to happen because of human nature that had caused the corruption of man before the Flood and why God had caused the Flood. He probably thought, "Oh crap, not again."

The Bible tells us about the beginning of this migration when it tells us that the descendants of the three sons of Noah began migrating in certain different directions to escape their population density stress.

These migrations for colonization were planned, organized, and managed by the royals to get away from existing tyranny and start new civilizations by taking peasants with them that always eventually became tyrannies, you know, just like the US Founding Fathers, who were almost all royals, rebelled against British Royal tyranny to found the Republic of the US, which is now becoming a tyranny because of the evil members of the royals in the US. Deja vu, baby.

This crap has been going on since the Flood 4,400 years ago and before the Flood for 1,600 years. People, the royals have not been able to stop their lust for power and wealth for more than 4,000 years and they are not going to stop until they are all dead and burning in Hell.

God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

At first these royals moved to build new cities in the area of the Middle East with some traveling further to places like Modern Egypt, Iran, and Asia. From the Middle East, later royals migrated to Greece for the same reasons and formed city states and that video tells you about the Greek Royals migrating to form other colonies in places like modern Italy, which was the founding of the City of Rome that led to the Roman Empire.

This explains why the Babylonian pagan religions moved out from Babylon and were changed or adopted by other city states and then nations. When they migrated, they always took their pagan gods with them.

For example, Sabianism was spread throughout the Middle East from Babylon, from which the Arabs got their war god, Allah, and the Romans just changed the names of the Greek gods and used them.

For thousands of years, when these city states would become big and powerful, they would conquer areas nearby and then further and further away, developing empires and causing more royals to take more colonies further away.

In a nutshell, that is why today's royals are all one great big family and related to all of the ancient royals.

When we take Christian colonies to other planets, these royals will want to follow and seize control of those other planets because they are so evil and nuts they cannot stand to even just know about anyone they do not control and who has anything they want to steal.

The War

This video tells you right at the beginning that a number of retired generals spoke about the US Military being "divided" and that it increases the potential for a civil war.

What this tells me is that the military is probably divided into 3 basic groups.

1) The lefties who have been infiltrated into the military and are willfully helping with this lefty coup.

2) The conservative patriots who want to stop the lefty coup and dictatorship.

3) The very dangerous soldiers who will just blindly follow whoever's orders is in charge and will, therefore make a dictatorship possible.

I am keeping an eye on this to see how things sort out knowing that God is using this to sort those things out to separate his army from the army of Satan.

I hate the "hey, we gots it won attitude" I am seeing from the right.

You people better wake up because the left knows this and you better bet they are not just sitting on their butts waiting for the people to take back control of this nation when the left is so close to setting up their dictatorship. You can bet that, right now, they are making plans to, in some way, keep the control they have and increase their control so they can finish setting up their commie dictatorship.

You better plan for the worst they could do and pray for the best.

This is not time to celebrate because this isn't over yet.

BTW, the reason why the left is calling these new state laws "voter suppression laws" is because it suppresses their ability to vote more than once, you know, by bringing in truck loads of fake ballots. "Hey, you bad conservatives are suppressing our truck loads of fake ballot votes." The lefties know that they cannot win without a rigged election.


Remember that I have been telling you how corrupt our government is?

Here is another video showing you even more of their corruption and you still have not seen anything but the tip of the iceberg. They don't work for you, they work for themselves and their bank accounts.

Do you get the picture yet?

They just keep proving me right.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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